The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 218

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"All that I have done is within the scope of the rules and to complete the mission. May I ask what is wrong with that?"

Ye Wen smiled faintly, biting down on the two words "rules".

The meaning of his words seemed to be interrogating but also seemed to be expressing dissatisfaction. However, the tone of his voice was as warm as the wind, making it hard for people to express their anger.

Indeed, not a single thing that Ye Wen had done exceeded the rules.

On the other hand, the Martial House Elder had complied with Wang Tianzhi\'s request and openly cheated. He had ordered the Ye Family to send a team of experts who were at the ninth level of Qi Refining to attend the competition and only sent ten people out.

To be able to overcome this obstacle was Ye Wen\'s skill. However, that did not mean that he would ignore the obstacle that had been created by this person.

"You …" Elder Lin\'s expression was extremely sullen. He had suppressed his rage to the point where he had no place to vent it. He wanted to vent all his anger on Ye Feng.

"Let me tell you, don\'t be too arrogant, Ye Wen."

"I\'m arrogant." Seeing Elder Lin\'s exasperated expression, Ye Feng smiled without denying it.

"Then, Elder Lin …"

He raised his head and looked at the crowd. "Also, the other elders of the Martial House, what is the result of this mission?"

It had always been the Elders of the Martial House announcing the results of the missions. Very few students asked about the results of the missions themselves. Ye Feng\'s words were practically challenging their prestige.

Since Elder Lin had said that Ye Feng was arrogant, then he would sit properly. In fact, he had also expressed his dissatisfaction a little.

At the very least, he had the qualifications to act so arrogantly.

"This …"

The elders of the Martial House pondered for a moment before looking at each other.

In the end, after some discussion …

Elder Shen let out a long laugh as he stood up.

"Good, it really is a hero coming out from his youth. I declare, Ye Feng, that your Ye Family team …"

Of course, Ye ZIchen wasn\'t lying. If Elder Shen didn\'t support him, he would definitely have considered the wording.

Elder Lin was startled when he heard this. Hearing these words, he hurriedly interjected, "Elder Shen, please be careful again and again. The people from the Celestial Sect of Wonders are still here."

Elder Suo from the Celestial Sect of Wonders let out a cold snort. He originally disliked Elder Lin\'s actions, but now that he saw that he still wanted to use the Celestial Sect of Wonders as a shield, he naturally felt disdain in his heart.

"Our people from the Celestial Sect of Wonders always rely on strength to decide who will win. However, we will also congratulate a talent like Ye Feng when he wins."

His words had already explained his attitude and stance very clearly.

As for the other people behind him, they all nodded in agreement.

"That\'s right, that\'s right."

They didn\'t care about the conflict between the Wang and Ye Families. As long as they were talented, they would naturally take a liking to them.

"This …"

Elder Shen chuckled and turned to look at Elder Lin, "Elder Lin, is there any other problem?"

Elder Lin saw that the people from the Celestial Sect of Wonders had already made their words clear to this extent. If he continued, it would probably cause the relationship between the Martial House and the Celestial Sect of Wonders to turn stiff.

"No …"

"There\'s no problem, Elder Shen. You can continue."

Elder Shen immediately nodded. "That\'s fine. I will announce that Ye Zifeng and the Ye Family\'s team have become the final victors of this Martial House\'s quest."

Absolute silence.

After a moment of silence, a wave of overturned cheers resounded throughout the entire Crimson Blood Valley, as if the earth itself was shaking because of it.

The result was no surprise. After all, the people who had gathered almost all of the Demon Crystals in their hands … Other than Ye Wen, who else could it be?

However, when the crowd heard these words from the elders of the Martial House, they all felt different.

Ye Xueyi\'s pretty face was full of ecstasy, and even her voice was somewhat trembling.

"Brother Zi Feng, did you hear that our Ye Family\'s team got first place in this Martial House mission?"

After the shock, Ye Huichi was overjoyed, "That\'s right big brother, honestly speaking, until the end of the mission, I never expected such an outcome."

Actually, how could Ye Huichi have not expected such a result? Amongst the people present, who could guess?

"Brute brother …"

Liu Bing Qian looked at Ye Wen from afar with a smile on her face. She seemed to be happy for him. As for the displeasure she felt earlier, it had already been tossed to the back of her mind.

Xiao Mu, Liu Yige, Rongfan, and the others crowded over and began to congratulate Ye Feng.

"Young Master Ye, you deserve the first place!"

"Haha, this is indeed the case. Young Master Ye\'s mission this time was so beautiful that it could be said to be perfect."

"Young Master Ye, you …"

Ye Wen smiled for a moment. Under the stunned gazes of the crowd, he turned around and walked towards Elder Lin.

He had heard these compliments before, but he did not take them to heart. Even if he heard more, he would not have any actual benefits, nor would he have any interest in listening to them.

The real benefits would come from Elder Lin.

"Elder Lin." Ye Zifeng\'s lips curved up into a smile as he looked at him and said.

Elder Lin\'s expression was extremely gloomy. When he saw Ye Feng come over and thought that Ye Wen was here to mock him, his expression darkened.

