The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 214

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As the bottle of Qi Replenishing Pills entered his stomach, he felt a surge of satisfaction in his heart. Even the strongest wine was nothing compared to this.

“Comfortable. Good pill.”

Ye Feng laughed loudly. He felt extremely carefree in his heart.

When a person was at a disadvantage, they would need to think, play tricks, and close the gap between them. If they were to adopt a hot-blooded and blood-thirsty strategy at this moment and were careless, it was very likely a situation where they would never be able to recover from such a calamity.

However, when he was in an advantageous position, he would become a little petty if he tried any tricks.

When the time came to fight, he would still fight.

The two Ice Wolves stared at Ye Wen for a moment. They felt that the other party was a little strange, so how could they allow him to continue accumulating spiritual energy?

It gave off a cold and cruel aura as it roared. Strands of bone-piercing cold air suddenly burst out, forming numerous icicles that flew toward Ye Wen’s surroundings.

“So fast.” Ye Wen burped. Just a moment ago, when he was observing from the side, he had felt that the Ice Wolf was not simple. It was as if it was concealing its strength.

From the looks of it, his guess at that time was indeed correct.

If he hadn’t been careful and had just consumed the Qi Replenishing Pill, then he would have impatiently advanced. If this ice awl hit his body, it would have left a few bloody holes on his body.

“Brute big brother, I’ll block this call.” Liu Bing Qian’s beautiful eyes flashed with worry. She was about to move to Ye Wen when she saw him.

However, Ye Wen only smiled faintly, “No need.”

His expression froze. Blood veins could be seen on his arms as his palms began to glow. A dark aura spread out from his body. Under his full power, it formed a human-sized Spiritual Aura Monster.

After the Spiritual Aura formed, it twisted its face a few times in the air before opening its bloody mouth and pouncing towards the icicles.

Hiss hiss hiss.

It was as if the ice awl had met its nemesis. It slowly melted in the air before transforming into streams of spirit energy that entered the mouth of the spirit energy monster.

“Indeed, I didn’t guess wrong. The ice awl was released so quickly by this ice wolf because of the Spiritual Qi attack with a coat draped over it.” The light in Ye Feng’s eyes flickered and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

As long as it was something condensed from spirit energy, it would be the food in the mouths of the spirit energy monsters.

“Brute big brother, be careful.”

However, during the battle, everything changed in an instant. After sighing with emotion for a moment, Ye Feng’s expression slightly changed. It turned out that the moment the ice awl was released, the demonic beast had also pounced over along with it.

He immediately stretched out his hand and swung the dagger, hooking it onto the highest rock wall. Then, he tightened his grip on the silk thread and flew into the air.

In the next moment, the Ice Wolf’s huge body had already pounced towards where Ye Wen was standing a moment ago. Its heavy body smashed onto the ground like a mountain, creating a huge crater.

Fragments of stone suddenly flew out from all four directions. Some of them landed on the Spiritual Aura barrier outside and made a loud noise.

Ye Wen stood in mid-air with his feet on the ground. A ray of light flashed in his eyes as he swung his dagger towards the ground. Golden threads coiled up as if they were going to wrap around the Ice Wolf’s neck.

Prior to this, he had used this move the first time he had dealt with Zidao Flying Tiger. At that time, he had taken advantage of when the Demonic Tiger was caught off guard to take down the tiger’s head with a single move.

However, this beast wasn’t at the ninth level of the mortal realm after all. It was already at the second level of the Wisdom Realm.

Just as the golden thread was about to wrap around the Ice Wolf’s neck, a cold Qi seemed to have been waiting for a long time. It followed the golden thread and shot straight toward Ye Wen’s right hand.

“Not bad, this Ice Wolf really does have some skill,” Ye Feng sighed in admiration. His expression changed as he hurriedly retracted the golden thread and tore off one end of the golden thread.

As a result, when the ice-cold Qi was halfway there, it was difficult for it to continue upwards. The half of the golden line that had been draped over the ice fell down and gently brushed against the Ice Wolf’s body.

The Ice Wolf raised its head and glared at Ye Wen. Just as it was about to pounce out again, it felt a cold sensation under its body.

“You seem to have forgotten something.”

In the next moment, the appearance of the Spiritual Aura Monster that had just been released by the Ice Wolf appeared. It slowly climbed onto the Ice Wolf’s back and started to absorb its Spiritual Qi and Spiritual Qi.

With a “wu” sound, the Ice Wolf felt incomparable pain. Along with its own Spiritual Qi, it was also cleanly eaten by the Spiritual Qi Monster. The surface of its skin that came in contact with the Spiritual Qi Monster was like a withered tree branch as it began to roll outwards.

It turned out that the attack that Ye Zifeng had used with his dagger was a feint. His goal was only to create the necessary conditions for the Spiritual Qi Monster to attack.

On the other side, Liu Bingqian was also somewhat stunned when she saw the battle unfold before her.

Previously, she had witnessed Ye Feng’s battle with the Gold Peng from the Celestial Sect of Wonders, but at that time, he had relied on an array formation. It made sense for him to defeat the strong as the weak.

Right now, she really didn’t understand why a person at the sixth level of Qi Refining would be able to fight this Ice Wolf. In such a short period of time, he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

After observing it for a moment, Ye Feng turned to Liu Bingqian and said, “Bing Qian, release the fire of the mortal to protect this spirit beast and prevent it from being frozen by the ice energy.”

