The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 280

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Other people\'s loans were all made in gold coins. It was the first time that Mu Yun had heard of this. Some people are here to make a loan.

This was completely unheard-of.

"You want a top-grade True Essence Pill."

Mu Yun\'s expression changed slightly. On her pretty face. A playful smile immediately appeared on his face.

"Oh... I understand. You want to trade for the pills … To Bing Qian. "You wish to win the hand of a beauty with a smile …"

During the last Pill Competition … Liu Bing Qian and Ye Wen were inseparable. She had a shy expression on her face. She had completely fallen into the eyes of her master, Mu Yun.

Ye Feng was slightly surprised. Ye Zichen looked at her in confusion.

"I want to borrow a True Essence Pill." What does that have to do with Bing Qianqian? Besides … Didn\'t she mention it when she wrote the letter? She was now … "He is already a Martial Disciple."

"Wait …" What did you say? This girl … "He is already a Martial Disciple." Mu Yun and Yang Jing were astonished. They looked at each other.

One must know that … Liu Bingqian had been stuck at the ninth level of Qi Refining for who knows how long. Why did it only take a blink? Then he would break through.

"This is …" "When did this happen?"

"Almost. Just before we came to the Celestial Gate. " Ye Feng replied with a smile.

Mu Yun\'s charming face changed. After a while, he said, "So that\'s how it is." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] In other words … You can come to my side and lend me this pill. "It\'s for..."

"That\'s right. I\'ll lend you this pill. "Actually, it\'s all for my own breakthrough." Ye Feng smiled faintly.

Speaking of which … Mu Yun actually knew what Ye Feng was going to say.

However … These words really came out of his mouth. This feeling would be different again.

"It seems … What fortuitous encounter did you encounter? "This is the only way for you to advance at such a speed."

Mu Yun pondered for a moment. He frowned and said, "Alright." Your business... I won\'t ask any further... Tell me about it. The top-grade True Essence Pill that you speak of … What level was it at? "If it\'s Common or Yellow rank …"

As she spoke … He picked up the tea that Xiao Cui had brewed for her. He took a small sip.

Ye Feng smiled and said, "Earth Grade True Essence Pill."

Mu Yun\'s eyes widened. A large mouthful of tea … He couldn\'t wait to puke on Ye Feng\'s face.

Ye Feng actually skipped over the Xuan grade dan. He directly went to the level of an Earth rank pill.

"Master." Take it easy. "Stop choking..." Yang Jing hurried forward. Ye Zichen patted Mu Yun\'s back. Help her catch her breath.

"Jing Er. Do you hear me? This brat … He actually wanted an Earth grade True Essence Pill! One must know that … In the past, when I broke through myself … "They are all Xuan grade pellets." Mu Yun said with a bitter expression.

"Young Master Ye." "You are really …" Hearing this, Yang Jing nodded. He also turned around and looked at Ye Feng reproachfully. He also didn\'t understand. Why did he have to ask so arrogantly?

Earth Grade medicinal pills. He was looking at the entire Heavenly Dao City. It was even a supremely high grade pill that could make people go crazy …

He, Ye Feng. What ability did he have? He actually dared to ask for such a pill …

Ye Feng smiled, "If it wasn\'t for the Earth grade pill." "Why would I need to lend a pill?"

This sentence … He was not overconfident. Previously, when his sister Ye Xueyi and Liu Bingqian had broken through to the Xuan Core realm, they had used a Mysterious True Essence Pill. He was the one who had forged it all by himself.

Mu Yun chuckled, "But …" Since you want the Earth grade pill … I\'m afraid. A material for a mere Soul Stealing Pill. "You are not qualified, right?"

It didn\'t matter what kind of dan it was. Even if it was an Earth grade Golden Headed Pill. They were all existences that had been robbed by others. Not to mention … A cross-border pill like the True Essence Pill …

"I never intended to. He only used the materials from the Soul Stealing Pill. would be able to move Lord Old Devil. "

Ye Wen smiled. Soon, a spatial treasure appeared. He forcefully pulled out a huge pill furnace.

Thirty-two scattered stars. The golden light that penetrated his body … It rose in spirals. Without a doubt, this meant that … This was a Xuan grade pill furnace.

A surprised expression flashed across Mu Yun\'s charming face. "Mysterious rank pill furnace."

Her large, watery eyes widened even more. He hurriedly stepped forward. He carefully examined the pill furnace\'s appearance. From time to time, exclamations could be heard coming from his mouth.

"This cauldron doesn\'t seem to be an innate expert." It seemed to be made of some kind of material. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] This pill furnace … "Which alchemist gave it to you?"

Compared to refining pills … The crafting of pill furnaces. And it was also a huge piece of knowledge. If it wasn\'t for the fact that he was very skilled in this field, It would be difficult for him to create a pill furnace.

Ye Feng smiled, "Who made it? It doesn\'t matter. The most important thing was … I am now willing to use this Mysterious rank pill furnace. I\'ll also mortgage it to Lord Old Devil. As a bargaining chip for an Earth grade pill. Lord Old Devil. "What do you think?"

"My god." Yang Jing frowned. Her steps gently shifted. Ye Zichen pulled Ye Feng to the side.

"Young Master Ye." Are you crazy? There was no need to spend so much effort in chasing after the Earth rank pill. Protect the Mysterious rank pill furnace. This was the real deal. This pill furnace … "This is the foundation of an alchemist."

Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen looked at Yang Jing.

"Therefore … The matter of the loan of the pill... What he needed to pay attention to was whether he could borrow some money to pay back his debt or not. The ingredients for the Mysterious rank pill furnace and the Soul Stealing Pill. It was just a mortgage. I\'m only doing it for a reasonable amount of time. Use reasonable resources. "That\'s all."

Mu Yun looked at Ye Feng in shock. Suddenly. A voice that came from the bottom of his heart resounded throughout the entire Guest Hall.

"Ye Feng. If I only listen to your words … Don\'t look at your face. I thought you were about my age. It was truly unexpected. "You are only twenty years old."

A light flashed across Ye Feng\'s eyes. And then he laughed: "Hopefully. "I won\'t offend Lord Old Devil because of this."

Mu Yun chuckled. He waved his hand, "Don\'t worry about it. I like your awareness. Since you\'ve made up your mind to get this Earth grade pill … It\'s not that I can\'t help you. "However …"

"However what?"

Hearing that, Ye Feng seemed to have a change of plans. Now that he thought about it … He asked.

"It\'s just a pity …" I only have the medicinal ingredients for the Earth grade True Essence Pill. There were no finished products. Even if he wanted to start refining it … It would probably take at least five days. Can you wait this long? Furthermore … Don\'t say you can\'t wait. I can\'t spend a full five days. "I will go and specially refine pills for you."

Ye Feng shook his head. He said resolutely, "Indeed. He couldn\'t wait. Four days. I must break through to the Martial Disciple realm. "

Mu Yun paused for a moment. And then he laughed bitterly, "Then … Sorry... It\'s not that I don\'t want to help you. But objectively … I can\'t help you. "Please go back …"

"That may not be so …" Ye Feng suddenly looked up. He took a deep look at Mu Yun.

"Don\'t tell me … Do you have any other ideas? " "Huh?" Mu Yun exclaimed. Her beautiful eyes were filled with doubt.

"Lord Old Devil." What you just said... You were the one who refined the Earth grade pill. It would take five days. Then … "What if you add me as well?" Ye Feng looked up. Ye Zichen smiled.

"You …" Hearing this, Mu Yun was stunned. He raised his head. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Zichen from head to toe.

"How could you refine such a super high grade Earth rank pill?"

"No. "I will."

Ye Feng looked at him with determination, "And … If the Old Devil trusts you … It could even be used as a medicinal ingredient for this Earth grade pill. Leave all of them to me. If I succeed … "Then the matter of the loan will be settled; if I fail," Then … The ingredients for this Mysterious rank pill furnace and Soul Stealing Pill. They were all dealt with by Lord Old Devil. In addition … I still owe Lord Old Devil an Earth grade pill. During Zi Feng\'s Martial Disciple Stage. "I will definitely return it."

Ye Feng\'s words … To old man Mu Yun, it sounded like … No matter how he listened to it, it sounded like a bunch of nonsense.

After all. This was an Earth rank pill! It was even an Earth rank pill that transcended boundaries. Don\'t talk about Ye Feng. Even he himself. He was not very familiar with the refinement of this Earth grade pill.

However. To Mu Yun, this old ghost. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] And it was so hard to refuse.

If Ye Feng failed to concoct the pill … Then he would have earned the Xuan grade pill furnace and the materials for the Soul Stealing Pill for nothing. Even if it was Mu Yun. It was also impossible to view a Mysterious rank pill furnace as an ordinary object.

"Ye Feng. Are you serious? I\'ll give you the ingredients for the Earth grade pill. "You really plan to refine it yourself." Mu Yun asked in a testing manner.

Ye Feng nodded, "Exactly. However … I need a quiet alchemy room, enough hot water and three meals on time. In the span of three days. I don\'t want to be disturbed by anyone. "

"Yes. All right. Three days. "I will create the best alchemy environment for you." Mu Yun hurriedly nodded his head. Ye Zichen seriously replied.

That\'s what she said. However, in her heart … However, he could not bear to do so. He thought about how he could earn benefits from a Qi Condensation student. [Isn\'t this teacher a bit disrespectful?]

Hearing this, Ye Feng nodded. The corner of his mouth curled up into an imperceptible smile.

"Alright then …" Let\'s make a blood contract now. There is a certificate for doing and speaking. "

Mu Yun smiled in agreement. After all. To her, this blood contract was like a blood pact. Almost all of them were benefits. There was no reason not to sign.

And then … Both of them cut their fingers. He placed specks of fresh blood onto the blood contract.

… ….

"All right. In that case … Three days were extremely short. Please forgive me for going to the alchemy lab to prepare the ingredients. As for the materials needed for the Earth grade pill … I hope that Lord Old Devil can send someone to bring it over later. " Ye Feng stared at Mu Yun and said.

"Okay. I see. "There\'s no problem with that."

"Goodbye." Ye Feng nodded. He immediately left the reception hall with large strides. He headed outside.

Mu Yun stared at Ye Feng\'s departing figure. He had a nagging feeling that something was wrong. But exactly where … Yet, he couldn\'t quite put his finger on it.

Suddenly. Her expression changed. Her delicate body trembled slightly.

"What\'s wrong?" Master. "Why did your face become so pale?" Yang Jing looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Mu Yun turned his head stiffly. He took a few deep breaths and said, "You said this Zi Feng. How could he know? "Where is the alchemy lab?"