The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 29 – I’m taking everything!

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Looking at Ye Zifeng’s eyes, Wang Lin felt chills going down his back. He would have never thought that Ye Zifeng, someone that he had endlessly bullied, would suddenly become so strong.

Ye Zifeng walked up to Wang Lin with an expressionless face but his eyes emitted a murderous aura.

“Ye Zifeng. Watch how I’ll kill you!” Wang Lin gulped. His life was in Ye Zifeng’s hands now, so he might as well take a preemptive strike, hoping that a chance to escape might come.

He was standing very close to Ye Zifeng already and thus, he took a dagger out and immediately threw it towards Ye Zifeng.

“Heh. Child’s play!” Ye Zifeng coldly chuckled with a fierce look on his face. His qi suddenly raised up and there was electricity surrounding him. Before the dagger even reached him, it was struck down by the lightning. Seeing this scene, Wang Lin was shocked.

“When……When did you gain the power of lightning…..”

This lightning power of his came from the three thunder spirit pills. It didn’t just manifest out of nowhere.

At this time, Ye Zifeng fiercely attacked Wang Lin. With one strike, he had sent Wang Lin flying across the plain. Wang Lin landed heavily on the ground and before he got up, Ye Zifeng was already standing in front of him.

It was at this moment, Wang Lin knew he fucked up. They were both at the fourth stage of qi refining but their actual abilities were miles apart. No matter what, he could not be Ye Zifeng’s opponent.

“You still want to fight?” Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at Wang Lin.

“Brother Feng. I’m sorry. I was wrong. I made a mistake! Please, a great man such as yourself should not stoop to pettiness for the past wrong doings of someone as lowly as me.

Ye Zifeng continued to smile and raised his fist, “If I was in your situation, would you let me go?”

Wang Lin was stunned. If Ye Zifeng was in his hands, he would definitely beat him up so bad that his own father won’t even be able to recognize him.

“Brother Feng. How about this. You can beat me up until you’re satisfied. But, please don’t kill me!”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Well I was going to beat you up anyways. However, the problem itself won’t be solve with just a simple beating.

Wang Lin shivered. He was afraid. He thought that Ye Zifeng really wanted to kill him.

“Brother Feng. Tell me. What do you want me to do so you can spare me. I’ll do anything.” Wang Lin begged. He was completely different from before when he still had his “bros” with him.

Ye Zifeng sized him up and looked at the clothes at Wang Lin was wearing and smiled without saying anything.

Wang Lin knew what was up and hurriedly took out a small pouch and presented it to Ye Zifeng, “Brother Feng, this is 100 gold coins. Please accept my gift.”

“100 gold coins?”

Ye Zifeng took the pouch and weighed the amount by hand.

“‘A hundred gold coin for the life of one of the young masters of the three great clans in Leizhou City. Isn’t this too much of a bargain?”

Wang Lin’s face froze. He then put his hands into his sleeves and took out a small ring.

“A decorative ring? That thing is worth at most 10 gold coins. What are you trying to pull here?”

Wang Ling regretfully replied, “No. This is not a normal ring. This is an interspatial ring. In Leizhou City, this item is very precious. My father gave this to me after his trip to Tiandao City.

“A Interspatial Ring from Tiandao city? It should be worth around 2-300 gold coins.”

Wang Lin was stirred up and yelled out, “No way! My father used 700 gold coins to get this. No matter how used it is, it should be worth at least around 5-600 gold coins.”

Actually, Ye Zifeng knew that the ring was special. He wanted to press Wang Lin to find out more about it so he devalued the ring. To be able to get around 800 gold coins from Wang Lin, Ye Zifeng was feeling good.

“Since it’s an interspatial ring, why didn’t you put a sword in there and sneak attack me. Maybe you could’ve bought time to escape.”

“Do you think I’m that dumb? This is the lowest tier of interspatial rings. It takes some time to retrieve and insert items. It’s useless during battles.”

“Alright. Whatever. Just hand it over.” Ye Zifeng laughed and extended his hand towards Wang Lin.

After answering all these questions, Wang Lin was feeling more and more regretful after giving him the ring. He was feeling some sort of mixed feeling right now. He was the one who followed Ye Zifeng to beat him up but instead, he was beaten and robbed by Ye Zifeng. Ye Zifeng had bankrupted Wang Lin in an instant.

“Brother Feng…. I gave you everything that I owned already. Please let me go!” Wang Lin pitifully begged.

