The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 306

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Supreme Mystery Sky Platform. The outer regions.

The night was getting darker. However. Outside the arena. It was still brightly lit.

Because two hours later … The annual martial soul awakening storm was about to end.

"It\'s already been two hours …" "What the heck is Ye Feng waiting for?"

"Master. Ye Feng couldn\'t awaken his martial soul. Was it to avoid losing face? "He is purposefully stalling for time."

Elder Zhao\'s brows gradually furrowed. A calm face. He closed his eyes. However, he did not answer.

"Master. "You …"

Elder Zhao saw that they were noisy and clamorous. He turned his head and shot a fierce glare at them.

"What are you guys arguing about?" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "All of you, shut up."

Everyone was scolded for no reason. They looked at each other. He was stunned speechless.

A moment later. Some disciples of the other Adepts quietly walked over. He softly said.

"Your Daoist Master Zhao has a temper. This was way too popular. "It\'s really fortunate that you two are able to get along with him."

"This... It is you who have misunderstood … Normally … Master wouldn\'t be like this. However … Ye Feng was involved in every conversation. His mood would change dramatically. Zhao Jingyu. Remember this in the future. "Don\'t casually mention Ye Feng in front of master."

"Ye Feng is just like that when it comes to him … It can\'t be … A real person. How could he be so worried about a fellow who had just become a Martial Disciple? "Are you joking?" Hearing this, Zhao Jingyu nodded. He sucked in a breath of cold air. Inwardly, he was unwilling to believe it.

"Sigh …" Another disciple of Elder Zhao walked up to him. He sighed heavily.

"Of course I\'m not joking …" Martial Spirit Awakening Storm. It was arranged by Elder Zhao. The last thing he wanted was for it to happen. "It\'s just trouble."

Zhao Jingyu laughed and said, "What a mess. A student of the Martial Disciple Realm. It was only the awakening of a Martial Spirit. What could possibly go wrong? Could it be … Ye Feng was alone. To be able to destroy this Tai Xuan Heaven Platform … "Did the entire thing fall apart?"

"This …" The disciples of Elder Zhao looked at each other when they heard this. A surprised expression flashed across his eyes.

"So that\'s how it is …"

At this moment, the two of them … They finally understood their Master\'s feelings.

And so … The group had dark expressions. He raised his head. He looked at the location of the Supreme Mystery Heaven Altar from afar.

Suddenly. Someone pointed at the rooftop. He shouted, "Quick, look! "There\'s movement over there."

… ….

On the balcony. A surging Martial Spirit Qi. Just like the convergence of rivers and seas … They all entered Spiritshadow\'s body.

Under the influence of Ghastly Shadow … Ye Feng sat down cross-legged.

One of them was soaring in the sky. He was sitting quietly on the ground. Between each other … A private, invisible spirit line. Pull exchange between two people\'s spiritual energy. Promote integration.

The current him … In other words, it had completely enveloped the entire Mysterious Sky Platform.

… ….

Suddenly. A mournful sound of ghosts howling could be heard. It resounded through the entire space.

It was the voice of Spiritshadow.

As the ghostly wail faded away … Circle after circle of rainbow light with it as the center. The ripples slowly spread out … It was spinning faster and faster. It was like a storm. He wanted to involve all living beings in this.

A gloomy and deathly aura. It was mixed with a thick scent of blood. Someone was standing right next to him, sniffing at his scent. and you feel like you\'re going to break down.

"Ghastly Shadow. There was no one there now. "Let it out as much as you want."


Ye Feng slowly said. An extremely cold, murderous and ice-cold aura instantly engulfed the entire arena. Spiritshadow\'s momentum reached its peak.

The Spiritual Qi monster was only the size of two people. Suddenly. To keep on expanding. distention.

It was filled with the Martial Spirit that he had absorbed for the past two days. Spiritshadow had been holding his breath for a long time. because it can\'t find a place to vent. And now … This was the last hour … There was no one else to disturb him. And without the restraint of Ye Feng. to be able to release his energy to the fullest.

A short while later. In the incomparably dark sky. It was an incomparably large hand. A gash appeared on the back of the monster.

"Oh." Ye Feng\'s eyes narrowed into a line. He was looking straight at the changes that were occurring in Ghastly Shadow.

Above the giant hand. There was not a shred of flesh. There was no trace of blood. Some were just a pile of bones.

Master Yang originally wanted to praise Ye Feng. Seeing this scene … His entire face turned green.

"Could this be... "White Bone Giant Hand."

Master Yang was extremely astonished. He was astonished. He even stood up straight.

"Master." What is the White Bone Giant Hand? "Is there a problem?" Daoist Master Liu looked at him with suspicion. In his expression … He didn\'t seem to understand.

Master Yang did not have the time to pay attention to Liu Zhenren\'s question. He just kept inhaling the cold air. He murmured.

"I don\'t think so. It was my imagination. This huge white bone hand … "It\'s impossible for a young man like him to have such a martial spirit …"

As he was talking to himself … His face suddenly changed.

"Not good."

"What\'s wrong?" Spiritual Master Liu was slightly surprised.

He was an existence at the level of a High Master. Master Yang\'s perception of the surrounding situation. Naturally, it was very profound.

He saw the huge white bone hand suddenly raise its hand horizontally in midair. The golden light that filled the air was dazzling. A huge Buddha wrapped in a peerless aura. The palm was aimed at Master Yang and Daoist Master Liu on the Grand Celestial Platform. He suddenly slammed it down.

"This …" Liu Zhenren was surprised. He was at a loss for words. He obviously didn\'t expect this. This brat actually dared to use me. They simply didn\'t put him in their eyes at all.

