The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 243

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Several of the real people, including Elder Suo, stood there stunned like half a log.

One had to know that Fairy Feng had always had a calm expression, as if she was indifferent to the matters of the mortal world.

This was the first time she\'d taken the initiative to ask for a disciple.

"This …"

Soo stared at her, the muscles in his cheeks hanging loose.

"What do you think? Is that okay?" Fairy Feng\'s pretty face was full of seriousness; she was clearly not joking.

Old Suo turned around and exchanged glances with the other people.

"Um … Adept Liu, do you have any objections? If he doesn\'t have any problems, I can also …"

Adept Liu was a snobbish person. He couldn\'t wait to not accept a disciple. He never had much interest in such unprofitable matters.

However, he still spoke in a dignified manner, "Since Fairy Feng is so determined, how could I not give you face? Young Master Ye, I\'ll leave it to Fairy Feng to discipline you."

Originally, he was taking in a disciple, but he had even used the word "discipline". He didn\'t forget to make a move on Hei Yefeng. If Ye Zifeng really did work for such a person, he didn\'t know what kind of suppression he would suffer.

"That\'s good. Since Adept Liu has already agreed, Ye Zifeng, why don\'t you come over and toast Master?"

Fairy Feng\'s beautiful eyes flashed with light as a faint smile appeared on her lips. She stared straight at Ye Zifeng, wanting to see him lower his head and serve her some tea in a flattering manner.

In her opinion, no matter how arrogant Ye Zifeng was, how could he attract her attention? When an opportunity presented itself in front of you, you should at least come up and grab it.

Liu Bingqian, who was beside her, did not think too much about it. Her delicate body trembled as she thought to herself.

If she could become Ye Wen\'s apprentice, it would be a perfect trip to the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

Ye Feng smiled and shook his head. "Fairy Feng, you seemed to have only asked for Adept Liu\'s opinion just now. You haven\'t asked for my opinion yet, have you?"

The faint smile at the corner of Fairy Feng\'s mouth suddenly froze. The others seemed to have become a bit numb as they stood there, stunned.

She stared at Ye Wen with shining eyes and said, "What a joke. A mere Qi Condensation Disciple, and you still want to have an opinion? I being your master is already your fortune. Do all of you from the Martial House look down on your elders like this?"

Liu Bingqian also looked at Ye Feng anxiously. She was secretly annoyed at him for not cooperating.

At this moment, if he lowered his head slightly, he would be able to obtain the other party\'s guidance within the next three months.

"Fairy Feng, Ye Feng only represents himself. Don\'t tell anyone else about the Martial House," Old Man Suo coughed softly and glared at Fairy Feng. Only then did she curl her lips and no longer say anything else.

Ye Zifeng smiled slightly and said seriously, "Old Suo, I sincerely hope that these three months will allow me to concentrate on cultivating by myself. As for taking you as my master …"

"I don\'t need it right now."

"You …" Fairy Feng\'s charming face alternated between red and white. The rest of the people were all incomparably shocked. Even Wang Tianzhi also felt that Ye Wen had gone crazy.

This was the first time that Fairy Feng had extended an olive branch to a human and taken him in as her disciple. However, not only did the other party not catch the olive branch, he had basically stepped on it ruthlessly.

"Weirdo … Weirdo …"

"What a strange person."

"He didn\'t even acknowledge his master. Could it be that he wants to build his own car behind closed doors?"

The disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders shook their heads. They had no idea what Ye Feng was doing.

Saying the same thing to everyone else, Old Man Suo furrowed his eyebrows and looked at him deeply.

"Ye Zifeng, if you don\'t acknowledge a master, how can you raise your cultivation level? Three months later, if you don\'t make any progress at all and return to Lei Zhou City, the elders of the Martial House will still think that there is a problem with the cultivation method of my Celestial Sect of Wonders."

"Old Man Suo, it is precisely to prevent this from happening. Zi Feng has a request."

Old Suo was stunned when he heard this. "You still want to beg me for something? Since you\'ve already said that, don\'t tell me that you intend to persist in your ignorance? Just listen to my advice. With Fairy Feng\'s ability, if you learn something, it\'ll be enough for you to live with for the rest of your life."

When he saw the unquestionable determination within Ye Feng\'s eyes, he immediately swallowed his saliva and nodded his head. A serious expression appeared on his face.

"Alright, tell me, what do you want from me?"

"Truly, please take a look." Ye Wen bowed respectfully, then took out an iron medallion that looked like a maple leaf from his interspatial ring.

"This is …"

"Order of the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

"Impossible, he actually has a pass through the Celestial Sect of Wonders …"

At first, Fairy Feng didn\'t react at all. When everyone looked up at Ye Wen, their expressions all changed. By the time they saw him again, they no longer dared to underestimate him.

This was the spoils of war Ye Feng had obtained during the final match of the Pill Battling Competition. He only had one chance per year, so the chances of him obtaining it were extremely small.

Therefore, the people who possessed this pass to the Celestial Sect of Wonders had more or less proven his uniqueness.

Elder Suo\'s expression changed slightly. "Ye Feng, this …"

"Why did you take out the pass to the Celestial Sect of Wonders?"

