The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 211: Formation Is Broken

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C211: Formation Is Broken

The attacks of the two headed ice wolf had always been target at Liu Bingqian.

However, Liu Bingqian had recovered some of her strength after taking the pill. At this time, if the ice wolf wanted to take action against her, it would be in vain.

Soon, it howled, then turned its spearhead and pounced on the other Liu Family’s members. Its huge claws landed on the ground with a loud thud.

“Miss Bing, help!” Seeing the sudden change of events, a man dressed in green from the Liu Family cried out in fear. He could not help but retreat.

Liu Bingqian frowned deeply and comforted him, “Don’t be afraid, don’t retreat. Aren’t we all in the middle of the formation and protected by the formation?”

"But …"The light robed man’s face changed slightly.

Finally, just as Liu Bingqian said, after the Ice Wolf’s body fell from the sky, it was blocked by the colorful barrier and was hit by it, causing blood to flow out.

When the green clothed man saw this, his expression became slightly joyful.

However, in the blink of an eye, his face lost all color once again.

As it turned out, the Ice Wolf let out a furious roar as its huge claws clashed with the barrier and bit by bit, it attempted to pierce the barrier, as if it wanted to pierce through it.

“Hiss, hiss …”

The rough black claws were incomparably sharp, and the black light shone brightly.

One could imagine that if a person’s throat was cut by it, they would definitely be killed on the spot.

“Sister Bing Qian, this is bad. This demonic beast is no longer fighting you and is now fighting us instead. If this goes on, I will die.” The green clothed man’s face was ashen as he reached into his chest and tightly held onto the escape token.

“You want to escape? Did you forget what I told you just now?” Liu Bing Qian’s eyes revealed a hint of blame.

“Of course, since you’re at the ninth level of Qi Refinement, you’re not afraid, but I can’t. Since my life is in danger, why should I keep my promise?” As the man spoke, he looked at the cold light coming from the Ice Wolf’s claws and swallowed his saliva.

The panic that he displayed gradually spread throughout the crowd.

That’s right, if Liu Bingqian accidentally got caught by the Ice Wolf once or twice, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

However, the rest of them had low cultivation bases. If the Ice Wolf was going to fight them to the death, killing two or three people wouldn’t be too hard for it to accomplish.

To the Liu Clan, one percent of a servant’s life was considered dead. However, to the Liu Clan, one percent of a servant’s life was considered dead. To them, however, it was one hundred percent alive.

As they watched the Ice Wolf’s huge claws tear through the protective barrier bit by bit, the bottom line in everyone’s hearts seemed to be being torn apart.

No one wanted to throw their lives into the Liu Family’s Martial House for a mission.

Liu Bingqian saw that the mood was getting more and more abnormal, so she was worried and quickly took action.

“Don’t leave the formation. Wait for me to attack.”

With a robust body, she leapt onto the Ice Wolf’s body. The Spiritual Aura quenched the sword and pierced straight towards the Ice Wolf’s eyes.

In the distance, Ye Yifeng kept watching everything. He suddenly shook his head and said, “Bing Qian is thinking too much now. If we force the Ice Wolf too hard, the Liu Family will be in trouble faster.”

“This …” Before Xiao Mu could come up with a reason, the situation on the other side had already changed.

Liu Bingqian’s sword moved like lightning and pierced the Ice Wolf’s eyes.

Blood exploded and a bloody mist filled the air.

“It’s done.” The Liu Family warriors were stupefied. They looked at the scene in a daze and a smile appeared on their faces.

However, in the next moment, the ice wolf let out a few painful groans as a frightening killing intent along with an icy cold air suddenly exploded out from its body.

“No!” Liu Bingqian cried out involuntarily.

Waves of fierce air surged up and spiraled towards the crowd.

“Heavens …” “This Wise Beast is really angry!”

An intense amount of infernal energy as dense as arrows descended upon the barrier like a torrential rain. Suddenly, a crack appeared on the edge of the barrier’s edge.

The ice-cold Qi entered the gap and swept toward where everyone was standing.

In a split-second, this gale blew past, and everyone’s feet seemed to be encrusted with ice. They started to turn into ice from the soles of their feet, and then slowly ascended upwards.

“No, that can’t be.”

Everyone trembled in fear until they were dizzy. How could they still dare to allow the cold air to circulate around their bodies? One by one, they began to pull their feet out of the gradually forming ice hole with terrified expressions on their faces as they constantly retreated behind them.

“Don’t leave your position. If this continues, the formation will break.”

She tried her best as well. Every strike viciously stabbed at the head of the Ice Wolf, causing blood to flow out. It caused a huge injury and slowed its movements slightly.