On the other side. Master Yang did not have the leisure to think about these matters.

If he dodged it … Naturally, there were no problems.

However … Once he left, he would no longer be in danger. Then the entire Supreme Profound Sky Platform … Perhaps he would suffer a calamity. Perhaps after the storm of martial souls awakening … It was not impossible to rebuild it.

He had already made up his mind. In the end, he decided to take action himself.

He saw a Exquisite Pagoda shining from his palm. There were a total of eight layers. It began to enlarge continuously.


Within the space. The sound of the explosion exploded like a clap of thunder. The Exquisite Pagoda and the huge skeletal hand collided. The shadow of the Buddha suddenly dimmed for a moment. He gradually disappeared.

In terms of power … In the end, it was still unable to break through the Exquisite Pagoda\'s magic treasure.

After all. The Exquisite Pagoda could already be considered a relatively high level magical equipment. And the user is a master.

A moment later. The huge white bone hand gradually retracted back. He then merged back into Spiritshadow\'s body. It was as if they had never existed.

"Ye Feng. He actually forced me to take out the Exquisite Pagoda. You have enough to be proud of. However, the bone palm was different. What was going on? Why did it appear on this young man? "This is quite surprising." Master Yang frowned deeply. Regarding what happened just now … He was still a bit upset.

However, moments later … He gathered his thoughts. He raised his head. He said seriously, "That\'s enough." Master Liu. What are you still standing there for? It was just like before. "Use the rainbow clouds to send him out."

"Wait, Master." I haven\'t finished awakening my martial soul. "It is not yet time." Ye Feng suddenly squeezed out those words from his mouth.

"You mean … The ability to use the White Bone Giant Palm. "Could it be that your martial spirit is still not complete?" Master Yang looked at Ye Feng in shock. She was so surprised that she didn\'t move an inch.

Even Ghastly Shadow\'s form hadn\'t changed. What kind of awakening was this?

Master Liu was also stunned. "Master." Then I will now … Should I send him off? "

"This …"

"Master, please grant me your wish." Let me continue to complete the awakening here. " Ye Feng said respectfully.

"Forget it... Well then... He decided to wait a little longer. "There is still no need for these final half an hour …" Master Yang gazed at the tip of the leaf. He slowly said out.

If Liu Bingqian was considered a genius, then … Ye Xue Yi could be considered a genius. As for Ye Feng … Yet, he was absolutely a genius.

Master Yang\'s interest and expectation for him were as clear as day. As time passed … He had also reached the highest point.

… ….

He had obtained the approval of Master Yang. Ye Feng suddenly wiped away the space ring. He took out a Wind King Dagger.

"Oh my god …" [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "What do you want to do?" When Liu Zhenren saw this, he was shocked. Ye Zichen\'s face stiffened.

Currently, on the Grand Mysterious Sky Platform … It was just the three of them. One of them suddenly pulled out a dagger. Naturally, it would cause one to feel a chill.

"Nothing. However … "It\'s just a little bit of blood."

"Whose blood do you want to bleed?" Liu Zhenren was shocked.

Ye Feng saw Ye Zichen\'s shocked expression. He finally understood what he was thinking. And then he laughed.

"Sage Liu." Don\'t be too nervous. Rest assured … It\'s my own blood. The Martial Spirit had just completed its first step of condensing force. The second step is naturally to recognize the owner. "

When Master Yang heard this, he was stunned. He was shocked. He mumbled to himself.

"Could this be the method of ancient soul tempering?" I only heard about it... But then again … This young man called Ye Feng. "I know of this method …"

And then … Ye Zichen saw Ye Feng pick up the tip of the Wind King\'s dagger. He slashed at his left arm with all his might. The blood trace shot out.

"Ghastly Shadow. "Come here."

Gui Ying heard Ye Feng\'s shout. He hesitated for a moment. He did not leave immediately.

According to Ye Feng … As soon as they recognized him as their master … He would probably be trapped for the rest of his life. He wanted to escape … you have to take a huge risk and you have to pay a huge price.

"If you don\'t come over soon …" The only thing I can do for you is to improve your Martial Spirit cultivation technique. "For example …"

"You …"

Ye Feng had already begun to shout out the first word on the martial soul cultivation technique.

"Hurry up."

Gui Ying, upon hearing this. He was instantly shocked. He did not dare to hesitate any longer.

"Stop, stop, stop." Let me … "I have come to do it."

Not long after … The ghostly figure flew over with a whoosh. He cursed. As he did so, he sucked Ye Feng\'s blood into his stomach.

A red glow appeared. Spiritshadow\'s previously empty body began to take on a more substantial form. A surge of boundless energy was unleashed.

A short while later. The huge bone palm that had appeared just now appeared around its body once again.

"Why are you here again?"

Master Yang\'s complexion slightly changed. The Exquisite Pagoda in his hand could not help but tighten its grip.

He didn\'t want to be careless. This caused the result of the demolition of the Grand Mysterious Sky Platform.

However, at this moment … In terms of size, the gigantic hand made of bones in front of him looked extremely huge. It was dozens of times smaller than the previous one.

It\'s no longer just a pile of skeletons. They began to form blood and flesh. It formed the shape of a human hand at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Furthermore … The tendency of the spiritual energy to condense and take shape. It was spreading towards the surroundings of Spiritshadow. From this hand … In his body. At the end … To the other four limbs. A long time later. It gradually took the form of a human.

Ye Feng also looked at the scene in a daze. After a long time, he said, "Gui Ying." "You …"