The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 25 – Everyone stop!

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“What? The gathering is that soon?” Ye Xueyi was shocked.

Ye Chongtian sighed, “If it wasn’t for the reason that it it’s happening so soon, I wouldn’t have gone out to find someone who would take your brother’s place. But now that your brother has agreed to participate, the problem’s solved. Starting from tomorrow, you guys should head to the sect and start training. Also, don’t fool around and goof off!”

Ye Xueyi laughed at her father, “Father, do you think I would goof off and fool around?”

Ye Chongtian loved his precious daughter and laughed as well, “Haha. Our family’s Xueyi would never goof off. I’m talking about Zifeng and Huichi. Who knows what those two brats are up to. Oh yeah, where did Huichi go? I haven’t seen him around.”

Hearing the words “Huichi”, an angry and annoyed expression appeared on Ye Xueyi’s face.

“Father, since you’re back, you need to take care of something for brother Zifeng. When you weren’t here, brother Zifeng was almost killed by second uncle.

Although Ye Chongtian didn’t particularly like Ye Zifeng, Ye Zifeng was still his own son. When he heard this, he became very angry.

“What happened? Xueyi, tell me everything about the incident!”

Ye Xueyi gritted her teeth angrily, “Father, it happened like this…..”

Ye Xueyi explained everything about the incident to her father.

Ye Chongtian groaned, “Preposterous! Totally intolerable! Xueyi, is everything that you’ve said true?”

Ye Xueyi nodded, “Father, I would never lie to you. Also, there were many people in the Ye clan who saw the incident. If father doesn’t believe me, you can ask someone else about it.

“Hmph. That Ye Chen. I knew something was up with him. From what I can see, whenever I’m not here, he would take bribes from other families and become their lapdog. Quick. Find someone to call him over. I need to teach him a lesson!” Ye Chongtian was really angry now.

“Hold on.” Ye Zifeng interrupted him. “About this incident. I’ve decided not to bother with it anymore.”

Ye Zifeng made a blood oath and got 400 gold coins from Ye Chen. If he broke the oath, he would definitely suffer.

“Not bother with it anymore? You coward! They’ve bullied you to the point where you almost lost your life and you’re still being soft with them?” Ye Chongtian snorted and looked angrily at Ye Zifeng.

“You want to do something about it? With the Ye clan’s current state, can we afford to have an internal conflict?” Ye Zifeng smiled.

“Let me ask you this instead. Second Uncle controls most of the Ye Clan’s assets and have a large number of clan members behind him. If you were to do something to him now, wouldn’t it end up badly for us?”

Hearing Ye Zifeng’s argument, Ye Chongtian thought about it and started to calm himself down. Zifeng was right. They shouldn’t be rash.

“Also, the heavenly clan gathering is next week. If we do something now and Huichi doesn’t join, then our Ye clan will become even more of a laughing stock without our third member.” Ye Zifeng added.

“Heavenly clan gathering…… that’s right… The gathering is the most important thing. We need Huichi for this.” Ye Chongtian nodded. After pondering for a bit, Ye Chongtian felt that something was wrong. He was suppose to be the clan leader here and yet he was lead by the nose by Zifeng…..”

“Alright. Then we’ll stop talking about the incident with Ye Chen. We’ll deal with him after the gathering. It’s getting late. You guys should rest up.” Ye Chongtian nodded. He was feeling a lot calmer than before.

“Father you should rest too.”


Ye Xueyi pulled Ye Zifeng’s arms and apologetically said, “Brother Zifeng. I’m sorry. I didn’t think about the consequences and wanted father to get revenge for you.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and replied, “Heh. I’m happy that you’re willing to talk to father about my problems for me. Don’t be sorry.”

“Brother Zifeng. I feel like you’ve changed a lot recently. You changed so fast that I don’t even recognize you anymore….”

“I’ve asked you this before. Is this a good thing or a bad thing…?” Ye Zifeng smiled.

“Of course it’s a good thing. You’ve changed so fast that I don’t know how to react. Back then, I’ve been protecting you from people like Wang Lin. I’ve trained very hard to be able to protect you. But now, you don’t need my protection anymore.” Ye Xueyi’s voice was shaking. Ye Zifeng can tell that in her heart, she didn’t want to leave his side.

