The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 313

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Although Ye Feng was only a student. In fact, they were just students from the Thunder Prefecture Martial House.

However … In just a short one month\'s time … No matter if it was a good name or a bad one … In short … His reputation had already spread far and wide within the boundaries of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. The news spread like wildfire.

The glory of Fairy Feng accepting him as a disciple the last two times. It had already been overshadowed by the new incident that Ye Feng had created. She heaved a sigh of relief. Back to normal life.

However, today …

Ye Feng used the name of gifting gifts. He once again set foot on the Thousand Herbs Peak. The anger that Fairy Feng had just relaxed. He raised it again.

… ….

Thousand Herbs Peak. At the entrance of the mountain.

Gui Ying laughed: "Brat. That\'s just something I\'ve been thinking about. A situation was considered. Apart from being blown out of here, you\'re not the only one. It was also possible for him to be kept in the dark. One must know that … You\'re just a student. "He might not even be able to enter the eyes of a Daoist."

Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen shook his head.

"Don\'t worry. Perhaps … They were preparing to receive the guest of honor. He was changing his clothes. "That\'s why we were delayed for a while."

Spiritshadow didn\'t believe it. He was still smiling, "You are being stubborn. In my opinion … Even at this time tomorrow … Other people might not be willing to see you. "

"Here. Look. Wasn\'t there a commotion at the door? " Ye Feng\'s eyes suddenly lit up. He pointed at the door not far away.


Gui Ying, upon hearing this. Ye Zichen raised his head. The smile froze on his face. His expression froze.

"It can\'t be …" "Someone has really come …"

"All right. Ghastly Shadow. Stop daydreaming. "Hurry up and come back."

Gui Ying regained his senses. He hastily condensed the spiritual energy into a new form. He flew back into Ye Feng\'s mind.

The mountain gate opened. The medicinal fragrance diffused into the air.

A beautiful silhouette appeared in Ye Feng\'s line of sight.

"Fairy Feng has personally come …" "It is a pleasure to meet you, Zi Feng."

Ye Feng took a few steps forward. He said respectfully.

Students going on top of Yao Feng. There had been almost no real person to welcome him.

However. Ye Feng, this troublesome person … He really was an anomaly.

If Fairy Feng didn\'t come out herself … Take a good look at him. He really didn\'t know what he would do.

Fairy Feng looked him up and down. Seeing how calm and composed he was, A flash of understanding appeared in her eyes.

"So that\'s how it is … You are using your innate divine ability. "Only now did you know that I would come and pick you up." When Fairy Feng was about to awaken her talent … He had seen the entire stadium. Naturally, they knew of his ability.

Ye Feng smiled. No comment. Out of the corner of his eyes, he peeked inside the mountain gate.

"Can you … …"

Fairy Feng frowned. He immediately said, "There\'s no need to go in the door to have a chat. I have a busy business here. There wasn\'t much time. Since I\'ve heard that you\'re here to deliver a gift, Then … "You can leave the gift to me now."

He placed Leaf Tip on the Thousand Herbs Peak. It\'s like putting a mouse in a bag of rice. When the time came, he would go and stop them. Then it would be too late.

"Moth. Zizi. What were they waiting for? Go to Lord Ye. "Bring the gift over."

Moth was the woman who had just proposed to take away Ye Feng. Originally, she felt that it was a bit inappropriate for the fairy to personally receive Ye Feng. Now. She could be considered to have completely understood Fairy Feng\'s intentions.

"Yes." "Lord Fairy."

She even allowed others to feel the fairy\'s demeanor. He had given Ye Feng a certain amount of face. He blocked him from the door. This was killing two birds with one stone.

"All right. Lord Ye. You also heard what you said just now. He should have already understood what she meant. Take out your present. If not … "Then please return." Moth\'s voice was slightly cold.

"That\'s right." The gift was put down. If there was nothing else … "Please leave."

Zhizhi, who was standing next to them, also said the same thing.

Gifting gifts was an excuse that everyone understood. Since even Fairy Feng didn\'t mind openly exposing Ye Wen\'s true colors … As a maid, she was even more indifferent.

Ye Feng\'s face was expressionless. He didn\'t say anything. He retrieved an item from his spatial ring.

"Zi Feng\'s gift is sincere and sincere. Since the fairy refused me at a distance of a thousand miles, I\'ll go find Lord Old Devil then … "Goodbye."

After finishing his speech … He then placed the \'gift\' on the ground. He did not say much. He immediately turned around. They walked back.

Seeing that Ye Zichen was so obedient … Fairy Feng didn\'t even dare to believe her eyes.

He actually … He walked away so easily.

Could it be … He didn\'t come to ask for medicinal herbs.

Fairy Feng\'s beautiful eyes widened. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng\'s leaving figure in shock. After a long time, he said, "Moth." Zizi. What kind of gift did he actually send her? Show me. "

"But … "Lord Fairy …"

Fairy Feng frowned. "What\'s wrong?" If I tell you to take it, take it. "Cut the crap."

"Lord Fairy. Why don\'t you come over and see for yourself? "We don\'t dare …"

"Just a present." "Why would I not dare?"

Fairy Feng\'s heart filled with an unexplainable anger. He quickly walked to the side of the two maids.

In an instant. It was as if lightning had struck her. motionless. He froze on the spot.

