The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 277

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Ye Feng walked closer to the resplendent light, and his face changed.

There was nothing in the light.

Just what kind of secret was this? After working so hard for so long, he had given up the chance to comprehend the Dao. He did not hesitate to fall into his inner demon and wanted to see the dao source to awaken his talent.

But now, where was the Dao Origin, and how was his talent awakened …

Even he couldn\'t help feeling dejected.

"Hold on..."

Ye Feng suddenly thought of something, and the light in his eyes sharpened. He turned his head and glanced at the Alchemy Stairway.

The place where he had stood the most was now far away in the sky.

"The birth of a single thought, the end of the world, the end of a single thought, the end of a single thought, the end of a long distance. So that\'s how it is …"

Ye Feng was momentarily stunned, then a faint smile appeared on his face.

Comprehending the Dao was the same as understanding talent. One had to rely on oneself to comprehend it. How could it be something that could be obtained directly from the outside world?

Thus, this resplendent brilliance could be said to be the most valuable secret of the third floor. At the same time, it could also be said to be the most worthless secret.

Being affected by the final \'result\' and thinking that he had failed, this was the most worthless secret.

However, for those who are able to recognize this, restoring confidence is the most valuable secret.

"One\'s Dao is born, one\'s talent is close at hand; one\'s Dao is extinguished, one\'s talent is near at hand."

Ye Feng mumbled to himself and thought for a while, "So, dao comprehension and talent are the same thing, different levels. And falling into the heart demon is a way to improve one\'s dao comprehension."

If a person does not fall into the devil\'s heart, the path he comprehends will only be the Dao.

However, if he fell under the influence of his inner demon, if he was still able to regain his confidence after walking the ladder, and suppress his inner demon at the same time, then the dao he finally comprehended would be his innate talent, an extension of the dao.

However, amongst the disciples of the Celestial Arcanum Palace, how many could enter this forbidden ground, how many could charge up to the third level, how many dared to fall into the heart of the devil, how many could smoothly walk through this staircase, and how many could regain their confidence in the end?

Mysteries originated from the unknown, so after so many years, only Daoist Master Le Feng was able to comprehend his innate skill.

And today, it was Leaves\' turn.

He had even thought through the process of comprehending innate talent. If the real people of the Celestial Sect of Wonders were to know about this, they would definitely be greatly shocked.

"So that\'s how it is, I understand."

Thinking about that, Ye Feng\'s mood suddenly brightened up, and a bright light flashed across his eyes.

In terms of comprehension of the Dao and the purification of Qing Xuan\'s Dao, he was the one who had done it. How could there not be a reasoning behind it?

"Then, which talent should I choose now?" Ye Feng was troubled.

… ….

An hour passed.

Ye Feng\'s starry eyes suddenly opened, and his entire body\'s aura moved. Multicolored light shone, shining in a circle around him. Streams of spiritual light shot out from his body, exceptionally resplendent.

When his inner demon recovered, it was also the time for him to awaken his innate talent.

This time, Qing Xuan was a little more obedient. She retreated a few steps and maintained a certain distance from him as she timidly said:

"Ye Feng, you …"

"Relax, I\'m fine. Since my innate ability has been mastered, there\'s no longer a need to fall into my inner demon. I have already returned to normal." Ye Feng glanced around and his gaze landed on Qing Xuan.

Quiet, quiet for a long time …

Qing Xuan looked at him dumbfoundedly. Countless people outside the Heavenly Mystery Palace were staring at the blue flame in the spiritual altar. Daoist Master Le Feng sucked in a breath of cold air, completely at a loss. He was like a statue.

"What, you\'ve awakened your Inherent skill?" Daoist Master Le Feng\'s surprised voice could not help but shout out.

His voice pierced through the Heavenly Mystery Palace and directly entered the third floor\'s space, entering Ye Feng and Qing Xuan\'s ears.

"Daoist Master Le Feng, you speak too loudly," Fairy Feng reminded him.

It was only when she opened her mouth that Daoist Master Le Feng realized that he had lost his composure. His face was slightly embarrassed.

However, what he just said was exactly what everyone was thinking.

"You," Qing Xuan came back to her senses as she stared at him blankly before speaking, "How is this possible? In the past ten years, the Heavenly Mystery Palace has never produced anyone who had comprehended a talent …"

"Ten years is just an experience story. The more time passes, the more the disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders will be brainwashed, the more they won\'t believe that they can awaken their innate talent."

"But …" Qing Xuan seemed to want to say something else, but when she caught a glimpse of the confident smile on Ye Feng\'s face, she finally started to believe it.

She calmed her emotions. "Alright then. Tell me, what kind of talent did you awaken?"

Ye Feng smiled blandly and did not immediately answer her question. He merely cast his gaze into the distance.

"Daoist Master Le Feng, I might have to ask you more about the" Insight "talent in the future."

Daoist Master Le Feng was stunned. Not many people knew of his talent, at least Ye Feng could not do so.

