The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 250

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Smoke rose in the air. Mist spread over the Thousand Herbs Peak.

Ye Feng bathed in the large net made of spirit energy. He enjoyed the rich essence around him to his heart\'s content. He sat in silence for a long time.

The surroundings were completely silent. No one existed.

"Heavenly Dao City\'s Mysterious Gate." The spiritual energy was much higher than the spiritual energy in Lei Zhou city by more than a grade. This Medicine Peak had reached the pinnacle of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. To be able to cultivate here … "This is truly a fortunate event."

He smiled. Lowering his head, he suddenly said, "... Do you think... Am I right? "

A moment later. An incomparably deep voice sounded from the bottom of his heart. He gave a slightly dissatisfied snort.

"Since the spiritual energy in this Medicine Peak is so dense …" Why don\'t you speed up your training? This way … You should break through to the Martial Disciple realm as soon as possible. "Let me wake up earlier …"

The voice that spoke was the Ghastly Shadow martial soul. Previously, he had been restricted by Ye Feng\'s Martial Spirit once. He became much more sincere.

So sometimes … Ye Feng asked him something. He was no longer as silent as before.

Ye Feng shook his head and laughed, "You think? "Don\'t you want to break through earlier?"

"Then you …" Spiritshadow\'s voice became a little hoarse. It sounded somewhat doubtful.

"If it wasn\'t for me breaking through to the next realm earlier … Why did I have to offend Fairy Feng before? "I have risked my life to obtain herbs of the fifth level of the Spirit level and above in this cultivation area." Ye Feng smiled and said.

If Ye Feng really did become Fairy Feng\'s disciple … That disciple obeyed his master\'s orders. If he wanted to obtain some pointers in the Way of Medicine, he would be able to. However … If he wanted to train by himself … Sneaking an eye for high grade medicinal ingredients … Then don\'t even think about it.

This was the difference between a disciple and a free identity. The pros and cons … It all depended on the choice he made.

Ye Feng said. As he spoke, he took out the medicinal herbs he had obtained from Fairy Feng. The rich Spiritual Qi contained within it was extremely dense. This caused Spiritshadow to feel greed in his heart.

"Hiss, hiss!" Ye Zichen heard it from the bottom of his heart. It was obviously the sound of Spiritshadow\'s voice.

He laughed lightly, "Don\'t be anxious. Amongst the three herbs … For example, the Fiery Golden Fruit. for you. "

"Feed me." Gui Ying was startled upon hearing this. He immediately laughed coldly, "How dare you." What do you think I am? "He actually used such a word."

Ye Feng smiled. He smiled carelessly: "If you don\'t want it …" I\'ll just throw it away. Furthermore … Maybe it\'s been a long time. There were some martial spirits cultivation techniques. "We may need to review it a little."

"Then don\'t." Spiritshadow\'s somewhat haughty and stiff voice sounded a moment ago. Instantly, it became much softer. There was also a slight trace of fear. It had been tormented by Ye Feng for two whole days. In his heart, he thought about that Martial Spirit technique. It could be said that he was extremely afraid.

"What a pity you threw it. Instead of this... "Then give it to me."

Furthermore … Medicinal ingredients above the fifth level spirit level like this … To Spiritshadow … It could be said to be a great tonic. An old face. to get some real benefits. It wasn\'t too bad either.

"Then I\'ll let you out now."

Seeing it give in … Ye Feng couldn\'t be bothered to tease it anymore. He laughed softly. He immediately consumed a Energy Replenishing Pill.

The blood veins on his arms were shining brightly. White mist filled the air. A humanoid sized monster made of spirit energy appeared in front of him.

As soon as it appeared. Its eyes lit up. He then started to bite down on the Fiery Golden Fruit in Ye Feng\'s hand. He was quickly absorbing the spiritual energy within it. He had built up his own strength. The originally transparent body appeared to be devoid of substance. Now there was a glimmer.

Ye Feng saw this scene. He knew that the benefits of this Martial Spirit were great. After a long time. He suddenly smiled.

"People say I\'m rising slowly. So I accepted it. But you said I was slow. I think. A lot of it has to do with you. Because every time he took a spiritual medicine … It contained a lot of spiritual energy. that I\'ve used to feed you. "

If he didn\'t have this Martial Spirit … Every time Ye Feng absorbed spirit energy, he would give himself some advice. Then maybe … He had already reached the Martial Disciple realm. Or at least. It was about time for him to reach the peak of the 9th level of Refinement.

"About this..." That Ghastly Shadow had gained so many benefits from Ye Feng. It was said that the hand holding a person was too short. Now that he heard the other party talking about this … He felt somewhat embarrassed …

"Listen to what you\'re saying. Could it be … "You want to retrieve some of your Spiritual Energy from me?" Gui Ying pondered for a moment.

"No. You should still keep your spiritual energy. As soon as he had completed his task … It was inevitable that there would be a certain amount of loss. It wasn\'t worth it. However, this time … I plan to train with all my might. I hope you won\'t fight with me for more spiritual energy. That Fiery Golden Fruit just now … "It\'s a good fee for you."

Ye Feng smiled. He fiddled with the remaining two Spirit Level 5 and above medicinal ingredients in his hands.

"So that\'s how it is …" Spiritshadow\'s voice was simple. At this moment, it was as though it was alive. It could be said that he had completely swallowed the Fiery Golden Fruit. It gave a slight burp. He was in a very good mood.

