The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 269

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A strong light suddenly shot out from the third floor. It was so dazzling that people couldn\'t even open their eyes.

The sky was clear and boundless, as far as the eye could see.

"It can\'t be, this illusion is actually so marvelous, there\'s no flaws at all." Standing at the door, Qing Xuan\'s eyes scanned through the surrounding scenery as she let out praising sounds.

After she made the blood contract with Ye Feng, the wariness in her heart gradually subsided, and she no longer needed to spend time and effort on the fight between the two of them.

"Then maybe, this isn\'t an illusion."

Ye Wen laughed blandly. The light in his eyes was gone.

"What?!" Qing Xuan was stunned and at a loss.

Ye Feng didn\'t deny it. He smiled and said, "If you don\'t believe me, Qing Xuan, try using your ability to absorb a part of this space."

After Qing Xuan was reminded by him, she came back to her senses and nodded, "Alright, I\'ll give it a try."

She activated her cultivation technique, and white mist curled up around her body. A bone-piercing cold air slowly flowed out, and streams of air, as if they had found the center of attention, began to gather towards Qing Xuan.

"Look, isn\'t that something you can do …?"

The corner of Qing Xuan\'s mouth raised into a smile. She was just about to focus her mind and absorb it …

However, all of a sudden, the aura disappeared and the absorption of the surrounding space came to an abrupt halt.

"How can this be?" Qing Xuan\'s smile froze on the spot. She looked at Ye Feng with incomparable shock, as if she had been petrified.

Ye Feng did not directly answer her question. He took a step forward, then bent over and picked up a leaf from the ground.

His expression was incomparably calm as he slowly said, "The illusion of the first level of the Heavenly Mystery Palace is to stop us, to see if we have the qualifications to comprehend the Dao. The illusion of the second level is to let us fall into an illusion, to see if our minds will be controlled and unable to extricate ourselves.

"How is the third floor?" Qing Xuan quickly asked.

Ye Feng\'s fingertip suddenly ignited with an ordinary flame, burning this leaf into ashes. He then turned around and walked back to Qing Xuan\'s side, smiling faintly.

"The third floor is not really an illusion, nor is it really reality. This place is just... "In order to comprehend the Dao, I have specially created a space."

Before entering the Heavenly Mystery Palace, Ye Feng had paid attention to the fact that the top of the palace was sealed and it was impossible for him to see the sky, so this place couldn\'t be real. However, since this space followed the rules of reality and stepped into this area, there wouldn\'t be any changes, so it couldn\'t be considered a complete illusion.

"It\'s not an illusion, but it\'s also not a reality …" Qing Xuan was startled when she heard this. She repeated Ye Feng\'s words and swept her eyes over the surrounding situation. Her expression was still somewhat at a loss.

Even if that was the case, what should she do? She still didn\'t know what to do about comprehending the Dao.

"Alright, stop blanking out. Something is coming," Ye Feng suddenly said with a serious expression.

Qing Xuan\'s heart froze for a moment. She raised her head and surveyed her surroundings, feeling somewhat at a loss.


"Under our feet …"

Right after he finished speaking, Ye Feng\'s expression suddenly became serious. He threw the Wind King\'s Dagger towards the nearest tree, and then retracted the golden line. He escaped from where he was standing at an extremely fast speed.

However, Qing Xuan didn\'t have a magic treasure like the Wind King\'s Dagger, and when she discovered that something was off, she was slightly too late.

From where they were standing, a huge stone tortoise broke out from the ground. Boundless spirit energy was being emitted from it as if it were real.

Amongst them, a strong wind blew into Qing Xuan\'s arm, and a blood-red wound was cut open. Fresh blood dripped down from the sky.

"Ahh …" She shouted and quickly dodged. Otherwise, as long as the spiritual qi got closer, she might be able to remove her entire arm.

"Why would there be demonic beasts on the third floor of the Heavenly Mystery Palace?"

At this moment, she leaped far away. When she came back to her senses, her pretty face flashed with a strange expression. "There\'s also Ye Feng. You knew there was danger. Why didn\'t you bring me with you?"

Ye Feng stood on either side of her from afar and smiled, "The blood contract didn\'t mention anything about me protecting your life, right?"

"You …" Although Qing Xuan was furious, she couldn\'t blame him for anything.

After all, he was right.

The two of them decided to work together to comprehend the dao. However, they didn\'t need to be responsible for each other\'s lives. Ye Feng obviously wouldn\'t change his conduct just because she was a beautiful woman.

This was because even he was unable to easily step onto the third floor of the Heavenly Mystery Palace.

"Alright, stop arguing with me. We\'re enemies at the moment," Ye Feng said with a smile.

Seeing that the stone tortoise was about to attack again, Qing Xuan\'s face darkened. "What do we do? This stone tortoise is not easy to deal with."

Although this stone tortoise\'s speed was not fast, its skin was tough and its flesh was thick. Occasionally, a gust of wind would blow by, causing it to have extraordinary offensive capabilities.

