The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 260

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Ye Wen glanced at the person called Qing Xuan a few times. He could not help but frown.

"Elder Zhao. I understand that you can\'t judge a book by its cover. However … Can she really … "

Being afraid of strangers was not something that would affect one\'s training. However … Like Qing Xuan. He was already a little too afraid.

Elder Zhao laughed. He stroked his hair: "Don\'t look at Xuan so clearly. Since I sent her here … Naturally, he wasn\'t going to let her waste this precious opportunity. This time … Amongst the two of you … It would be best if someone could comprehend the Dao. I\'m neutral on this. "

After all. This was a form of comprehension that the four of them were competing for. Qing Xuan and Ye Feng could only be considered as two opponents. As for Young Master Hua and Wang Tianzhi. It was obvious that he did not plan on letting Ye Feng go.

To Ye Feng … It would be better to consider the reality of the other two opponents first.

"I understand now …" Ye Feng pondered for a moment. When he raised his head … He wore a serious expression on his face.

"Right, Qing Xuan. "Come here..."

"Alright. "Okay …" Qing Xuan timidly took small steps. He slowly walked over. It was as if he wanted her to go to her grave. With a blush, he walked in front of Ye Feng and Elder Zhao.

"Qing Xuan. Listen. When he began to train in the Dao … "What don\'t you understand..."

Hearing that, Ye Zifeng was shocked. He seemed to have somewhat understood Elder Zhao\'s intention.

He smiled calmly, "Rest assured. Elder Zhao and I were acquainted after all. What don\'t you know? But there\'s no harm in asking … "

Elder Zhao\'s face instantly turned solemn, "You must remember this. "Don\'t ask him."

"Oh. "Got it." Qing Xuan nodded in realization. Ye Zichen looked up and glanced at Ye Feng. Then, he immediately shifted his gaze away. It was as if the other party was an extremely vicious person.

Ye Feng\'s face sank, "Elder Zhao. What are you talking about to people? At least you\'ve known me for a while. "Do you still not believe in my character?"

"Of course I believe you." Elder Zhao nodded his head, "It is precisely because I know who you are that I do not. That\'s why I warned Qing Xuan. "I don\'t want her to lie to you."

Ye Feng smiled helplessly. He was speechless.

Right at this moment …

The white-robed child bellowed, "Listen up, you four!" If you don\'t come in now … "You might as well give up this chance to train in the Dao."

"Deal. "Let\'s enter then."

Ye Wen smiled. He was the first to walk forward.

When the people beside saw this, they were stunned. He could not help but point. It was extremely lively.

"Look." That person from the Martial House. I don\'t know how to be modest. The first to enter the Heavenly Mystery Palace. "

"That\'s right." A true expert. They were both the first to enter the match. Fang Xian was very calm. In my opinion … "This Ye Feng will be the first one to be eliminated."

"It can\'t be …" There was still elimination. "Could it be that it will end just because someone has succeeded in comprehending the Dao?" Someone puzzledly asked.

"Heh heh. This is what you don\'t know. If someone succeeded in comprehending the Dao, it would be the end. That was true. However … If there was someone who was unable to comprehend the Dao. Or falling into a heart demon, or something. Then … The Adepts of the Forbidden Area would expel him. "Thus, my right to comprehend the Dao is revoked."

Although Ye Feng walked very fast … However, his hearing was still rather sharp. What they said … There was almost nothing left. He had put everything into his ear. The corner of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

Behind him, Young Master Hua and Wang Tian Zhi looked at each other. He also stepped into the Heavenly Mystery Palace.

Qing Xuan was the last to leave. He hurried forward. This was because everyone\'s eyes were fixated on him. It was as if a needle was pricking him. It made her feel terrible.

… ….

The four of them entered the forbidden area, the Heavenly Mystery Palace. Then, he stopped at the entrance of the great hall.

Furthermore … As they entered the city … The door behind him opened. It was as if someone was pushing him. He slowly closed his eyes. A creaking sound was heard.

However. No one pushed at the door.

In such a large space … Endless extension. Except for the walls and stairs. It was as if he was the only one left.

Ye Feng bent down. Hold out a hand. He touched the ground.

A false touch. It was passed to him from his own hand.

"An illusory formation, huh." Ye Feng thought for a while. Xiao Yan frowned slightly.

At this moment, the white-robed little boy. He was kneeling in the center of the palace. He punched the ground with one fist. He said respectfully.

"Master. I brought all four of them. "

"Very good. I saw it. "You can go down and prepare first." The man\'s whole face seemed to be hidden in shadow. Ye Zichen smiled. He gently waved his hand towards the white-robed little boy.

"Yes." Master. " The boy nodded in understanding. He cupped his hands and saluted. Only then did he leave.

The man chuckled. He was still hidden in the shadows. He raised his head. Ye Zichen swept his gaze over everyone.

"Let me introduce myself. I am the person in charge of this Heavenly Mystery Palace, Daoist Master Le Feng. "He is mainly responsible for meditating on the Dao."

"Greetings, Daoist Master Le Feng." The four nodded in unison. He saluted.

Le Feng laughed out loud, "Everyone, come from afar. Since he could come here … He had to be one of the top geniuses from all over the world. "That is the only way to obtain such a great opportunity."

