The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 309

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Ye Xueyi was also slightly nervous.

One must know that … At the beginning … She was originally just a bystander. Being able to sneak in to participate in the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm was already not bad. If not for the fact that someone was so scared, they would have already left the competition. If it wasn\'t for her brother leading the way to break through the Heavenly Thunder Array. She might not even have the chance to step onto the Grand Mysterious Heaven Stage.

Two days ago … Who would have thought that … The martial soul she awakened. Even High Master paid particular attention to it.

"Ye Xue Yi. Your Martial Spirit. His name was Feng Huang. The initial level was Spirit Level 5. "The length is …" "The length is …" "The length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length … … the length is … … the length is …"

Old Suo gave Ye Xueyi a deep look. Then he continued, "Immeasurable."

The four words "immeasurable". It was like a clap of thunder. It exploded in everyone\'s hearts. It shocked everyone on the spot.

This sentence … If it was said by a disciple … Others would laugh it off.

However. This came from Old Man Suo\'s mouth. Even he said it was immeasurable. Just how high was this length?

Ye Feng muttered to himself, "Could it be … Is this the effect of the sword imprint inheritance …. "

However … He was also thinking from the bottom of his heart. To rejoice at the success of his sister.

"Brother Zifeng." It\'s all thanks to you. Only this way would I be able to awaken such a powerful Martial Spirit. I am now. "I don\'t even know how to express how excited I am." On Ye Xueyi\'s face. His face was filled with surprise.

Ye Feng smiled and said, "Yes." Congratulations. Snow machine. All this time … You\'ve been working so hard, you know, "It seems like we have reaped some rewards …"

"Hehe …"

At the same time. Several cold laughs came from behind Ye Feng and the others.

"Martial Spirit awakening …" What does it have to do with effort? It was all about personal talent. What you\'re saying is … "It is quite funny."

Ye Feng turned his head. His eyes lit up. He looked at the well-dressed young master.

"So it\'s Young Master Hua. Then let me ask you a question. Why are you not even qualified to participate in the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm? In the end, it\'s because you\'re not working hard, and you\'re not doing anything. Or should he say … You have no talent at all. "

"You …"

Young Master Hua was told by him. He was so agitated that sometimes his face turned red, sometimes even white. A mocking expression flashed across his face.

"So what if I don\'t participate in the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm?" Better than you, Ye Feng. "It\'s good to lose face on the stage."

Ye Xueyi and Liu Bingqian\'s expressions changed. One on the left, one on the right. They took a step forward. Ye Zichen glared fiercely at Young Master Hua. Her pretty face was filled with anger.

"Snowy." "Bing Qian." Ye Feng slightly frowned. Ye Zichen gave her a look. Tell them to calm down.

"Young Master Hua. What\'s the matter? He decided to settle the matter privately. Zi Feng, me … "I\'ll follow you to the end."

After all. There\'s a real man and a master here. a public struggle under their noses. That was slapping Master in the face. He had completely disgraced them …

Master Yang looked at Ye Feng meaningfully. In his heart, however, he felt admiration.

The other party had covered up the fact that he had successfully awakened a Martial Spirit as a failure. Now they were being ridiculed. He was neither arrogant nor impetuous. No radical action was taken.

Such a temperament … It was truly suspicious. Ye Feng\'s real age was now …

"He\'s someone who does great things." Master Yang sighed.

Some people were able to increase their cultivation base after the cultivation base had been raised. It was like being a nouveau riche. Showing off his strength. To go about provoking hatred and hatred. Not teaching people a lesson. is to be taught a lesson by someone else.

However, Ye Feng had his own plan and goal. Not affected by the outside world.

Apparently, he had already considered some matters that would come later. in order to prepare for the future.

Young Master Hua\'s old servant. Look at the situation around us. He had also dragged his young master along. After a few words of persuasion. Only then was he able to temporarily suppress Young Master Hua\'s anger.

Young Master Hua moved closer to Ye Feng. He said harshly, "Ye Feng. Don\'t think that you won\'t be able to awaken your martial soul. I\'ll let you off the hook. You wait. The matter of Brother Tianzhi... My business... "We\'ll deal with you in a while."

… ….

After a round of noise.

Master Yang and Old Suo looked at each other. They politely gave in to each other. It was still Master Yang who spoke.

"All right. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] In this Martial Spirit Awakening Storm Trial. Until now. It was finally over. "However..."

Master Yang said. He raised his head and scanned the crowd.

"However … This doesn\'t mean that you can relax. He had mentioned it before. The Nine Abyss would soon be opened. The hunt for a pet was about to begin. Force all students of the Martial Disciple Realm to participate. If he didn\'t want to be buried in the belly of a demonic pet … "I hope you guys can train harder."

As the sound of his voice faded … He turned around and looked at Elder Zhao, Elder Su, and the others.

"You all … "Is there anything else you want to say?"

Under their shook heads … Master Yang gave a knowing smile.

He turned serious. He said seriously, "Alright then …" I declare. The Martial Spirit Awakening Storm had officially ended. Ye Xueyi, Liu Bingqian, you two stay behind. The rest of the group followed suit. "It\'s time to go back and rest …"

From his tone … One could faintly tell that … He wanted to nurture the two girls.

"This won\'t do. Master. I\'m afraid that if we stay here … Brother Zifeng was alone. "Someone will harm him." As they spoke … Ye Zichen looked up at Young Master Hua secretly.

"That\'s right." Master... "

Master Yang frowned, "I told you to stay." In other words … "You are giving up this opportunity."