“Sister Bing Qian, we can’t go on like this …” Liu Ning’s beautiful eyes flashed with worry. She still stood on the spot, but as she watched the crowd flee one after another, the power of the barrier continued to increase. It was likely that it wouldn’t last for long before the barrier could no longer hold on.

Liu Yige didn’t expect that his gift of a pill would cause such a drastic change in the situation.

However, he couldn’t blame Ye Feng. After all, Liu Bingqian had been kind enough to take out a pill to recover from her injuries. He couldn’t blame Liu Bingqian for saying that the pill’s effects were too good for the Ice Wolf to point at.

He could only sigh and try to persuade Liu Ning, “Junior Sister, I think we should also retreat. If everyone leaves and we leave behind the barrier, then we’ll be the first ones to suffer.”

“But …” Liu Ning looked deeply at her sister. She saw that she was still attacking the Ice Wolf with a serious expression. If she didn’t listen to her words and just ran away, it would be unfair to her.

Under the pain from the Ice Wolf’s attack, the huge claw viciously struck the barrier once again. The light on it overflowed with colors before it suddenly exploded with a loud sound. The giant claw abruptly pierced forward.

Suddenly, an incomparably mournful sound erupted from the mouth of a person.

Following the voice, everyone looked at the scene in front of them with incomparable astonishment. Their expressions were as if they had gone insane.

The cold light moved slightly, and blood dripped onto the spike that the huge claw pierced into the barrier. One of the servants of the Liu Family was ruthlessly penetrated by the spike.

There seemed to be disbelief in his eyes as to why it was him.

“Save…” “Save…”

Before he could even react, the spike had already been pulled out of his body. Blood started to appear at the corners of his mouth and eyes. This scene was extremely eerie and terrifying.

“Quick, hurry up and use your escape token!” Liu Bing Qian cried out in panic after being stunned for a moment.

The rest of the people also reacted. That’s right, as long as he didn’t die and returned to the entrance of Blood Red Valley with his escape token, the elders of the Martial House would definitely find a way to save him.

However, things weren’t as simple as they had imagined. Ice began to form at the place where the giant claw had pierced into. It quickly spread to the surroundings, turning the entire body into an ice sculpture.

He tried his best to speak, but found that his voice was frozen. He couldn’t even shout for help. The last bit of despair in his eyes was also filled with that icy coldness.

Moments later, the ‘ice sculpture’ was blown away by the wind and fell to the ground. With a ‘bang’ sound, it was smashed into pieces of ice on the ground.

The first victim of the Martial House mission appeared.

Not to mention the others from the Liu Family, even Liu Bingqian was shocked by the sudden appearance of Ye Xiao. She looked at everything with her mouth agape. She felt weak all over.

How could this be. Could this be due to his mistake?

“Sister Bing Qian, this …” Seeing the first dead person appear, this time, even Liu Ning was panic-stricken. Her face was full of shock as she gently covered her red lips and began to uncontrollably retreat.

“No more fighting, no more fighting. Since he’s already dead, what more is there to fight?” The cyan robed man was originally hesitant as he didn’t know whether he should be the first one to escape.

But now, even if he had to chase him out of the Liu Family, he still wanted to prioritize his life. He lowered his head to look at the escape token, then looked at the confused Liu Bingqian, gritted his teeth and sent his spirit energy into the token.

After a long while, a white light flashed across the sky. With a “sou” sound, the green-clothed man disappeared from everyone’s line of sight.

“Liu Hongbo left first, how about we stop fighting? If we die miserably, how am I supposed to take care of my family?” The two looked at each other and took out their escape tokens. They finally decided to give up on the third mission.

“This …” “What should we do?”

Some of the people who wanted to escape originally, were wavering. Now that they saw the people in groups of two and three starting to move to activate their tokens, their minds became unsettled.

Among them, some of them lifted their eyes to look at the two Ice Wolves. After they felt that it was staring at them, they immediately lost their sense of propriety and hurriedly activated their tokens.

Beams of white light shone from all directions, adding a bright color to the dark cavern.

However, every time the white light flashed out, Liu Bingqian’s mood would darken. This undoubtedly meant that she was a step away from successfully completing the quest.

Just now, when the servant of the Liu Family died, she felt even more guilty. It was as if she killed him indirectly.

“You should leave as well. You can all leave now. I won’t blame you.” Liu Bingqian let out a light sigh and waved her hand at Liu Ningshui and Wang Zhong. They were already the last two people left.

“Sister Bing Qian, I …”

“Let’s go.”

Her emotions had fallen to the bottom of the valley. When Liu Ning saw this, she wanted to say something but hesitated. She wanted to persuade her sister to escape together with her, but was stopped by Liu Yige.

Two more rays of white light flashed through the air, leaving Liu Bingqian alone on the battlefield.

Suddenly, she was slightly stunned. That was because there were footsteps coming from behind her …