The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 254

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"Because of me … "I\'m still breaking through." Ye Feng replied with a smile.

"Because of him … "I\'m still breaking through." Spiritshadow\'s deep voice sounded.

Liu Bingqian heard this. Ye Zichen was shocked. He couldn\'t help but look around.

"What?" "Who was the one talking just now?"

However. The sound only lasted a moment. Then, it became silent once more. It was as if he had never appeared at all. It was truly strange.

"Come out. What the hell was this? "Hurry up and come out." Liu Bing Qian was protecting Ye Wen. A serious look flashed across her beautiful eyes.

Gui Ying chuckled, "Don\'t have your back to me. "I\'m right behind you."


A surprised look suddenly appeared on Liu Bingqian\'s face. She hurriedly turned her body … He turned his gaze towards Ye Zifeng. Her big eyes were filled with surprise. "Oh my god. This … "Just what is going on …"

In just a short period of time … The tip of the leaf before her eyes … Suddenly, his eyes were tightly shut. He sat cross-legged on the ground. Xiao Yan\'s hands poured into the lake. Even the question that Liu Bing Qian asked. He didn\'t even have time to reply.

It was just like that … Ye Feng seemed to have fainted.

Behind him. A huge monster made of spirit energy hovered on his back. Now and then. It looked really scary.

Suddenly. It then returned to Ye Feng\'s body. He began to rest quietly.

"Heh heh. You are his sweetheart. Look at how sincere you are with him. I just showed up. I just wanted to say a few words to you. "

Gui Ying hoarsely said. Once again, the sound rang in Liu Bingqian\'s ears.

This time … Liu Bingqian heard it very clearly. It was basically coming from where Ye Feng was. It was impossible for it to be anyone else.

"What do you mean by sweetheart?" Liu Bing Qian\'s face was so red that it seemed as if water was about to drip out. Gently biting her red lips, she said, "Don\'t speak nonsense. Between me and him. Very innocent. "They are just slightly better friends …"

"Seriously." The ghost shadow smiled and asked. There seemed to be a hint of mature teasing in his words.

"I... I\'m not going to talk to you about this anymore. That\'s right. What were you trying to tell me? Also. "What exactly are you?"

While Liu Bingqian was speaking, a cold light flashed in her eyes. Her beautiful eyes sparkled. He felt that this scene was too strange. It was as if he was talking to a mass of air.

Ghastly Shadow talked about this matter. He smiled and said, "What am I? Naturally, you will be able to see it in the future. I\'m afraid that when the time comes … "You can\'t even recognize me …"

It paused for a moment. He continued, "And now … Ye Feng was still in the process of breaking through. I want you to protect him. Provide the necessary amount of spiritual energy. If he was lucky enough … To let him advance to the intermediate level of the ninth level of the Refinement Stage. "It might not be impossible …"

Phantom Shadow worked so hard to make Ye Feng break through to the next realm. Actually, it was doing this for its own sake.

Originally. He possessed the body of an absolutely trash, young leaf edge. His mind had already become as silent as ash. However … Due to the great change in the tip of the leaf. to bring some of its ideas back to life.

"What?" Big brother, he … "I can continue to break through."

A surprised expression flashed across Liu Bing Qian\'s pretty face.

"Alright. Good. You tell me. Then … "What should I do?"

Gui Ying laughed: "You sure are an easy target." Listen. He had made a spiritual energy cage with a span of three Zhang earlier. It covered the entire area. Don\'t let any of your spiritual energy leak out. Because just now … The dialogue between you... I heard it, too. He absolutely couldn\'t let this Fairy Feng know. "Ye Feng is continuing to break through …"

One must know that … Fairy Feng was completely tricked by Ye Feng just now. His heart stirred with sympathy. In addition, he was also afraid of the Wind Sect. That was why he decided to let Ye Feng leave tomorrow.

Otherwise. Let her know that Ye Zichen was fine. In fact, if he continued to break through … He was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. In the middle of the night, he was going to make Ye Ci leave in a hurry.

This would take a little more time. Now, it was a precious treasure. This could be considered as the final period of rapid training.

"Spiritual Energy Prison huh." OK. "I will …" Liu Bingqian nodded deeply. The Spiritual Aura in his hand condensed and condensed. He meticulously wove the thirty meter long cage that Spiritshadow mentioned.

Once you know what you\'ve done, He could more or less help Ye Feng. In her heart, she felt very happy and carefree.

The time it took for an incense stick to burn had passed. Two incense sticks of time passed …

The cage was completed. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Thus, it was difficult for him to escape from this three meter region. Thus, it was unlikely for Fairy Feng to notice it.

"Is there anything else?" Liu Bingqian let out a deep breath.

"About this..." Gui Ying pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he laughed out loud. On your body. Have you brought any Qi Nurturing Pills? "

"Qi Nurturing Pill." Liu Bing Qian pondered for a while. Ye Zichen looked through the space jade pendant for a while. He suddenly raised his head and said with a smile.

"There are exactly five of them."

When Spiritshadow heard this, he was overjoyed, "Then what are you still standing there for? Hurry up and feed it to him. This was a great tonic. "It will be very helpful in breaking through."

