The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 247

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Ye Zifeng had forced Fairy Feng to change the rules without hesitation. Even if he lost in the future, it would be enough for him to be proud of himself.

Fairy Feng pondered for a moment. "If it\'s about Elixirs …"

"Let me think, why don\'t I just hide the Earth Spirit Fruit and Dust Vanilla?"

"Sure." Ye Feng pondered for a moment before he smiled and nodded. "According to what you said earlier, before you leave, you will wait for half an incense stick of time, right?"

"That\'s right." Fairy Feng nodded deeply as a trace of astonishment appeared in her beautiful eyes.

Looking at Ye Feng\'s confident expression, it seemed that he had the confidence to fight. In that case, where did his confidence come from?

Compared to her familiarity with the Medicine Valley, who could compare to Fairy Feng herself?

Although it seemed like Fairy Feng had spared Ye Wen half an incense stick of time, the truth was that she was afraid of him and didn\'t dare to say too much. What sort of unforeseen event had happened?

"Alright, I understand. Earth Concealing Spirit Fruit, Dust Aroma Grass … …"

"How is it? Do you have any other questions?" Fairy Feng stared fixedly at Ye Feng.

"This …"

"Let me think about it again."

Ye Wen thought for a moment and did not immediately reply.

On the other side, Wang Tian Zhi\'s eyes were still fixed on Ye Feng. Suddenly, he noticed that the hands on his back were constantly changing, as if they were forming hand seals. It was as if he was calculating something quickly.

"Crap, Fairy Feng, Ye Feng is simply stalling for time. He seems to be thinking about something …"

With a shout, everyone\'s gazes fell on Ye Feng. Their eyes were filled with doubt.

Ye Wen did not panic. He smiled slightly, retracted his hand, and turned around to look at Wang Tian Zhi.

"Young master of the Wang family, I know that you have some prejudice against me. However, please don\'t slander me, okay? We are competing in gathering medicinal ingredients. Even if I were to really calculate things, what can I possibly estimate?"

After Fairy Feng heard this, she thought for a moment. An idea suddenly flashed across her mind, but she quickly rejected it.

"This …"

"Impossible, how could Ye Wen have such profound theories about medicine? It shouldn\'t be possible."

Everyone began to discuss among themselves. Most of them thought that Wang Tian Zhi had made a big fuss out of nothing.

Just as the crowd was in a clamor.

Suddenly, Ye Wen\'s starry eyes flashed with a ray of light. It seemed that he had completed some kind of calculation.

In fact, he had purposely left his hand gesture for Wang Tianzhi to see and thus attracted the attention of the crowd, so as to take advantage of this opportunity to delay some time.

"Alright, stop trying to stall for time."

The corners of Ye Feng\'s mouth curved into a faint smile. "Why don\'t we just start immediately. Fairy Feng, you can start calculating the time. When the time comes, you can start moving."

Fairy Feng was stunned upon hearing this, but soon nodded her head. "Alright."

When these words came out, her expression slightly changed. She clearly did not expect that, as a real person, she would unwittingly fall into Ye Feng\'s tempo.

However, the moment her thoughts flashed past, before she could think about it, a gust of wind blew past her ears like a waterfall, causing her hair to lightly flutter about as it swayed uncontrollably.

Ye Wen made his move.

Fairy Feng\'s heart, which was as calm and unmoving as an ancient well, began to slightly ripple.


"I\'ll get you the Earth Spirit Fruit first."

Ye Wen smiled slightly as the spirit energy beneath his feet circulated and surged to the limit.

After a moment, everyone started to laugh as they watched Ye Feng\'s figure gradually disappear into the distance.

"You said that Ye Wen\'s acting is quite similar. He\'s clearly not familiar with the medicinal mountain, yet he dares to run so fast. Aren\'t you afraid of letting this spiritual plant slip by?"

"Hehe …"

"That is to say, in my opinion, he just wanted to show off his might in front of the fairy and win the beauty\'s smile. As for the outcome of the match, perhaps he doesn\'t care about it at all."


"This guy just doesn\'t know when to stop. If I were him, it would already be a good thing if I could get some benefits from him."

However, Fairy Feng\'s expression gradually turned solemn as a hint of panic flashed across her beautiful eyes.

"It can\'t be …."

"It should be impossible."

Wang Tian Zhi was startled when he heard this. He asked in confusion, "What\'s wrong? Is there something wrong?"

Fairy Feng shook her head, still unable to believe it. "The direction that Ye Feng is heading towards right now is the place where I grew the Ground Spirit Fruit."

"What?! It can\'t be?! It couldn\'t be that Ye Zifeng ran into a dead mouse, so he happened to run in the right direction!" Wang Tian Zhi\'s eyes dimmed down as he stared at Ye Feng\'s back in a daze.

However, the sliver of underestimation that he had earlier disappeared in an instant. A bad feeling arose in his heart because of this.

Fairy Feng\'s beautiful eyes stared fixedly at Ye Wen. She didn\'t stop for even a moment.

