The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 296

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The wind billowed, and a large area of dense fog enveloped the Supreme Mystery Heaven Altar.

The formation maintained by Grandmaster Xuan Men gave off an intangible feeling as if the heavens were spinning around in circles.

"Brother Zifeng, Wang Tianzhi has opposed us time and time again. Now, he\'s just throwing us to the side. Forget about him …"

Ye Feng smiled and asked, "Otherwise, Xue Yi, what do you want?"

"I... I don\'t know either, but this person is so despicable, and I just don\'t want to let him off so easily. " She was a bit angry in her heart, but since she hadn\'t thought it through, she couldn\'t answer him.

"If the rules allow me to make a move, I would have already done so..."

Ye Feng paused for a moment, then continued with a smile, "Forget about his pride, being seen as a monkey by others is even more painful than killing him. Moreover, for now, he still has some value! "

"Use value? "He\'s already in this state, how can you still use him?"

Liu Bing Qian and Ye Xue Yi looked at each other with their beautiful eyes full of surprise.

… ….

The effect of the Immortal-Imprisoning Rope was too strong; Wang Tianzhi was unable to break free.

Even though his sister Wang Mengxi had tried her best to pull him aside, she could only try her best to not make a fool of herself by standing in the middle of the road.

Wang Tianzhi was still kneeling on the ground, shouting at the top of his lungs.

"What are you looking at? What\'s there to look at!"

Wang Tianzhi raised his head and saw the feet of a group of people. His shoulders were tightly pressed by the immortal ropes, making it impossible for him to lift them.

"This... If I remember correctly, he is that Wang Tian Zhi, right? "

"It seems like he\'s with Ye Feng and is from Lei Zhou city."

When he heard that he was working with Ye Feng, Wang Tian Zhi felt like he could rush over and give Ye Feng a good slap if he wasn\'t tied up.

The ridicule from others made him want to find a place to hide.

In fact, half of his body had already sunk into the ground.

"Shut up!" If I\'m on the same f * cking side as that Ye Feng, then I\'ll f * cking follow your surname! "

"Don\'t swear." Qing Xuan frowned and walked out from the crowd, "Wang Tian Zhi, does this mean that you were trapped by Ye Feng?"

She still remembered back in the battle for enlightenment, Wang Tian Zhi and Ye Feng did not like each other and their relationship was quite bad.

"I …" Wang Tian Zhi was stunned. He had an old face and didn\'t know how to respond.

"From your reaction, it should be like this."

Qing Xuan pondered as she walked around Wang Tianzhi, carefully paying attention to the remaining fluctuations of spiritual energy in the surroundings.

"That\'s right. Miss Meng Xi, may I ask, how long have Ye Feng and the others been gone for?" In terms of wording, Qing Xuan was relatively polite.

Wang Mengxi raised her head and thought for a moment before saying, "It should be around half an incense stick of time."

"It can\'t be, it\'s been so long."

Qing Xuan was stunned. Her expression immediately returned to normal, "I didn\'t think that this Ye Feng was actually so familiar with the terrain over here. His speed was so fast, no wonder he was unwilling to team up with me. This despicable person, he actually didn\'t bring me along even when he had his own way! "

Starlight smiled and said, "What\'s wrong, Qing Xuan? Is it because I feel a bit out of balance when I see the two beautiful ladies that are as delicate as jade beside him? "

"Who the hell isn\'t balanced, don\'t talk nonsense to me." A faint blush rose on Qing Xuan\'s beautiful face.

It wasn\'t that she had any good feelings towards Ye Feng.

However, even from a friend\'s perspective, she felt that Ye Feng should still pull her.

"Alright, since Ye Feng and the others are already at the front, let\'s not fall too far behind. Hurry up and catch up." Qing Xuan\'s face was serious as she spoke.

"Wait." Wang Tianzhi frowned as he saw that they were in a hurry to leave. After thinking for a while, he suddenly shouted.

"What\'s wrong with you? We don\'t have any way to save you from this Spirit Level treasure."

Qing Xuan immediately stopped and turned to look at him.

"No, I don\'t need you to save me. Besides, basically no one else can help me untie the rope."

"Then what else do you have to say?"

Wang Tian Zhi shook his head: "I want to say, if you guys continue walking down this path, how are you going to catch up to Ye Feng and the others? He will take the initiative to awaken the Martial Spirit from the Supreme Mystery Heaven Platform! "

"Even if he did manage to snatch it away, it\'s only because he\'s fast. There\'s nothing we can do about it." Qing Xuan shook her head and chuckled.

The corner of Wang Tianzhi\'s mouth rose into a smile, "Then what if I tell you the closest pathway to the Grand Mysterious Sky Platform right now?"

"What?" You still know about this? "

Actually, it wasn\'t just Qing Xuan. Everyone present was shocked when they heard this.

They all hoped to rush to the Tai Xuan Heaven Altar as soon as possible, so after hearing Wang Tian Zhi\'s suggestion, they couldn\'t help but have a serious expression on their faces.

