The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 291

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"Brat, what kind of face is this? Are you very familiar with them?" Elder Zhao scolded him unhappily.

Qing Xuan and Ye Feng had only shared a chance to comprehend the dao together. As for Xing Hui, he had no relationship with Ye Feng at all.

Seeing this, Liu Bing Qian pulled at Ye Feng and said in a low voice.

"Brutal brother, you\'re usually quite smart. What are you thinking right now? Even if you wanted to reveal something about the Awakening Storm, you should have asked him in private."

In her opinion, Ye Feng asking someone in such a high-profile manner was a bit too high-profile.

Ye Ci shook her head with a smile, "Ask him in private? "Impossible, maybe he\'ll find an excuse to leave later. What chance do I have?"

Privately trying to communicate with each other is not universal.

If the other party tried his best to avoid it, he might as well speak up in public in front of others.

He paused for a moment before continuing, "Besides, Elder Zhao cannot reveal the details of the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm. But in general, it\'s still okay."

Doing this was similar to asking one\'s own martial arts master about the examination\'s scope before taking the Martial House exam.

He might not tell you the questions, but it was possible to give you a general idea of the situation.

Elder Zhao raised his eyebrows, "Ye Feng, do you think that you can force me to say it just because of this?"

"Master... We also want to know. "

At this moment, some of Elder Zhao\'s disciples all raised their heads and looked toward their master.

"You!" Elder Zhao was startled and his anger rose. He did not expect that the person who would destroy his platform at such a critical moment would be his own disciple.

It turned out that Ye Feng had mentioned the things that the other disciples of elder Zhao wanted to ask, but were too embarrassed to ask. Thus, it naturally resonated with everyone.

Ye Feng smiled, "Elder Zhao, you have your principles, I understand. We do not seek favouritism or malpractice. We only seek a general direction. Or could it be that Elder Zhao hopes to see the disciples of the other realms snatch the limelight from Elder Zhao\'s disciples? "

As he spoke, he winked at Elder Zhao\'s disciples.

Because this was the moment when everyone was facing the same enemy.

"Yes, I hope Master can help me!" Everyone cupped their hands and said in unison.

It was a rare opportunity for them, and tomorrow, the martial soul awakening storm was going to begin. They would receive some news in advance, which would let them have some confidence.

"This …"

Elder Zhao stared at Ye Feng for a while, then glanced at his disciple and sighed.

Compared to Ye Feng snatching the limelight from his own disciple, this was better than being robbed by a disciple of the Bie family.

After all, Ye Feng didn\'t have a master! If he were to be counted, he could only classify him as a freak genius, and would not be able to reflect his master\'s level.

"I\'m convinced. Alright then, I\'ll just say two things." First, the master came to watch this Martial Spirit Awakening Storm, perform well, and maybe get the chance to give guidance from the master. "

"Master?" Could it be the seven great masters of the Celestial Sect of Wonders? " Everyone was shocked.

"That\'s right!" Elder Zhao righteously nodded his head.

The head of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, the two envoys, the seven great masters, and the hundred great cultivators. It was because of their existence that the Celestial Sect of Wonders stood above the entire Heavenly Law City.

Obviously, the position of a High Scholar was higher than a real person. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn\'t step in.

"That\'s right. If one of my disciples is able to obtain the favor of Master, that would be my, Elder Zhao\'s, face. I hope you all can work harder."

"And the second point?" Ye Feng thought for a moment and asked.

Elder Zhao frowned slightly when he saw that the other party didn\'t seem to be very interested in the subject of Master.

However, he quickly understood. After all, Ye Feng wasn\'t even interested in taking a master, not to mention the pointers from others.

"The second point, the location of the martial spirit awakening storm, is at the Grand Mysterious Sky Platform."

His words immediately stirred up a heated discussion among the crowd.

"Supreme Profound Sky Platform? How could it be that place? "

Ye Feng exclaimed and asked Qing Xuan, "Tai Xuan Heaven Platform, where is this place?"

"Look, it\'s not too far from here. It\'s one of the forbidden areas of the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

As Qing Xuan spoke, she stretched out her slender fingers and pointed at a distant place.

"Did you see that?" It\'s over there! "

"Oh? That place which seems to be shrouded in mist? " The light in Ye Feng\'s eyes dimmed as he smiled.

"Yeah, this place, is usually used for... The place where disciples were punished. I wonder how did you get selected as the location of the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm this time? "

Qing Xuan pondered for a moment, but couldn\'t figure it out in her heart.

"Master, why did we choose the Supreme Profound Sky Platform? At that time, what exactly would we experience?" Shocked, some people couldn\'t help but ask.

Elder Zhao shook his head with a solemn face: "That\'s all I can say. I won\'t answer any more questions."

"Master..." Some of the disciples seemed to still want to continue.