"Ye-zi, what are you doing here?"

Ye Weifeng smiled faintly, "Elder Lin really has forgotten many things. Why? Have you forgotten the rules that were laid down before the Martial House\'s mission started?"

Old Man Lin was startled for a moment before he suddenly understood. His eyes narrowed into a thin line as he said in astonishment, "Could it be that you came to ask for the Martial House\'s reward?"

Ye Feng smiled slightly and nodded. He said in a low voice, "Since Elder Lin understands, I don\'t need to explain anything. Just do as I said before the mission and there will be six times the reward. I hope that Elder Lin will not shirk his words."

"You …"

Elder Lin\'s face immediately turned ashen as he bitterly smiled in his heart. Before the mission started, he dared to boast that Ye Feng would not be able to complete the first mission because he believed that Ye Wen would not be able to complete the first mission.

How could he have guessed? Ye Feng had actually completed three missions, and had even gathered the Demon Crystals of the other teams into his hands.

If the rewards were given to Ye Feng and his team in accordance with the rules and with such a huge expense, then wouldn\'t Elder Lin be scolded half to death by the higher-ups of the Martial House?

"This …"

Elder Lin muttered to himself for a moment as countless thoughts flashed across his mind.

"What\'s wrong, Elder Lin? Are your previous words all nonsense?" The divine light in Ye Wen\'s eyes gradually contracted as he stared at him.

"Of course not." Elder Lin laughed embarrassedly. Seeing that Ye Feng really couldn\'t be fooled, he felt a great headache in his heart.

He suddenly rolled his eyes and laughed, "However, as the saying goes, harboring a treasure is a sin. If you really receive six times the reward, aren\'t you afraid of others looking at you with envious eyes?"

After pausing for a moment, he walked closer to Ye Wen and lowered his voice, "Perhaps a slight discount and three times the reward would suffice. Don\'t be too greedy."

He seemed to be thinking for Ye Wen, but in reality, he was warning him.

"Three times reward."

"That\'s right. If you agree, I can make the decision for you." At this moment, Elder Lin was clearly very generous.

However, Ye Wen had almost eaten the fat on the corner of his mouth. How could he possibly let go?

Since the other party was being unkind, then he could not be blamed for being dishonest.

He immediately laughed out loud, "So that\'s how it is. Elder Lin, I finally understand your character."

"It\'s not too late to know about it now. Young people, there are some things that should be persisted in. There are some things that should be given priority by the overall situation. It\'s best to give up on them."

Ye Feng\'s expression was calm as he smiled and nodded, "That is indeed the case. Some things are more important than the big picture. Since Elder Lin has already said so, then Zi Feng has nothing to be afraid of."

Old Man Lin\'s smile immediately froze as he decisively asked, "What do you mean by that? Ye Feng, what exactly do you want to do?" A bad feeling suddenly arose from the bottom of his heart.

"Originally, I had wanted to save the chance for the Wang family to enter the Celestial Sect of Wonders to exchange knowledge on behalf of Elder Lin. Now that Elder Lin has reminded me, I feel that it is better to give such a good chance to exchange information to others."

Even though Ye Wen\'s voice was indifferent, his words were like a sharp blade that pressed against Elder Lin\'s chest and held onto his seven inches.

He didn\'t really care what Ye Feng was like. If he took a loss, he would take a loss.

However, the relationship between Elder Lin and the Wang family could be said to be close. If their Wang family couldn\'t go to the Celestial Sect of Wonders to exchange knowledge because of the Martial House\'s mission, then his responsibility would be huge.

"You …"

"What do you want?"

Old Man Lin\'s voice was trembling as he raised his head to look at Ye Feng\'s eyes that were as deep as an ancient well. He felt that he could not see through the other party\'s thoughts.

"Haha, Elder Lin, did you see that dejected look on Wang Tian Zhi\'s face when he left the stage? Do you know who caused all of this?" Ye Wufeng suddenly asked.

To be able to combine the powers of the five clans and complete the quest together, Ye Feng\'s strength was definitely not to be underestimated.

Previously, when Old Man Lin saw Wang Tian Zhi\'s dejected appearance, he was most likely related to Ye Zifeng.

If Ye Feng was willing, perhaps he would be able to control the Wang family members\' chances of entering the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

Thinking about this, Old Man Lin thought that something bad was about to happen. If he were to let the Wang family go to waste, it would be a huge loss. He cast a meaningful glance at Ye Wen, his expression somewhat complicated.

"Wang Tian Zhi, he has his weakness in my hands. Once I announce it, hehe …"

Ye Wen smiled and stared back at him as if he wanted to see him in the flesh. The corner of his mouth revealed a hint of madness and viciousness.

Old Lin stared at him, increasingly feeling that the other party was truly using the hands of the Wang family members. Therefore, after a few glances at each other, he gradually began to lose the match.

"Whatever, even if I admit defeat, six times the reward is six times the reward. Let me see how much contribution points I can make for you." Elder Lin was stubborn in the end and sighed deeply.