Inside was a glass container that looked like a shield. Lightning flashed. Now and then there was a hissing sound. The color of the electric light was slightly dim. Now and then, however, there were searing sparks.

It was no wonder that these two maids did not dare to touch her. They were afraid that they would accidentally be electrocuted and die.

"The Dark Lightning of the Heavenly Dao."

Fairy Feng\'s beautiful eyes suddenly widened. He was so shocked that he was at a loss for words.

"Lord Fairy. "What is the Dark Lightning of the Heavenly Dao?" Moth and Zizi looked at each other. He was shocked. He could not help but feel a trace of doubt.

The two of them had never been to the area where the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm was. He naturally did not experience the terror of the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao. He would never understand it even more. He who dares to intercept the Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao. To what extent did one have the guts to do so?

"Could it be that when he was purifying the Dark Thunder." He had also stored a portion of the Dark Thunder Divine Incantation with ease. "Should I put it in my storage ring?"

Fairy Feng ignored the maid\'s question. The glimmer in his eyes froze. He was astonished. He began to think.

One must know that … At the time when the Dark Thunderbolt struck. Dark clouds covered the sky. He could not even see his fingers in front of him. Ye Feng was about to do something small. Even though this was the soul sense that Fairy Feng and the others had sent out. He couldn\'t detect anything either.

"This... Not good. I remember what he said before he left. "He\'s going to look for old fogey Mu Yun."

Fairy Feng\'s heart went cold. After some careful consideration … She instantly reacted.

Although she and the old ghost were both concocting pills and medicine … There didn\'t seem to be any conflict of interest. But it wasn\'t absolute.

This was because of the Dark Thunder. There\'s only one chance a year. Regardless of whether it was refining medicinal herbs or not … Furthermore, it was a Cleansing Pill Furnace. They all have great uses.

The Dark Heavenly Lightning had been given to Old Devil Mu Yun. Then Fairy Feng would have nothing left on her side.

And who knew … That damned brat, Ye Feng. Just how much Hidden Lightning was stored inside?

"Fast. Hurry up. All of you … All of you, keep your spirits up. "Follow me and catch up to Ye Feng."

"Lord Fairy. "This..." Hearing this, everyone was stunned. All of them were stunned.

However … Even if it was them … It could also be seen that … Ye Feng had given him this gift. It was indeed not simple.

"Who would fall behind?" Tonight\'s dinner. "Don\'t let me eat it."

Everyone: "..."

After a moment of silence.

On Thousand Herbs Peak. The rainbow clouds flew one after another. From the entrance of the mountain, it extended all the way to the outer regions of the peak. A brilliant splendor. It was incredibly dazzling. It was like a wondrous scene...

… ….

"Ye Feng. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "Wait a moment."

Fairy Feng\'s voice rose an octave. He shouted towards Ye Feng from afar.

However. However, Ye Feng acted as if he didn\'t hear anything. They continued to walk quickly towards the exit of the Gate of Wonders.

"This stinking brat …" He clearly had a soul talent. His vision and hearing were much sharper than before. Now that things had progressed to this point … "How dare you pretend to be deaf."

Fairy Feng was soaked in the spirit energy of Herb Mountain all year round. It is very good to be well-bred. Ye Zichen touched the tip of Ye Zichen\'s clothes. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …" His mentality couldn\'t help but slowly deteriorate.

"Then … Lady Fairy. He was such a bastard … Should we chase after him? " Moth faltered and said. Her martial arts cultivation was low. He was out of breath.

"Nonsense." They had chased him all the way here. "Could it be that there is still a chance to stop?" Fairy Feng snappily glanced at her. After the time it takes to blink an eye … She raised her speed again.

"All of you better work harder. "Hurry up and catch up."

Fairy Feng had almost caught up to Ye Feng from behind.

Suddenly. Ye Feng stopped. He turned around slowly.

Fairy Feng\'s beautiful eyes flashed with surprise. He hurriedly stopped what he was doing. Because it was too close … She might just run straight into Ye Feng\'s arms.

"You … What are you suddenly stopping for? " She took a few steps back. An obvious panic flashed across her pretty face. This was her future life as an Adept. A rare expression.

Ye Feng looked at her and the group of disciples behind her. He smiled and said, "I still want to ask you. "Why did you guys suddenly chase after me?"

"We …" Fairy Feng suddenly thought. His expression turned awkward.

She paused for a moment. He straightened his face and said, "I wanted to ask you something. The Dark Thunder of the Heavenly Dao was stored inside the glass cover like before. "How much do you have left?"

"I asked you this question as soon as I came up. The goddess didn\'t think that … Was it a bit inappropriate? After all. This was not Yao Feng. "Too many people and too many eyes." Ye Feng said with a smile.

Fairy Feng thought this made sense.

"Then … Lord Ye is saying... "

"I mean … "Actually, it\'s very simple..." Ye Feng smiled calmly. His eyes narrowed into a line. He looked towards the Thousand Herbs Peak from afar. His vision was extremely deep and profound.

Fairy Feng came to a sudden understanding. He pursed his lips. As if he had made a decision. He finally opened his mouth …

"May I invite you, Lord Ye?" "Let\'s go to Medicine Mountain."

And then … She turned around. Ye Zichen looked at the disciple behind him.

Everyone looked at each other. As he understood … They all lowered their heads … Ye Zichen cupped his hands towards Ye Feng.

"Please, Lord Ye." "Let\'s go to Medicine Mountain."