The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 215

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Just as the two of them moved their feet, the Spiritual Aura behind them exploded.

Under the powerful impact, a large amount of cold waves rose up.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the spiritual energy cage that everyone had just formed was stable enough, this explosion would have caused a huge amount of damage to everyone.

Even so, the violent and tyrannical power broke through the cage and struck against the walls of the cave. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” An explosion rang out and the entire cave seemed to be shaking.

The group of people were shocked by this might. They all felt a sweet taste in their throats. Some of the people with weaker physiques even spat out a mouthful of blood onto the ground.

“Brute brother, are you alright? Don’t scare me.” Liu Bing Qian’s beautiful eyes were filled with worry. She lifted up Ye Wen’s falling body and began to shake it.

“No …”

“It’s fine, my life is extremely tough.” Ye Wen coughed slightly as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

He pushed away Liu Bingqian’s arm, barely managing to prop himself up on the ground. He slowly stood up, wanting to raise his head, but his mind felt a little dizzy. Clearly, he did not completely dodge the explosion just now.

“Big brother, you’re fine. This is great.” Ye Huichi laughed as he stood up and walked over.

“Yes, Young Master Ye. I don’t believe that you will put your life on the line here.”

Shi Chen chuckled and hobbled over. He hadn’t been injured by the shockwave from the explosion, but because he hadn’t done anything in a while. His legs were numb.

After a while, Xiao Mu, Liu Yige, and the others also came over to see Ye Feng. When they saw his injuries, a complicated look appeared in their eyes.

This was because in their eyes, Ye Wen seemed to be an existence that would not be harmed.

A black mass of people gathered around Ye Feng, laughing and chatting. After all, from their point of view, the two Ice Wolves had formed a perfect ending to their mission of killing berserk beasts these past few days after their Origin Souls had exploded.

However, Ye Feng’s complexion slightly improved. After regaining his wits, he immediately asked, “Right, where is the two headed ice wolf? Where is it now?”

“What double-headed ice wolf? Young Master Ye, you’re so funny. Didn’t it explode its own origin soul just now? Of course it died.” Rongfan was slightly startled. He thought that the other party was joking, so he laughed heartily.

Feng Die smiled sweetly, her eyes filled with charm, “Perhaps Young Master Ye has been fighting for a long time and has accumulated trouble. It’s time to find a chance to rest.”

“No …” Ye Feng’s expression turned solemn and was filled with killing intent. “I’m not joking. The danger hasn’t been averted yet. Hurry up and get out of the way. Let me see where that ice wolf is …”

“This …”

Everyone was shocked. They thought that Ye Feng’s brain had been damaged by the explosion just now, so they couldn’t say anything else. They could only disperse to the two sides and give him a wide range of vision.

Within the vast space, there were no signs of the two Ice Wolves. The ground was covered with the pungent smell of blood. It must have been the result of the explosion of the two Ice Wolves.

“Young Master Ye, are you hallucinating from the explosion? The Ice Wolf must have self-destructed.”

“Isn’t that so? Look at the ground full of minced meat. If it isn’t his, then it can’t be ours.”

Ye Wen ignored their words and gradually frowned. He walked to where the Ice Wolf was standing before and his eyes slightly froze. He stared at a half-sized crystal on the ground and did not let it go.

He suddenly turned around with a solemn expression, “Miss Meng Xi, come over here.”

“I …” Wang Meng Xi was still in a daze, but when she saw Ye Feng suddenly look at her, her beautiful eyes revealed a hint of surprise.

“Yes, it’s you. Bring me the Water Spirit Jade Urn.”

Wang Mengxi let out an “oh” sound. She didn’t quite understand what the other party was trying to say, but it was strange nonetheless. Right now this place was still in Ye Wen’s hands, so she followed his orders and walked over.

“Just now, I asked you to gather the Ice Wolf’s Spiritual Aura in the Water Spirit Jade Urn. Now, you can use it to examine the crystal. I’m guessing that this Ice Wolf hasn’t died yet.”

Ye Feng’s words were loud and clear, as if they were heavy stones that fell onto the hearts of everyone present.

“Alright …”

“Alright.” Wang Meng Xi was puzzled for a moment before her eyebrows knitted together and her fingers slightly moved. The Spiritual Qi that had been lingering around suddenly entered the crystal on the ground. Suddenly, she raised her head and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

“He’s indeed angry.”

“This …”

“No way.” Everyone’s mouth gaped open and they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

What was going on? Didn’t the Ice Wolf explode its own origin soul? How could it release such a powerful force that could blow up the entire spiritual energy cage? Wasn’t it just for show?

Ye Feng’s tone was solemn and his expression was solemn, "Originally, I was only guessing. I didn’t think that this intelligent demon beast would have such strength, so I didn’t tell everyone that Lady Meng Xi had gathered some of the demon beast’s spirit energy. Now it seems that I underestimated it.

