The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 21 – Pampered Girl

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Ye Zifeng was calm. He tipped his bamboo hat and lightly laughed, “I have never met this miss before. As for why I am buying the furnace, I have no reason to tell this miss.”

He didn’t know what kind of background Bingqian had, but he knew she was someone from Leizhou city. He had to be careful around her.

Bingqian was startled for a bit and then started to laugh.

When other people meet her for the first time, they would stop and stare at her beauty for some time. However, this bamboo hat wearing man had no reaction at all. He wasn’t flustered at all when he talked as well.

To her, there was only two explanations for this phenomenon. One was that this man had seen her before. The other was that this man had no interest in women. From what Bingqian can see, the former made more sense. What is this talk about never having seen her before. That guy was definitely lying!

Since this guy didn’t want to reveal his identity and was very sneaky, Bingqian became very curious. She wanted to force him to reveal his identity.

“Manager, how much money did he offer for the furnace. How about I double the price?” Bingqian calmed down and then pondered for a bit.

This time, she had to get the furnace no matter what. She knew that the manager was a greedy person and thus tried to tempt him with money.

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brow. At first he felt pretty good about this Bingqian girl but now, she wasn’t respecting the laws of transaction. He was here first and now she wanted to take this furnace away from him.

“Do….Double? Miss Bingqian, this guest is paying 350 gold coins. If you want to double it….. That’s seven hundred coins” The manager’s merchant spirit was able to break under the pressure of such a large amount of money. 700 gold coins…. That was the entire store’s profit for several days!

“What? You used 350 gold coins…..” Bingqian’s eyes widened and stared at Ye Zifeng. She thought that this person would at most use 200 gold coins. Who would’ve thought that this guy was so rich.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Now what do you want to do? You gonna use 700 gold coins to buy a furnace that isn’t even worth 50 gold coins?

“You know this is not even worth 50 gold coins and yet you’re using 350 gold coins to buy it?” Bingqian was confused.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Don’t worry about it.” Ye Zifeng had to buy this furnace no matter how much it costs. He didn’t care at all. All he needs is some left over money to get some supplementary ingredients.


Actually, it’s not that hard for Bingqian to shell out 700 gold coins. However, it was not worth it at all. She didn’t want to argue with Ye Zifeng either. Afterall they weren’t enemies or anything.

“Manager, when is the next batch of furnaces going to arrive?” Bingqian’s eyes flashed with hope.

The manager thought about it and then sighed, “Uhhh…. No one really buy furnaces in Leizhou city so there isn’t a lot of stock coming in. It’ll probably take around a month or two before the next batch gets here.”

Bingqian’s expression darkened, “That’s too long…… I need to make this pill in ten days. Or else my family will lose out on a huge sale.”

Her face was filled with disappointment. It made others want to feel pity for her. At the same time, she shot a few pitiful glances at Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng pretended that he didn’t see her and went up to the manager to pay for his furnace. He didn’t care about Bingqian’s pitiful look at all.

“Hey…..! How could you not have any reaction after seeing how pitiful I look? Hey…. Did you hear me?!”

“Sorry, I’m not called “hey”….. Then manager, can you open the furnace for me? I want to see the insides…..”

Bingqian took a deep breath. She became much more elegant and gentle. She used her sweat and charming voice to talk to Ye Zifeng, “Then…. This mister.”

“I’m a rough guy, not a mister. Manager, help me wipe some of this paint off right here…..” Ye Zifeng pointed at the inside of the furnace.

Bingqian held her anger back and with an even softer voice, “Brother…. Brother rough guy, this little girl has a presumptuous request.” With her status and beauty, this was the first time that she had to deal with someone so difficult.

“If it’s about the furnace, then you can stop talking. I won’t give it to you.” Ye Zifeng directly shooed her away. He is a crazed alchemist, he’d rather never see a woman again in his life than never see a furnace again. He could live without a woman but he can’t live without a furnace. When Ye Chen destroyed his furnace, Ye Zifeng was secretly super angry. Sooner or later, Zifeng will get his revenge on Huichi.

“You!” Bingqian was acting all nice and lovely but Ye Zifeng didn’t care. She was very angry at him.

Watching how Ye Zifeng was acting, the manager coughed, “Esteemed guest, you probably don’t know this but, this Bingqian is the strongest huang tier alchemist in Leizhou city. If you buy the furnace today and need her to make a pill or something in the future, don’t blame me for not telling you.”

Besides being a little greedy, the manager was still a good person. He was earnestly giving Ye Zifeng advice.

“Yeah! That’s right.”

From the manager’s statement, she was able to find her dignity again. She raised her head and softly said, “Did you hear that? I’m the best alchemist in all of Leizhou City. You’re probably looking for some other alchemist to refine pills. Don’t you ever come to me and ask me to refine pills. In the future, whenever I see that furnace, I’ll turn away and leave!”

