The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 308

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A short while later. A rumbling sound could be heard from the horizon.

The entire balcony shattered from the middle. It caused the world to shake violently.

In such a large area. Rocks fell from the roof. Some of the debris had not yet completely fallen to the ground. It directly exploded in midair.

A majestic impact swept across the area. Even the surrounding area of the Sky Platform was affected by this. Dust filled the air. One couldn\'t help but to cover his face with his hands.

Some of them were still talking about people who were mocking Ye Feng. One of them wasn\'t paying attention. He was actually blown several meters away. He even hung it on a tree. He landed heavily on the ground. A miserable scream filled the air.

"What is going on..."

Most people have a lower level of mastery. Being blown by this fierce wind … It appeared rather miserable.

They all looked up. It was obvious that he did not know what had happened.

On the rooftop. The black qi spread out. Just like the afterimage of Ye Feng\'s death aura martial spirit as it streaked across the sky.

How wide was Master Yang\'s line of sight. Of course, he could see everything that was happening in the sky.

And it was because of this that … His mind went cold. Luo Feng\'s expression changed drastically.

"Ye Feng. "Could it be …"

Because on the Grand Mysterious Sky Platform … There was no one left.

Then … There was only one explanation. It was caused by Ye Feng\'s martial spirit and Master Yang\'s palm.

Master Yang\'s heart trembled. Unexpectedly … He used the Exquisite Pagoda. Yet, he was still unable to block the attack from the huge white bone hand. The power of this palm strike … It had actually completely shattered the entire Supreme Profound Sky Platform.

What kind of strength did his Martial Spirit contain? It actually had the power to fight him head on. Thinking of this … He couldn\'t help but look deeply at Ye Feng.

Elder Zhao\'s eyes widened. He took a deep breath. He took a few steps back. He looked like he was about to faint.

"Master. "Are you alright?"

Qing Xuan came back to her senses. She saw the color of her Master\'s face. He rushed over to help him up.

Elder Zhao supported his forehead. He felt as if all the strength in his body had been sucked away. He was unable to exert any strength at all.

"I …"

One must know that … Martial Spirit Awakening Storm. Elder Zhao was responsible for this matter.

Rent the Grand Mysterious Sky Platform. He was also the one who handled the situation. Who would have thought … The roof actually directly shattered. This way … How was he supposed to report this to the overseer of the roof?

"This Mystical Heaven Stage … What was going on? That\'s right. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Is it because of you, Ye Feng? "

Elder Zhao seemed to have thought of something. Ye Zichen suddenly turned his head to look at Ye Feng. The other side was equally astonished.

Because of this … Even Ye Feng himself. It was also unexpected.

"Master. You must be tired. The balcony collapsed. He thought about what Ye Zichen was going to do. What virtue or ability did he have? can tear down the entire Supreme Profound Sky Platform. "

"Yes, Master." He hadn\'t even awakened his martial soul yet. What could he do? I think... It could also be that the Dark Thunder this year was especially powerful. It must have destroyed the structure of the roof. Otherwise … Even if all the participants added up together … "It is impossible for it to cause such great damage."

"This …"

Elder Zhao\'s words made sense. Seeing that Ye Feng was no longer calm like before, Ye Zichen could only shake his head. He calmed down a little. After a long while, he could only sigh deeply.

"Alright then …" This matter … Let\'s just assume that it was like this for now. Everyone, please follow me. "Let\'s first deal with the matter of the Martial Spirit evaluation first."

… ….

Not far from here. In the meeting hall.

"Congratulations on awakening your own martial soul." "This is truly a cause for celebration."

Everyone entered the hall one by one. Old Man Suo laughed. He turned around … He stroked his long beard. Ye Zichen said with a smile.

"Thank you, Sage Suo."

The six people cupped their hands together. "Thank you, Old Man Suo." When they were evaluating the grade of their Martial Spirits, It was one of Old Man Suo\'s men who was responsible for the operation.

"You are the Celestial Sect\'s future hope. He was one of the best of his peers. I\'m proud of you. After he awakened his Martial Spirit. Regardless of the evaluation result … what kind of benefits you get... I hope that you can all keep your spirit of enterprise. "Raise the name of our Celestial Sect."

"Yes." "Sage Suo."

Sosuke smiled in satisfaction. When his gaze swept past the tip of the leaf … A look of surprise appeared on his face.

Finally … His expression quickly returned to normal.

"Everyone. "All of you, sit down."

The six of them began to move. Only Ye Feng was left alone. He was silent. He stood aside without speaking.

Ye Xue Yi, Liu Bing Qian, and the rest all turned their heads to look at Ye Feng. He was a little worried about his mental state.

"Brother Zifeng." It didn\'t matter if he could awaken his martial spirit this time. One year later. Thickening. I will definitely awaken a top-grade Martial Spirit. "

"That\'s right, big brother barbarian." This setback … Then the laughter would pass. Even if others were to mock you like this … It was just a matter of time … I believe... With your strength … Sooner or later they\'ll all be shut up. "

Old Suo could see that there was still some noise coming from the arena. Then he coughed.

"All right. All of you, quiet down. Below. I\'m about to announce this time\'s Martial Spirit Awakening Storm. "The result of everyone awakening their Martial Spirit."

He first shifted his gaze to Uncle Qin\'s position. "You are …"

"A servant of the Dong Clan. "Qin Wuyu." Uncle Qin walked out of the crowd with a perturbed expression.

