The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 270

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"About this..." Daoist Master Le Feng raised his head. His thoughts seemed to have drifted to a faraway place.

Fairy Feng saw that he was silent for a long time, and smiled sweetly. "If Daoist Master Le Feng finds it difficult, then so be it."

"No," Daoist Master Le Feng shook his head and chuckled, "That is not what I meant. If I were to rely on my experience to be able to benefit tens of thousands of disciples in the Celestial Sect of Wonders, I would be willing to share with them.

"To fall into the devil\'s trap, I\'m afraid …" Fairy Feng\'s beautiful eyes flashed with a strange light.

"Yes, this method is too dangerous, it can be said to be a nine out of ten chance of dying. After me, there are a hundred talented people that followed my method, and there are almost no survivors, even those that are still alive, they are all crazy and foolish, so normally, I will not reveal this to others. I know that Fairy Feng has a tight tongue, so I decided to tell you, please do not tell others."

Fairy Feng frowned and deeply nodded. "Of course. I will definitely keep this a secret."

… ….

"Qing Xuan, let me ask you, what path do you want to walk?"

Ye Feng\'s expression turned serious as he stared at the other party and said,

"I …" When Qing Xuan was suddenly asked this question, it was somewhat difficult for her to feel embarrassed in her heart.

She had thought that being able to comprehend the Dao was already good fortune. Who would have thought that after eliminating Wang Tian Zhi and Young Master Hua, Ye Feng wouldn\'t be qualified to comprehend the Dao either. Right now, she already had a choice.

"I see that you understand it that well. How about you give me some advice on how to comprehend the Dao?"

As Qing Xuan was overjoyed, she had unknowingly started to want to listen to Ye Feng\'s idea.

After all, there was no conflict between the two parties. There was no need to make the atmosphere even more tense.

She pondered for a moment before continuing, "For example, since I can absorb and release the formation, how about …"

"Not appropriate," Ye Feng immediately shook his head and said resolutely.

"The Dao of Formation can be obtained through postcelestial studies. If I were to use the form of comprehending the Dao to obtain it, even though it would be quick, it would be a bit too wasteful."

When Qing Xuan heard this, she also made sense. She curled her lips and said, "Then tell me, which path is more suitable for me?"

Ye Feng thought for a while and looked at the sky. He didn\'t know where he was looking at.

Suddenly, he turned around with a slight smile on his face.

"Since Elder Zhao is good at martial soul cultivation, how can you, as a disciple, fall behind? Listen to me and comprehend some aspects of martial spirits. Your master will be happy too."

"This …"

Qing Xuan pondered deeply for a moment before nodding her head heavily. "That\'s fine too."

… ….

Outside the Heavenly Mystery Palace, in front of the spiritual altar and blue flames …

Elder Zhao\'s face was ashen as he strode forward. His eyes were wide open as if he wanted nothing more than to shatter this spiritual altar with a single punch.

"Don\'t stop me, don\'t stop me! Let me in and let me beat that Ye guy to death! Do you hear me? Get out of my way!"

A few of Elder Zhao\'s disciples quickly came forward and firmly held him down, preventing him from doing anything rash.

"This …" The white-robed little boy, Gu Hao, licked his lips and took advantage of this opportunity to walk a few steps away. His face revealed a trace of astonishment.

He also had never thought that a true disciple would do something so out of place because of a matter concerning a junior.

The disciples who had come back with Elder Zhao all spoke up, "Master, this is the Heaven\'s Secret Palace in the forbidden area of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, not our Soul Nurturing Hall. We definitely cannot cause any trouble for others."

"That\'s right, Master. If you do this, Daoist Master Le Feng will be angry."

Elder Zhao\'s face was full of anger as he snorted, "I don\'t care if he\'s angry or not. Did you guys see that just now, Ye Feng actually allowed Qing Xuan to comprehend a martial soul\'s dao? What\'s the use of that? He even said that I would be happy. How preposterous!"

Elder Zhao then sighed and continued,

"This little disciple Qing Xuan is really something. I\'ve already reminded her repeatedly not to listen to Ye Feng\'s words. This girl, why didn\'t she listen to me?"

"This... "Master, Junior has a chance to comprehend Dao, it\'s better than not having it at all. I see that she\'s pretty happy too, why don\'t we just let her do it. Moreover, comprehending a martial soul isn\'t necessarily a bad thing," a blue-clothed youth strongly advised his master.

Elder Zhao fiercely glared at the blue-clothed youth: "Starlight, why are you doing this …"

"I …"

"I think you must have been enchanted by that new Ye Xueyi. Otherwise, why would you dare to plead on behalf of others when I was angry? I\'ll let you have some guts but you don\'t even dare to say that."

Starlight\'s face froze and his young and tender face blushed slightly. "Master, you misunderstand. The matter between Ye Xueyi and the present is completely different. If Master is angry, disciple is willing to admit fault."

