The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 275

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A young girl was grabbed by the throat and thrown onto the ground.

This scene, no matter how you looked at it, was enough to make one\'s imagination run wild.

However, at this moment, there was no charming atmosphere. There was only a thick killing intent. With Ye Wen as the center, the killing intent spread out in all directions.

Cold, murderous, bloodthirsty,

"Phew …" "Huff …"

Ye Feng\'s eyes were empty like nothing, he had reverted to his most instinctive thought. The black imprint wrapped around his face was as eye-catching as a totem.

Qing Xuan knew that even if Ye Feng hadn\'t fallen to the inner demons, he was almost there.

Her expression changed as she subconsciously struck out a palm towards Ye Feng\'s chest, knocking him a few steps away. At the same time, her body shot out like lightning towards her surroundings.

"We won\'t wait any longer. Let\'s do it now."

She took a deep breath, and a thought came to her,

Layers upon layers of spiritual energy slowly gathered and formed into her palm the moment she raised her hand. If someone stood within eight feet of her, they would definitely feel incomparably comfortable.

This is the way of purification,

"Ye Feng, although you said that you would only act after you had completely fallen into your heart demon state, I\'m sorry. I still want to protect my life."

Qing Xuan let out a sigh as a glint flashed across her eyes. The trace of spirit energy, mixed with a refreshing coolness, enveloped Ye Feng\'s entire body.

No matter how many thoughts she had in her mind, it was just as Ye Feng had said. With the restriction of the blood contract, she had no choice but to bite the bullet and help Ye Feng.

… ….

"... "This is the first time I have seen the power of the Bedevilment Pill. I never thought that someone would actually refine it and even give it to me. Ye Feng, he really does live up to his name. He is simply a madman."

Fairy Feng faintly sucked in a breath of cold air. She frowned as she looked at Ye Feng and said.

A moment later, she still couldn\'t hear Daoist Master Le Feng\'s reply. She was startled and quickly turned to look at him.

Daoist Master Le Feng\'s expression was one of extreme astonishment, as if he had been petrified.

"Daoist Master Le Feng, what\'s wrong with you? Why aren\'t you saying anything?"

As he heard Fairy Feng speak to him, he woodenly turned his head. "Fairy Feng, do you still remember? I just said that when I awakened my own talent, I obtained it through falling into a heart demon."

"That\'s right, so what?" Fairy Feng was a bit puzzled.

He paused for a moment and continued, "Falling into the devil\'s heart and spying on the origin of the Dao, as for Qing Xuan\'s purification, it is to let him get rid of the devil\'s heart and escape from the Dao Origin. This Ye Feng walked the same path as me all those years ago, but, it is because I have a senior brother who cultivates this type of purification that I helped him, and Ye Feng is the one who has facilitated Qing Xuan\'s purification."

"This... Could it be that from the very beginning, Ye Feng had already planned everything? "Fairy Feng\'s eyes glimmered.

The two of them looked at each other. The surprise in their eyes was clear.

"Oh, that\'s right. Fairy Feng, are you going to absent yourself from tomorrow\'s morning class?" Daoist Master Le Feng asked as he relaxed the atmosphere.

It had to be known that, unlike Elder Zhao, Fairy Feng had come to look at Ye Feng\'s situation. She had been watching him for three days already, and now she didn\'t even care about the morning lessons.

An awkward expression flashed across Fairy Feng\'s face. "Morning lessons, not good. I was careless and forgot about this matter. Wait a minute, why did I say \'again\'?"

Daoist Master Le Feng: "..."

… ….

After Qing Xuan had comprehended her dao, the purified spiritual energy was exceptionally fresh, causing one\'s spirit to rise.

The long and continuous flow of spirit energy seeped into Ye Feng\'s heart like a drizzle, slowly calming down his incomparably violent mood. At this moment, a trace of substance finally appeared in his empty eyes.

"Huff …" He let out a long breath and looked up.

"Great! It seems like this Dao of Purification is really useful. Ye Feng, how do you feel right now?"

Qing Xuan couldn\'t help but feel overjoyed when she saw that Ye Feng could even recognize her when he spoke to her.

Hearing Qing Xuan\'s words, under Ye Feng\'s crazed expression, there was a sliver of improvement. The black imprint that had spread to half of his face gradually showed signs of fading away.

"Qing Xuan, you …"

Ye Wen raised his sharp eyes and stared at Qing Xuan with a burning gaze.

Qing Xuan replied, "En, what\'s wrong with me?"

This was the first time she had used the Dao of Purification on someone else. She was already very satisfied with its effects.

However, Ye Feng\'s few words made her heart drop to the bottom of the lake.

"Quickly run!"

"What?" The smile on Qing Xuan\'s face instantly froze.

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Feng\'s figure was like a ghost as he flew backwards. In the sky, a bright light circled around as it headed straight for Qing Xuan.

