The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 266

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"He\'s awake, he\'s finally awake!"

Wang Tian Zhi said excitedly. He felt like he had been waiting for half a lifetime.

If Ye Feng didn\'t wake up, then all the spiritual qi in his body would be completely squeezed out by him.

"Yeah, but I\'m really waiting for death."

Young Master Hua did not hold back like Wang Tian Zhi.

However, it was clear that he was not in a good condition either. His face was green, and he looked like a small old man who was about to die.

If it wasn\'t for Ye Feng absorbing the spiritual qi from the two of them, they would have wished that he would always be lying down and never wake up. However, now, the two of them felt that Ye Feng\'s awakening speed was too slow.

"The two of you are quite interesting. You know that I definitely won\'t let you two off after I wake up, but you still hope that I wake up?" Ye Feng adjusted his breathing a bit and smiled. His eyes contained a hint of chilliness.

"We …"

"No matter what, as long as you wake up and stop absorbing spiritual energy, we have a chance at survival. Otherwise, we might really be squeezed dry by you and die of despair."

Wang Tian Zhi stammered, "Isn\'t it? The process of stripping the spiritual qi is worse than death. Ye Feng, let me go this time. The debt between us has been written off. What do you think?"

Young Master Hua nodded his head as well. "That\'s right. How about we just write it off. From now on, we don\'t have to bother with other people\'s business."

"I\'ll write it off," Ye Feng shook his head and chuckled. "What kind of method is this? Is there anything good for me?"

"You …" Wang Tian Zhi was stunned.

Hatred. If it could become a method for him to profit, Ye Feng wouldn\'t mind if Wang Tian Zhi let him go.

After all, he had already obtained many benefits from Wang Lin and Wang Ruxing.

Thus, he did not care at all …

"Then tell me, what do you want to do in order to let us go?" Wang Tian Zhi became anxious as he saw Ye Feng\'s unwavering expression.

After all, the more time passed, the more his spiritual qi would be absorbed, and the worse it would be for him.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. "Oh right, I\'ve heard from little brother Lin Lin about it before. Do you like magic treasures? Unfortunately, I didn\'t bring any decent magic treasures with me when I came here to comprehend the Dao," Wang Tianzhi said with a sigh.

"No, I don\'t need you to give me any magical equipment. Speaking of which, it\'s for your own good. I want you to do something for me …" A ray of light flashed across Ye Feng\'s eyes.

"For ourselves." Wang Tian Zhi felt a chill in his heart. He didn\'t understand what she meant.

"Right, I want you guys to turn around and deal with Qing Xuan."

Ye Feng stared at Wang Tian Zhi with excitement in his eyes.

"What?!" Wang Tian Zhi and Young Master Hua\'s eyes widened. They turned around and glanced at Qing Xuan, only to see that her eyes were similarly shocked.

Ye Feng smiled and continued, "What, because he looks a bit pitiful, he can\'t bear to do it."

"How is that possible?" Wang Tian Zhi snorted. "I don\'t want to make a move against her because she helped me previously. Without her, Young Master Hua and I wouldn\'t be able to come to the second level of the Heavenly Mystery Palace."

Ye Feng smiled, "You can\'t even tell that you\'ve been used by others, and you still have to speak up for them. I didn\'t think that you, Wang Tian Zhi, as the eldest son of the number one family in Lei Zhou City, would be so foolish."

Wang Tian Zhi was startled. He said with a fierce face, "Ye Feng, explain it to me clearly. How am I confused?"

Also, let me ask you, from the beginning till now, why was Qingxuan\'s clothes completely spotless? Furthermore, both you and Young Master Hua were imbuing me with spiritual energy, yet she was standing at the back without moving. She was helplessly watching the two of you absorb all of your spiritual energy.

Although he hadn\'t seen the whole thing with his own eyes, he had at least guessed a part of the situation.

"This …" After hearing what he said, Wang Tian Zhi\'s face became a bit awkward. In fact, what he just said was also the same.

However, when he returned to his senses, he did not admit defeat. "Perhaps she is just a bit timid …"

After a moment of silence, Young Master Hua said, "Yes, Ye Feng. What do you want to say?"

"It\'s very simple." Ye Feng shook his head and smiled, his eyes brimming with vigor as he looked in Qing Xuan\'s direction.

"Because, you and Young Master Hua have already become abandoned like existences. Even if you fail, for her, there will only be two less opponents. She won\'t have the slightest bit of sympathy or remorse, so she will naturally treat you two coldly. So, as long as you attack her now, I will let you two go."

"We …" Wang Tian Zhi and Young Master Hua sunk into deep thought.

He suddenly walked towards Qing Xuan with a smile. With every step, Wang Tian Zhi and Young Master Hua both took a step back.

