The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 235

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In front of so many people, the Wind Palm Academy had personally said that they would recommend Ye Feng to enter the Celestial Sect of Wonders as an exchange student.

In that case, this matter was pretty much set on stone.

"Brother Zi Feng, congratulations! This time, the three of us will be able to join the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

"That\'s right, big brother rough. I didn\'t think that we would be heading to the Celestial City soon after returning. Furthermore, we\'re going to the Celestial Sect of Wonders as exchange students." Liu Bingqian\'s face was full of emotion.

Ye Wen\'s gaze was extremely far and deep. "Everyone, don\'t relax. Other than us, the Wang family will also accompany us on this trip to the Celestial Sect of Wonders."

When they talked about the Wang family, the two women\'s faces darkened …

No matter how hard Ye Feng tried, he would not be able to suppress a super close family member in such a short amount of time.

Even if Wang Tian Zhi\'s performance in this mission was extremely poor, the upper echelons of the Martial House would definitely find various reasons to have him exchange knowledge with them.

Rather, it would be better to say that this group task of the Martial House was to let Wang Tian Zhi shine.

Who would have thought, including the elders of the Martial House, that this mission would actually help Ye Feng.


When the three people led by Ye Feng left the Martial House, it was already the middle of the night.

Liu Bingqian followed Ye Feng with a shy expression on her pretty face.

"That\'s right, big brother vulgar, I haven\'t made any mental preparations yet and you\'re going to let me see your parents. Moreover, you\'ve come to disturb me at night …"

"Isn\'t it a little bad?"

Ye ZIchen looked at her with a slight hint of temptation in his eyes. "Wait, who told you to go back to my house?"

Liu Bingqian was shocked, "But, didn\'t you just say …"

"That\'s right. All I\'m saying is that we should all go home. Wouldn\'t it be better if everyone went back to their own homes?"

"You …" Liu Bingqian thought that Ye Feng had said those words to her and felt a trace of excitement in her heart.

It turned out that she had been overthinking things once again.

Ye Xue Yi sighed slightly and walked over to shake Liu Bingqian\'s slender hand. She then giggled.

"Sister Bing Qian, don\'t take him to heart. It\'s not like you know my brother for the first time. If you believe him, you might as well believe that the sun rises from the west."

"That\'s true." Liu Bingqian laughed out loud. "In the end, he\'s a brother and sister. It seems that you know his personality better than I do. Those who don\'t know would think that you\'re an old couple."

When Ye Xueyi heard this, she gently gritted her teeth while her face was as though it was on fire.


Sister Bing Qian, stop teasing me, what\'s wrong with that? Between me and him …

"It\'s just a relationship between brother and sister."

After Liu Bingqian and Ye Feng went their separate ways.

Not long after, Ye Zifeng and his sister walked back to the Ye Residence with a smile on their faces.

Within the mansion, the surroundings were completely dark. One could not see one\'s hands in front of one\'s face.

"This is quite strange." Ye Xueyi exclaimed. A trace of strangeness appeared in her beautiful eyes.

"Logically speaking, since we just returned from the Martial House mission, the family should have arranged for a servant to light the lamps for us. Why is there not a single person around? Could it be that everyone has fallen asleep?"

Originally, she was somewhat excited, but when she returned home and saw the pitch-black scene, she immediately felt a chill in her heart.

Ye Zifeng only frowned slightly as a ball of ordinary flames rose from his fingertips, illuminating the surroundings.

As he scanned his surroundings, he saw that there seemed to be quite a few people hiding in the darkness. They were all hiding in various corners, and it was unknown what they were holding in their hands.

"We\'re finished. We\'ve been discovered by the eldest young master. The plan failed."

"What plan?" Ye Xueyi\'s beautiful eyes flashed with a strange light. "Are all of you servants rebelling? You\'ve already thought of your master."

At this time, he suddenly heard Ye Huichi\'s voice, "Since we\'ve been discovered, why are you still in a daze? Quickly take out that fella."

"Yes, yes." The servants hurriedly replied.

After a short moment, everyone took out spirit cigarettes and lit them up.

The top of the spirit smoke suddenly burst forth with a dazzling brilliance, illuminating the entire space until it was transparent.

Multicolored lights flashed as spirit smoke rose in all directions. The scene of burning fireworks could be seen everywhere.

"This is …"

Ye Xueyi\'s beautiful eyes overflowed with a trace of surprise.

"Hahahaha …"

Ye Chong Tian\'s hearty laughter rang out from behind the two of them, followed closely by Ye Huichi.

"Zi Feng, Xue Yi, congratulations on such a glorious achievement in the Martial House\'s mission. Huichi has already told me everything about the situation in the Scarlet Blood Valley."

Ye Huichi laughed as he rubbed his head, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Big brother, you were so supportive of me during the mission and even saved my life. No matter what, I have to show my support."

It turned out that after Ye Huichi had returned home, he had immediately informed Ye Chong Tian of the events that had occurred in the Scarlet Blood Valley. The entire Ye Family was in an uproar.