"Brother Tianzhi, you\'re leaking information …" Wang Mengxi anxiously looked at her big brother.

In order to stop Ye Feng, he did everything he could.

Because even if his relationship with Liu was exposed afterwards, as long as he shamelessly went to Wang Rui for help, the matter would be reduced to a trivial matter, and even if it was a trivial matter, it would still be left unsolved.

"I can\'t care so much anymore." Wang Tian Zhi gritted his teeth and said.

"What do you think? If you all do as I say, I can guarantee that you all will arrive before Ye Feng!"

"This... Why should we believe you? " Some skeptical people were stunned for a moment but still refused to believe that something like a pie had fallen from the sky.

"You don\'t believe me when I\'m already like this? Could it be that I have to push myself down to the ground after eating so much? Did I end up like this? "

"This …" Everyone looked at each other and thought about it.

"That makes sense. Even a fool would not do something like this."

"I think he\'s telling the truth."

There was no need for more explanations. Wang Tian Zhi\'s current condition was the best explanation.

"Alright, Wang Tian Zhi, I understand your thoughts, I believe in you."

Qing Xuan thought for a moment, then asked, "I\'m just afraid that you won\'t tell us for nothing."

"That\'s right!" However, this is actually more or less like giving you guys a free message, because what I want is very simple. Later, send two people to carry me up and let me and you all simultaneously step onto the Grand Profound Sky Platform. "

Wang Tian Zhi thought that even if he couldn\'t embarrass Ye Feng this time, he had to at least awaken his martial spirit. Otherwise, he would be in big trouble.

After a moment, Qing Xuan looked at him deeply. "Alright, alright, I promise to send you to the Supreme Profound Sky Platform, on the condition that you are not lying. Now, quickly tell me. "

"Good!" "Listen..."

… ….

On the other side, Ye Feng was drawing countless strange patterns on the ground with his life on the line. He did not stop.

From the scratches to the bleeding, a faint light shone. It could be said to have been done in one go.

"Big Bro, you\'re …"

Liu Bing Qian looked at Ye Feng\'s actions and was confused.

"Drawing formations."

"Painting an array?" What exactly is the purpose of this? " The doubt in Liu Bingqian\'s heart became even stronger.

"Wait, if I\'m not wrong, Qing Xuan and the others will pass through this small path. Therefore, I want to \'surprise\' them."

Ye Xue Yi\'s heart shivered. "Brother Zi Feng, are you really going to deal with Senior Sister Qing Xuan and the rest?"

She had spent so many days in the Celestial Sect of Wonders, interacting with Elder Zhao\'s disciples from day to night. Although their relationship wasn\'t necessarily too good, she still couldn\'t bear to do anything to them.

"She has the Dao of purification and can absorb array formations, so she can\'t be harmed in any way."

"Then the others …" Ye Xueyi said hesitantly.

"As for the others, we don\'t have to worry about that. After all, the Martial Spirit awakening storm\'s resources are limited. If the most resources are slanted towards the least people, then the minority will have a greater chance of success. " Ye Feng\'s expression turned serious as he said seriously.

Ye Xueyi was still a bit worried. "But brother Zifeng, have you considered what people on Elder Zhao\'s side will think of us after this Awakening Storm is over?"

"About this... Xue Yi, as people from the Lei Zhou City\'s Martial House, our first priority is to increase our own strength and not the opinions of others. In other words, if we were to awaken a high quality Martial Spirit perfectly, it would be worth it even if we were to be kicked out of the Celestial Sect the next day. "

Ye Feng\'s face was solemn. It was obvious that he had already thought over the consequences before making his decision.

"But... How did you know they would pass through here? How could they know that they are going to go through this place, this kind of road with nine bends and ten bends? " Liu Bingqian could not help but ask, feeling that his thoughts were a bit unrealistic.

"Because someone will tell them."

"This... "Could it be Wang Tianzhi?"

Ye ZIfeng smiled but did not deny it.

Liu Bing Qian shuddered and thought about it carefully. When she came back to her senses, she understood Ye Feng\'s intentions.

"So that\'s how it is. No wonder you wanted us to continue walking forward and didn\'t bother about him. So it turns out that he still had such use for us."

She carefully sized up Ye Wen\'s drawing and asked with some doubt, "Then, what spell formation did you set up? Why does it look like there is a lightning symbol in the middle?"

Ye Feng smiled, "Not bad, that\'s what you mean."

Liu Bing Qian was shocked: "Does that mean it really is a lightning type array?"

"To be exact, it\'s a lightning array. Once activated, it can attract the spiritual energy within the Mysterious Gate\'s Heavenly Lightning Array!"

"This... Will there be any deaths? " Liu Bingqian\'s beautiful eyes showed worry.

Ye Feng gradually frowned and paced back and forth.

"It should be... Not really. Or should I reduce the dose? "

Liu Bingqian: "…"

Ye Xueyi: "..."

… ….