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Therefore, it still has a head that hasn’t died yet.”

Actually, when Ye Wen glanced at the half a crystal, he had already confirmed this conjecture. Judging from the grade of the double-headed vicious beast, it was likely that it would have two lives.

“This …”

“What should we do now?” Amongst the group, some of them couldn’t help but start to panic. They had spent so much effort, but aside from Shi Chen, everyone else had a little bit of luck on them. It would be a waste if they gave up now.

Ye Wen pondered for a moment before raising his head. “Miss Meng Xi, can you follow the spirit energy on this crystal and find that ice wolf?”

“I …”

Wang Meng Xi hesitated for a moment. She didn’t know if she should continue helping Ye Feng.

Ye Wen’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Hurry, I’m in a hurry.”

The surrounding people also said, “That’s right, Miss Meng Xi, when those two Ice Wolves self-destructed, I was unable to take it anymore. If I don’t give it a good beating in front of its face, I won’t be able to swallow this anger.”

“Quickly speak, Miss Meng Xi. When you’ve completed this mission, it’ll be up to you.”

The discussions of the crowd spread in all directions, causing Wang Meng Xi to feel a great amount of psychological pressure.

Ye ZhangFeng’s face darkened, “Miss Meng Xi, I indeed won’t harm you, so I’ll promise to give you the Spirit Urn. But, I have to remind you this. You and your elder brother’s chance to exchange knowledge has yet to be obtained …”

At this moment, Ye Feng didn’t mind playing black. There was no need for him to show any mercy just because the other party was a beauty.

“You …” Wang Mengxi was shocked when she heard this. She knew that her life gate was still in the other party’s hands.

If she didn’t help Ye Wen, the other party would at most be able to complete one less mission. However, she would suffer a huge loss on her side.

Thus, she let out a slight sigh and looked at Ye Feng. She had already given up on resisting.

“Whatever, that Ice Wolf shouldn’t be far away. Allow me to make some inquiries.”

Ye Wen nodded deeply, his words firm, “As soon as possible.”


Ye Feng’s guess was not wrong. The two Ice Wolf’s head had already completely exploded, leaving behind only a few skeletons. There was no flesh left on its body. Upon closer inspection, it truly felt eerie and terrifying.

The two-headed Ice Wolf breathed heavily. Every time blood fell, it would be frozen by the ice energy and not a drop of it would splash onto the ground.

That was because it wouldn’t leave behind any traces when it fled.

However, it had miscalculated. The other party hadn’t used his blood energy to search for its location, but had instead relied on his spirit energy.

Therefore, when the crowd followed the trail of Spiritual Aura and heard the footsteps, it understood that its whereabouts had been leaked.


“That’s strange, the spirit energy almost stopped here.” Wang Meng Xi revealed a surprised expression. She raised her head and looked around, but she still couldn’t find any traces of the Ice Wolf.

“Miss Meng Xi, are you trying to trick us?”

“That’s right, you have to figure out your position. Right now, you have to listen to Young Master Ye.”

Normally, when these people saw the Wang Clan people, they would always show respect on their faces. But now, with Ye Zifeng backing them up, their confidence seemed to have become much stronger. Many words came out of their mouths, but they didn’t have much of a brain to think about.

“I really didn’t lie to you guys. The spiritual energy was indeed broken here. I don’t know why I couldn’t see the Ice Wolf.” Wang Mengxi’s expression was somewhat anxious.

She had truly done her best just now. How could she have expected such an outcome?

Ye Wen frowned slightly and ignored the conversation between the two. Instead, he circled around the area where the spirit energy was cut off.

He took a few more steps forward and felt that the terrain was getting higher.

In an instant, a divine light flashed across his eyes.

Liu Bingqian was slightly surprised, “What’s wrong, big brother rough? Judging from your expression, you seem to have noticed something.”

Ye Feng nodded and a smile appeared on his lips. “Bing Qian, Miss Meng Xi was right just now. She really didn’t lie to us. The ice wolf’s spirit energy really was cut off here.”

“But … I didn’t see it anywhere …”

Liu Bingqian’s expression became even more strange. She didn’t know how Ye Wen was able to confirm this.

“Bing Qian, move back a little.” Ye Qian Feng smiled as he extended his hand.

Amidst Liu Bingqian’s confusion, she retreated a few more steps.

Almost in the next instant, Ye Feng’s eyes suddenly became incomparably cold. With a flash of his body, a ray of light flashed, and he stepped on the ground not far ahead.

The dagger in his hand clenched tightly as it was abruptly thrown down.

On the dark ground, the head of a huge wolf that was lying prone on the ground was lifted up. Accompanied by an incomparably miserable shriek, it was as if someone had slaughtered it. Blood spurted out from the wound.