"I am willing to hand over this pass to you permanently. I wish to exchange for a chance to enter the Thousand Herbs Peak within three months."

As soon as he said this, the crowd went into an uproar.

It had to be known that Fairy Feng was the female Medicine King of the Thousand Herb Hall. This Thousand Herbs Peak was where she gathered the herbs.

Right now, Ye Feng was clearly going to collect herbs in his own territory. Furthermore, he was going to use his own disciple\'s identity.

However, the significance of the Gate of Wonders\' entry order was that it allowed one month\'s time to travel unhindered in any place other than the forbidden area of the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

A passage order could be exchanged for three months in a specific area. This request was not excessive.

"Hmm …"

This way, even Elder Suo started to hesitate, not knowing if he should agree to Ye Feng\'s request.

"Nonsense, this is simply nonsense. Ye Feng, I have the kind intention of taking you as my disciple, but what about you? Do you really have to go against me?"

Fairy Feng glared icily at Ye Ci, her eyes chilling her to the bone.

Ye Zifeng faintly smiled and shook his head, "Fairy Feng, what Zi Feng worships is nothing more than unrestrained freedom in this world. The word \'master\' is a type of shackle to me, so I have borrowed it without permission. I hope Fairy Feng will forgive me."

Actually, how could he truly respect freedom? However, the Fighters in front of him weren\'t enough to catch his eye.

One day, perhaps, he would be willing to accept her as his master. However, this definitely wasn\'t the time now, and his target was definitely not Fairy Feng.

"What a carefree attitude, what a revered freedom. In the Martial Spirit Continent, experts are as common as the woods. No matter how much you wish to advance, if someone kills you, you can still act as you\'ve said right now."

Fairy Feng was so angry that her pretty face turned red. She had always advocated pure cultivation and was rarely excited.

But now, the things she had said in the past month might not be as much as what she had said today.

Ye Qian Feng smiled faintly. "Fairy Feng is right. That\'s why I wanted to enter Thousand Herbs Peak. I wanted to refine some suitable medicinal ingredients to increase my strength. I should break through to the Martial Disciple realm as soon as possible."

"Picking up medicinal ingredients and refining pills." Fairy Feng was slightly startled. She couldn\'t help but let out a smile from the corner of her mouth.

"Ye Zifeng, you can indeed use the pass through the Gate of Wonders to gain access to the medicinal field. However, the amount of medicinal herbs you can obtain is extremely small." Although Fairy Feng seemed concerned, she actually reminded him that the amount of medicinal herbs he obtained was not much.

The divine light in Ye Feng\'s eyes vanished as he said in a low voice, "That\'s true. However, if I accidentally trampled a few spirit plants along the way, such as the Devil Flame Fruit or the Devil Flame Fruit, it shouldn\'t be my fault, right?"

Actually, there is one thing that he didn\'t say, and that is that Liu Bingqian is already your disciple.

It shouldn\'t be a big deal if she gathered some medicinal plants. The two of them would gather the medicinal plants together, and Ye Zifeng would be in charge of selecting the ingredients while Liu Bingqian would be in charge of picking the medicinal plants.

"You … you want to destroy …" Fairy Feng was stunned when she heard this. She stared blankly at Ye Zifeng.

These spirit strains had all been cultivated by Fairy Feng with all her effort. Every single one of them was like her own child. What would she do if she was spoiled by Ye Zifeng?

"Ye Zifeng, you …"

"Don\'t be too arrogant. If you really dare to do that, believe it or not, I have a way to force you out of the Gate of Wonders." Fairy Feng\'s beautiful eyes flashed with a cold light as she threatened.

"So, Fairy Feng, it seems that you don\'t know how to eat worldly things, and you also have all sorts of ways. I thought that you were the kind of person who doesn\'t leave the sect and only knows how to grow spirit plants and gather medicinal herbs from day to night."

All in all.

Ye Wen\'s words were the norm in Fairy Feng\'s life.

A single person had to take care of a mountain full of spiritual medicines. With such a huge amount of work, how could she have the time to do anything else?

Unconsciously, under the guidance of Ye Feng\'s words, Fairy Feng, who was completely ignorant of worldly affairs, began to fall into his tempo.

"You …" Fairy Feng glanced at him with a slightly angry gaze, then recovered her complexion and said, "Alright, Ye Feng. Judging from your appearance, you seem to know the names of some medicinal ingredients and have some knowledge of them."

Ye Wen smiled indifferently. His vision was extremely profound, and he did not deny it.

"Then … how about this. Tomorrow morning, I\'ll go with you to Thousand Herbs Peak to collect some designated medicinal herbs. If you can\'t even gather a third of my medicinal herbs, then it\'ll be considered my win. You definitely can\'t take even a single step into Thousand Herbs Peak during these three months."

"Then … what if I win?" Ye Wen\'s eyes flashed with divine light.

"You win." Fairy Feng seemed to have never even thought about this possibility. This was the first time Ye Feng had come to Thousand Herbs Peak, and he didn\'t even know the terrain. How could he possibly be faster than her hands and feet?

There was a slight trace of anger on her pretty face. "Alright, if you win, the medicinal ingredients you can use in the next three months can be calculated according to the amount of medicinal ingredients my disciple can use. Moreover, I allow you to address me as of the same generation."