The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 217

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Time passed minute by minute, and a strange fluctuation was produced in the vast space.

The ceiling of the cave shook violently and the gravel fell to the ground with a “bang bang” sound.

“Impossible, Young Master Ye. This place isn’t really going to collapse.” Rongfan’s pupils contracted.

Ye ZhangFeng nodded solemnly, “That’s right. All of you should leave quickly. If you were a moment late, it wouldn’t be a joke.”

“Let’s go, we heard what Young Master Ye said. Let’s go quickly.” Rongfan nodded his head in a hurry before turning around to greet the group of people from the Rong family.

At this point of time, these people had already listened to what Ye Feng said.

Furthermore, they were originally a little afraid of death. The idea of running away when faced with danger was deeply ingrained in their hearts. Any outsider’s actions would cause them to erupt.

After a short moment, beams of white light lit up and the mist evaporated. The figures of the Rong family members gradually disappeared, returning to the entrance of the Scarlet Blood Valley.

“Let’s go as well.” Xiao Mu and Liu Yige glanced at each other and activated their escape tokens.

The other members of the Ye Family also followed closely behind and began to apply the Spiritual Aura onto the escape tokens one by one.

Feng Die’s beautiful eyes shifted as she looked at Ye Wen. She wanted to say something, but she hesitated, “Young Master Ye, I …”

“You should also leave quickly. Your Senior Brother Kong’s condition is not very good until now.”

Ye Wen looked meaningfully at Kong Zhuo, who was resting by the side, and reminded Feng Die.

Feng Die was slightly startled and sighed. She knew that a person like Ye Feng definitely wasn’t someone she could climb up.

Thus, she immediately turned around and said, “Okay, senior brother, let’s go.”

“Shua! Shua!” A white light flashed, and the entire dark cavern was sometimes bright and sometimes dark. It made people feel that it was somewhat dazzling.

Liu Bingqian looked around and when she saw that there was no one around, she smiled.

“Brute big brother, you’re really considerate. After everyone has left, you can leave by yourself. This is a sign of the leading person’s elegance.”

She giggled for a moment before she activated her escape token.

However, Ye Feng held out his hand and held onto the end of the token in her hand, stopping her from moving. “Wait a moment. Bing Qian, you stay here.”

Halfway through Liu Bingqian’s spiritual energy, a look of surprise flashed across her beautiful eyes. She asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Wen’s eyebrows were knitted together. His expression was somewhat awkward. He had a very different feeling compared to the usual calm expression on his face.


“There are some things that I don’t feel good about doing in front of everyone. Right now, when there’s only the two of us and no one watching, I can’t bring myself to do it.”

“Oh, could it be that you were trying to persuade someone to leave just now?” Liu Bingqian said with a slight smile. She thought the other party was joking.

“That’s exactly the case.” Ye Wen nodded his head deeply and then slowly approached her.

“You …”

Liu Bing Qian’s beautiful eyes flashed with a strange light. After a moment of silence, she suddenly seemed to have understood something.

She then exclaimed with a flushed face, “Wait, big brother vulgar, you left me here alone. Could it be that you want to do that kind of thing ….”

“That’s right.” Ye Feng nodded. With every step he took, Liu Bingqian would take a small step back. Unconsciously, she had already retreated to the edge of the cliff.

“This …”

No, so suddenly, in the catacombs again.

“I haven’t made any mental preparations yet.” Liu Bingqian placed her hand on the rock wall. Her small hand was warm and beads of sweat dripped out. She lowered her eyes and her breath was incredibly hot, as if she could hear her own heartbeat.

“Do I need to be mentally prepared for something like this?”

There were traces of trembling in her voice as she forcefully suppressed her embarrassment and said, “Of course. I don’t know how you are. Anyway, this is my first time.”

“Once I get used to it, I’ll be fine.”

Ye Wen shook his head in confusion. His face revealed a look of surprise. He took out an item from his space ring and threw it in front of Liu Bingqian.

“Alright, I’ll give you this then.”

A strange light flashed across Liu Bingqian’s bright eyes as she received the item from Ye Wen.

Surprisingly, it was a small, sharp dagger.

“Brute brother, you …”

Liu Bingqian’s pretty face was filled with astonishment.

Doing that kind of thing, what was the dagger supposed to do? What kind of game was this?

Ye Wen forced a smile and explained, “It’s like this. I can see that there are quite a few good parts on this Icy Wolf that can be used as medicinal ingredients to refine pills. However, publicly stripping this Ice Wolf in front of everyone seems to be damaging to your image. So, didn’t I find you?”

Liu Bingqian was stunned like lightning. After a while, her face became as if covered in mist and the warmth in her heart cooled down.