Thus, under Ye Huichi\'s suggestion, there was a small celebration.

"Speaking of which … Big Brother …"

Ye Huichi chuckled as he moved closer and said, "You and Xue Yi are picking magic treasures, how did you get there so late? Logically speaking, that treasure of a spirit rank should have closed a long time ago."

Ye Xue Yi looked at Ye Feng and a trace of a smile appeared in her beautiful eyes.

She giggled and said, "Father, this is something you don\'t know. Tonight, not only have I broken through to the Martial Disciple realm, Brother Zi Feng has also obtained the opportunity to go to the Celestial Sect of Wonders. Not only that, the headmaster will personally write a letter recommending him."

It was so quiet that even the sound of needles dropping could be heard.

Even Ye Zhongtian, as the head of the family, was extremely shocked.

Just the fact that Ye Xueyi had broken through to the Martial Disciple Realm alone was enough to shock anyone. Not to mention that Ye Feng had received the recommendation of the Wind Palm Academy and was heading towards the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

Ye Huiqi recovered from his shock and laughed in the sun as he looked at Ye Xueyi and said,

"Xue Yi, I\'ve discovered that you\'ve become more and more quiet recently."

Tang Feng also helplessly shook her head as she walked forward. "Xue Yi, what nonsense are you spouting? The Wind Palm Academy has a high position and no matter how much of a joke you joke about it, you can\'t drive it onto them. If others hear it, they will gossip about you."

She looked up and glanced at the servants.

Those people naturally knew of Tang Feng\'s methods. They hurriedly expressed their stance as if they had been bitten by a venomous snake.

"Don\'t worry Madam, we definitely won\'t tell anyone."

At this moment, Ye Wen spoke up with a faint smile.

"No, what Xue Yi said is all true."

With these words, those who thought Ye Xueyi was joking immediately froze on the spot.

It was as if Ye Feng\'s words naturally gave off an oppressing aura that could not be doubted. This was also the temperament of an expert that he had developed from a long period of time as a Martial Ancestor in his previous life.

Even Ye Zhongtian\'s lips moved slightly as he opened and closed his eyes. He didn\'t say anything and instead walked quickly to Ye Xueyi\'s side, rubbing her wrist.

"This …"

"Xue Yi, you really are a Martial Disciple." Ye Chong Tian couldn\'t help but suck in a breath of cold air. He was very clear that his daughter was only at the eighth level of Qi Refining before she went to the Martial House.

"It can\'t be." Even the calm Tang Feng was frozen on the spot and didn\'t move for a long time.

"In that case, the matter of that old fox from the Wind Palm Academy recommending you to the Celestial Sect of Wonders is also true …" Ye Zhongtian stared intently at Ye Wen, as if he wanted him to see through Ye Wen\'s flesh.

As a Martial Spirit Realm expert, he was once the number one figure in the entire Lei Zhou City. Therefore, he naturally knew the Wind Palm Academy and knew his character.

"That\'s right. Moreover, if I\'m not wrong, three days later, when the true disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders return to the Heavenly Dao City, it will be the day for us to set out to exchange knowledge."

"This …"

After a moment of shock, Ye Huichi said with a sudden realization, "I remember now, Big Brother, the promise of a breakthrough you made with the Wind Palm Academy … Could it be that you\'ve really broken through? And it only took a day."

Ye Wen smiled faintly, "If the conditions are missing, then it might not even be possible to break through within a month. If all the conditions are met, then it can be done in one day."

He paused for a moment. "That\'s right. I\'m already at the peak of the eighth level of Qi Refining."

"That\'s really the case …"

Actually, Ye Feng was quite lucky. He was able to get two people at the ninth level of Qi Refining to complete the medicinal array. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t be able to make a breakthrough just by relying on the Spiritual Concentration Formation.

When they heard these words, some people were stunned. Even Ling Yan, who was in their hands, accidentally fell to the ground.

Ye Zhongtian kept nodding his head, unable to say anything due to his excitement. He could only keep on saying, "Good. Good."

Just think of the time when Ye Wen was called a good-for-nothing. Now, he was like a passing cloud that had vanished without a trace.

The Ye Family had slowly declined because of his "trash" Ye Wen\'s existence. Now, because of his existence, they were stepping back into the path of rebirth.

"Haha, there\'s hope for the Ye Clan\'s revival." Ye Zhongtian suppressed the depression he had felt for a long time. When Ye Wen won the championship during the Heavenly Staircase Meeting, things had changed.

However, only now did he consider the miracle created by Ye Wen as a habit.

He came back to his senses and leisurely laughed, "That\'s right, Zi Feng, listen to Huichi. You have a total of 50,000 contribution points on your side. I wonder what you have in exchange. How many points do you have left?"

Ye Feng and Ye Xueyi looked at each other and a trace of an indescribable smile appeared in their eyes.

"I\'m sorry, Father. I\'ve used up all the 50,000 points. Now, not even a single cent is left …"