Ye Feng paused for a moment, then smiled and said, "Fairy Feng, I didn\'t think that even you would come."

Fairy Feng was startled. She looked around and thought Ye Zifeng was looking at her from somewhere.

Hearing this, everyone began to discuss in whispers.

"Fairy Feng, why has she come as well?"

"This isn\'t the main point of attention is it? Even if she came, Ye Feng would still be locked in the Heavenly Mystery Palace. How did he know?"

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

A moment later, Ye Feng looked towards the northwest, "A disciple of Elder Zhao. I have never met you before, but you trust me so much. If there\'s a chance, I think we can be friends."

"This …" Hearing this, Xing Hui was stunned. He understood that Ye Feng was talking about him, but it was unknown how Ye Feng found out.

As a result, after Ye Feng\'s series of words, the astonishment in everyone\'s eyes became even more intense.

Could it be that he really did awaken his innate divine ability?

At the moment, this was the only explanation that made sense.

Qing Xuan was the closest to Ye Feng, and a strange look flashed in her eyes.

"This... "What is the name of this innate skill? How can it be so powerful?"

Ye Feng smiled for a while, "I haven\'t given it any name yet, but since you said so, at least call it \'Soul Inherent skill\'."

"Soul Inherent Skill, this ability that is similar to \'Insight\', what does it have to do with the soul? I\'m afraid that it\'s not too good for you to use this name, right?"

Ye Feng smiled and closed his eyes.

"About this..."

Suddenly, a cold aura came and Elder Zhao\'s soul consciousness went into Ye Feng\'s mind.

Elder Zhao\'s voice was incomparably sullen, "Smelly brat, I told you not to act against Qing Xuan."

"I kept my promise and did it," Ye Feng replied with a smile.

"But you did it to me."

He was so angry that his voice trembled: "You took a part of that spiritual will just like at the Heaven Stairway, did you use it to comprehend the Dao intent and awaken your talent?"

Ye Feng smiled faintly, "I remember you saying that if you help me, I might help you reduce your cultivation by a few days. At that time, Elder Zhao also agreed."

"At that time, I had promised you that I would harm your cultivation so that I could help you suppress your inner demons," Elder Zhao said as he gave a heavy snort.

"Did you say it clearly?" Ye Feng immediately asked.

"I …" Elder Zhao was stunned. He suddenly became speechless and remained motionless like a piece of wood.

"Elder Zhao, think of the best in everything," Ye Feng\'s voice was as calm as the waves.

"What do you mean by good? I\'ve been feeling bad ever since I met you," Elder Zhao scolded.

He forcefully adjusted his emotions. Hearing Ye Feng\'s tone, it seemed like there really was something good going on.

"Whatever. I\'ll listen to you and see what\'s so good about it."

Ye Wen laughed lightly, "Then, Elder Zhao, do you still remember that the soul telepathic thoughts exchange between us was discovered?"

Elder Zhao\'s expression froze as his voice also became deeper, "Of course I remember. Don\'t tell me you have a suspect?"

"No, not yet."

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head, "However, in the future, to a certain extent, we can use this talent of mine as a substitute for our interactions. We don\'t need to worry about being discovered anymore."

Elder Zhao was silent for a moment, then asked curiously: "This... "So that\'s how it is. Right, I was just about to ask you, what exactly is your innate talent? Also, what did you use my soul consciousness to do?"

Ye Feng did not hide anything from him, and explained every single word.

"Within one kilometer, I can release my spiritual will. Whether the other party accepts it or not, I can get some information from them."

"... "Whether it is your spiritual will or mine, tell me clearly."

Elder Zhao replied snappily. However, he was still shocked by Ye Feng\'s awakening talent.

It was simply the best talent to scout out enemies and predict their future.

At this time,

Ye Feng suddenly became serious, "Alright, I won\'t talk to you anymore. Daoist Master Le Feng is coming."

… ….

With this newly awakened talent, Ye Feng\'s sensitivity towards his surroundings had increased by more than several times. He could detect any signs of trouble after using his soul talent.

"Greetings, Daoist Master Le Feng."

Before the other party appeared, Ye Feng had already bowed deeply towards the northwest direction.

Daoist Master Le Feng and Fairy Feng appeared in front of Ye Feng one after the other. As they saw the respectful bow in his eyes, they were shocked. However, even more than that, they were deeply moved by his high intelligence.

One had to know that if others were to comprehend the Dao, they would be so excited that they would be unable to sleep for a few days. If they were to awaken their innate talent, they would be willing to celebrate for a hundred days.

However, the Ye Feng in front of them had completely overturned their common sense. They could see the obvious joy on Ye Feng\'s face, but it wasn\'t joy.

"Ye Feng, although you are only an exchange student from the Martial House, you have awakened your talent and become the only person in the ten years of being a ninth level Qi Refining student in the Celestial Sect of Wonders." Ye Feng, although you are only an exchange student from the Martial House, you have awakened your talent and become the only person in the ten years of being a ninth level Qi Refining student in the Celestial Sect of Wonders.