To Gui Ying, this Qi Nurturing Pill was like … It could be used as a good substitute for the Soul Nurturing Pill. In a situation where there was no Soul Nurturing Pill, It really liked to absorb the spiritual energy here.

"Alright. "Alright." Liu Bingqian did not know about such a low grade Qi Nurturing Pill. What kind of great tonic was this? However, hearing Spiritshadow\'s words … She also treated this matter seriously.

And so … Under her gentle footsteps … He slowly walked in front of Ye Feng. Her face immediately turned red. Some did not dare to look at him.

Gui Ying anxiously urged: "Hurry up. It was just a matter of feeding her a medicinal pill. "Is there a need to be so slow …"

She looked up. Ye Zichen gazed at the side of Leaves\' handsome and thin face … "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … He moved very close to her. It was as if he could feel his opponent\'s breath.

At this moment... Ye Feng\'s starry eyes suddenly opened. His eyes shone brightly. She stared straight at Liu Bingqian.

The two of them stared at each other. The atmosphere was really awkward.

"Bing Qian. "What are you doing?"

"Big Brother Boorish …" "How did you wake up?" Astonishment flashed across Liu Bingqian\'s beautiful eyes.

Either the two of them did not speak. As soon as he spoke … They were both asking questions.

"I …" Liu Bingqian froze when she heard this. Licking his thin lips, he said, "I heard that consuming the Energy Rejuvenation Pill can help you break through your cultivation realm. Thus, I took some Qi Nurturing Pills from the space jade pendant. "I want to help you."

Luckily, this time … There was a legitimate reason for him to be within three feet of Ye Ci. Otherwise … She really didn\'t know how to put it into words.

In the middle of it all. Spiritshadow wanted to say something, but he held back. Just as he was about to interrupt … In the end, they all failed.

"Qi Nurturing Pill." Ye Feng repeated the name once more. Suddenly, a cold smile emerged from the corner of his eyes. His consciousness sank a little bit. to be able to communicate with Ghastly Shadow.

"Ghastly Shadow. Breaking through to the next level or something … It clearly had nothing to do with the Qi Nurturing Pill. You just need this Qi Nurturing Pill. "Why did you pull me up as well?" Although Ye Feng\'s voice was calm like a wave … This time … However, there seemed to be a trace of obvious anger.

Spiritshadow was in the wrong. He had wanted to use this opportunity to gain some benefits. Who would have thought … Ye Feng woke up at this moment.

"I see …" "Is it time for the martial spirit to be reviewed once a day?" Ye Feng coldly smiled. The corner of his mouth raised into a strange arc.

"Don\'t, don\'t, don\'t. "Don\'t ever …"

Upon hearing the words "Martial Spirit Technique". Spiritshadow\'s voice began to tremble.

During the past two days, Ye Feng had been doing quite a bit of work. The psychological damage caused to Ghastly Shadow by using this technique was almost permanent. The imprint of fear. It had been planted deeply in its heart. Difficult to erase.

"In that case …" Then the spiritual lake I absorbed before … "You can return the portion that you deducted." Ye Feng coldly said.

Gui Ying gave an awkward laugh, "Not at all. Didn\'t I promise you before? Won\'t they attack the item that you obtained this time around? "You can rest assured."

"I think... "It\'s better to review it." Ye Wen smiled and recited the first sentence of the martial art, "One Law, Ten Thousand Arts. "I can\'t poke you with the book …"

What did Spiritshadow say? It was all his business … However, Ye Feng did not believe it. It was all based on evidence.

Because … He had calculated the total amount of spiritual energy in this lake. minus the part that he absorbs and loses. The result of this is that Naturally, it was the truth.

"Stop, stop, stop." Enough is enough. I did. "I\'m really afraid of you."

Gui Ying faintly sighed. He was just messing around with the trash, Ye Feng. At least he had a sense of superiority. However, ever since he met Ye Feng, the strongest alchemist in the whole world … Not only did he not have any psychological advantage. On the contrary, they would often panic.

Soon... Under the lead of Spiritshadow … The blood veins on Ye Feng\'s arms. He started to reverse the flow of the spring.

It was the combination of the spiritual energy within the spiritual lake that had yet to be completely absorbed. From head to toe, his entire body … The surging tide of spiritual energy spread out in all directions. Its aura was extremely sharp …

Surging Spiritual Aura. One after another, they crashed into the spiritual energy cage created by Liu Bingqian. It was as if he wanted to shatter this barrier.

Liu Bingqian felt a chill run down her spine. He hurriedly attacked again. He had strengthened the cage. Only then was he able to stabilize the disintegration of the cage. Outside the spiritual qi cage. He added another layer.

And this fact … This caused her to be somewhat shocked.

Although he had just reached the Martial Disciple realm … In terms of cultivation level. He had firmly suppressed Ye Feng.

Therefore … Logically speaking … His spiritual energy cage … It shouldn\'t have been broken by Ye Feng. At least. He shouldn\'t have broken it so quickly.

He had just reached the ninth level of Qi Refining. Now that he had achieved such a level of strength … And now, Ye Feng was in the middle of this very process. It was also the time for them to continuously rise and break through.

I really don\'t know. When he reached the peak of the ninth level of Qi Refining … What would be the extent of it? To this end. Liu Bingqian\'s beautiful eyes were filled with anticipation.