The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 258

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"... Old Suo. That would be inappropriate. That place. "How can it be opened to a person who just arrived at the Celestial Sect of Wonders?"

Master Liu\'s expression turned somewhat awkward. Ye Zichen shook his head.

Now that things had progressed to this point … He no longer had any extravagant hopes of punishing Ye Feng. However … He wanted to reward Ye Feng. He could not stand to watch the show.

Taoist Master Baili frowned and sighed, "Yes Old Suo." This matter … I also agree with Mr. Liu. He remembered the ceremony he had held that day. Back then, Dong TianRui and the other outer disciples. "It almost caused a ruckus."

"Ugh …" Old Man Suo pondered for a moment. It was obvious that he was calculating the gains and losses.

Liu Bing Qian muttered to herself: "What kind of reason is this?!" It had to be known that Dong TianRui. "Didn\'t he acknowledge the boorish elder brother as his big brother?"

Her words seemed casual. Yet, it struck the heart of the Daoist Master from the Celestial Sect of Wonders like a bell.

That day. These real people … They all wanted to suppress the people from the Martial House. Dragging Dong Tianrui into a play. Who would have thought that … This Dong TianRui actually turned out to be Ye Feng\'s lackey. This caused them to feel extremely overjoyed.

Ye Feng\'s expression was extremely indifferent. He laughed softly.

"All the various Spiritual Masters are feeling troubled. Zi Feng also understood. However, no matter what … Tomorrow morning. I\'m about to be chased out of this peak by Fairy Feng. If he didn\'t have a place to stand … "Maybe we really should go to the outer sect disciples and settle down."

Old man Suo\'s heart turned cold. Surprise flashed across his eyes. He stared at Fairy Feng.

"Fairy Feng. "You …"

Fairy Feng\'s beautiful face was extremely awkward. Raising his head, he coughed. His head was buried deep. He didn\'t dare to look at Old Man Suo.

"If that\'s the case …" Old Man Suo shook his head helplessly. After listening to what Ye Feng said. He had also made up his mind …

After all. If he really allowed Ye Feng to mix in with those outer court disciples … It was bound to cause a great deal of trouble.

"Alright. In that case … I think it\'s settled. Firstly, it was to reward Ye Feng. Two. This also meant that there was a place for him to go to. "I won\'t let anyone talk about anything else."

He paused for a moment. A bright light suddenly shot out from his eyes. He continued.

"Ye Feng. Listen. Tomorrow morning. I plan to send you to the Celestial Sect of Wonders. The Heavenly Secrets Palace\'s Top Level Comprehension. The quality of the martial soul you will awaken in the future. can be greatly improved. I hope that you can study it well. Don\'t let down this opportunity. If he could awaken some innate divine ability from this … "That would be for the best."

"Heh heh. Old Suo, you really like to joke around. Let\'s say that in the ten years that our Celestial Sect of Wonders has existed. Not many people would be able to awaken their Inherent skill. How could he do that? "It\'s better not to give him too much pressure." The corners of Liu Zhenren\'s mouth twitched. He squeezed out a cold laugh.

Hearing this, Ye Feng nodded. Ye Zichen felt a chill in his heart. He was somewhat excited.

Naturally, he understood. If one comprehended Dao during the early stages of cultivation … It would be of great benefit to his subsequent cultivation. If he could awaken some talent … No doubt about it. It was something that would benefit him for the rest of his life.

The him from his previous life … He didn\'t have a chance to gain insights into the Dao. Thus, he had missed the opportunity to become a Martial Disciple. However, in this world … But he could make up for it. Start all over again.

"Thank you, Old Man Suo. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "Zi Feng will remember this in his heart."

Ye Feng cupped his hands. He replied respectfully.

"... This child … He knew how to be grateful. "I know what it means to respect you, teacher." Old Suo was slightly startled. Then, he smiled …

Ordinary disciples. Regarding the matter of comprehending the Dao of the Heavenly Secrets Palace … His heart was filled with curiosity. As for someone like Ye Feng … Those who clearly knew of the benefits of comprehending the Dao … It was extremely rare.

"It\'s a deal then. Then … Who would bring him to the Heavenly Mystery Palace tomorrow? After all. "The forbidden area is not a place he can casually roam."

As soon as he said this. Everyone looked away. Who would want to take their time? Spend it on a road for a Qi Condensation student.

A ray of light flashed across Ye Feng\'s eyes. He said with a faint smile, "Since you wish to comprehend the Dao … Maybe it had something to do with cultivating his martial spirit. He didn\'t know which Daoist Master it was. He was relatively clear about the matter of his Martial Spirit. Zi Feng still wanted to be on the way. "Please advise me."

Old man Suo laughed: "Ye Feng. What a coincidence! Elder Zhao. In other words, Daoist Master Zhao. "He\'s an expert in martial spirit cultivation."

"Is that true?" Ye Feng pretended to be shocked. He raised his head and looked at Elder Zhao. Her eyes were filled with a bit of surprise.

Elder Zhao felt as if he was being watched by a god of pests. His face was unspeakably ugly.

If he had known earlier, he would have been targeted by Ye Feng. He would rather die than join in on the fun.

"Then Elder Zhao... How about you work hard this time? Tomorrow morning. Lead the way for Ye Feng. Send him to the Heaven\'s Secret Palace in the forbidden area. "What do you think?" Old Man Suo laughed. Ye Zichen stroked his white beard and smiled.

How could he know that something had happened between Elder Zhao and Ye Feng? Of course, he felt that he had made the proper arrangements.