"Okay. This question was not excessive. I can promise you that. Furthermore … The spiritual energy I absorbed from you before … "It\'s almost enough to maintain my normal activities."

Ye Feng\'s expression immediately turned serious. He said with a smile, "Alright. In that case … This place of cultivation that Fairy Feng gave me … Let me make good use of it. "Let\'s advance a level …"

As he spoke, he began to ponder. Ye Zichen took out a Mysterious rank pill furnace from his storage ring. Ye Zichen decided to add the other basic ingredients to the two herbs that were above the fifth level spirit level. They were all thrown in.

It could be used to break through any kind of medicinal pill. To Ye Feng … He had indeed reached the limit of what he could consume.

However … Pills used to increase one\'s cultivation speed were still effective. Once a medicinal pill was refined, it would be at least a fifth level spirit level. In terms of the effects of supporting training, this method was quite effective. It was even better.

"The conditions have been prepared. Then … "I should breakthrough as soon as possible …"

… ….

Several days passed in succession.

Liu Bingqian and her group of senior brothers and sisters followed Fairy Feng. They walked along the path in the Medicine Peak. He walked around and stopped. Listening to Fairy Feng\'s explanation of medicine.

However. But she doesn\'t seem to get much of a kick out of it. Ye Zichen didn\'t know where his gaze landed on. Always looking elsewhere.

Fairy Feng coughed. Bing Qian frowned, "Bing Qian." "Bing Qian …"

Until he was pushed slightly by another person. Liu Bingqian froze when she heard this. Only then did he hurriedly reply.

"Ahhh!" "Master, what\'s wrong?"

"You\'re still asking me what\'s wrong?" "I would like to ask what\'s wrong with you."

Fairy Feng\'s face darkened. A trace of anger appeared on his face. "I originally heard that you were the disciple of old fogey Mu Yun. I\'m still looking forward to seeing you. Who would have thought that so many days had passed? You\'ve been out of your mind all day. "Just what are you thinking about …"

"I …" A complex expression appeared in Liu Bingqian\'s beautiful eyes.

"It\'s nothing much …"

He wanted her to take the initiative and say it. He wanted to see what was going on with Ye Feng. Her face wasn\'t that thick.

It was a girl in a green robe. He spoke up for her with a smile, "Master fairy. If I\'m not wrong … In her heart, her Junior Martial Sister was … "He is thinking about that handsome little lover."

As she said this, her expression changed drastically. The surrounding people burst into laughter.

"Where is it?" Don\'t talk nonsense. "I don\'t have this kind of relationship with brute big brother."

Liu Bingqian did not care about her character. He was a person of indifference. Furthermore … Mu Yun\'s status as an old ghost disciple … It also made her seniors and juniors look up to her.

Therefore, between the two parties … The relationship between them was quite harmonious. Occasionally, he would make a joke.

"Did you hear that?" He even called him a boorish older brother. This was what they called a \'mush\'. "It really gives me goosebumps."

"That\'s right." Junior Sister Bing Qian. The look on your face. They\'ve sold out your heart. I think. The good news is about to come. With your looks … If he was a little more active … "There are not many men in Heaven\'s Path City who refuse to bow down before me."

Liu Bingqian heard this. He then shook his head with a wry smile. Her beautiful eyes were filled with helplessness.

In terms of initiative … From his point of view … It could already be considered as active enough. However, Ye Feng didn\'t know what he was thinking. He had always been indifferent to others.

The laughter of the crowd grew louder and louder. Fairy Feng frowned. He gently waved his hand. He signaled for everyone to quiet down.

"All right. Everyone stopped talking. Since today we have completed a small cycle of cultivation course so early. I can see how active everyone is. Otherwise … I\'ll just give everyone a break. "I should rest for half a day."

Fairy Feng\'s calm and tranquil voice. It was like a thunderclap that exploded in the middle of the crowd. In an instant. The joy in their faces was palpable. It burst forth.

"What?" Master Fairy. "Is that true?"

"Of course." Fairy Feng nodded. The corner of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

The Mysterious Gate was comparable to other places. Even though his training level was higher than other places by more than a level. However … They were also much stricter in terms of requirements than other small areas.

Like the disciples here. Generally speaking. It\'s not a week off. A one-day holiday in a month is possible. It was to ensure the quality of the disciples\' cultivation in the Celestial Sect of Wonders. a sharp difference from other small sects and sects.

"That\'s great …" Walk, walk, walk. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Enough for us to go to East Gate Street. "It\'s been fun for a while."

"That\'s right." Such a rare opportunity … "It\'s true that it only happens a few times a year …"

Everyone was beaming with smiles. In groups of three or five. They all left.

Liu Bingqian\'s eyes lit up. An idea suddenly popped into his mind.

That\'s right. It was rare for him to have half a day\'s vacation. Why not take advantage of this opportunity? Ye Zichen went to take a look at Ye Feng\'s situation.

Her mind was set. His face was full of smiles. He had only taken a few steps.

Suddenly. On her shoulder. Then, she was slapped by the other slender jade hand.

"Master Fairy." "This is..." Liu Bing suddenly turned around. Ye Xiao looked at him in shock.

"You\'re planning to …" He wanted to see the situation with Ye Feng, right? That was perfect. "We\'re on the way."