The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 287

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"Little Qian."

"Junior Sister Bingqian."

Mu Yun and Yang Jing shouted at the same time.

The two of them had known Liu Bingqian for a long time, so their feelings for her were naturally not fake. They hurriedly rushed forward, wanting to save her.

However, all of a sudden, the black infernal energy condensed into black rings of light and flew out from Ye Feng\'s body. The cold aura wantonly swept out and rushed towards the two of them.

Just looking at the scene of the spiritual energy surging was enough to make one feel pressured.

Mu Yun was shocked and hurriedly retreated a dozen steps before barely escaping the black baleful qi.

However, Yang Jing\'s movement technique was not as fast. If she was half a beat slower, she would have been drawn into the black air. Just like Liu Bing Qian, she was completely engulfed.

"Oh my god …" "What\'s going on?"

The faces of those who were taunting Ye Feng earlier changed. They felt endless fear in their hearts.

Before they could get far, the black ring caught up to them and swallowed them all up.

After a hubbub of noise, there was silence.

There was a black fog in the air. It was as if one could smell the endless killing intent in the air.

"This... \'This brat has only broken through to the Martial Disciple realm. How could such a strange thing happen? \'Mu Yun was extremely shocked within his heart.

Other than her, there was no one else in the huge backyard of the Mu Yun Manor.

The most important thing was that the black ring continued to expand, spreading out from the back courtyard of the Mu Yun Manor.

"Little girl Qian, Jing\'er, please give me a reply."

However, there was no response from the black fog.

Mu Yun gritted his teeth in shock as he made a decision.

She gently waved her hand, and all kinds of energy fluctuations formed a shield. When it was completely attached to her body, she flew towards Ye Zifeng.

"I don\'t believe that with my peak Martial Disciple cultivation, I am unable to deal with you, a member of the younger generation who has yet to become a Martial Disciple."

In her opinion, even if there was something weird with Ye Feng, with his cultivation level at that level, no matter how powerful he was, he would definitely not be able to truly injure her.

Mu Yun sucked in a deep breath and fell head first into the black fog.

When he first entered, the Spiritual Qi barrier made a few banging sounds. However, it was made by a peak Martial Disciple. After a while, it finally stopped.

She opened her eyes and looked around her.

Within the black fog, it was impossible to see the surroundings. One could only see the rough outline of a person.

The only thing that could be seen clearly was Ye Feng. At this moment, he was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the black fog with his eyes closed. He was motionless like a Buddha statue.

"Ye-feng, look at what you did …" Mu Yun snorted in anger and rushed forward with the intention of waking him up with a slap.

Hearing the voice of the old ghost Mu Yun, Liu Bingqian was surprised and said weakly, "Master, don\'t you dare make a move …. "You\'ll get hurt."

"I don\'t care if he is injured or not. Little Qian, don\'t try to persuade me this time. No matter what I say, I will not let this brat go."

Mu Yun had accumulated quite a bit of anger and resentment, but how could he listen to these words of persuasion?

She gritted her teeth and immediately made her move. She dashed forward and directly sent a palm towards Ye Feng\'s chest.

"Brat, you asked for all of this."

At the same time, a strange beam of light flew out from Ye Feng\'s body.


That light beam struck heavily onto Mu Yun\'s body. She was stunned for a moment before her expression turned ashen white.

"Pfft …" She spat out a mouthful of blood.

"How can this be?" She was extremely shocked, and even her movements froze on the spot.

Even though she had been too careless just now, the gap between her and Ye Feng was not small after all. Logically speaking, Ye Feng shouldn\'t have been able to hurt her.

"Master, I told you not to attack, you will be injured …" Liu Bingqian\'s voice was heavy as she let out a sigh.

"This …" Mu Yun felt his heart clench as he felt speechless.

How could she have known that Liu Bingqian was referring to her own injuries?

Mu Yun focused his mind and carefully felt around. He found Liu Bingqian\'s location and hastily rushed over.

Liu Bingqian\'s face was extremely pale, as if she had collapsed.

"Little girl Qian, you … "How could you be like this? Also, where is Jing Er …"

"Master... "Look to the right, I\'m here too."

The black mist was too thick, to the point that Yang Jing was just beside Liu Bingqian. Mu Yun actually didn\'t notice it at all.

Old man Mu Yun looked up and saw that Yang Jing\'s face was even paler. She was practically paralyzed on the ground. Her delicate body was moving up and down as she gasped for breath.

"Jing Er!"

She took a deep breath and looked around carefully. The others seemed to be in the same situation. They were all lying on the ground with weak limbs.

Liu Bing Qian then explained, "Master, although this black mist isn\'t fatal, we don\'t know why it is constantly absorbing our spirit energy. Almost all of the spirit energy in Senior Jing and I\'s body was absorbed by it."

