The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 312

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"Ultimate Blood Contract."

Gui Ying was startled upon hearing this. And then he laughed. He actually wanted to form a blood contract with his martial soul. "This argument is rather interesting …"

Ye Feng smiled calmly, "Ordinary people do not have a human-shaped Martial Spirit. Naturally, he couldn\'t form a blood contract with his Martial Spirit. However … I have this condition. "Then there is no reason for me to let it go …"

"Hahahaha..." "Alright."

Gui Ying smiled sweetly. The expression on her pretty face gradually turned cold. He continued, "Then … What is the content of the blood contract? "Tell me about it."

Ye Feng\'s suggestion … It had even piqued her interest.

"Very simple … I can help you regain your freedom. And you. Until I reached the realm of Fighter. You must do your best to help me. Do as I say. "You mustn\'t betray me."

"Before the martial realm …" Gui Ying was slightly stunned. He didn\'t think that Ye Zichen would. He had actually brought the matter of him regaining his freedom back … It was so easy to see …

"From your tone. I think I can wait until you break through to the next great Fighter realm. and it\'s going to be able to get out of your bindings. "

Ye Feng laughed lightly, "That\'s right."

Spiritshadow sucked in a breath of cold air. He looked at Chen Changsheng in confusion. "Where did you get that confidence from?" Could it be … Your basis... is it because of those books on martial spirits? "

Actually. To Ye Feng, a martial soul manual was very important. It could only be considered a reference.

He was confident. It came from his previous life. He had a deep understanding of martial spirits.

Thus … On the surface, he had borrowed quite a few Martial Spirit books to learn. Actually. In other words, it was to compare the difference between Martial Spirit Continent and Black Tortoise Continent. This was why he was able to flip through the book so quickly.

Ye Feng laughed slightly, "Ghastly Shadow. You don\'t have to care where my confidence comes from. I believe you should know about this as well. If I can\'t fulfill the terms of the blood contract, He would be severely punished by the contract. I am such a cautious person. Look. "Would I joke around with my life?"

Gui Ying saw the sincerity in his words. In his heart, he could not help but believe it a little more.

"This …"

Gui Ying pondered. He then asked, "Seriously?"

Ye Feng nodded, "I am not lying."

If she could really do as Ye Feng said … It could recover one\'s freedom in the realm of martial arts. Naturally, she was willing to help Ye Zichen out.

After all. So much time had already passed. Even if it was just for a little longer … So what?

"Alright. You, Ye Feng, actually dared to sign this contract. Why would I not dare? In any case, with your aptitude … From a Martial Disciple to a Martial Disciple. "There is always hope." Gui Ying pondered for a moment. In the end, he nodded his head and agreed.

Ye Feng started from the point where he saw a useless level 2 Qi Condensation student. He had perfectly broken through the Martial Disciple realm all the way. He had fully awakened his Martial Spirit. All of this … Ghastly Shadow had been seen for himself.

"Feels good." Ye Feng laughed loudly, "In that case …"

He then took out a Blood Pact from his interspatial ring. He lightly pinched the tip of his finger. A drop of blood fell onto the contract paper. His movements were extremely familiar.

"Then let\'s begin. "Let\'s sign an official blood contract."

Gui Ying was slightly stunned. A few drops of blood also oozed out from the finger. It fell onto the Blood Pact.

The two wrote down their agreement. Gui Ying immediately laughed: "It\'s been so long. I\'ve been watching him sign the blood contract with you. Unexpectedly, this time … "To think that it would be signed by you and me."

"Then you should know. The contract I signed. "In the end, I am still confident." The corner of Ye Feng\'s mouth raised into a faint smile. A bright light flashed in his eyes.

Gui Ying took a deep look at Ye Zichen. In her heart, she knew very well what was going on. The other party was definitely not lying.

"All right. "The contract has been completed."

A moment later. Leaves let out a sigh of relief.

Actually, he could use a Martial Spirit technique. to force Spook to obey his orders. However, it was not sweet at all. Secondly, the other side might be like today. to give birth to the mentality of breaking a pot.

So sometimes … You can\'t blame the person closest to you for betraying you. Because you gave people a reason to betray you. and chips above the value of betrayal. Or maybe. It was just pushing the opponent too hard.

Now that the contract had been made, Spiritshadow was also looking forward to Ye Feng breaking through to the Martial Disciple realm. When he was absorbing spiritual energy from the pills … He would also be able to restrain himself a little.

… ….

"Brat …" "Why are you staring at me like that?" Gui Ying snappily looked at Ye Feng.

He looked at Spiritshadow for a long time. In Ye Feng\'s heart, … He felt a wave of disappointment. After all. He had spent so much effort to nurture Ghastly Shadow. Apart from the fact that he was relatively pleasing to the eyes and possessed a certain level of strength … There was almost no other use for it.

"Ghastly Shadow. "Try condensing the previous Spiritual Qi monster for me." Ye Feng suddenly said out of the blue.

Spiritshadow shook his head. Snorting, he said, "Don\'t. Why don\'t you let me try. I want to listen to you. "

However. Suddenly. Suddenly, her mind felt as if it had been struck by a gigantic bell. It was extremely painful. Luo Feng\'s expression changed drastically.

Ye Feng laughed, "Just based on the blood contract that you and I have just signed. What you have to say to me... "I will listen to whatever you say."

