The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 317

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"However what?" Ye Feng looked at Elder Zhao in confusion.

Elder Zhao heaved a heavy sigh. Ye Zichen pulled Ye Zichen closer to him.

"Sigh... However … I wonder if both of them had water in their heads. Tell them to report to their teachers immediately. They refused to listen. He had to wait until after the pet hunt in the Nine Abyss was over before he could go. "He said that he wanted to help you hunt demonic pets."

"Help me hunt for a companion."

Ye Feng\'s calm expression changed. Xiao Yan\'s heart moved slightly. A thread of warmth floated in the air.

"The two of them. They were all worried about me. "He did not hesitate to offend Master Lin\'s dignity."

"Isn\'t that so..."

Elder Zhao could not help but smile bitterly, "It\'s a pity." The two of them did not know. This time, it was a hunt for pets. Only Martial Disciples with awakened Martial Spirits could participate in the Martial Arts Competition. You. "You won\'t have the chance to participate."

He decided to tell the truth. Ye Zichen decided to let Ye Feng kill this heart as soon as possible.

Ye Feng pondered for a moment, "I understand. No wonder Elder Zhao felt like making up for it. I want to stay here for a few more days. "Then, you agreed readily."

Elder Zhao\'s face immediately darkened. "Brat!" How can you speak like that?] What do you mean I\'m trying to make up for it? That\'s because I think you have nowhere to go. "That\'s why I took you in."

"Hahaha …"

Ye Zichen laughed. His expression gradually became solemn, "Then … According to Elder Zhao\'s explanation, Participating in the Bounty Meet. "Only those martial arts disciples who have awakened their Martial Spirits are left."

"This …"

Elder Zhao pondered for a moment. The expression on his face changed instantly. Then, everything returned to normal.

He was quite thick-skinned. He forced a smile and said, "Of course. I, Elder Zhao, am a man of my word. "How could I lie to you?"

Ye Feng smiled, "But. I seem to have heard that … "It\'s not just this method of competing."

"You … "What do you know?" Elder Zhao looked at him in a daze. He was stunned speechless.

"For example … "A recommendation from a true person." In Ye Feng\'s eyes … Suddenly, a bright light shot out.

Elder Zhao looked at Ye Feng in shock. His whole body seemed to have been struck by lightning.

Ye Feng smiled and asked, "What is it, Elder Zhao?" "Isn\'t that the case …"

"It\'s only been a day. You stinking brat. "Just where did you get this news from?" Elder Zhao\'s expression turned ugly. Since Ye Feng asked like that … He must have already received the news. No matter how much he denied it, it would all be in vain.

Every Adept had a spot on the list to recommend three people. Opportunity can be said to be quite precious. Originally, he had planned to keep it a secret for a week. Who would have thought that … Within a short period of time, Ye Feng arrived at his destination. He already knew about this news.

Magic treasures were indeed valuable. However … Timely news is more important. The former represented the present. The latter symbolized the future.

"Elder Zhao. Where did I get this news? This wasn\'t important. "The important thing is …"

Before Ye Feng could finish. Elder Zhao decisively shouted.

"Don\'t even think about it. Don\'t dream. Candidates have been decided. "I will not give you the spot."

Ye Feng smiled. He turned around. Ye Zichen signaled him to take a look at the situation. He saw Elder Zhao\'s group of disciples. He was looking at him from afar. There was surprise in his eyes.

Although … They might not be able to hear what they were saying. However … Elder Zhao seemed to have lost his composure at this moment. However, they all saw it as it was in their eyes.

Seeing this, Elder Zhao was perplexed. Ye Zichen frowned. He cleared his throat. The voice became deep again.

"Stinking brat." "Are you trying to make me lose my composure?"

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, "Elder Zhao and I have such a good relationship. What reason did I have? "It caused you to lose your composure."

Elder Zhao looked at him in a daze. He didn\'t know how to reply.

If he answered that the relationship was not good, There was no telling what Ye Feng would do. If he answered that they had a good relationship … It was very likely that the other party … He took the opportunity to ask for a spot at the Meet.

Ye Feng looked like Feng Qingyun was smiling. However … His every word was very well thought out. If he wasn\'t careful … He was going to be tricked.

Elder Zhao took a deep breath. He said earnestly, "Ye Feng. To tell you the truth … I\'m a real person. Actually, the pressure was also very great. If the disciples under him failed to improve … I will be scolded by Master and the rest. This Great Hunt of the Hunting Pet. Just let my disciple participate. As for your living here or something. I am Elder Zhao. "Just close one eye and it\'ll be over."

He was a real person. To be able to use such a gentle tone to talk to Ye Feng. It was already a very rare thing.

Ye Feng smiled. He gazed at the disciples of Elder Zhao from afar. He slowly spat out five words.

"Ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills."

Elder Zhao was stunned. "What?"

"I\'ll use ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills. "To exchange for a spot in the Demon Pet Competition."

Ye Feng said. From the Spiritual Energy Ring: He took out ten spirit stalks. Line up. He placed them neatly in front of Elder Zhao.

The overflowing spiritual energy covered everything. It spread out in this space …

The scene of him opening medicinal herbs … In the eyes of those disciples who were secretly watching the scene, a strange expression appeared on their faces. It was extremely shocking.

The ingredients for the Spirit Nurturing Pill were not too precious. However … For most of the people … It was still an extremely rare pill.