However, Qing Xuan didn\'t even bother to look at them. She only kept her gaze on Ye Feng, not knowing what kind of tricks he was playing.

"Stop, if you keep moving forward, don\'t blame me for being impolite." Qing Xuan coldly stared at Ye Feng. At this moment, she no longer had that youthful feeling when she first met Ye Feng.

"Did you hear me? I told you to stop." Above Qing Xuan\'s pretty face was a trace of obvious anger.

However, Ye Feng ignored her advice and continued to walk forward with a smile.

"Ye Feng, you, you are too rude."

Ye Feng smiled and said, "The ones being rude are not me, but them."

"They … what did you say?" Hearing this, Qing Xuan froze like a fossil …

The corner of his mouth curved into a strange smile: "Wang Tian Zhi, Young Master Hua, did you guys see that? From the beginning, she always treated me as her opponent, but she never mentioned anything about the two of you. You guys didn\'t even take her seriously …"

"Therefore, you can either attack Qing Xuan or continue to be drained of spiritual energy by me. As for your choice, I think you should be clear about it in your hearts …"

As Ye Feng approached them step by step, he also added a lot of pressure onto their hearts.

Coupled with his domineering demeanor in his previous life, each of his sentences landed in the hearts of the two people. It could be said that they had left a deep impression and were unforgettable.

who wants to be sucked into the adult,

Thus, after Wang Tian Zhi and Young Master Hua looked at each other, they gradually moved closer to Qing Xuan\'s location. A trace of a malicious smile appeared on the corner of their mouths.

"I\'m sorry, Qing Xuan. If you want to blame something, you can only blame that rotten idea of yours. For the two of us to give our Spiritual Qi to Ye Feng, now that he has counterattacked, no one could have predicted it."

Young Master Hua\'s words changed drastically as well. "That\'s right. Besides, there\'s no camp in the battle for enlightenment. If you know what\'s good for you, just surrender yourself. We won\'t make things too difficult for you."

Qing Xuan chuckled and declined to comment.

"Since you are so stubborn, don\'t blame us for being impolite."

As his voice faded, Wang Tian Zhi lowered his head and took a deep breath. When he raised his head again, his face was filled with killing intent.

Although he didn\'t have much spiritual energy left, it was still possible for him to launch an all-out attack.


Wang Tian Zhi and Young Master Hua blocked Qing Xuan\'s path from both sides. The two of them only had one chance left to attack with all their strength. Naturally, they would seize this opportunity.

Wang Tianzhi let out a loud shout, and his entire body flew forward like a roc. His hands were gripping onto the cloud of spiritual energy, converging it into an azure dragon, and he poured it into Qing Xuan\'s face.

At the same time, Young Master Hua appeared from behind Qing Xuan\'s back like a ghost. The scorching flame energy had been gathered by him into a sky-shattering palm energy. He suddenly smashed down at Qing Xuan\'s back.

In such a large space, there were ripples on the surface.

The howling wind swept through the land.

… ….

"Daoist Master Zhao, this is bad. Your disciple is going to suffer."

"Isn\'t it so? Sigh... "I did not expect that the battle for enlightenment would be so intense. There are even some people fighting. In the past, some people would have discussed the Dao together. Why would they be so hostile …"

"Daoist Master Zhao, do you have any life-saving pills or anything like that on you? When your disciples are sent out, you can look after them."

Everyone held their wrists and sighed. They lowered their eyes, unable to bear to look at the scene within the blue flames on the spiritual altar.

Elder Zhao, however, laughed blandly. "I already said that if anyone underestimates Qing Xuan\'s strength, they will suffer. Why? Don\'t you believe what I, Elder Zhao, just say?"

When everyone heard this, some of them calmed down a little. After all, Elder Zhao\'s words were not random. Thus, they opened their eyes once again and carefully observed the scene within the blue flame.

All of a sudden, their expressions changed. It was as if they could swallow their own fists in one go.

Qing Xuan, who had been standing in the same spot a moment ago, seemed to have suddenly disappeared.

"How could this be … "He disappeared," Wang Tian Zhi\'s eyebrows creased. The attack he was so determined to win was blocked by Qing Xuan\'s barrier for a moment. Afterwards, she disappeared into the void.

The illusion array on the second floor of the Heavenly Mystery Palace was no longer present, so how did she dodge this attack?

It was simply too strange.

"This …" Young Master Hua was slightly startled. He looked around but didn\'t see Qing Xuan. He felt quite baffled.

Ye Feng muttered to himself for a while, then his expression suddenly changed and he reminded loudly.

"Not good, she\'s above you."

By the time he opened his mouth, it was already too late.

The sky was a mess of blood.