The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 262

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Qing Xuan couldn\'t stand Wang Tian Zhi\'s style of handling things, so she didn\'t plan to team up with him.

Although they would occasionally calm down, once they were provoked they would still prefer to use fists and force to solve their problems.

If such people were to act together with her, it would be easy for them to get into an argument and obstruct each other. It would be better to move alone, with greater efficiency.

The most important reason was that she was afraid of Ye Feng\'s existence and needed to be careful.

After Qing Xuan thought for a moment, she raised her head and looked at Wang Tianzhi\'s back. Suddenly, she started to count down in a low voice.

From 10 until zero,

"What\'s going on, hasn\'t Ye Feng made a move yet?"

She slowly opened her eyes and waited for a moment, revealing a peculiar expression.

All of a sudden, the dark blue tide began to move. The electric snakes that were as thick as thumbs started to spread out as if they were alive, making hissing sounds.


Wang Tian Zhi\'s scream came from a short distance in front of them. It was extremely painful.

After a moment, he covered his face and came back with a limp.

"How... "How could this be? Just what happened?" Young Master Hua\'s heart trembled as the astonishment in his eyes became clear.

He hurriedly stepped forward to support Wang Tian Zhi. It was only then that he fell to the ground and stopped Wang Tian Zhi from fainting.

"Motherf * cker, what kind of damned spell is this?! It can even hurt people!" Wang Tian Zhi choked on a few mouthfuls of smoke as he cursed.

Although Wang Tian Zhi was well-prepared, he didn\'t expect the illusion formation to be an illusion. The attacks were actually painful, but he still couldn\'t avoid a lot of injuries.

"Hurt, the array itself can injure you, it can\'t be," Young Master Hua said, looking forward with some difficulty.

He had more or less understood Wang Tianzhi\'s strength. If even he was unable to break through this formation, then Young Master Hua himself wouldn\'t be able to.

"That\'s right. It seems like I can\'t force my way through this. I have to find another way."

If it was only Daoist Master Le Feng\'s illusion array, it could be said that it was able to break through the formation with brute force. However, it was more of a spiritual training, and not just to inflict any injuries.

However, after Ye Feng changed the array in advance, the illusion array wasn\'t that simple anymore.

Qing Xuan gazed off into the distance, a smile appearing on her small face. "That\'s more like it. Master said that he was so amazing, I didn\'t believe him before, but now it seems that it\'s true …"

She looked like an innocent child who didn\'t like to communicate with others, but when she was alone, it was as if she had become a different person.

… ….

Ye Feng smiled and slowly stood up from the ground, the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

This was because after he had sensed that someone had come, he had replaced the "Gate of Wonder" with "Gate of Pain".

To be able to injure Wang Tianzhi was something he had expected.

The so-called struggle to comprehend the Dao was all different. There weren\'t any strict restrictions in the first place.

The illusion array in front of him was indeed a form of training for Ye Feng, but it could also be used by him to deal with other people.

"What a pity. In the end, I still have a rough understanding of the structure of this formation. It can only deal with one person at a time."

Ye Feng\'s slightly regretful expression shocked everyone watching.

"Did anyone hear what Ye Feng said? With his basic understanding of formations, he can only deal with one person."

"So according to him, if he is given enough time to thoroughly understand the principles behind this formation, could it be that he can handle a few more people?"

"This... "It seems to be possible."

When he said this, everyone\'s hearts felt as if they had been struck by a large bell. They were silent for a moment, and couldn\'t help but feel a sense of regret.

Originally, they thought that one of the two would succeed in comprehending the Dao, but now, one more person had appeared in their hearts and was gradually replacing the other two.

Ye Feng was like a fierce tiger once he entered the sect.

Now that he had entered the Heavenly Mystery Palace, he was just as domineering as before, far surpassing the elites of his age. He was at the forefront, making others have no reason to not pay more attention to him.

… ….

Daoist Master Le Feng was startled for a moment before he recovered and laughed out loud.

"Genius, Ye Feng is indeed a genius in the field of arrays. I did not expect that when I was comprehending the Dao, there would be someone who would attempt to unravel the mysteries of this illusion array. This is truly the first time I have encountered such a genius."

Fairy Feng\'s charming face revealed a trace of a bright and beautiful smile. "Daoist Master Le Feng, look at how excited you are. It seems that you are quite fond of him."

Daoist Master Le Feng chuckled. "Why am I so happy? I\'m sure Fairy Feng understands."

He paused for a moment and continued, "Martial arts is always revered in the Martial Spirit Continent. Herbalism, alchemy, and the Dao of array formations have never been the mainstream. Because of this, there are a lot of people."

