The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 209 – Giving a pill!

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“The other half……”

The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth raised into a smile: “Perhaps the Two-headed Ice Wolf had already perceived our existence when we used the formation to save Ye Huichi earlier.”

“This……” Liu Yige sucked in cold air as he trembled from head to toe.

Ye Zifeng paused for a while before he continued: “So, it is on guard against us and held itself back.”

A fierce beast that held itself back? Liu Yige was not someone who was experienced and knowledgeable, so this was the first time he heard this.

“No……no way.”

If he had not gotten along with Ye Zifeng he might not even know how he died. At the very least, he would have used the life saving medallion to return back to the entrance.

“However, you don’t need to be too worried. Everything is on a first come first served basis. Even if the fierce beast thought of our existence, it would not make its move on us before it defeats the people of the Liu Clan. Right now, perhaps it is already very impatient.”


The intelligent fierce beast having a brain is not a lie. However, people should not hope that every intelligent fierce beast would have a good temperament. At the very least, the Ice Wolf in front of them didn’t have a good one.

It had waited for Ye Zifeng and the others to appear, but it finally lost its patience. It planned to deal with Liu Bingqian first.

A thunderous sound came from the Ice Wolf’s body. The cold qi from its body rose up several times more than before.

“What……what’s happening?” Liu Ningzi’s eyes were filled with panic.

Although Liu Bingqian had prepared herself, she still could not help but show astonishment at the situation.

She quickly adjusted her mental state: “Everybody, do not be afraid. This Two-headed Ice Wolf had already been beaten to its dying breath. As long as we can endure for a bit longer, we will win…”

These words were naturally meant to calm everybody down. However, there are times that words like these should not be spoken.

The Two-headed Ice Wolf dodged as its figure leapt in the air a few times and directly pounced towards Liu Bingqian.

Even it had recognized that Liu Bingqian was the group’s absolute pillar. As long as it could kill her, the rest of them would scatter like sand and it would have nothing to worry about anymore.

“Big Sis Bingqian, be careful…” Liu Ningzi involuntarily shouted.

If Liu Bingqian dodged the Ice Wolf’s attack, it would not be a difficult thing to do since she only needed to move half a step to the side.

However, the situation was different. Liu Bingqian was at the center of the formation. Her position would influence the effects of the entire formation. Just a little error could make the entire formation collapse.

A loud “BANG” sounded. Liu Bingqian took out a Jade Dagger from her interspatial pendant. She had pressed it against the Two-headed Ice Wolf’s forehead, while using her other hand to root herself to the ground through spirit energy.

However, she was only barely able to do it like this.

The charging force of the Two-headed Ice Wolf could hardly be stopped by a Jade Dagger. It kept on pushing the dagger, forcing Liu Bingqian to take a few steps back.

“What is everyone staring around for, quickly go help…” Liu Ningzi swept a glance at everybody and spoke.

The rest of the Liu Clan regained their senses and extended their hands. As they did so, the body of the Two-headed Ice Wolf begun to light up.

The Ice Wolf was pushed back a few steps thanks to everyone’s cooperation. Liu Bingqian was finally able to free her hands and leave a small wound on the Ice Wolf as she withdrew.


“Pu…” Liu Bingqian’s face changed from red to white. She uncontrollably face towards the sky and spat out a bit of blood.

A 9th stage qi refining expert had actually been beaten by the Ice Wolf to the point of spitting out blood. It was obvious that this intelligent fierce beast was not simple to deal with.

“Big Sis Bingqian…” Liu Ningzi’s charming face was filled with worry as she hurriedly tried to go to her side.

However, Liu Bingqian fiercely glared at her: “Don’t come over… Return to your position because if the formation breaks then we are all doomed.

Liu Ningzi yelped in surprise as she shyly returned back.

If the formation barrier had been broken, everyone from the Liu Clan other than Liu Bingqian would not be able to defend against the cold wave sent out by the Ice Wolf.

However, this was only a temporary measure. The Two-headed Ice Wolf once again adjusted itself as it took a step back and once again pounced towards Liu Bingqian’s location.

Hearing what was said, everyone wanted to run away. Some of them even wanted to charge forward and block the blow for Liu Bingqian.

“All of you don’t move. Stay in your original positions…” Liu Bingqian swept everyone a glance and shouted.

The people of the Liu Clan looked at each other as they could only follow Liu Bingqian’s words.

However, in the next instant, an unexpected ‘pu’ sound once again flew towards their ears. It was clear that Liu Bingqian had once again received the fierce beast’s attack. Her charming face was growing paler and the corner of her mouth was stained with blood.