At the same time, he couldn\'t help but see that bright eyed, white teeth, and extremely intelligent figure in front of him.

Elder Zhao shook his head helplessly at him, "You are always apologizing, and even if you were really angry, you don\'t know how you broke out in rage. Elder Zhao shook his head helplessly at him," You are always apologizing, and even if you were really angry, you don\'t know why you broke out in anger.

Upon hearing the words "Martial Spirit Awakening Storm", everyone\'s expression changed. They looked at each other and stayed silent for a long time.

After a while, they looked towards the location of the Spiritual Altar Blue Flame that Gu Hao was maintaining. They could not help but feel a trace of anticipation in their hearts.

… ….

"But, that is to say, I am still at the peak of the ninth level of Qi Refining and my martial spirit has yet to awaken. Under these circumstances, can I comprehend a martial spirit first?" Qing Xuan was still uncertain and felt that this matter was not too reliable.

Actually, this was the reason why Elder Zhao was so furious.

Qing Xuan didn\'t even have a martial spirit, yet she still wanted to awaken her martial spirit. Wasn\'t this just bragging?

Ye Feng smiled and nodded, encouraging, "Dao is a kind of virtual thing. This place is also a real and fake place. As long as you have seen the elementary form of a martial soul, you can naturally comprehend the Dao."

Qing Xuan nodded in realization, "Then what should I do …"

Ye Wen laughed. After a while, he summoned a monster made of Lingqi from his palm.

"This... "This is …" Qing Xuan\'s expression changed slightly as she stared at this spirit energy monster.

"This is a special cultivation technique from Lei Zhou City. I have now condensed a prototype that looks like a Martial Spirit. You can draw on it to inspire me."

Qing Xuan chuckled softly as she scrutinized the Spiritual Aura monster\'s appearance: "I never thought that your Lei Zhou City\'s cultivation technique would be so interesting. To think that there\'s actually a way to mimic it."

At the same time, Gui Ying\'s incomparably low voice resounded in Ye Feng\'s mind.

"Ye Feng, who did you say was like a martial soul?" From its voice, it could be determined that it was very unhappy.

"Spiritshadow, calm down a bit. There are still so many people watching outside the Heavenly Mystery Palace."

"You …"

Ye Feng immediately smiled and smiled, "Still, if you want me, I\'ll give you some time to review the" Soul Nurturing "technique, so that you can relax your muscles and bones."

"There\'s no need for that …" Spiritshadow\'s voice gradually became softer …

The shadow of the Martial Spirit Method that Ye Feng had suffered from was still lingering in Gui Ying\'s heart.

Ye Feng raised his head, looked at Qing Xuan and said, "This spiritual qi monster, I\'ll give it to you as a gift to stimulate your inspiration. Don\'t think about anything else these two days, focus all your attention on comprehending martial spirits."

"Alright, I understand. Thank you for your help." Qing Xuan nodded her head with incomparable seriousness. Having received so much help from the other party, she naturally felt grateful.

Ye Feng nodded, "Since that\'s the case, you can slowly comprehend the dao by yourself. Just take it as a charter. If you encounter any danger, shout out loud. I shouldn\'t be too far away."

"Wait, where do you want to go?" Qing Xuan furrowed her brows and asked with some doubt.

Ye Feng smiled and said, "The sky is already dark, don\'t tell me you want me to stay and accompany you?"

"Then... "It\'s better if you leave." Qing Xuan curled her lips. Under her surprise, her face had a trace of crimson red on it. It was obvious that she was thinking of a different place.

Ye Feng smiled and nodded. He turned around without any hesitation and was about to leave.

"Oh, that\'s right. Actually, I still haven\'t figured out what benefits working together with me to help me comprehend the Dao actually has to do with you. Could it be that you want to awaken your innate talent?"

Puzzled, Qing Xuan raised her head and asked.

Ye Feng stopped and slowly turned his head, "Do you want to know the reason?"

"Of course, don\'t say it." Qing Xuan\'s eyes lit up as she looked at him with interest.

"Firstly, once the internal conflict between us has stopped, I can devote more of my energy to other areas. Secondly, you are Elder Zhao\'s disciple, and I have received many favours from Elder Zhao, so there is no need for me to become your enemy. If I can help, that is my principle. Thirdly, I want to try a way to awaken my innate talent. Perhaps I need your help."

"Then... "What method do you want to use to awaken your innate talent?"

"If a person is too insistent, the further he deviates from his path and fails to comprehend it, he will sink into the devil\'s heart … "However, my guess is that this is not the end. It is just a pretense to scare people. In fact, this is indeed a way to kill people."

"You …" A complicated expression flashed across Qing Xuan\'s beautiful eyes.

A sharp light flashed across Ye Feng\'s eyes as he said indifferently, "So I plan to do this extreme thing: completely fall into my inner demons."