Suddenly, she saw Ye Wen suddenly stop in front of a spirit plant that grew the Ground Spirit Fruit, causing her face to immediately turn deathly pale.

"It\'s not a coincidence."

Layers of ripples began to form in her heart. Shock appeared in her beautiful eyes as she muttered to herself irresolutely.

"Could it be that last night, he came to the medicinal mountain and observed the situation there?"

However, this thought was quickly dispelled by her. Even if Ye Feng had come to visit Herb Mountain before, this place was huge. How could she have expected him to gather the Earth Concealing Spirit Fruits the next day?

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"Fairy Feng, I\'ll take this Earth Storage Spirit Fruit first." The corners of Ye Feng\'s mouth curled into a faint smile.

The distant voice was like a needle that pierced Fairy Feng\'s heart. It crushed all of her thoughts of luck and luck into pieces.

Although she wanted to take action seriously, due to the promise of half an incense stick\'s worth of time that she had made earlier, the initiative was completely in Ye Feng\'s hands.

On the other side, Ye Feng brandished his Wind King Dagger and swept it across the spiritual land, cutting off all the roots of the Earth Spirit Fruit and throwing it into his interspatial ring.

At this moment, after he finished harvesting the Ground Spirit Fruit, he was already in an invincible position.


He narrowed his eyes and started to calculate the position of the Dust Aroma Grass.

Fairy Feng\'s predictions were correct. He had indeed investigated the topography of Herb Mountain the previous night. However, even though his memory was astonishing, he still couldn\'t remember all of the medicinal plants within the mountain.

Thus, he paid particular attention to Fairy Feng\'s plans for the medicinal field and began to organize the memories of each plot.

What were the Qi Condensation level medicinal herbs? What were the first to third level Spirit Level medicinal herbs? What were the fourth to sixth level medicinal herbs? What were the seventh to ninth level medicinal herbs? Where were they located?

This was the focus of Ye Feng\'s attention. Therefore, rather than calculating something, it would be better to say that he was concentrating on his memories.

Moreover, not only that, as the strongest alchemist in the Heaven Realm, every single medicinal herb had an area suitable for growth. For example, the moss in the graveyard must have grown at the foot of the damp and dark mountain.

After considering it in such a way, it wasn\'t impossible for Ye Feng to deduce the location of a particular spiritual medicine.

Suddenly, he raised his head and a bright light flashed across his eyes.

"Feng Chen Grass. I remember now. It should be at … …"

Ye Wen\'s gaze suddenly shot up and landed on the top of Thousand Herbs Peak. The wind attribute spiritual herb was naturally the place with the most unobstructed spiritual energy in the entire Medicine Peak.

At the peak of the mountain.

"So that\'s how it is. This Fairy Feng really did leave a trump card. Even if I really found the location of the Stardust Herb, it definitely wouldn\'t be as fast as her movements."

Fairy Feng stared at the distant leaf edge before turning back to look at her own appearance. Her eyes seemed empty as her heart \'thumped\' in her chest.

"Impossible, could it be that he already guessed that the Stardust Grass is on top of the mountain?" Her beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment.

She had already lost half of her strength before she had even set out. Even if she really did take out the Stardust Grass, it would at most be able to save some of her face. It would be an unspeakable victory.

In her heart, this person called Ye Feng had only thought that he was a strange person. Now that she looked at him, it seemed that he was quite knowledgeable.

"Half an incense stick\'s worth of time has passed." Wang Tianzhi spoke loudly.

"I know, I don\'t need your reminder."

Fairy Feng coldly replied. She didn\'t have a good impression of him and her mood was extremely bad. Naturally, she didn\'t have any good words to say.

Thick Profound Qi gushed out of her body like a lake that was about to burst its banks. Her imposing aura was extremely sharp. A dazzling white light constantly spiraled around her feet.

Then, like a runaway horse, she suddenly dashed out.

"Ye Zifeng, I admit that your picking method is not bad and that your potential in this area is also great. However, your luck will come to this point."

After a moment, she had already passed by where Ye Wen was standing. How could a real person\'s footwork be comparable to his?

"Mmm, why aren\'t you moving?" Fairy Feng was somewhat surprised.

Just now, when he passed by Ye Wen, he seemed to have not moved at all. He only silently raised his head to look at the summit. It was unknown what he was thinking.

When everyone saw this, they laughed and began to discuss.

"I think that Ye Feng has most likely given up. However, we can\'t blame him. He has done his best. How could he be a match for a real person when comparing the strength of his legs?"

"Sigh, I originally wanted to watch a good show, but I didn\'t expect that it would be a draw. I wanted to see just what sort of expression Fairy Feng would have after she was defeated. What a pity."

Liu Bingqian stared at Ye Feng\'s back as she faced the crowd. Suddenly, she firmly said, "No, I\'m sure he hasn\'t given up. He\'s still searching for a way to win."

Everyone was startled when they heard this. Immediately, their laughter rang out.

"You …"

"Is there any basis for you to say this?"

"No, I have no proof." Liu Bingqian\'s eyes lit up as her beautiful eyes sparkled, "I just want to believe him."