"What... "You."

Gui Ying was stunned upon hearing this. He finally understood what was going on. Just a moment ago, she had been extremely excited. Within the Blood Pact that he had made with Ye Feng … There was indeed such a rule.

"Brat …" "So you were trying to trick me." Spiritshadow cried out. Her beautiful face turned pale. It was obvious that he had suffered quite a bit from the contract\'s rules …

Ye Feng smiled, "Things have already come to this. And then I want to change it. It was all in vain. Therefore … You have the time to think about these things. It would be better to do as I say. "Immediately."

He paused for a moment. He continued, "Think of it as. "I\'ve already prepared the contents of the blood contract."

"You …" Spiritshadow gazed deeply at the tip of the leaf. And then he sighed. Only then did he calm his mind. It was obvious that he was resigned to his fate.

It wasn\'t that she didn\'t think about fighting to the death with Ye Feng. However … However, the other party had given her the greatest hope. She was unable to refuse.

The spiritual energy around Spiritshadow\'s body gradually dispersed. Streams of mist rose into the air. The malevolent spirit beast that had revealed its bloody mouth began to appear once more.

"It\'s good to be able to maintain this form … At least. "My original fighting strength can still be guaranteed."

It could be stored in Ye Feng\'s mind. Being able to turn into a young girl … Being able to transform into a spirit energy monster … These three points. Only Ye Feng was not satisfied. Someone else. It was a blessing that he would never be able to get his hands on for half his life.

Ye Feng smiled and nodded. And then he said, "It\'s just that … Ghastly Shadow. The power of your White Bone Giant. "Is there really no way to recover it?"

The monster was hovering in the air. The sound was melodious.

"If you wish to form the giant white bone hand in a short period of time …" For the time being, he had no other choice. "However..."

"However what?"

Hearing that, Ye Feng seemed to have changed his mind. His eyes lit up. He could not help but ask.

"But to be honest … The nature of the bone hand. It was actually formed by the accumulation of spiritual energy. If he could obtain a large amount of high-grade medicinal pills to replenish his spiritual energy, he would be able to do so. It is not impossible to create the conditions. "I\'ll use it once more." Spook hovered in the air. He replied plainly.

"Oh." Ye Feng smiled, "So there is a lot of elixir Qi." "It can even awaken the skeletal hand."

"What\'s wrong?" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "Do you have any plans?" Gui Ying was slightly stunned.

"That\'s right." I had already decided. After the martial soul awakened, the storm would begin. He would go up to Herb Mountain and pay a visit to Fairy Feng. Talk to her about old times. To pick some medicinal herbs... "

Gui Ying snorted. I almost laughed out loud, "Ye Feng. It can\'t be … How long have you known him? It\'s already your fortune that she doesn\'t want to blast you out. You actually had the nerve to talk to him about old times. "It is really fortunate that you were able to say it out loud."

"Then … After all, she was trying to kick me out of the house. It was better to welcome me as a guest of honor. At that time … "You should watch carefully."

… ….

The next morning. Thousand Herbs Peak.

Fairy Feng closed her beautiful eyes. sit at the summit of the mountain. He carefully felt the incoming wind.

"Lord Fairy. "Lord Fairy." Far away. An incomparably tender voice of a child sounded out.

"How is it?" the information that you\'re supposed to be searching for. "What is the situation now?"

Due to Master Yang having previously isolated his spiritual will for a period of time … This caused Fairy Feng to lose contact with the Supreme Mystery Heaven Altar. What\'s the matter?

Naturally. She could only find someone to take a look. He then returned to report.

"Lord Fairy. That Sister Bing Qian is really too strong. She had awakened a martial soul in the Dao of alchemy. He even received the appreciation of the High Scholar. It was likely that she was still in the Great Assembly Hall of the Supreme Mystery. "I will train them individually."

"Bing Qian\'s potential … I knew it all along. As for her awakening of her Pill Dao Martial Spirit … The matter of obtaining the appreciation of the High Master. As long as she slightly increased her speed on the path of cultivation … "It will not make me feel too weird."

Fairy Feng thought for a moment. He casually asked, "What about the others? For example … "Ye Feng."

The boy\'s face froze. Ye Zichen shook his head.

"What happened …?" "Say something."

"Ye Feng, he …" The boy bitterly smiled, "His martial soul … "Awakening failed."

"What?" Fairy Feng\'s heart went cold. "That can\'t be." With his abilities … He was even able to acquire an innate divine ability. The awakening of a Martial Spirit has actually failed. "

Not long after he finished speaking … Suddenly, another servant\'s voice sounded.

"Lord Fairy. Ye Feng asked for an audience. "He said he\'s here to deliver a gift."

"Gift gift."

Fairy Feng was startled. How long had it been? Why did Ye Feng come to his side again?

The child was stunned for a moment. "Lord Fairy." Can\'t see him. Or should he say … Let me out. "They directly chased him away."

Fairy Feng thought for a moment. "Don\'t do that. Why did they chase him away? To provoke him. "I wonder what kind of outrageous things he will do …"

She paused for a moment. He continued, "How about this. Go and change your clothes. In a moment, he would use the etiquette of treating distinguished guests to pick him up … I\'m afraid. His gift was a fake. "The true answer is to request for medicinal ingredients."