"Then I\'ll have to trouble you, Daoist Master Zhao." Ye Feng cupped his hands and smiled. He raised his head. Ye Zichen glanced at him with a smile.

Daoist Master Zhao sighed helplessly. His whole body seemed to be exhausted. Suddenly. He even felt a bit dizzy.

"All right. I see. I think it\'s late tonight. Otherwise … [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] "Just directly follow me."

… ….

The crowd dispersed one by one. This farce had finally come to an end.

Ye Feng stood at the peak of the mountain. In one go, he rose from the eighth level of Qi Refinement to the peak of the ninth level of Qi Refining. It was as if he was riding the clouds. The speed at which he climbed was astonishing.

And all of this … On one hand, it was thanks to the unique high quality resources of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. On the one hand, it was because his heart was truly dark. Regardless of whether or not this Fairy Feng was real or not … The benefits that should be gained … None of them could escape.

"Big Brother Boorish …" "Are you leaving?" Liu Bingqian\'s beautiful eyes darted about. It was obvious that he was unwilling to part with it.

Ye Feng smiled, "Where can I go?" I\'m still at the Gate of Wonders. After this time\'s comprehension of the Dao of the Forbidden Area. "They will be out soon."

"Then... You must be careful. "Remember, don\'t push yourself too much."

"Rest assured …" "I know my limits." Ye Wen replied with a smile.

"All right. Time to go. "Ye Feng." Elder Zhao shouted from afar.

… ….

An hour passed. Elder Zhao looked carefully behind him for a while. He saw no one around him. Only then did he relax. Then his face changed. He started to curse.

"Stinking brat." The wings are growing hard, aren\'t they? You even learned to choreograph me. "

Ye Feng laughed and said, "How can that be." Zi Feng versus Elder Zhao. He had always been respectful. "I am not lacking in manners."

"You …" Elder Zhao pondered for a moment. It was as if the other party had always been very polite. If you were to say that he was rude … In an instant. He really couldn\'t give any examples.

"Alright, Elder Zhao." I won\'t say anything polite. I came to you. "There is a reason."

Elder Zhao froze when he heard this. Seeing that, Ye Zichen\'s expression turned serious. His heart sank.

"What exactly happened …"

Ye Feng nodded. He rubbed the storage ring with his spiritual energy. Then, he handed over a recommendation letter to Elder Zhao.

"Letter of recommendation." Elder Zhao was shocked. As for the matter of Ye Feng getting the recommendation from the Wind Sect … He already knew about it. Thus, he was even more confused. Why did Ye Zifeng take it out just now? Logically speaking … He\'s not the kind of guy who likes to show off.

However … When he made a move … When they discovered the inner layer … He then felt that something was amiss. Between the brows. A shocked expression suddenly flashed across his face. motionless. He had lost his voice.

The little piece of paper in the mezzanine. It was Elder Shen\'s note to Ye Feng. What\'s on it... Shockingly, there was the story of how someone had discovered the exchange of spiritual will.

A long time later. He frowned. He asked in a deep voice, "... Who did it? Is there something else? "

Ye Feng shook his head, "Originally. I think it might be someone from Wang Tianzhi\'s side. But now … More and more, I felt that … Maybe not there. In short … There were people hiding in the dark now. It was unknown whether he was an enemy or a friend. He had never fought before. Let\'s leave it at that for now. I said this thing... "I am just informing Elder Zhao about it."

"Ugh …" Elder Zhao pondered for a moment. He sighed.

Since the other party had already said so … He was extremely anxious for his own safety. It was all in vain.

The biggest effect on him was … Ye Feng almost didn\'t use his soul search to contact Ye Mo anymore. To him … On the contrary, it had become a little quieter.

"Alright, let\'s not talk about this for now. Elder Zhao. The Heavenly Secrets Palace that was going to start from the forbidden area tomorrow had begun comprehending the Dao of the Heavens. Do you have any suggestions? "

Elder Zhao smiled. He shook his head, "Damn brat. Listen to your tone. "It seems that he is thinking of another opportunistic matter …"

"How can it be called taking advantage of one\'s situation?" Zi Feng only wanted to put in an equal amount of effort. "Just one more portion is all." Ye Feng smiled and said.

"One more reward!" Your tongue is like a spring. Make the bad sound good. "To speak of the dead as the living." Elder Zhao looked at him snappily.

Ye Feng smiled. No comment.

Elder Zhao smiled. Then he said, "Okay. For the sake of meeting you once … I\'ll decide in private. I\'ll let you know... One must know that … Every day, people who came to the Forbidden Area to train in the Dao … Generally speaking. There should not be more than three or four people. "Most of them are students from the five small cities, such as Lei Zhou City, Desolate Land City, Qu Shui City, and Copper Fire City, and they are from the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

A light flashed across Ye Feng\'s eyes, "Oh. In other words … "We might meet some old friends."

"What old friend."

Elder Zhao frowned. He shook his head and said, "Pray." Better not to run into any old friends. One must know that … Within the Tian Ji Palace of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. No matter how many people arrive in a week. One can only comprehend one Dao at a time. Who would be the first to comprehend it? So during this week. "Others will not have the chance to do so."

"Then... It has to do with the innate ability that Old Suo mentioned just now. " Ye Feng pondered for a moment. Ye Zichen continued to ask.

Elder Zhao laughed, "About this... Before this, Liu had already explained everything clearly. It would not be an exaggeration to say that one would only win once every ten thousand miles. Stinking brat, you … Don\'t think too much about it. He would try his best to comprehend the Dao. "This is already your good fortune."