"No. Master. "They\'re joking …"

Ye Feng smiled warmly. He walked up to the two ladies and said, "Master wants to give you two a great opportunity." How could he not grasp the truth? Rest assured … "I\'m fine by myself."

"But … "Big brother barbarian …"

"Brother Zifeng..."

The two girls were still a little worried.

Ye Feng smiled, "Don\'t worry. Besides … Aren\'t I still with Qing Xuan and the rest? "

He smiled. He glanced at Qing Xuan\'s position.

Qing Xuan unhappily glared at him. She coquettishly scolded, "Look at what I\'m doing." Are you sure? "Aren\'t I the one who beat you up?"

… ….

Liu Bing Qian and Ye Xue Yi stayed behind. The rest of the people slowly walked out of the meeting hall.

Two days and two nights. They were truly tired.

"Ye Feng. "Stand still."

Ye Feng smiled, "I didn\'t run away to begin with."

Young Master Hua was stumped by his words. He felt somewhat depressed in his heart … And then he coldly snorted, "Ye Feng. You have a woman to back you up. Is it that amazing? Those with skills … "You and me …"

"And you. It was just a double defeat in the Dao of alchemy and martial arts. There was no need for martial spirits. I\'ll still beat you to the point where you have to look for your teeth on the ground. "

Ye Feng sneered. Seeing his arrogance... He felt like he was about to cover himself. He naturally had no reason to tolerate it any longer.

Young Master Hua was stunned for a moment. His expression was somewhat embarrassed. He continued, "Who said I fought with you? I mean... "You should just fight with my senior."

As soon as he said this. Everyone was stunned. And then they all started to laugh.

Young Master Hua\'s face could be considered rather thick skin. Naturally, he ignored the laughter of the crowd.

To him … To be able to shock Ye Zichen when he was at his most disappointed … Without a doubt, this was something that made him feel great hatred …

As for the method and process … It was not the main point. The real point was the result.

"Ye Feng. Didn\'t you feel that you don\'t have a Martial Spirit? "Is he really that powerful as well?" That\'s good. I\'ll let you know. Martial soul or not. "Just what kind of difference does it mean …"

Young Master Hua paused for a moment. He continued, "My senior brother. He told me about it before. He was already in the outskirts of the Sky Platform. He estimated that it would only take a short while. "We\'re almost here."

Young Master Hua said. He pointed to a spot not far away. Suddenly. His face lit up.

"Look. "He\'s here."

A familiar voice rang out, "Which blind guy is this?" How dare you bully my brother Hua? "Is he tired of living?"

Young Master Hua laughed loudly. He stepped forward to welcome them: "Senior Brother Jin." You came at the right time. With you at the helm … What a scumbag. "Still not completely convinced."


Ye Feng looked up. His eyes lit up slightly.

"I was wondering who it was. "So it\'s Brother Golden Roc."

Amongst the crowd. There were also people that recognized the Golden Roc. At this moment, he looked at Ye Feng with interest.

"Could it be Adept Baili\'s first disciple, the Golden Roc?" He was his opponent. "Ye Feng should escape as soon as possible."

"That\'s right." This Ye Feng … For his sake … Lying on the balcony. After stalling for time … And now he could not bring himself to run away. "He is really willing to give his face up and suffer."

Young Master Hua let out a cold laugh. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "You\'ve also heard of my Big Brother Jin\'s name."

"Ye …" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "Why is it you?"

The golden roc opened its mouth wide. His heart was moved. He slowly said one word at a time. A drop of sweat appeared on his forehead.

It was rare for his elder brother to lose his composure like this. He could not help but be stunned for a moment. He turned around and said, "Big brother …" What\'s wrong? Do you know him? "

"Bastard. "Why didn\'t you say so earlier?"

"Big brother …" Eldest Brother … Don\'t go. You didn\'t promise me. "You\'re trying to save my face."

Golden Roc\'s Eldest Senior Brother Flee without a fight.

Seeing this scene … Everyone could not help but be shocked speechless.

What virtue and ability did Ye Feng have? They didn\'t even fight. It could actually awaken a person\'s martial soul. He was willing to flee.

"Let go …" "Let go."

The golden roc was being dragged by Young Master Hua. His heart was anxious … He turned around fiercely, "Young Master Hua. You\'re not going to make things clear to me. "He\'s just trying to trick me into coming over to help you."

"I …" "Just bluff." Young Master Hua was stunned. He didn\'t understand. What was wrong with him?

He had just made the connection. Upon becoming Adept Baili\'s disciple … He fawned over Golden Roc, the head disciple of the Daoist Master. To him, it was like … A person who had awakened a Martial Spirit. How could he be afraid of a junior who had just broken through to the Martial Disciple realm?

How could Young Master Hua know? The Golden Roc and Chu Hongbao had once intercepted and killed Ye Feng along the way. Instead, he was tormented to his heart\'s content. The soul was damaged. planted a deep-seated fear. He would never be able to get rid of it. This matter … It even caused him to lose sleep for a long time.

Thus … The golden roc saw Ye Feng with its own eyes. It was like seeing a god of pests. He really wished that he could take a detour and leave immediately. Not to mention having another fight with him.

Finally. He shook off Young Master Hua. Follow the same path. He quickly fled.

The corner of Ye Feng\'s mouth raised into a faint smile. He placed his large hand on Young Master Hua\'s shoulder.

"Young Master Hua. "Did you just invite Senior Brother Golden Roc alone?"

Young Master Hua\'s face was ashen. "I …" "I …"

"From your tone. It seemed that he had indeed invited a person. Since you are free... Then come with me to the grove. "Let\'s calculate this properly..."