“Hmmmm…… 500 gold coins to buy the life of young master wang…..” Ye Zifeng began to ponder. He made it look as if he was really thinking about it.

“Alright then. Since I’m so nice, it’ll be enough if you give me the dagger that you used to attack me before…..”

Wang Lin’s face sank. The dagger could be counted as a treasure. If it wasn’t for the lightning around Ye Zifeng’s body, it would’ve definitely struck him.

If Ye Zifeng is nice, then everyone in the world would be nicer than him.

“What? You don’t want to?” Ye Zifeng smiled again, and used an imposing tone.

Hearing this tone, Wang Lin’s expression changed once again. Money and treasures were important. However, they weren’t as important as his own life. Now that his life is in Ye Zifeng’s hands, he had to listen to his demands.

“Of course I want to. As long as brother Feng is happy. Here. I give this dagger to brother Feng as a gift!”

Ye Zifeng showed a satisfied smile, received the dagger and played around with it. From what Ye Zifeng can see, this dagger was worth around a thousand gold coins. The harvest today was good.

“Okay. Since you’re so sincere, I’ll keep my promise and let you live.”

“Many thanks to brother Feng!”

Ye Zifeng’s tone changed again, “However….”

The happy expression on Wang Lin’s face disappeared once he heard this word, “However what?”

“However, If I let you go, will you let me go in the future?” Ye Zifeng smiled and glared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was startled. He knew what Ye Zifeng meant, “No way. Brother Feng is thinking too much. You’ve taught me a lesson this time and I won’t ever bother you again!”

Ye Zifeng continued to look at him with a smile, “If you want me to believe you, I need you to perform a simple task. All you need is to make a blood oath.” This time, he truly went overboard. After beating Wang Lin and his friends up, he took around ~1800 gold coins worth of item from him. Even if Ye Zifeng used his feet to think, he can probably guess that Wang Lin will definitely take revenge.

Wang Lin smiled bitterly, “Brother Feng. There’s no need for a blood oath. I’ve been taught a lesson. I won’t dare to bother you anymore…..”

Ye Zifeng snorted, “If you want me to believe you, then make a blood oath! If not then I’ll think that you want to take revenge on me. You know what’ll happen!”

Wang Lin had cursed Ye Zifeng all this time while following his order. After taking over 1000 gold coins worth of item from him and then to not let him take revenge, Wang Lin was really angry.

Wang Lin gritted his teeth, “Fine. I’ll just make the dumb blood oath then! I, Wang Lin, swears that I will not bother Ye Zifeng anymore, If I break this oath then….” After this part, he thought about it for a while but didn’t know what to say.

Ye Zifeng looked at him, “So how are you going to make this oath?”

“…. then If I break this oath, then I will forever be at the qi refining stage and never reach the martial disciple realm!” Wang Lin was so scared that he began to sweat. After saying these words, his whole body felt like a sinking balloon.

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “Not enough. You have to add: I will be struck by the heavenly tribulation lightning and blow up!”

Wang Lin’s face ashened. He didn’t want to say something like that but after he saw Ye Zifeng’s glare, he gritted his teeth, “okay. If I break this oath, then I will also be struck by heavenly tribulation lightning and blow up!”

After saying this, he didn’t stop to rest. He was afraid that Ye Zifeng was going to add a few more conditions. He immediately infused his qi into his blood and splattered it on the floor. After a white mist appeared, the blood oath was complete.

“How is it brother Feng. This is fine right? Can I leave now?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Good. Seeing that you’re so obedient, I’ve become softhearted. I’ll beat you a little less.”

Wang Lin quickly agreed and then he realized something was wrong, “What? You took my money and my treasures. Then you made me do a blood oath. And now you still want to beat me? Don’t go back on your words!”

Ye Zifeng shook his head and smiled, “When did I go back on my words? I told you that I’ll let you live. I’ll promise that I won’t take you life. I just want to hit you for a bit…..”

Wang Lin was startled and continuously complained.

“Brother Feng, i’ve already made a blood oath. Please let me go…..”

Ye Zifeng smiled and walked closer and closer to Wang Lin. Wang Lin tried to move back but stumbled onto the floor.

“Making a blood oath and satisfying my urge to beat you are two completely different things.”

Wang Lin’s heart began to beat faster, “Brother Feng, Please no…..!”

“You can call me Sister Feng and it won’t matter. Don’t worry. I’m very soft. Look at your friends, they’re not dead either right?” Ye Zifeng revealed a sinister smile.