The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 216

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After being caught off guard by the attack, the Ice Wolf’s skin and flesh instantly split open.

The blood that spurted out was like a torrential rain as it splattered across the entire space.

The Ice Wolf straightened its body and bellowed. Having already lost a head, the damage to its head caused it to nearly faint.

“This …”

Everyone was just talking about Wang Mengxi when they saw the Ice Wolf with their own eyes. Immediately, their expressions changed drastically.

Why did this ice wolf suddenly appear out of nowhere?

And how did Ye Wen discover it?

“Bing Qian, let’s do it together.”

“Okay.” After Liu Bingqian heard this, she actually rushed over before Ye Feng could say anything. She was afraid that something would happen to him.

After the Ice Wolf exploded once, it was at the end of its tether. There was no need for everyone to construct a new spirit energy cage to surround it. Liu Bingqian was the only one who could restrain it.

Ye Wen took a deep breath and wisps of white mist rose from his palm, forming another spirit beast.

The Qi Nurturing Pill he had just consumed had yet to be used up.

When the ice wolf saw the formation of the Spiritual Aura monster, it was stunned. Just now, when it was in its peak condition, it did not have a good way to deal with it. It basically used a self-harming method to deal with it.

It looked at Ye Wen with fear and uneasiness. With every step it took, it would retreat a step. In the end, it did not care about anything else and used the ice Qi to open a path. It would immediately spread out its legs and run.

“If he wants to run, doesn’t that mean he will die faster?”

The corner of Ye Wen’s mouth raised in a smile as he pointed his bloody dagger at the rock wall in front of him. With a sudden tightening of the silk, his entire body shot towards the Ice Wolf like an arrow leaving the bowstring.

At the same time, the Spiritual Aura Monster also found the place to lower its mouth and started to gnaw on it crazily, as if it was trying to squeeze out the last bit of Essence Qi from the Ice Wolf’s body.

The ice wolf’s eyes were filled with despair as it slowed down its footsteps.

Not only that, but Liu Bingqian’s jade short sword snaked like a snake when she got close to it. The sword rays rippled and scattered across the ice wolf’s body. Streams of blood spurted out, chopping off the beast’s life force bit by bit.

“Clang! Clang!” The sword’s momentum was like a rainbow as it slashed across the Ice Wolf’s four limbs, leaving behind countless bloody holes.

Liu Bingqian’s move might not be fatal, but it was the best way to control her opponent’s movements.

Ye Wen slowly walked in front of the Ice Wolf and said with a faint smile, “If you were to fight me head-on, you might have a way out. However, you just left your back to the enemy. This is your biggest cause of death.”

A cold light suddenly flashed across his eyes.

Following the blood hole Liu Bingqian had created earlier, he leaped up and stabbed down ferociously with his dagger towards the enormous wolf head.

Following that, he fiercely stomped his foot on the Ice Wolf’s face. The silk thread drew a circle around its neck before suddenly tightening.

At this moment, the already weak Ice Wolf was finally powerless to resist the storm of attacks.

After it let out a final growl.

On his neck, a large amount of blood droplets suddenly appeared, blooming like a Blood Rose.

The second head of the two Ice Wolf gradually drooped, as if it couldn’t bear the weight of its head. It fell off its body and rolled all the way to Ye Feng’s feet before stopping.

“Rough person big brother, it’s done.” Liu Bing Qian’s pretty face showed a sliver of excitement.

The third mission was not simple. Compared to the first two, the difficulty was more than doubled. Moreover, if she were to find out that before the two ice wolves, there was a crystal rock elephant that had awakened its intelligence, she would probably be stunned for a long time before she could say anything.

On the other side, everyone was dumbstruck as they watched this scene.

From the moment the Ice Wolf appeared until it escaped, it was killed on the spot by Ye Wen.

This chain of events was like the passing of a wisp of smoke. It happened so fast that they didn’t even have time to recover from their shock.

“Dead. The Ice Wolf really died this time, right?” Shi Chen wiped his eyes. He was still a little afraid of the explosion just now. He was afraid that if it were to do it again, it wouldn’t be a joke.

Xiao Mu replied snappily, “Nonsense, the Two-Headed Ice Wolf has become a headless Ice Wolf. If this doesn’t die, how can there be any justice in the world?”

“That’s right, the two-headed Ice Wolf is indeed dead.” Ye Wufeng smiled calmly and gently pressed his dagger against the head of the ice wolf, stopping it from moving forward.

Hearing Ye Feng’s words, the crowd was finally able to relax and burst into cheers and jumps.

If it wasn’t for Ye Wen’s existence defeating the Wang family and joining forces with their own team, they probably wouldn’t even be able to feel the hair on the two Ice Wolves’ heads, let alone kill it.

The group of people immediately surrounded him. Their faces were filled with happiness.

“Young Master Ye, what did you use that move just now? It was too powerful. We’ve been fighting for so long and yet we still couldn’t finish it. Your move alone is more than enough to deal with all of us.”