“Big Sis Bingqian, continuing this is meaningless.” Liu Ningzi bit her lips in frustration, feeling incredibly helpless.

Actually, every time Liu Bingqian received an injury, everyone would also injure the Ice Wolf as payback. Basically, they were exchanging injury for injury.

However, from Liu Ningzi’s viewpoint, there were thousands upon thousands of fierce beasts but there was only one of her sister. She did not have the heart to see her sister in danger.

“Big Sis Bingqian, let’s forget about this and use our life saving medallions to escape. Since we have already finished two missions, the rewards we will reap will not be few.”

Liu Bingqian was not a greedy person. The only reason she was persevering right now was ultimately because Ye Zifeng had outshined her during the Heavenly Clan Meeting and the Pill Contest.

As a result, she was now taking this sect mission as an opportunity to have a competition with Ye Zifeng. At the very least she wanted to pressure him a bit and obstruct him.

“No…m I will not run away. If you want to go then all of you should just use your life saving medallion. I will never blame you for it.”

“This……” Liu Ningzi was slightly stunned. Soon after she became inwardly angry: “Big Sis Bingqian, what are you saying. Are you even treating me as your little sister? Since you are determined to stay, then I will also stay…”

“Then…… I will also stay…”

“Since all of you are staying, then I, Old Chen, am not scoundrel. Why would I not stay?”

“Saying that you are not a scoundrel just means that you are one. Ok, I will also stay…”

Under the emotional atmosphere, everyone’s morale did not drop but rose. Compared to their previous appearances, it was a lot better.

“Okay then, everyone should concentrate your efforts and continue to attack the Ice Wolf. I believe that even if it’s strong it wouldn’t be able to handle out power…” Liu Bingqian’s beautiful eyes were filled with resolution.


Luring the Liu Clan inside to test the strength of the Ice Wolf was Ye Zifeng’s plot.

He had thought that after the Liu Clan experienced a setback, they would immediately use their life saving medallions. However, Liu Bingqian’s obstinacy had changed the Liu Clan team members’ hearts. This was outside of Ye Zifeng’s plans.

Ye Zifeng deeply sighed: “I never imagined that this would happen. Man proposes but god disposes, things really do not go your way. The scenario of the Liu Clan running away leaving Liu Bingqian behind would probably be delayed.”

Liu Yige was stunned and laughed mischievously: “Then as long as Bingqian remains, the Liu Clan will not collapse…”

“It is as you say. But, Liu Bingqian is trying hard to retain her consciousness, if this continues on, she might meet with danger. I’m afraid that when she first spat out blood, she had begun feeling dizzy.”

“What? Then what should we do?” Liu Yige recalled the time when Liu Bingqian first spat out blood

He had faintly begun to get restless to the point that he wanted to personally go help them.

After all, if Bingqian met an unfortunate accident, even Ningzi would meet with danger. This was clearly something he did not want to see.

Xiao Mu coldly looked at him: “Liu Yige, in the end who are you listening to, your Sister Bingqian or Young Master Ye? You must be clear about this point. Be careful of your actions and do stupid things for no reason. At that time, it will be too late for regrets so don’t come find Young Master Ye for help…”

“I…….” Liu Yige deeply furrowed his brows as he did not know how to respond.

Deep within his heart, he truly wanted to charge forward and help. But on the other half, he did not dare declare it to Ye Zifeng.

When all was said and done, he was nurtured by the Liu Clan for close to 20 years now. He could not just standby and stare at the Liu Clan as they meet disaster. Ho could not stay indifferent to them as this was his bottom line.

Ye Zifeng smiled: “You have a deep gratitude towards the Liu Clan so how could I just sit by and watch? How about this, there is a pill inside here, it can help a person recover from injury. You go and give it to Bingqian.”

“Young Master Ye, you……” Liu Yige and Xiao Mu almost spoke in unison as their eyes were filled with surprise.

There are five teams in this competition. Yet Ye Zifeng actually wanted to save someone and not cheat on them?

This was simply unimaginable…Could it be that the rumors of Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian having feelings for each other were real.

“Are you serious? You are willing to give this pill to Sister Bingqian?” Liu Yige emotionally asked.

“Of course, when were my words ever empty? Go and give it to her.” Ye Zifeng smiled. He grabbed a single pill from within his interspatial ring and threw it towards Liu Yige as he deeply smiled.

If Liu Yige gave this pill to Bingqian, it would be hard to suspect him of anything because he was also from the Liu Clan, so he was the most suited to pass it on…

This arc is still long af and goes for about 10+ chapters more.