“To refine medicinal ingredients. In that case, the reason why you left me here alone is so that you could make me strip this Ice Wolf together.”

Ye Ji nodded. Instead, he gave her a strange look. “If not, what do you think?”

“I …”

Liu Bingqian’s face seemed to be on fire. She did not know what to say.

A trace of anger immediately appeared on her pretty face as she coquettishly scolded, “Forget it, I’m too lazy to bother you. Taking the medicinal ingredients to refine pills is your own business. I won’t help you.”

Ye Zifeng’s heart skipped a beat, “Bing Qian, Bing Qian …”

“Wait a minute, don’t go. If you leave now, I won’t be able to get such a good medicinal herb.”

When Ye Feng said that last sentence, it also confirmed Liu Bingqian’s determination. She coldly snorted and activated her escape token without a word.

A white light flashed across the sky, leaving only Ye Feng alone in the empty cavern.

He rubbed his head strangely, “Could it be that I just said that she should be given half of the medicinal plant?”

With a sigh, he began to cut the rock with his own hands.

Just as the cave was about to completely collapse, he no longer coveted anything and could only sigh. As he looked at the remaining half of the ‘medicinal ingredient’, a trace of regret appeared on the corners of his mouth.


The entrance of the Crimson Blood Valley was already packed with people. The level of the explosion had completely exceeded the elders’ imaginations.

Everyone was quietly waiting for Ye Wen’s appearance.

Out of the five teams, the only one left in the valley was Ye Feng. Even Wang Tian Zhi quietly returned to the entrance after clearing his head. He covered his swollen face and said goodbye to the elder before walking away dejectedly.

In mid-air, a white light flashed and gradually revealed a thin and handsome figure. The elders of the Martial House and the true disciples of the Celestial Sect of Wonders looked at each other with a complicated look in their eyes.

“He’s out, he’s out! Young Master Ye is out!”

Xiao Mu was the first to yell out in excitement.

When his big brother, Xiao Ying, saw this, he couldn’t help but frown deeply. “Brother Mu, what happened to you? Why did your attitude towards Ye Feng change so much?”

“This …”

“I’ll tell big brother later. Right now, I am busy welcoming the triumphant return of Young Master Ye.”

Xiao Ying was stunned. He thought there was something wrong with his ears and was stunned. “You … what did you say?”

One had to know that the person who had almost completely tricked the Xiao family was Ye Feng. Logically speaking, Xiao Mu should have hated Ye Feng to death, but looking at his current expression, he seemed to have completely forgotten about this matter.

Xiao Mu wasn’t the only one. For example, Rongfan and Liu Yige, their eyes were filled with happiness. Those who knew them were all shocked, thinking that their personalities had changed.

Ye Xueyi clenched her delicate fists tightly. Her beautiful eyes were secretly filled with anticipation. The moment Ye Wen’s figure suddenly appeared, he almost immediately rushed forward.

“Big brother Zi Feng, it’s been so long and you haven’t left the valley. I thought that something bad has happened to you and you’re almost anxious to death.” Ye Xueyi’s pretty face was as if covered in a layer of mist.

“It’s fine, I’m fine.” Ye Wufeng smiled gently and patted his sister’s hand, allowing her to recover from her moment of nervousness.

He raised his head and looked around at the people around him. Although Wang Tian Zhi was missing, he had gained a lot of people who were convinced. The other benefits he had obtained before and after the mission had probably already surpassed the rewards from the Martial House.

At this time, the Martial House Elder only recovered from his shock after a long while.

“Ye-zi, you … do you know what you’ve done?” Elder Lin’s voice trembled. It was obvious that he was extremely angry.

“Sigh …”

The other elders of the Martial House also had the same expression on their faces as they shook their heads repeatedly.

Originally, according to the elders’ speculations, it should have been the result of the Wang Clan winning the championship, the Ye Clan being at the bottom, or even taking the initiative to withdraw from the competition.

However, Ye Wen’s appearance had completely messed up their original plan.

“What did I do?” The corner of Ye Feng’s mouth rose into a faint smile. A cold smile emerged from the corner of his mouth. It was obvious that he was not afraid of the elders questioning him.

In the past, when he was the Martial Ancestor Realm, he had looked down upon the world. On the continent, he could be said to be an existence that was below a single person and above tens of thousands of people.

He took out a stack of large and small demon crystals from his interspatial ring and spread them out on the ground. The amount was equal to the total amount of the five squads combined.

When this scene entered the elders’ eyes, the shock on their faces was obvious.

This wasn’t the first time they had organized a team competition, but it could be said that no one had ever been able to create such a large team like Ye Feng.

Ye Wen’s eyes flashed with a bright light as a smile appeared on his face and he coldly said …