One must know that … He had been suppressing his cultivation base for the rest of his life. It was all for this moment. How could he not be nervous?

Old Man Suo laughed and said, "Oh. The servants of the Dong Clan … After all, he had suppressed his cultivation level before. Thickening. His martial soul was very good. Your awakened martial soul. His name was the Martial Spirit of Heavenly Dipper. It could increase one\'s own strength and that of others. Third level of the Spirit Grade. "Medium in length."

When Uncle Qin heard this, he was stunned. He let out a long breath. In his heart, he was extremely happy.

"Young Master." Do you hear me? I made it. I can reasonably teach you in the future. "

Dong TianRui smiled helplessly.

He thought to himself: It was one thing for Uncle Qin to not awaken his Martial Spirit. Now, if he went back … Furthermore, he was going to capture him. He had started cultivating his martial soul every day. In the future, he would feel much better.

… ….

"Next." "Starlight."

Starlight was startled. He turned around and glanced at Elder Zhao.

After he received a look of affirmation … He took a few steps forward. He cupped his hands and said, "Starlight. "Greetings, Daoist Master Suo."

"Yes." Elder Zhao was adept at attacking martial spirits. "As expected of his good disciple."

Xing Hui respectfully replied: "Thank you, Daoist Master Suo."

"The Blazing Flame Martial Spirit. At the end … It allowed the attack to have a fire attribute. Third level of the Spirit Grade. "The adult length is higher."

I heard the words "adult length is higher." A trace of joy flashed across Starlight\'s eyes.

He followed Elder Zhao, a person proficient in martial spirits. For a long time. He had learned a lot about martial spirits. Naturally, he understood what it meant to have a high or low length. To a certain extent. It even determined his future strength.

… ….

"Next." "Qing Xuan."

Qing Xuan walked forward with a slightly dejected look on her face. He looked depressed.

Elder Su chuckled, "Since you\'ve come under Elder Zhao\'s tutelage, I\'ll accept you as my disciple. I rarely see it. Someone was able to awaken such a top-grade auxiliary type martial spirit. "

Qing Xuan helplessly sighed, "What use is there to be so outrageous?" "He\'s just helping others."

For a long time. Elder Zhao had been instilling the importance of an offensive martial spirit in her mind. Naturally. Auxiliary type cultivation technique. It would not enter her eyes.

Old Suo shook his head and smiled, "Then, what if it\'s this Martial Spirit? Naturally, it was the eighth level of the Spirit Level. "It\'s quite long."

Hearing this, Qing Xuan froze. His expression froze, "What?" It can\'t be … \'Could this lousy martial soul be that powerful? \'

"It should be related to you comprehending the Dao of Purification. Your martial soul is called Qingfeng. can purify other people and their own undesirable state. At the end … there\'s going to be a cure. "

"Healing function, huh?" "This is quite useful …"

Qing Xuan pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he realized something. "That\'s not right." Even if there was a slight healing effect, Then in the end … "He\'s even assisting others …"

Ever since she was dragged along by Ye Feng to understand the Dao of Purification … Now, his Martial Spirit had awakened to such a state.

This road … It was dark now.

… ….

"All right. The next one was … "Liu Bingqian."

When Old Man Suo pronounced this name … The expressions of the disciples beside him all changed.

Liu Bingqian noticed the change in their expressions. He was a bit suspicious, "Old Man Suo. "Just what is going on …"

"Lady Bingqian. It doesn\'t matter. Don\'t be nervous... It was a good thing... "They\'re surprised by your martial soul."

"This …" Liu Bingqian heard this. A strange expression flashed across her beautiful eyes.

Old Man Suo laughed. He sighed and said, "It was appraised. Your martial soul is called the Flame Martial Spirit. Used for alchemy. For specific purposes … I think you can ask your old ghost master. I don\'t know much about it here. The initial level was Spiritual Tier Level 4. "The length is …" "The length is …" "The length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length is … … the length … … the length is … … the length is … …"

He paused for a moment. She looked deeply at Liu Bingqian, "It\'s very shocking."

"It\'s extremely shocking." Surprise flashed across Liu Bingqian\'s eyes.

Master Yang also nodded with a smile, "That\'s right." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Your alchemy martial spirit. Looking at the entire Celestial Gate … Not many people can match up to you. After a while. Let me see if there\'s a chance. I want you to become a disciple of another esteemed master. That person\'s pill refining skills were also being used at the same time. "You will definitely be enlightened with your training …"

"Bing Qian. "Congratulations." Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen nodded towards her.

"Brute brother …"

Liu Bingqian was overjoyed. Yet, he didn\'t dare to show too much happiness on his face … He was afraid that Ye Zichen would feel troubled.

As for the others … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]

They discussed in whispers. They were all envious of Liu Bingqian\'s good luck.

Since Master Yang had spoken in such a manner in front of the crowd today, it must be true. This recommendation … He should be unable to escape now. Perhaps … They were witnessing this. The birth of a future female Pill King in the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

… ….

"There\'s still one more left." It was … "It\'s Ye Xueyi."

Old man Su\'s expression suddenly changed. He began to become serious.

After all. Amongst so many people, Ye Xueyi was one of them. The only person who was sent away by Liu Zhenren in the form of a rainbow cloud. Thus, it could be seen that … The martial soul she awakened. What a great deal of attention he had received.

As he spoke … Even Master Yang\'s smile gradually froze.

"Ye Xue Yi. "Listen..." He cleared his throat.