“You dumb girl. You don’t need to protect me to be my sister. We’ll always be together.”

Ye Xueyi happily nodded. They were siblings with blood relations. No matter no far apart they are, they are still family.

“Brother Zifeng. I won’t bother you anymore. You should go sleep. We have to get to the sect early tomorrow and prepare for the gathering next week.

“Can I not go to the sect?”

Ye Xueyi looked seriously at Zifeng and said, “No! Your attendance rate is too low. If you keep this up, you’ll be kicked out of the sect!”

“Alright. Fine. I get it. You should rest up too!”

Ye Zifeng watched as Xueyi left and suddenly laughed, “But, Xueyi…. If one day, I’m not “me” anymore. Would you still be so nice to me?”

He bitterly laughed and walked towards his own room.


In the Ashen Spirit Sect, the news that Ye Zifeng came back to attend classes was being spread like wildfire by the disciples.

Back then, when his cultivation was stuck at the 2nd stage of qi refining, he was too embarrassed to go to class. Everyone was shocked that he came back after such a long time.

In the hall, all the disciples were quietly chatting about Ye Zifeng.

“Look. Look. That’s the trash Ye Zifeng who’s at the 2nd stage of qi refining. The lowest ranking disciple who haven’t been in class for a long time now.”

“2nd stage of qi refining?” A youngster smiled, “Brother, it seems like you’re still living in the past. Last time he beat up that Wang Lin who’s at the fourth stage. Do you still think Ye Zifeng’s still at the 2nd stage of qi refining?”

“There’s also another thing. I heard that he accepted and completed the fourth stage thunder rhino mission!”

“…. He can finish such a difficult mission. Why are you guys still calling him trash? Can you guys do the mission?”


After the youngster said that, the entire hall was silent. Everyone was amazed. The title of trash was in the past. Ye Zifeng was cultivating like a normal person now. If anyone wants to ridicule him now, they have to have the ability to.

“Stop right there! Ye Zifeng. You dare to come to class?”

Ye Zifeng raised his brows and turned around. Suddenly a group of 2nd generation noble disciples surrounded him.

The leader of this group was Xiao Mu. It was obvious that they wanted to do something to Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng bitterly laughed and shook his head, “Ahhh. It’s because of all these 2nd generation nobles that I didn’t want to come to the sect. He knew that they would make trouble for him.”

“Ye Zifeng. Don’t think you can be so arrogant after winning the bet. This time, even if the sect punishes me, I will teach you a lesson!” After losing to Ye Zifeng, Xiao Mu was in distress. When he heard that Ye Zifeng came back to the sect for classes, he immediately went and gathered his bros to find Ye Zifeng.

“I’m here to attend classes today. I don’t want to deal with you guys. Now that I finished my classes, can you guys move away so I can leave?” Ye Zifeng wasn’t interested in teaching these smallfrys a lesson and walked away.

“YE. ZI. FENG. How are you look down on us! Brothers, let’s drag him out of the sect and teach him a lesson!”

Xiao Mu did not dare to fight inside the sect. If they fought outside of the sect, they won’t be punished harshly. However, if they do it inside the sect, they would be expelled immediately.

Xiao Mu and his gang started to rush towards Ye Zifeng.

“Everyone stop!”

A beautiful woman in white passed through the group of spectators. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at her.

She walked in between Ye Zifeng and Xiao Mu, clearly wanting to interfere in the matter.

“Bingqian….. Miss Bingqian?” Xiao Mu was shocked. He slapped his own face a few times to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

“What? Miss Bingqian? That Miss Bingqian who’s the number one alchemist in Leizhou City and is at the peak of qi refining?” Everyone was startled and started to chat quietly.

Bingqian was well respected by everyone. Not only is she talented in cultivating, she was also talented in the way of alchemy. In Leizhou City, even people in the martial practitioner realm and martial spirit realm would pay respect to her and do not dare to offend her. Afterall, she was the only one who could concoct pills for them.

Xiao Mu returned to his senses and apologized, “Miss Bingqian. I’m sorry if we disturbed you. However I have some problems with this guy behind you. Do you mind moving away for a bit?”