Ye Feng\'s expression turned serious, "Have you forgotten what I said? This is the space created to comprehend the dao. Whether you fight or run, it will affect the dao you master eventually. So, what to do, you have to decide for yourself."

He surveyed the scenery around him, his gaze gradually becoming deeper. "Because … "I\'ve already begun meditating on the Dao …"

Qing Xuan saw him reveal a mature look that didn\'t match his age, and her mind wavered, after which she slowly said: "This … "Really? Since that\'s the case, I\'ve decided. Let\'s fight!"

Then, she stared at the stone tortoise. Spiritual Qi was gathering in her palms, and her face turned serious.

"Ye Feng, later you will cover my movements and help me get close to the stone tortoise … "Ye Feng, Ye Feng, are you listening to me?"

"Yes, I\'m listening. Go on." Leaves closed her eyes, feeling the abundant spirit energy in this wonderful space.

This was not an illusory realm, but rather an illusory realm. The spiritual energy contained within this land was naturally unparalleled, causing one to be relaxed and happy. If it wasn\'t for the chance to awaken, Ye Feng would have at least used the pill to cultivate.

Qing Xuan glared at him unhappily. "Against such a powerful enemy, you still have the mind to feel any spiritual energy? Don\'t you think that your life is too long?"

Ye Feng laughed loudly, "Of course not, I will not use my life to joke around. However, this stone tortoise is not a battle-loving creature, once we leave its territory, it will not take the initiative to attack us."

Qing Xuan was stunned. She raised her head and looked at the stone tortoise from afar. It was just as Ye Feng had said. It only glared at her and did nothing else.

Since the opponent didn\'t want to attack him, then why did he have to take the initiative to provoke him?

"So, you were playing with me just now." She quickly understood what was going on, and her face was full of anger.

"No, I\'m not messing with you. Just like I said, this third level is the space to comprehend the Dao. Every choice we make may affect the dao we comprehend. Whether you are fleeing or fighting, whether you are taking the initiative to fight or not is different," Ye Feng said with a smile.

"Is that so..." When Qing Xuan heard this, she was stunned for a moment before nodding her head in understanding.

If it wasn\'t for the existence of Ye Feng, she might have comprehended Dao, but she definitely wouldn\'t have thought as much as the other person. Furthermore, it was impossible for her to choose her own Dao.

At this moment, she didn\'t know if she was lucky to encounter Ye Feng or if she was unfortunate.

"Then, if I want to comprehend Dao intent in combat, do I have to take the initiative to fight every time?" Qing Xuan pondered for a moment before asking with some doubt.

Ye Feng shook his head with a smile, "It\'s not that simple. Do you still remember that Daoist Master Le Feng said that if you ask too much, you will fail to comprehend the dao and fall into the inner demons? This situation isn\'t that rare."

Qing Xuan was slightly taken aback. "This …"

Her thoughts drifted away. Her red lips parted as she murmured, "I remember you asking him about what would happen after he fell into the inner demons. What would happen if he attacked others in chaos."

She was shocked, "I understand. Could it be that you, Ye Feng, have already thought about forcing me to comprehend the Dao?"

"That\'s right," Ye Wen nodded with a smile. He suddenly raised his head and looked at the clear blue sky. His eyes were glowing.

"Opportunity and risk always coexist. Forcing others to follow your own path might not be impossible. The key is to grasp it well."

… ….

These words caused Daoist Master Le Feng\'s expression to change.

He began to use his Insight Inherent skill to carefully observe the tip of the leaf.

"How is it, Daoist Master Le Feng?" Fairy Feng wrinkled her brow as she gave him a deep look.

Daoist Master Le Feng let out a long sigh and said, "This Ye Feng is indeed a genius. With his powers of comprehension, it is possible that he could succeed in comprehending the Dao within a few days. He seems to have already seen through the third level\'s Dao of Myriad Domain."

"Dao of Wanxiang." Because this was also the first time that Fairy Feng had come to the Heavenly Secrets Palace, she naturally had some doubts.

"Yes, everything has a Dao, which encompasses everything and is called the Dao of Manifestation. Within three days, the space itself will be evaluated based on one\'s own judgement and the performance unique to those who enter, and a certain Dao will be sent into their minds. This is the same as letting them succeed in comprehending the Dao."

Fairy Feng was shocked. "This …" She had just heard about such a mysterious matter …

"It\'s a pity, but I don\'t know what Ye Feng is thinking. He looks a little smart, and actually made a blood contract with Elder Zhao\'s disciple to give her the opportunity to comprehend the Dao. In my opinion, this is really an extremely stupid idea, does he really think that talent is something that can be awakened so easily?"

"Then... Daoist Master Le Feng, I would like to ask, how exactly did your Insight Talent awaken all those years ago? "Fairy Feng\'s beautiful eyes flashed with a trace of curiosity.