The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 241

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When Duan Wu heard this, his complexion changed greatly.

"Brother Tian Rui, what are you talking about? Don\'t tell me you know these people …"

When Dong Tianrui saw that he was about to say \'country bumpkin\' again, his expression darkened. He hurriedly stepped forward and ruthlessly kicked his calves.

"Bastard, what nonsense are you talking about? You\'ve really caused me to suffer this time. Give me some brains. This is my Big Brother Ye, your big brother. Understood?"

"What? He\'s big brother\'s …"

"Big Brother." Duan Wu\'s calves were in pain and there was a look of astonishment on his face.

He was indeed taking advantage of Adept Liu\'s subordinates and working for him.

However, more often than not, he had been working with the young master of the Dong Clan of the Tian Dao City, Dong Tianrui. Therefore, he had to listen to what Adept Liu said. However, he had to listen to what Dong Tianrui had to say.

A person like Duan Wu, who had taken the initiative to fan the flames, shut his mouth. The others were even more shocked. They were stunned on the spot as their lips moved and closed. They were speechless.

"This …"

Upon seeing this, Liu Zhen\'s mood immediately changed. He was secretly glad that everything was going well and that he had completed the task that Old Man Suo had ordered him to do. He was glad that the show had played out well.

However, who would have thought that Dong Tianrui, who normally didn\'t know the immensity of heaven and earth, actually knew Ye ZIefeng. Furthermore, he even acknowledged him as his big brother.

It was simply unbelievable.

Therefore, he tried his best to give Duan Wu a look, but Duan Wu only stared blankly at Dong Tianrui. He didn\'t mention the matter of Ye Feng and his men scampering out of the Celestial Sect of Wonders anymore.

As for Dong Tianrui, he took the initiative to become a peacemaker. He had no interest in destroying this ceremony.

On the side of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, the creation of the sect had failed. Furthermore, it was like lifting a stone to smash one\'s own foot.

"This …"

"What should we do, Elder Suo …"

Adept Liu had an embarrassed expression on his face as he returned to Old Suo\'s side. He asked in a low voice.

This matter had suddenly changed, so he had no other choice.

Old Man Suo\'s face was extremely gloomy. With a heavy snort, he suppressed his voice and said, "Liu Junming, look at you. Look at the people you\'ve invited."

"Yes, yes. This time, I really do not know who it is. Then Elder Suo, what should we do now?"

Since the matter had already come to this point, Liu Junzhi knew that he had made things difficult for himself, so he could only accept the responsibility. As for the solution, he could only leave it to Elder Suo to decide.

Old Suo glared at him snappily, lowering his voice as he said: "What else can we do? We\'ve already said it, and we can\'t take it back. The relationship with the Cang Hun Martial House cannot be severed. These three months can be considered as a lucky chance for these people from the Martial House."

"This …"

Before Liu Junzhi could say anything, Old Suo took a step forward and took the initiative to open his mouth.

As the most experienced old man in this great hall, he naturally wanted him to preside over the subsequent ceremony in this chaotic moment.

"Dong Tianrui, you barged into the audience hall without permission and disrupted the public and spoke ill of the distinguished guests we invited from the Martial House." Dong Tianrui, you trespassed into the guest hall without permission and disrupted the audio-visual audience and spoke ill of the distinguished guests we invited from the Martial House.

This wasn\'t the first time Dong Tianrui had caused trouble. Every time he said that the punishment would be handed over to the Discipline Hall, he didn\'t know how to deal with it. Therefore, generally speaking, the punishment would go unpunished.

"Yes, I was wrong this time. I was willing to accept my punishment." It must be known that every time before this, Dong Tianrui would feel dissatisfied with his punishment. This was the first time he had taken the initiative to admit his mistake.

From Old Suo\'s point of view, Dong Tianrui shouldn\'t have made a ruckus, but now it was his turn to make a ruckus, so he stopped making a ruckus.

"Yale, why haven\'t you taken him out yet?" Anger appeared on Elder Suo\'s face as he waved his hand.


Before long, Dong Tianrui\'s group was led away by the people from the Discipline Hall. Originally, there were some who wanted to say a few more words, but Dong Tianrui glared at them and forced them to keep their words to themselves.

After the last outer court disciple had left the main hall, the chaotic scene finally returned to silence.

Old Suo withdrew his gaze and laughed out loud in an attempt to ease the atmosphere on the stage.

"Everyone, please be merry, this is just a small interlude."

Ye Wen smiled faintly as he stared at Elder Suo. The corner of his mouth rose to form an arc.

If this little episode was used by others, it might become the main melody of this ceremony.

"Alright, since the troublemaker has left, I think we should continue with the ceremony."

Elder Suo smiled as he looked at the five cultivators. His eyes revealed a hint of bitterness.

The reason why the five of them had agreed to let him act out such a show was because he had agreed to it. Who would have thought that they would actually act out a show now?

Therefore, he tried his best to give these people a meaningful glance. The latter understood, and could only sigh inwardly. He had been cheated.