“Let’s go, what are you flattering him for? Is Young Master Ye someone who only knows how to suck up to others?”

Rongfan laughed and continued, “Young Master Ye, that attack just now was a Spirit Level Martial Skill. It was so powerful that it really widened my horizons.”

When it came to martial skills, that was what Ye Feng lacked. When he received the Martial House’s reward for the mission, he might even have to exchange for it.

However, how could the crowd in front of them care about this? Each and every one of them wanted nothing more than to hug Ye Feng’s legs. They wanted him to take care of their future missions as well.

Ye Wen smiled leisurely, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

After a while, he walked in front of the Ice Wolf and infused spirit energy into it. After probing around, he viciously smacked the Ice Wolf’s neck.

A Night Pearl like Demon Crystal fell into his hand. An extremely cold aura surrounded his hand, making it feel somewhat cold. Ye Wen didn’t even look at it and directly threw it into his interspatial ring.

Now that the sentient Demonic Beast was dead, the Demonic Crystals in its body had been taken out. Now, the three Martial House Missions had finally been completed.

The crowd let out a long breath before cupping their hands to celebrate.

“It’s all thanks to Young Master Ye. Otherwise, our Rong family wouldn’t even be able to complete the second mission.” Rongfan laughed heartily. His oily face and bulging stomach made him look like an upstart.

Xiao Mu pondered for a moment before he nodded and said, “I’ll talk to my big brother later and tell him to stop targeting Young Master Ye in the future. He can’t afford to offend him. It can be said that the biggest reward from this Martial House’s mission was getting to know Young Master Ye.”

Xiao Mu’s words seemed casual, but his words caused a thousand ripples in the air, bringing about a wave of agreement from the crowd.

Someone from the Rong family nodded excitedly, “That’s right. Meeting Young Master Ye was my biggest gain. Speaking of it, the last mission was done by Young Master Ye and Sister Bing Qian. I won’t take any reward for my contribution.”

After a moment of silence, the others also echoed his words.

“I didn’t do anything. I’m too embarrassed to take the Ice Wolf’s reward. I’m willing to give it up.”

“I give up too.”

“Haha, all of you, give up now. It’s as if I’m trying to take advantage of the group. I, Old Zhu, am willing to give up as well.”

Ye ZhangFeng smiled indifferently and shook his head, “Actually, you don’t have to give up on these benefits. There’s a pretty good way to make money. If you trust Zifeng, you can win both sides.”

Everyone looked at each other, their faces filled with doubt. They secretly had hopes in their hearts. Who would dare to offend the Martial House if they could earn so much money?

“Young Master Ye, just what is this method to earn money? Spit it out and let your brothers experience it.”

Ye Feng glanced at everyone and a faint smile appeared on his lips. “Give me the Demon Crystals you have right now. When I turn around, I will return them back to you according to the reward of twice the amount.”

“What? Double mission reward? Young Master Ye, what are you doing …”

Everyone was startled when they heard this. They clearly did not expect that Ye Feng would actually dare to boast in such a manner.

Qin Lang and Feng Die were startled for a moment. Then, they seemed to have understood what was going on. A trace of astonishment appeared on their faces.

Ye Wen smiled slightly and glanced at Feng Die and the others. He made a “shush” sound with his hand gesture.

It turned out that he had made an agreement with Elder Lin of the Martial House before he started the mission.

The task reward he completed would be six times the normal limit.

Even if Ye Feng gave two times the reward to others, he would still make four times the profit on his side. Coupled with the Demon Crystals that he had obtained from the bet with Wang Tian Zhi, the reward for the Martial House Quest could be imagined.

“This …”

Rongfan and Xiao Mu hesitated.

“Why? If you don’t believe me, I, Ye Zifeng, will make a blood contract with you. I will reward you with twice the reward no matter what.”


“Of course I believe you. How could I not believe what Young Master Ye said?”

When the two of them saw that Ye Feng had already said this much, if they were to suspect him, then they would not give him any face.

“Young Master Ye, take these. These are the Demon Crystals from the previous mission.” The two of them each took out the Demon Crystals and placed them in Ye Feng’s hands.

“Alright.” Ye Zifeng nodded his head deeply with a look of praise on his face.


“Alright, even if we’re done with the demon crystals, there’s also …”

He looked around at the surroundings and returned the escape tokens that he had obtained earlier to the hands of everyone in the Ye Family’s team.

The eyes of Qin Lang and the others were still filled with surprise, “Young Master Ye, what are you doing?”

“If there’s nothing else, you can activate the escape token and leave.”

“This …”

A strange light flashed across Feng Die’s beautiful eyes. The others were also puzzled.

Ye Wen continued to add, “This crystal valley was originally maintained by the two headed Ice Wolf’s spirit energy. Now that it’s dead, I’m afraid that the cavern will soon completely collapse.”

At the same time that he smiled, he raised his eyes to look at his surroundings and shook his head. “No, it seems that the collapse has already begun.”

Just as he finished speaking, rumbling sounds could be heard from all directions of this dark cavern …