Fairy Feng teasingly said, "If that\'s the case, then if you don\'t like Daoist Feng, then go and try taking him in as your disciple and see if he agrees."

Daoist Master Le Feng laughed. "If it weren\'t for Fairy Feng\'s previous two failures in accepting disciples, I wouldn\'t hide this from you. After all, those with talent in array dao are truly rare. Losing even one of them is heartbreaking."

"So that\'s how it is..."

As Fairy Feng was about to speak again with a smile …

Suddenly, Daoist Master Le Feng frowned. He sternly said, "Fairy Feng, I won\'t say anything to you. There seems to be some new changes on Ye Feng\'s side."

"Oh?" Fairy Feng\'s heart skipped a beat and she quickly looked in the direction that Daoist Master Le Feng was pointing.

Ye Feng leisurely took out a huge pill furnace from his spatial magic treasure and placed it on the ground. His face was extremely calm, as if he was doing something natural.

"Heavens, could it be that he wants to concoct pills here?" Fairy Feng gently covered her lips. As she spoke, astonishment filled her eyes.

Daoist Master Le Feng was also surprised to the point where he couldn\'t speak anymore. Since when did the battle for enlightenment he presided over become a general event for breaking formations and becoming a practice for alchemy?

All of these things were pointed at Ye Feng.

At this time, he finally began to understand what Fairy Feng was feeling. He understood the reason behind her anger from before …

Ye Feng was indeed one of the most outstanding existences among elites his age.

But wasn\'t he really here to humiliate himself?

"Oh my god, the herbs he took out are the ones he cut with his dagger," Fairy Feng cried out in alarm.

"Oh, and more than that. Could it be that Liu Bing Qian used her own share to exchange for him in private?"

What she could do now was only guess.

The two of them looked at each other who were praising Ye Feng earlier. The helplessness in their eyes was clearly shown in their words.

… ….

Ye Feng took out all sorts of pills from his storage ring and stuffed them all into the furnace.

Long before he had entered the Heavenly Secrets Palace, he had already prepared all sorts of materials to prepare for future emergencies.

No matter what problems he encountered, as long as he had the ingredients to concoct the pill, this problem would no longer be a problem for Ye Feng.

The most important thing was that during the competition, there was no rule saying that alchemy couldn\'t be used in the competition. There was a total of seven days, and the remaining three people were still wandering around the entrance.

Therefore, the time that Ye Feng had was naturally plentiful. There was no need to worry at all.

"Zilch, anorexia, balsam grass, sand-wood root, acidity fruit, mandarin flower, hmm …" (TL: Amaryllis chinensis, Amaryllis spp.) (Author\'s Note: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) "With these medicinal ingredients, I should be able to refine the Cracking Mirage Fruit."

Ye Feng laughed lightly. The blood-red mortal flame at the tip of his finger lit up and began to slowly heat up the pill furnace. Balls of spirit energy gradually rose up, and a hazy mist covered the pill furnace.

However, this massive Heavenly Mystery Palace had been built nearly a thousand years ago. From this long period of time, it had witnessed the birth of countless geniuses.

However, regardless of which genius it was, none of them had ever refined pills in the Heavenly Mystery Palace.

Normally, when a cultivator comprehended the dao, he would meditate in silence. What Ye Feng did, on the other hand, was simply shocking.

In his previous life, Ye Feng was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert. Although he had missed the opportunity and failed to comprehend the Dao, he had never eaten pork before. In the end, he had seen a pig run.

Therefore, he wasn\'t too unfamiliar with the concept of comprehending the Dao.

He knew that sometimes, the types of paths that could be comprehended could also be selected a little bit.

It was just like when he took out the furnace and started to concoct pills. Perhaps, he might be able to comprehend a Dao related to concocting pills.

Or perhaps, he could use all sorts of methods to break the array. Perhaps, the direction of enlightenment would be able to be useful in breaking the array.

Sometimes, a person could say that it was up to fate, but how could he be willing to let fate take over a person who truly had plans for his future?

"Opportunity was created by the hands of men, not by sending them to their doorsteps."

… ….

"Nonsense, this brat is messing around again."

Elder Zhao, who was standing outside, looked at the center of the blue fire spiritual altar. He was stunned for a moment before he suddenly shook his head.

The rest of the people were also pointing and discussing. Their eyes were filled with shock.

"What do you think this Ye Feng is thinking? Is he really here to comprehend the dao?"

"This... "Anyway, I\'ve never seen anyone come to the Heavenly Mystery Palace to refine pills. Have you all seen it? And have you all?"

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads in unison.

… ….