The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 273

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"What are you doing …" When Qing Xuan suddenly saw his intimate action, a trace of fear flashed across her beautiful face.

Ye Feng smiled and said. He raised his head and said, "Just now, when you were hunting the fourth beast, there was already a glimmer between your eyebrows. This should be the sign of enlightenment."

Although he hadn\'t been able to comprehend the Dao on his own in his previous life, from the people around him, he had some knowledge regarding the Dao.

"What? Is that for real?"

Qing Xuan\'s heart froze for a moment. She hurriedly raised her hand and touched her forehead, slightly covering it. It seemed that there really was something strange about it.

"Could it be that I\'m about to comprehend the Dao?" Qing Xuan\'s body trembled, and her eyes were filled with joy.

All of a sudden, she seemed to have thought of something. "Wait a moment, Ye Feng, since I already had the omen of enlightenment when I was hunting the fourth killer, why do you want me to hunt until the seventh one?"

Ye Feng smiled faintly and did not deny it.

She thought for a moment and immediately reacted. A trace of anger flashed across her face.

"I understand. You have made up your mind that I will listen to your words for the sake of the crystal core of that Demonic Beast. So, you want me to work for you for nothing."

Ye Feng smiled, "Alright, stop caring about these details. The most important thing right now is to calm down and experience the Dao in your heart."

Previously, he had allowed Qing Xuan to spend time with the spirit energy monsters formed by Ghastly Shadow, allowing her to obtain the most basic Dao Intent. Afterwards, he had allowed her to fight with the seven ferocious beasts, using her blood energy to activate her Dao Intent.

It was only when he pointed his finger at Qing Xuan\'s forehead that the strand of Dao intent finally took shape.

The process of comprehending the Dao may seem complicated, but it still followed a certain law of evolution.

"Alright, I understand."

When she mentioned the matter of comprehending the Dao, Qing Xuan\'s sullen expression immediately became solemn upon hearing this.

Thus, she calmed her heart and began to quietly feel the warmth that came from between her eyebrows.

A gentle breeze rolled up from the ground and entered Qing Xuan\'s forehead as if it was a black hole.

"Oh my god …" "How could this be?" Qing Xuan was shocked. She turned her head and looked at Ye Feng in panic.

After all, this was the first time for her …

"Don\'t worry, I\'ll slowly guide you," Ye Feng smiled.

"You\'re the one who said that, don\'t lie to me." Qing Xuan licked her lips and nodded. She forced a smile and closed her eyes once again. Her entire person seemed to be bathed in an ocean of spirit energy.

Ye Feng looked up, and his expression became more and more serious.

"Now, for every step, do as I say."

"Okay," Qing Xuan quickly replied. There was a trace of nervousness in her voice, and she looked extremely uneasy.

"First of all, keep your heart at peace, and don\'t think of anything but me,

"... If you think both your arms and legs are heavy, then relax your arms, relax your feet, relax your... "Yes, relax your entire body, relax your whole body. It\'s as if you\'ve already returned to the underworld, to the underworld. You\'ll feel more relaxed and comfortable while you\'re in the underworld …"

Qing Xuan took in a few deep breaths. Although there was still a bit of pain between her eyebrows, under Ye Feng\'s guidance, she felt a lot better.

"You\'re beginning to want to sleep. Keep your heart quiet. "Just hear my voice. When I count from one to three, you will sleep even deeper." At this moment, Leaves\' voice gradually became deeper.

"One, two, three …"

Under Ye Feng\'s guidance, Qing Xuan\'s consciousness began to drift about.

"Then, a cool breeze starts to blow in your mind, purifying and purifying everything …"

… ….

Outside the Heavenly Mystery Palace.

The third night was long, but there were still many people who chose to stay and watch.

After eating his fill, Elder Zhao laughed heartily as he walked over from afar with a glowing face.

"What\'s the situation inside? Is Ye Feng still hunting the beasts everywhere like he did two days ago?"

As a member of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, he couldn\'t possibly watch Ye Feng\'s movements day and night. However, he still kept this matter in mind.

So every time he finished his meal, he would come over to check on the situation.

"This …"

Everyone looked at each other, feeling troubled. They did not know what to say.

He couldn\'t tell Elder Zhao that their Junior Sister had completely fallen into the situation where she would listen to anything Ye Feng said.

Starlight hastily stood in front of Elder Zhao: "Master, you just came back from the feast, your usual teaching and training is so tiring. How about, you rest early today and come visit tomorrow when you\'re free?"

"I\'m not tired, don\'t stop me. Let me take a glance before we leave."

Xing Hui gave a look to the other brothers. They understood and quickly walked forward, standing in front of Elder Zhao.

"That\'s right, Master. I feel that Starlight\'s words make a lot of sense …"

"Master, you should rest early tonight. We\'ll help you monitor the situation over here."