"Alright, don\'t just stand here in a daze. If you have the time to think about these, go back and train!"

Everyone looked at the Supreme Mystery Heavenly Platform from afar. There was a trace of confusion in their eyes as they followed Elder Zhao\'s footsteps into the distance.

Qing Xuan and Xing Hui nodded at Ye Feng, treating it as a form of greeting.

"Ye Feng, don\'t say that I\'m not arranging lodging for you. After all, you\'re not my disciple. I can\'t violate the rules of the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

Ye Feng smiled, "There is no need for Elder Zhao to worry. Zi Feng has his own ways."

"That\'s good. I still have to go teach in a while, you better take care of yourself. " Elder Zhao waved his hands and followed behind the crowd. With large strides, he walked forward.

"Greetings to Elder Zhao." Ye Feng watched Zhao Yuan go.

… ….

"Brute brother …"

Liu Bingqian walked up and stood beside him, facing the gentle breeze.

"What? It\'s rare to come to the Martial Spirit Palace. Shouldn\'t you tell Daoist Master Zhao about your sister\'s situation?"

"Even if I wanted to enter, Elder Zhao would probably not agree so easily."

Liu Bingqian muttered, "But …"

"What\'s more, when the Martial Spirit Awakening Storm starts tomorrow, she should be here to watch the fight. Why would she have come so early?"

Liu Bing Qian shook her head helplessly: "Sigh …" To take the initiative to visit her and to have her come to see you is a completely different matter. "

Hearing that, Ye Feng was stunned, he did not understand, "Isn\'t the result the same? Is there any difference between the two?"

"You!" Liu Bing Qian was stunned, her beautiful eyes revealed a bitter smile: "Forget it, I won\'t argue with you about matters of the heart, it would be a waste of my energy if I told you."

She paused for a moment before raising her head to look in the direction of the Supreme Profound Sky Platform.

"Oh right, big brother barbarian …" I heard that my father helped me build a good relationship with the Awakening Storm tomorrow. I should be able to participate tomorrow. "

She didn\'t want to lie to Ye Feng, since he was in a hurry to make the pill refining and breakthrough, she didn\'t say anything. Now that he thought about it, he should tell her about it.

"That\'s good. Congratulations, Bingqian."

Liu Bing Qian looked at him worriedly: "Big brother barbarian, do you have something wrong with your heart? This kind of opportunity only exists because I rely on relationships, while you have to go through such a arduous process to earn the qualifications. I\'m afraid. You\'ll be unhappy about it. "

Her voice became softer the more she spoke, like a mosquito.

Ye Feng smiled, "Don\'t worry, Bing Qian, I\'m not such a petty person."

"But …"

Ye Feng seemed to want to dispel the doubt in her heart. He smiled and explained, "Let alone getting the qualification, even if Wang Tian Zhi and Dong Tian Rui got the qualification, I wouldn\'t gossip about them. Because no matter what, whether it\'s related or not, it\'s not an excuse for me to stop trying! "

"You …" Liu Bingqian looked at him in a daze, her beautiful eyes filled with a strange light.

Among the people of the same age that Liu Bingqian knew, there were very few who were like Ye Feng.

There were many people who were ambitious, and there were also many who knew how to play tricks. Under the combination of the two, it was extremely rare to see a person who knew how to keep a straight face.

"That\'s enough, Bing Qian. Don\'t force me to say such pretentious words. It\'s time to get back to business."

"What business? Shouldn\'t you take a good rest now, train your strength, and prepare for tomorrow\'s Martial Spirit Awakening Storm? " Surprise flashed across Liu Bing Qian\'s pretty face.

"To conserve energy and store up energy is a general rule."

"Brute brother, you mean …?" Liu Bing Qian felt a little puzzled.

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, "Now, since Elder Zhao has told us the location of tomorrow\'s competition, it\'s time for us to step down a little."

As he spoke, he had already taken large strides towards the direction of the Supreme Mystery Heavenly Platform.

… ….

"Wait a minute, big brother barbarian, have you forgotten? That place is a forbidden area, we can\'t enter!"

Liu Bing Qianlian moved slightly and used a lot of effort to barely keep up with Ye Feng. Ye Feng, on the other hand, was calm without a drop of sweat on his forehead.

She was secretly surprised. Ye Feng had clearly just reached the Martial Disciple Stage, but why was there such a huge difference between him and her?

And at this time, they had already arrived at the outskirts of the Supreme Profound Sky Platform.

"Brute brother …" You see, we can\'t get in. If it\'s really possible, the disciples of the other Elders Zhao would come over to take a look. "

"There\'s no need to enter. I just need to walk around the forbidden area."

"This …" Liu Bingqian\'s beautiful eyes lit up.

Ye Feng smiled, closing his eyes and calming his heart. He could feel all the movements of the wind and grass in the world, as if his whole body was immersed in it.

His soul talent had already been used …