The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 294

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No matter who it was, they all wanted to be the first one to climb up the Supreme Mystery Sky Platform and be the first one to awaken their martial spirits.

However, in the dusky sky, the dark clouds were pressing down.

Hurricane rose up and lightning rumbled. Although none of them were fatal, it was still a real pain when they landed on a person\'s body.

The towering stone pillars converged to form the Grand Profound Sky Platform. One could see it from afar, but there seemed to be no place to climb up to in its surroundings.

Every time someone stopped and raised their head to look at the Supreme Profound Sky Platform, there would always be lightning that was like heavenly retribution!

Thus, there were some people who had a trace of fear in their hearts that had yet to step onto the Supreme Profound Sky Platform.

"Why is this place so strange, it even has lightning attacks!"

"Yeah, he\'s already like this right from the start. How are we going to continue waiting for him?"

When everyone thought of how they would have to wait two whole days to get out of this hellhole, their hearts couldn\'t help but feel heavy.

A youth slapped his head and suddenly said, "Oh, array formation, this is the function of a array formation. Is there anyone here who understands it?"

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone recovered from their state of shock and looked around to see if there was anyone around who seemed to understand formations.

Qing Xuan pondered for a moment and finally stood up. "I understand formations."


"But don\'t be happy too early …" I will not help you guys for nothing. Before the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm ends, if there is anything you need, you must listen to my orders. This is the condition. " Qing Xuan replied righteously.

"... Alright, no matter what you say, listening to your orders is better than being struck by lightning.

"I\'ll join!"

"I want to join too!"

… ….

Due to the common difficulties they had encountered, the previously lax group had now come to a conclusion and began to unite as one enemy.

"What do we do, big brother barbarian? Why don\'t we join as well?"

Liu Bingqian watched as they all joined Qing Xuan\'s side, her heart was in turmoil.

"No, we\'ll go our own way, there\'s no need to follow her."

Liu Bingqian muttered, "But …"

Ye Feng paused for a while and continued, "Look, they will not follow the army on Wang Tian Zhi\'s side. As for Dong Tianrui, they are also part of a small team. "

"They have more people, so their path should be much thicker …" But there are only three of us, do you have any solution, Brother Zifeng? " Ye Xueyi\'s beautiful eyes blinked and couldn\'t help but ask.

"There\'s nothing I can do for now..."

"Brother Zifeng, then why don\'t you agree to join?" Ye Xue Yi said coquettishly.

Suddenly, she reacted. "Wait, did you just say that we can\'t do anything for now?"

If he didn\'t have a solution at the moment, then wouldn\'t that mean he had a solution in the future?

Ye Feng smiled lightly and lowered his voice, "That\'s right. After a while, when my soul talent has been fully explored, I can guarantee that I will definitely be faster than Qing Xuan and the others."

"This …" Ye Xueyi was suddenly shocked in her heart, and then heavily nodded her head.

… ….

Due to the connection between them and the Heaven Punisher Lightning, four teams had already appeared. Qing Xuan\'s team, Wang Tian Zhi\'s team, Dong Tian Rui\'s team and the remaining three people were Ye Feng\'s team.

Qing Xuan looked deeply at Ye Feng and frowned, "Ye Feng, you must think this through and not join us? Are you really planning to leave on your own? "

Some of them even pointed at Ye Zichen, "Look at this paranoid idiot, he\'s really unenlightened. Under Lady Qing\'s lead, we\'ll be gone in two days. I want to see what kind of tricks you can come up with. Alright, let\'s continue on our way. After all, the most important thing is to first step onto the Supreme Profound Sky Platform. "

However, just as the crowd was getting ready to move forward …

Ye Feng, who was behind them, suddenly laughed.

He retorted coldly, "From the very beginning, I wanted to rely on staying alive for these past two days. In that case, for the sake of your lives, I advise you to give up and leave."

As soon as he finished speaking, the originally noisy crowd instantly became quiet.

Someone stopped and turned around to look at him with an unfriendly expression, "Did you all hear that, a young master Tu from a countryside place like Lei Zhou City actually dares to utter such words!"

Hehe, you\'re called Ye Feng, right? I heard that a few days ago, you awakened a talent, and my blind brothers even took this matter seriously. In my opinion, this is just a rumor you created yourself.

"You! "Don\'t go too far!"

Ye Xueyi\'s pretty face was covered with a sullen anger: "Brother Zifeng, when did he need to get the real person\'s attention? He basically..."

"Xue Yi, stop it." Ye Feng took a step forward and waved his hand.

"But …" Ye Xueyi did not express any displeasure.