When Old Suo saw the five of them respond to his meaningful glance, he let out a long sigh of relief. He could only apologize to them one by one after the event and give them some benefits.

"Then I will first introduce the five of them."

"From the left, the first is Adept Liu, who specializes in the way of the sword. We\'ve already gotten to know each other on the way here, so I won\'t explain anything."

Old Suo was dissatisfied with Adept Liu and was too lazy to mention him. He quickly ignored him.

Adept Liu could only force a smile from his face and nod in acknowledgement.

"The second is Dao Master Yulu of the Discipline Hall, who is in charge of the rules and discipline of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. He is the one who is responsible for finding trouble with them."

As soon as Yulü chased away Dong Tianrui and the others, he immediately stood up and clasped his hands at the crowd. It seemed that he was a person of good character. Otherwise, how could he possibly have the reason to bow to a junior?

"The third is Fairy Feng, the Queen of Medicine of Thousand Herb Hall. She is mainly responsible for harvesting and concocting medicinal ingredients, and then handing them over to old ghost Mu Yun to refine pills."

Fairy Feng wore a thin veil, a light white sleeveless dress, and a graceful figure. Her hands were covered in a scarlet gold bracelet, and she was staring into the distance. She seemed to be indifferent to the matters within the great hall.

Ye Wen\'s gaze was focused on Fairy Feng, and he seemed to have a profound look in his eyes.

Liu Bingqian let out a cough and a complicated look flashed across her beautiful eyes. "What\'s wrong, big brother vulgar? When you heard that she was a fairy, your heart became restless."

"She\'s only a herbalist. If she doesn\'t have any other abilities, then she\'s no fairy." Ye ZIefeng smiled faintly.

Although his voice was not loud, the great hall was abnormally quiet at this moment. Thus, it was very clear for one to hear it.

Furthermore, Ye Feng\'s words were without mercy. Even Fairy Feng frowned slightly as she turned her head to look at him.

"You …"

She originally thought that Ye Zifeng would be like the other mortals and would have malicious intents towards her beauty. Who would have thought that the other party would actually speak ill of her.

He was just a country bumpkin at the Qi Condensation stage. What qualifications did he have to talk to her like that?

He was simply a rude person.

Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Elder Suo continued speaking with a smile.

"This …"

Next, the fourth was Adept Baili, who focused on cultivating in the direction of the Qi Sect …

"Adept Baili, Adept Baili, why didn\'t you lift your head up?"

"Oh, so it\'s Adept Baili." Ye Wufeng\'s eyes lit up and a smile appeared on his face.

Upon hearing Elder Suo\'s words, Daoist Master Baili raised his head and glanced at the crowd, avoiding Ye Feng\'s gaze. His expression was a little awkward.

Fairy Feng frowned as she saw that something seemed to have happened between the two of them.

"What\'s wrong, Daoist Master Baili? Could it be that you know this rude person?" Her voice was delicate and soft, but it contained a sense of confidence.

"Such evil fate …"

"Such a bad fate." Daoist Master Baili sighed and shook his head.

It wasn\'t that he was afraid of Ye Feng. Rather, he was worried that Ye Feng, a fearless brat, wouldn\'t be afraid to take him as his master. With the terrible relationship between him and Jin Peng, it would turn the place he was cultivating into a complete mess.

If Old Man Suo hadn\'t said that this ceremony was only a show, he definitely wouldn\'t have come.

"Fairy Feng, I advise you not to have anything to do with this Ye Feng in the future," Daoist Master Baili said with a sigh.

"Why is that …" A sliver of confusion appeared on Fairy Feng\'s face.

She knew in her heart what kind of person Adept Baili was. He was a typical bully of the weak and afraid of the strong, but Ye Zifeng seemed to only be at the Qi Refining stage. He hadn\'t even reached the peak of the ninth level of Qi Refining.

"Just remember it." Daoist Master Baili shook his head as if he didn\'t want to explain any further.

Fairy Feng frowned, gently stroking the hair by her ear. Her milky white breasts straightened as a hint of doubt flashed through her eyes.

She murmured in a soft voice, "This Ye Wen. It seems he really has some arrogant skills."

Old Suo scanned the crowd before continuing, "Alright, the last one is the fifth one, Elder Zhao. He specializes in the soul cultivation technique. Although he is only a martial artist, his soul and telepathic thoughts have already been thoroughly used."

Hearing the two words "Spiritual Perception", a trace of a playful smile appeared on Ye Xueyi\'s pretty face as she giggled while looking at her brother.

"Alright, the direction of the five cultivators\' cultivation has already been introduced to everyone. Now, everyone should make their decision." Old Man Suo stared at Ye Feng and the others as he spoke in a serious tone.

Originally, if there was no Dong Tianrui, then naturally, the real person would choose his own disciple. But now, out of a kind of compensation, Old Man Suo decided to let Ye Feng and the others make the choice.

"I\'ve decided."