He paused for a moment. His eyes suddenly shot out a stern ray of light.

"However … I would like to advise you all a few words here. Since I used the word \'lucky chance\'. When he began to train in the Dao … I hope everyone doesn\'t push too hard. Because he had failed to gain insights into the Dao. Falling into the devil\'s heart. This situation was not uncommon. If it was light, then it would be severely injured. If they were heavy, they would be shot. How to make a choice … "I hope everyone can understand this."

His language is very eloquent. Its aura was extremely sharp. that people have to pay more attention to.

"All right. "Do you have any other questions?"

Ye Feng laughed plainly, "Then …" I\'d like to ask Mr. Le Feng. If there really was someone who fell in love with the devil later on … Maybe he wouldn\'t be able to differentiate between friend and foe. Attack others in confusion. "Then when the time comes …"

Le Feng\'s eyes focused slightly. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng meaningfully.

Because … The level of this problem is very high. It was not something an ordinary rookie could ask.

"When the time comes... Don\'t worry about that. All around you. Actually, there were already many Martial Disciples here. If something really goes wrong … They will suppress you. "

"What?" Senior apprentice brother and sister … "Where are they?"

Young Master Hua was startled. He quickly looked around. However. Except for the empty walls. He could not see the others. The doubt in his heart could not help but grow even stronger.

On the other side. Wang Tianzhi relied on his rich combat experience. Naturally, he was able to see through some clues. He knew in his heart that … This was already the territory of the illusion array. What he saw now was … It wasn\'t real.

As for Qing Xuan … What happened today … It didn\'t seem to have anything to do with her. She just looked down silently at the ground. It was unknown what he was thinking.

"Le Feng swept his eyes over everyone." Do you have any other questions? If there were no problems … "I\'m about to start talking about the rules."

"Please speak, Adept." Ye Feng chuckled. Ye Zichen nodded. He signaled for him to continue.

Le Feng nodded his head with a smile. "First, point one. In the third level of the Heavencraft Palace, time for comprehending the Dao. It was set as one week. If no one succeeds in comprehending the Dao in a week, it is considered a failure. If someone falls under the spell of the heart and attacks someone, Once that happened … I will directly expel him. Of course. If in the process of comprehending the Dao … Some people are extremely unwell. If you want to quit early … "It is possible as well."

He paused for a moment. A peculiar light suddenly shot out from his eyes.

"How is it?" Is everyone ready? If there were no other questions … So I\'m going to announce that. This battle for enlightenment … Even if it had begun … I hope you will do your best. Concentrate on breaking through the self. "I\'ve succeeded in comprehending the Dao."

This time, he was comprehending the Dao. For everyone … Every single one of them had a one in four chance of succeeding in comprehending the Dao.

However, the key point was … All four of them. He didn\'t even know what it meant to comprehend the Dao. Therefore … They could only use this week\'s worth of time. He was slowly experiencing this atmosphere in the Heavenly Mystery Palace.

However. As soon as the battle began … The few of them were stunned on the spot. In this wonderful space … They were somewhat hesitant to move forward.

Comprehension of the Dao. Where do I start from?

Amongst the four of them … The person who started the operation first. It was Ye Feng.

He walked along the side of the illusion array. Ye Feng slightly frowned. Now and then he would bend down. He closed his eyes. Touch the ground. And then he continued to force it. Keep touching the ground.

His movements were extremely strange. The other three didn\'t know why he was doing this. She just stared at him blankly. He was at a loss as to what to do.

Le Feng exclaimed. In his eyes … Suddenly, a bright light flashed past.

… ….

On the other side. Outside the Heavenly Mystery Palace. At this moment, the discussion was already in an uproar.

"Oh my god …" I paid a full fifty gold coins. Why can\'t I go in yet? Let me see what\'s going on inside. "Could it be that you\'ve just blacklisted my gold coins like that?"

"It can\'t be …" After all, the Celestial Sect of Wonders was the Celestial Sect of Wonders. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] After all, he wouldn\'t do it. I think we should wait a little longer. Perhaps … "They have another way …"

"Wait …" Look! Someone from the Heavenly Mystery Palace has come out. "

As expected. The white-robed little boy suddenly walked out from the main door of the Heavenly Mystery Palace. He was holding something that looked like a spiritual altar in his hand.

His eyes focused slightly. The word "go" resounded. The Spiritual Altar had suddenly risen by more than ten feet. A ball of blue flame formed itself into a frame. It was incredibly bright.

Suddenly. In the center of the blazing blue flame. He began to map out the scene within the Heavenly Mystery Palace.

The crowd clamored. As the scene became clear … Only then did he calm down.

Fifty gold coins. It was not wrong. It was just a misunderstanding.

The scene within the flames gradually became clearer. Within the illusion array. On their faces. They seemed to be at a loss of what to do.

After all. They had originally thought that this was the end of the Heavenly Mystery Palace. What kind of grand scene was this? It could be used to trigger Dao intent. But now … They faced the walls and the open space. How could there be any feelings to express?

"Right. Did you see that? "Where\'s Ye Feng and the others?" Suddenly. Someone suddenly asked.