Ye Feng waved his hand and moved closer to Ye Xue Yi\'s ear. "Let\'s go, don\'t worry about that." "The formation is constantly changing. If the time passes and new changes start, I\'ll have to re-observe it."

As he spoke, he pointed to a certain place, "Come, let\'s go this way first. Follow me along the way."

"Oh, yes." Ye Xue Yi and Liu Bing Qian looked at each other and nodded.

No matter how suspicious they were, since Ye Feng had pointed them out, they would still follow his instructions.

They had absolute trust in Ye Zichen.

Those who were mocking Ye Feng just now chuckled, "Did anyone see that? Seeing how he pretended to be so serious, I think it was very soon. Those three are about to be struck by lightning!"

"Since that\'s the case, let me take responsibility for dozens of times …" "Ten, nine …"

However, even if that person counted dozens of times, even if he counted a hundred times, and a thousand times, there would still be no change on Ye Feng\'s side.

Ye Feng and the others had already reached the next location, but they were still not hit by the lightning.

"This... How is this possible? One or two times is fine, but why is it that he can always find the right foot point? And he\'s even moving so fast, isn\'t this way too strange! "

"Could it be that the divine lightning stopped?" There was astonishment and disbelief in someone\'s eyes. He couldn\'t help but give it a try and walked towards the place where he had just been attacked.

"Motherf * cker."

The thunders rumbled and rolled down. In just a short moment, the place where the man was standing had been turned into scorched earth. It didn\'t look like he had stopped to rest at all.

"This Ye Feng is truly not simple." Starlight sighed and watched Ye Ci\'s back as she walked away.

"That\'s right, Starlight. He\'s not that simple, so you should help me out a bit. If I were by myself, I\'m afraid I wouldn\'t be able to beat Ye Ci." Qing Xuan couldn\'t help but ask.

After the battle for enlightenment last time, she was at a disadvantage towards Ye Feng\'s mentality.

Starlight lowered his voice and said, "Qing Xuan, you are overthinking things. From the start, Master did not want us to suppress Ye Feng." Therefore, rather than trying to think of a way to deal with him, it would be more practical to think of how to awaken our martial souls. "

"Starlight, you\'d better speak up for him. I think you should do it for his sister, Ye Xueyi. Moreover, she actually participated in the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm just like that due to a coincidence."

When Starlight heard her talk about Ye Xueyi, his face slightly stiffened as he became slightly angry.

"This has nothing to do with it!"

… ….

"Brother Zifeng, how did you do it? Could it be that you\'ve been here before? Why do you look so familiar?"

A strange light flashed in Ye Xueyi\'s beautiful eyes.

Liu Bingqian and Ye Feng looked at each other and smiled. Yesterday, Ye Feng had used several hours to linger around the periphery. He was basically observing the situation inside the Grand Mysterious Sky Platform.

Therefore, he was very familiar with the situation here.

"This is the innate divine ability that your brother Zi Feng just learned. It can consume spiritual energy and observe the situation within a one kilometer radius. How is it? Amazing, right?" Liu Bing Qian said with a smile.

Ye Xueyi seemed to have understood something as she nodded, her eyes brimming with energy and vitality.

"This... So it was this ability. The last time I saw all my fellow Senior Brothers and Sisters come back, I had been talking about Brother Zifeng. I said that he had awakened some innate ability, but I didn\'t go into detail about it. Now I understand. "

Right at this moment.

"Alright, Xue Yi, Bing Qian, stop chatting." Ye Feng opened his eyes, and his expression suddenly turned serious.

"What\'s wrong, Brother Zifeng?"

Ye Feng felt it carefully and frowned, "Wang Tianzhi is coming towards us. He has bad intentions, he is probably going to harm us."

"He\'s here?" Liu Bingqian naturally knew that there was a conflict between Wang Tian Zhi and Ye Feng. However, she was still a bit surprised, "But, didn\'t Elder Zhao say that no fighting is allowed?"

"Rules are rules, whether you follow them or not is a personal matter."

Ye Feng paused for a moment and continued, "What\'s more, if he just wants to harm us, he might not have to fight us."

"You mean …" Liu Bingqian replied in a low voice as she stared at Ye Feng with her pair of big, watery eyes.

"To hold us back and let the other two groups benefit. Even if it is something that harms someone but does not benefit oneself, Wang Tianzhi will still do it. "

"This …" Ye Xueyi coldly humphed and said: "I was afraid that he would fail. The three of us are already in the Martial Disciples realm. We are no longer comparable to the past."

Ye Feng\'s expression was slightly cold, "That\'s right, if we fight head on, then of course we\'re not afraid. However, after being taught a lesson a few times, no matter how arrogant he is, he should have some memory. I\'m afraid that this time, he came prepared …"