A formless pressure that was almost suffocating …

So it turned out that Ye Feng was still under the control of his inner demon. As someone who had fallen into his inner demon state, he would not be able to recover so easily.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

"Even though Qing Xuan had barely managed to move half a body under Ye Feng\'s reminder, her shoulder was swept by several strong winds, causing blood to blossom."

At the same time, the black mark that had just faded by more than half reappeared on Ye Feng\'s face.

"Again." Qing Xuan didn\'t believe him and used the purification method for the second time.

However, this time, Ye Feng would clearly not give her any chance to display her skills. Every time Qing Xuanxuan took action, she would be interrupted by him.

"This …"

Qing Xuan panted heavily as sweat dripped down her beautiful face. At first, she had thought that in terms of strength, as Elder Zhao\'s disciple, she had confidence that she wouldn\'t lose to Ye Feng.

However, she found that when Ye Feng exerted his full strength, he could actually suppress her.

"How can he be so powerful?"

Before Qing Xuan could accept this fact, another powerful force surged forward. Her strength was exhausted, and she was forced to retreat more than ten steps before she could barely stop. A small mouthful of blood suddenly flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

Ye Feng had an indifferent expression and his eyes were crimson red. He walked towards Qing Xuan step by step.

Having fallen into the devil\'s trap, he was no longer able to differentiate between reality and illusion. He coldly approached Qing Xuan, his eyes filled with a murderous intent as a bloodthirsty killing intent burst out from within him.

He pulled out the Wind King\'s Dagger, and the golden threads in his hand trembled. His whole body exuded an incomparably cold aura. Suddenly, he dashed forward with unstoppable momentum.

As everyone moved, the dagger had already flown in front of Qing Xuan.

Under the great shock, Qing Xuan didn\'t dare to be careless anymore. Previously, due to her carelessness, she already had quite a few colors hanging off her body.

She did not dare to meet him head on. She immediately took more than ten steps back and pressed her feet against the edge of a huge tree. She raised her head and saw an arc of light appear.

With a \'kacha\' sound, a circular arc of light flashed where she had leaned against the giant tree. The cut was extremely smooth.

It collapsed with a loud crash.

If Qing Xuan had been slightly slower just now, she would have definitely suffered a heavy injury. Thinking of this, she couldn\'t help but feel a trace of fear in her heart.

However, this was not the end …

Since Ye Feng\'s attack was unsuccessful, he decisively threw away his dagger and quickly rushed forward. The monstrous killing intent that was contained in his palms seemed to be directed at Qing Xuan.

Qing Xuan panted heavily. Seeing Ye Feng charge towards her as if he was pursuing her, she barely managed to block his first palm strike.

However, she could no longer avoid this second palm. She could only endure his palm strike. A black infernal energy entered her body and circulated through her internal organs, causing her to feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Ye Feng, wake up!" A hint of panic flashed across Qing Xuan\'s beautiful eyes. Her chest felt stuffy from the opponent\'s attack, and blood flowed from the corner of her mouth. She could only shout loudly.

Hearing that, Ye Feng paused for a moment.

"Ugh …" He seemed to be thinking, judging, hesitating,

However, after a moment, his expression turned serious, and killing intent surfaced in his eyes. He still chose to make a move, and his spirit rank dagger turned in a circle, fiercely stabbing towards Qing Xuan\'s shoulder.

After he had completely fallen to the inner demons, if the opponent was Liu Bingqian, his subconscious would have tried to stop her. However, Qing Xuan\'s words did not qualify.

Qing Xuan was greatly alarmed when she saw this. If this matter was confirmed, although she would not die, it would definitely not be good. At least she would not be able to get out of bed for half a month.

"My god!"

Right at this moment, an icy aura suddenly appeared in the third layer. As soon as it appeared, it directly drilled into Ye Feng\'s mind.

Even with Elder Zhao\'s spiritual will, Ye Feng, who was controlled by the inner demon, had to spend a lot of effort to get into Elder Zhao\'s mind. He couldn\'t help but lose a bit of his cultivation base.

Ye Feng was shocked. His actions also froze on the spot. The dagger was suspended in the air and would not fall down.

Elder Zhao\'s voice suddenly exploded: "Stinking brat, you actually dared to attack my disciple. You don\'t want to live anymore?! Who cares if you have fallen into an inner demon, you can still communicate through soul consciousness. Wake me up, do you hear me?"

A long time passed …

This tranquil atmosphere caused Elder Zhao to panic a little. He thought that the other party\'s situation was very serious.

"Stinky brat, I told you to wake up, give me a reply."

Suddenly, Ye Feng\'s laughter rang out, "Elder Zhao …"

Only after hearing Ye Feng\'s voice did Elder Zhao calm down.

What he was most afraid of was not that others would reject him, but that others would ignore him.

Elder Zhao let out a long sigh of relief and snappily said, "Smelly brat, pretend to be dead for me. Since I woke you up now, hurry up and put away your weapon and come back from that inner demon state. Otherwise, my disciple will be ruined by you."

Ye Feng smiled and said, "Elder Zhao, what if I say no?"