Mu Yun finally understood. "So that\'s how it is. I understand. No wonder Ye Feng was able to injure me just now. He must have been absorbing the spiritual qi from your side to blast it into my body."

"That should be the case." Liu Bingqian nodded slightly.

"This is bad." Mu Yun\'s brows were tightly locked together. "If I knew that he would do this, I wouldn\'t have brought him out of the alchemy room. I don\'t know if it was due to the Spirit Absorbing Pill, but it\'s a bit strange. It\'s reasonable to say that the effects of the pill should have already passed."

"It isn\'t a Spirit Absorbing Pill …" Liu Bingqian thought for a moment before a thought suddenly flashed through her mind.

Could it be Ghastly Shadow?

It was very likely the cause of this incident.

"Gui Ying, Gui Ying, did you create this black fog?" Liu Bing Qian licked her lips slightly and suddenly shouted.

However, there was no response from the opposite side,

Mu Yun and Yang Jing looked at each other and looked at Liu Bingqian strangely.

"Bing Qian, what are you doing? Also, who were you calling just now?"

Liu Bing Qian\'s brows slightly furrowed, she stood up with great difficulty and walked towards Ye Feng.

"Master, Senior Jing, you two stay put for now. I will go over and confirm the conjecture in my mind."

"Wait a minute! Qian girl, have you gone mad? Didn\'t you say you would be injured just now? Don\'t go over there!" Mu Yun yelled out in shock.

Liu Bing Qian shook her head: "No, if it was really Gui Ying, he would recognize me and not attack me."

"You!" Mu Yun didn\'t know what kind of medicine his disciple ate wrong to act so recklessly.

Liu Bingqian knew this very well. She was betting on her own safety. If she guessed wrongly, she might be seriously injured.

A strange dot of light suddenly appeared beside Ye Feng, just like when old man Mu Yun was approaching.

Liu Bingqian was shocked.

"Little Qian, come back quickly."

Liu Bingqian came back to her senses and shook her head with a solemn expression, "If Ghastly Shadow really attacked me, I would definitely be tormented to an unimaginable degree by my crude brother."

She paused for a moment and looked at Ye Feng.

"So I guess, it doesn\'t dare to do that,"

Her words were powerful and full of vigor.

Sure enough, after a moment, the mysterious light stopped gathering spiritual energy.

It was clear that Liu Bingqian\'s words were working.

"This …" Mu Yun and Yang Jing were stunned as they watched this scene. They didn\'t know what had happened.

Liu Bingqian was overjoyed. She knew that her guess was not wrong. Indeed, it was the black fog that Gui Ying had created.

"Forget it, it\'s enough to absorb so much spiritual qi this time and awaken his Martial Spirit. I\'ll leave the rest for him to break through to Martial Disciple." A deep voice resounded through the entire space.

It was the voice of Spiritshadow.

Everyone was shocked as they stared at Leaves\' face. They saw that her eyes were still closed and her mouth had never opened.

So, who was it that was talking,

Liu Bing Qian was the only one who knew of this.

The next moment, the black mist with Ye Feng as the center started to slowly converge towards the major acupuncture points on Ye Feng\'s body.

In terms of the amount of spiritual energy that Ghastly Shadow absorbed, it was definitely enough for Ye Feng to achieve a perfect breakthrough.

Each spiritual energy attack made Ye Feng feel as if he had been hit by a huge bell.

The Profound Qi on his body was being compressed and compressed by the impact. His meridians were going through an earth-shaking transformation.

"Ah!" His body was extremely sore, as if he had fallen into a river of blood. His mind was in a trance, as well as a chaotic state of mind.

An unknown amount of time passed …

The thick fog had thinned out and dispersed.

It was only then that the crowd was able to see the light of day once more. However, they were all too weak, and even standing up felt difficult.

Old man Mu Yun raised his eyes and discovered that the Mu Yun Manor was currently filled with a black mass of people.

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As such, the scope of the black fog was not small, and it had already caused some chaos.

Thinking of this, Mu Yun felt a sharp pain at his temples. He couldn\'t help but curse himself for letting Ye Wen into his house.

At this time,

All of a sudden, as the last wisp of black fog was absorbed and digested by Ye Feng, Ye Feng\'s eyes lit up and a dazzling golden light fell on everyone\'s faces.

"Lord Old Devil, he …" Witnessing the golden light, everyone was stunned. They all raised their heads up to look at Ye Feng in shock.

"It\'s actually... "A perfect breakthrough." Mu Yun stared at Ye Feng and almost blurted out.

Ye Feng slowly opened his eyes. He felt a long-suppressed excitement in his heart, "I have finally reached the Martial Disciple Realm."