Furthermore … Ye Feng took out ten spirit stalks. Even Elder Zhao. He was also astonished on the spot.

"The ingredients are all here." And this was also … "These are the medicinal ingredients for the Mysterious Cultivating Spirit Pill."

Ye Feng\'s voice … It was like a thunderclap that exploded in Elder Zhao\'s heart.

"You …" "This is..."

Ye Feng smiled, "Since you are my disciple, Elder Zhao. They wanted to raise their cultivation base. Then Elder Zhao … I\'d like to ask you something. From Master\'s perspective … Make a big step for a student. and let ten students take small steps. which would you choose. "

"I …"

Ye Feng did not wait for his reply. There was a slight pause. Then he smiled and said, "Oh, no. The man who went hunting for pets in the Nine Abyss. Or maybe he even died over there. Then … "There\'s no point in improving anymore."

Elder Zhao looked at Ye Feng in shock. A few complex expressions flashed across his eyes.

He had already decided to give up. This time, he was going to reject Ye Feng. "I won\'t give him a spot." However. However, the other party had offered a bargaining chip that he found hard to refuse.

"Ten Mystical Nurturing Pills. "You really can refine it." Elder Zhao looked deeply at Ye Feng. His eyes were still filled with disbelief.

Ye Feng smiled and said, "Next week\'s pet hunt. If I can\'t give you ten Spirit-Nurturing Pills … Then, the number of people who will participate in the Gathering. Elder Zhao doesn\'t need to give it to me. "

Elder Zhao stared at the large amount of medicinal herbs scattered on the ground. He finally understood what Ye Feng was thinking. Xiao Yan\'s heart moved slightly.

"All right. "Then it\'s a deal."

"Feels good." The corner of Ye Feng\'s mouth raised into a faint smile.

… ….

It\'s already been finalised. Ye Feng took back the herbs. His face was calm. He walked straight back to his room.

Streams of spiritual energy flashed and dimmed. Emitting a bit of light. Condensed and formed in space.

Jade Hand Lotus Arms Her brows furrowed. The water spirit was beautiful.

Such a beautiful lady … It was none other than Spiritshadow.

"I\'ve been holding it in for an entire day." "I\'m almost suffocating."

Ye Feng put down the martial soul manual in his hand. He looked at her with a faint smile, "The old you …" No matter how long he held it in … "I didn\'t see you say anything."

"It didn\'t awaken before. There was only one form. So I didn\'t feel anything. "Now is different." Gui Ying smiled sweetly. Ye Zichen walked to Ye Feng\'s side. He found a chair and sat down.

"That\'s right, little ghost. You\'re really going to help that Elder Zhao. "Refining ten Mysterious Cultivating Spirit Pills."

Ye Feng smiled and nodded, "Of course. "How can this be fake?"

Spiritshadow sighed and said, "That\'s quite a pity. There was so much spiritual energy in the pills. "If you use it to nourish me …"

"What\'s a pity …" This time … It\'s not like I can only refine ten pills. "

Gui Ying was startled upon hearing this. She looked at him with expectation. "You mean …"

"In any case … Initially, I had intended to refine the Spirit Nurturing Pills to breakthrough. Since that was the case, he might as well help Elder Zhao refine it. Within the thirty pills … Pick ten of the best and give it to him. "It is likely that he will not say anything regarding the quality of the medicinal pills."

"It can\'t be …" There were a total of thirty of them. You\'re going to refine them all in a week. " Spiritshadow\'s beautiful eyes were filled with surprise. Gently, he covered his own thin lips.

Although she had felt it from the beginning. Sooner or later, Ye Feng would refine all of these herbs. However, in the short span of a week … To do this … It was still hard to imagine.

"The competition of the Nine Abyss is about to begin. The difference in strength … It directly affected the quality of the hunting demonic beast. Five pills a day. He was a little tired. "I can always finish it..."

Ye Feng suddenly glanced outside the window … Not far away, in the bushes. It moved slightly.

"On condition... "If no one comes to cause trouble …" He smiled. A divine light flashed across his eyes.

… ….

In a disciple\'s room:

"Hmph. How could this be … "How preposterous …"

"That\'s right." Master had clearly promised … He gave Brother Liang the entry to participate in the hunt for pets. "Now, another one has appeared."

"Ye Feng. It was this Ye Feng again. Previously, when his Martial Spirit had awakened Storm. He had attracted the attention of the Heavenly Thunder Array. This caused me to lose the chance to step onto the Grand Mysterious Sky Platform. But now … He\'s come to steal my place at the Gathering. "

Liang Dong coldly snorted. His eyes were filled with resentment.

"But … Maybe they don\'t even know who you are. " Someone whispered.

Liang Dong glared fiercely at him. He slammed the table. Killing intent filled his eyes. "What did you say?"

That person was stared at by him. He was suddenly flustered. He didn\'t dare to continue speaking.

Liang Dong\'s brows deeply furrowed. His face was covered in a dark rain, "Luckily this brat is so arrogant. He boasted that he was going to refine ten whole Spirit Nurturing Pills. As long as I can\'t hand it over by next week. "In that case, I will still keep the quota for participating in the Gathering."

"Brother Liang." What do you say? "What should I do …"

The smile on Liang Dong\'s face gradually turned cold. "What else can we do?" It\'s not like we\'re going to kill people. Just need. "Just destroy his pill furnace."