Elder Zhao frowned slightly and glared at them: "Bastard, you stinking brats, if I don\'t give you a beating in three days, you\'ll give me a kick in the nose, right? What do I, Elder Zhao, want to do, I don\'t even need you to give me an idea. Get out of my way!"

As he spoke, he rudely pushed aside the disciple in front of him.

"Get out of the way!"

As far as the eye could see …

In the blue flames of the spiritual altar, Qing Xuan was lying flat in front of Ye Feng with her eyes closed, as if she had fainted.

Her perfectly curved body had two slender white arms hanging down. There was an exaggerated black snake leather belt tied around her waist. She looked like she had loosened it a bit, making people unable to control their blood vessels.

A gentle breeze with her as the center spread out, and a faint light flashed.

However, Elder Zhao obviously wasn\'t in the mood to pay attention to the situation around her. With just a brief glance, his heart overflowed with anger.

"Beast, Ye Feng, you beast. What are you doing to my disciple?"

Elder Zhao, who was already drunk, shouted loudly in anger.

Starlight rushed forward and hugged Elder Zhao tightly. "Master, don\'t be rash. Someone come quickly and hold Master together."

"Yeah, master, look clearly. Junior is meditating on the dao, Ye Feng is doing her a favor."

Elder Zhao didn\'t care about anything else as he accumulated his Qi in his dantian and shouted loudly.

"This time, no matter what you say, don\'t stop me. I will definitely …"

However, when he was halfway through, his expression suddenly changed and he came back to his senses.

"What? He\'s comprehending the Dao!"

\'Could it be that I have wrongly blamed this brat? \'His heart trembled, and he even woke up from the alcohol …

His eyes slightly narrowed as he stared at the two of them, unmoving.

"Ugh …"

After a while, with his experience, he quickly understood the truth of the matter.

"This... It doesn\'t matter that he has comprehended a martial soul, but even Qing Xuan has to be controlled by him to figure out what kind of Dao she has comprehended. Bastard, why is it that he only has so many evil thoughts, and yet I met him. "

While he was lamenting, Qing Xuan\'s body suddenly floated from the ground into the air. It was as if her entire body was enveloped in golden light.

"This is …" Elder Zhao was shocked and could not help but exclaim,

Ye ZIfeng\'s eyes brightened and a light smile rose from the corner of his mouth.


A moment later, Qing Xuan\'s beautiful eyes, which had been closed for a long time, suddenly opened …

At this moment, the howling wind reached its peak.

Ye Zichen saw her hair fluttering in the wind, she was rather graceful, and was not as bashful as when he first met her.

At the same time, the air within seven feet of Qing Xuan was completely refreshed.

She slowly raised her hand and the spiritual energy around her was drawn towards her palm.

"Ye Feng, this is …"

"What? You\'ve comprehended your own Dao, are you still not clear on what this is?" Ye Feng replied with a faint smile.

Qing Xuan lightly patted her forehead and said with some doubt, "But, I feel like I\'ve had a very long dream. In the dream, I can use the spirit wind to purify the filth and dust of the world."

As she spoke, she gazed at her hands. Suddenly, she froze on the spot.

That dream had actually turned into reality.

"Could it be that this wind of purification …" Qing Xuan looked at Ye Feng in shock.

"Not bad, this is the dao you comprehended just now," Ye Feng smiled.

… ….

Elder Zhao\'s expression changed drastically as his heart turned cold and his entire body sank into the ground.

What kind of existence was this Wind of Purification? It was practically unable to raise Qing Xuan\'s combat strength.

It should be known that Elder Zhao and his disciples had always emphasized on combat strength. In the Celestial Sect of Wonders, it was considered as one of the main schools for cultivation.

Now that Qing Xuan had comprehended a Dao of purification, she could only assist others. As a member of the main Battle Faction, wasn\'t this just a joke to others?

"Sigh... "Come back with me, don\'t worry about Qing Xuan. This girl didn\'t listen to me, so she asked for the loss herself. Next up, let\'s go discuss the matter of the martial soul awakening storm."

"Yes, Master …" Everyone\'s face turned solemn.

Elder Zhao gave a heavy snort and led the group out of the forbidden area with a flick of his sleeve.

"Wait, Shifu, I want to stay here to see it." The star landed at the end and suddenly said.

Elder Zhao frowned and casted a sidelong glance at him. He was so angry that he trembled: "Starlight, you..."

Someone pulled at the star radiance, indicating that he should calm down and not anger Elder Zhao at this time.

Starlight stared at Elder Zhao, "I think Ye Feng might really be able to awaken his Inherent Skill, so I think … "To witness that moment …"

Elder Zhao took a deep breath and humphed.

"Whatever, since you are so stubborn, I\'ll let you go. Let\'s go."

Before he finished speaking, he heard a burst of exclamations coming from the surroundings.

"Look, he ate it! Ye Feng really did eat that, the Bedevilment Pill!"