If she didn’t burn the pill furnace or refine the pill, Liu Bingqian’s ordinary grade flame would be slightly better than Ye Wen’s. After all, the temperature of the fire was higher than Liu Bingqian’s.

Previously, in order to save Liu Bingqian, he released a monster with spirit energy.

However, because the ice wolf’s cold energy was too strong, it directly froze the spiritual energy monster without producing the desired effect.

Now that he had calmly made his move, he naturally had to protect this Spiritual Aura Monster.

“Okay.” Liu Bingqian was surprised for a moment before obediently nodding her head.

A cluster of bright mortal rank flames formed from her fingertip, and she slashed it towards the spirit beast’s body.

The ice qi unleashed by the Ice Wolf was blocked, and the mortal rank flames were able to offset them one by one.

The spirit beast’s flames became even more vigorous as it gnawed at the Ice Wolf’s back. A faint white mist began to swirl around the Ice Wolf’s spirit energy as it slowly absorbed the Ice Wolf’s life force.

Even if it increased the range of the ice qi, it would still be futile after Ye Wen released the Common grade flame.

The two Ice Wolf let out a painful groan. Seeing that it was unable to do anything to the Spiritual Aura monster, it made a decision in its heart and charged towards the rock wall in the sky.

“Oh.” Ye Yifeng’s eyes narrowed.

Although the two ice wolves had been smashed until their heads were bleeding, when the Spiritual Aura Monster climbed onto the two ice wolves’ bodies and was hit by the huge inertia, the ice wolves instantly flattened against the rock walls and exploded.

It landed on the ground and turned its head around, seemingly interested. It sized up Ye Wen’s position, as if it wanted to see if he had any other methods that it could use.

However, the moment its line of sight collided with Ye Wen’s, it was immediately shocked.

Ye Wen smiled. Another Spiritual Aura of the same size as the one before formed in his hand. At this moment, he was baring his fangs and brandishing his claws as he floated in mid-air.

It was exactly the same as the spirit energy monster from before. From its outline to its shape, it looked exactly the same.


Before the Ice Wolf could regain its senses, the Spiritual Aura Monster that was enveloped in a Common grade flame had already rushed out ahead. Its fiendish aura wantonly surrounded the Ice Wolf’s body as it sucked in the Ice Wolf’s Spiritual Qi with large gulps, causing it great pain.

“Ao!” The Ice Wolf was in pain. Seeing that the ice energy was unable to deal with its opponent, it subconsciously flew up again and crashed into the rock wall on top of the mountain. The second time, it smashed the spirit energy monster into smithereens.

When it panted heavily, it lifted its head and sized up Ye Wen’s position timidly.

To its great disappointment, the image of a monster with spiritual energy once again appeared in Ye Feng’s hand. It had already taken form.

It turned out that he had swallowed a whole bottle of Qi Replenishing Pills just now, and if he wanted to condense a monster with spirit energy, he could easily condense eighteen of them in one go.

However, this Ice Wolf was able to smash its way into the rock walls a dozen times.

The Ice Wolf wasn’t stupid. After failing a second time, it didn’t dare try a third time.

It wanted to escape.

However, when it looked around and felt its surroundings, its heart was filled with fear. So, when it and Ye Zifeng were fighting, the surrounding spiritual energy cage had already solidified like a piece of metal.

It was true that Ye Wen was fighting, but it was also to attract the attention of the Ice Wolf, so that everyone could strengthen the Spiritual Energy Cage to the limit.

Now, no matter how much the Ice Wolf tried to escape, it wouldn’t be able to do anything even if it broke its scalp.

The trap was complete.

If this continued, the battle would be declared to be a success as the Spiritual Qi Monster slowly devoured its opponent’s life force.

However, a trace of anger suddenly erupted from the eyes of the two Ice Wolf in despair. A monstrous and shocking fiendish aura of viciousness spread out from one of its heads.

The airflow on the flat ground changed and formed a sharp cyclone in the blink of an eye.

“This …”

Watching the fight from outside, the expressions of the people outside suddenly changed. A bad premonition arose from the bottom of their hearts.

Liu Bingqian was startled for a moment, the expression on her pretty face suddenly changed, “Big brother rough, it’s not good. It seems that this pair of Ice Wolves are going to self-destruct.”

“Quick, leave.” Ye Feng came back to his senses and nodded with a heavy expression. His body had already moved. Pulling Liu Bingqian’s slender hand, he hurriedly dashed towards the surroundings of the Spiritual Aura Cage.

During a battle, one’s actions would constantly change in an instant. Rather than being surprised, the most important thing was one’s actions.

Liu Bingqian’s face turned slightly red. Although she was caught off guard, she let him hold her hand. Right now was not the time to think about such things.

The raging and manic Spiritual Aura behind them seemed to be chasing after their heels.

“Northwest to the north, tear open the two of them!” Ye Wen shouted with a solemn expression.

“Understood.” Feng Die hurriedly nodded her head and used her spirit energy to tear open a large hole in the wall.

“Jump out!” Ye Zifeng yelled loudly.

Just as the two of them passed through the opening, an explosive cyclone swept out in all directions from behind them.