Ye Zifeng calmly nodded, “Don’t worry about it. I definitely won’t go and ask you to refine pills for me.”

Both the Manager and Bingqian were speechless.

First this guy wastes 350 gold coins for a common tier furnace and now he’s treating a huang tier alchemist like Bingqian like she’s nothing. This guy was crazy. Absolutely crazy!

“Manager, I’ve inspect the furnace. Even though there are some flaws, it isn’t much of a problem. I’ll pay for it now. Three hundred fifty gold coins. Not one less.” Ye Zifeng was very respectful.

Just now, he used 80% of his attention to inspect the furnace and only used 20% of his attention to talk with Bingqian and the manager. The manager’s jaw dropped and nodded.

At the same time, Bingqian was feeling a bit sour. Ever since she was small, she was very arrogant and was pampered by everyone. Her cultivation had reached the peak of Qi Refining stage and she was the best alchemist in Leizhou City. Her master was the old devil from the Muyun clan in Tiandao City. She was talented in both her cultivation and her skills as an alchemist. She was the madonna of Leizhou City. A goddess in the eyes of commoners. How could she be treated like this by Ye Zifeng.

However, she was tough and didn’t cry. Her eyes were only a little moist.

“Brother rough guy, I beg you. Even if you don’t want to give me the furnace, can we share it? When you’re resting, you can let me use it. How about it. I’ll even pay 200 gold coins.”

Ye Zifeng shook his head. He wasn’t interested in sharing the furnace with her.

On the side, the manager was so shocked that he was unable to speak. In all these years that he had done business with Bingqian, she always acted high and mighty. But right now, she was begging this guy and she was actually rejected!

It is said that many people have use up numerous amount of resources and connection to try and get close to Bingqian so they can learn some of her tricks in alchemy. However they were all declined. Now that Bingqian herself had suggested that she would refine pills with someone, she was unexpectedly rejected!

“Then how about I give you 300 gold coins….”

Ye Zifeng still had an indifferent expression. In his eyes the beautiful woman was like a block of wood.

“Three hundred fifty gold coins. How about now.”

Bingqian blinked a few times and helplessly smiled. This was her last resort. She was really unlucky. When she wanted to buy a new furnace, she actually met a crazy guy like Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng shook his head dand coldly looked at her, “It’s not about the money. I don’t like having people near me when I refine pills.”

Hearing this, Bingqian was shocked. Teardrops flowed from her eyes uncontrollably. She couldn’t hold it in anymore and cried.

Cried? Leizhou City’s number one alchemist Bingqian actually cried?!

Ye Zifeng was not good with girls who were crying. Especially a beautiful girl her Bingqian. He turned and looked at the manager trying to ask him for a way to comfort her. However all he got back was a glare that said, “Bro. What are you doing idling there. Go up to her. In Leizhou city, there weren’t many people who could get her angry. For those who can make her cry, they must have the feathers of a phoenix and a horn of a unicorn!.” He was basically saying that no one could make her cry besides Ye Zifeng.

He wanted to dip after buying the furnace but Bingqian persistently followed him around the store while crying. Wherever Ye Zifeng went, she would follow him while crying.

Ye Zifeng could only bitterly laugh. Getting rid of a woman who followed him was much much harder than getting rid of a stalker. If she keeps following him like this, he won’t have time to refine pills.

Ye Zifeng finally gritted his teeth and said, “Fine….. Stop crying. I promise you. You can refine pills with me.”

Bingqian finally swallowed and stopped crying. She looked at him with reddened eyes, “Really? You’re not lying to me?”

“I’ve never lied to a woman.” Ye Zifeng look righteously at her. In his heart, he felt some regret making a promise with someone who he didn’t know much about.

Ultimately, the reason that he made this choice was because he wasn’t good with women. It was exactly like his past life…

Bingqian had a joyous expression and smiled, “ Okay. Who would’ve thought that someone like you would be so nice!”

Ye Zifeng finally walked back up to the manager, “Manager, i’ll pay for it now.”

The manage smiled, “Okay. I’ll go and count the money.”

Bingqian pulled Ye Zifeng’s sleeves and wiped her face on it, “That’s not right. Since we’re gonna refine pills together, I should pay half.”

“No. I need to let you know that you owe me. I have three conditions that I’ll tell you later.” Ye Zifeng shook his head.

Ye Zifeng wasn’t some chauvinistic male. He didn’t want Bingqian’s money. He only wanted her to cooperate with him.

“Three conditions? What do you want me to do?” Bingqian started to become nervous. She finally helplessly realized something: When she face this man, she would feel nervous and flustered.