The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 207 – Your reward!

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“Ye Huichi, you……”

When Liu Bingqian saw this scene, her beautiful eyes were colored with surprise. However, now was not the time to interrogate Ye Huichi why he did this.

This was because it seems that Ye Huichi also did not know anything. He retreated a few steps and fearfully hid in one corner as he kept shivering in fear.

A deathly white mist spread on the ground and soon filled the entire cave.

The complicated yet simple marks suddenly glowed. They were covered with spirit energy as they connected with each other, condensing the smoke from the incense into a ball.

The small whirlpool gradually expanded in front of Ye Huichi. The ball of smoke suddenly burst in midair as the smoke spread in all corners of the cave.

“Not good. Everybody run…” Liu Bingqian shot a glance at the smoke as her complexion changed. Her slender body began to tremble as fear settled in her heart.

“Big sis Bingqian, what exactly is this……” Liu Ningzi’s experiences were slightly short of her sisters.

“We had been made a fool. This is a smoke that can attract fierce beasts and make them go crazy. If I did not guess wrong, the fierce beast inside the cave is not coming over here.”

Liu Bingqian gritted her teeth as a heavy atmosphere surrounded her charming face.

“What? The intelligent fierce beast is coming over?” Everyone felt their hearts tighten when they heard that the fierce beast was coming. They breathed frantically as their faces ashened.

If everyone had prepared themselves for this, and Liu Bingqian had acted as the vanguard to face the fierce beast, they would have been fine.

But now, they could not even see their fingers in this gloomy pitch-black cave. If normal person walked in a cave, they would normally feel their heartbeat quicken. Being able to let out 80% of their strength would already be quite good.

Liu Bingqian’s brows deeply locked together. They had just recovered their morale from the earlier explosion. Now, they had once again encountered an unfortunate event without being able to adjust their mental states.

The current circumstances were extremely bad…

Who was the one that led them here while hidden in the darkness?

Just as expected, a cold and desolate atmosphere filled the entire cave before everyone was able to run farther away. The cold air permeated the whole place to the point that everyone felt cold to their bones.

In such a big place a world shaking howl echoed.

“Rumble” the sound of footsteps kept resounding in their ears. An Ice Wolf suddenly appeared as it head came out from the depths of the cave. The cold air that seemed to take away souls flooded towards everyone as it appeared.

This was not the end. When one head appeared, another followed.

“Two-headed Ice Wolf…” Liu Bingqian deeply sucked in the cold air. Her expression was filled with panic.

There was no need for Liu Bingqian to even explain how strong this intelligent fierce beast was. Everyone in the Liu Clan had felt the spirit energy flood towards them like a tide and chilled their bones. It is sufficient to say that the wolf was enough to cause every single qi refining disciple to feel dread.

The Two-headed Ice Wolf had rushed over and its main target was Ye Huichi… The reason was simple. It was because he was closes to the spirit incense.

“Don’t, don’t come over……” Even in his dreams, Ye Huichi would never have the guts to light the incense if he knew its effects.

He wanted to escape but when he turned around, he felt as if his footsteps slowed down. It seems that the Ice Wolf had already taken the initiative to freeze his path of retreat.

Even Ye Huichi’s legs were sealed by the cold air. When he tried to run his footsteps also slowed down.

“Save……save me.” He raised his despair-filled eyes towards the Liu Clan, hoping that they could save him.

However, wasn’t the one who had attracted Two-headed Ice Wolf, Ye Huichi?

The Liu Clan now hated him so why would they even help him. They were looking forward to his tragic death under the claws of the Ice Wolf…

“Right, I almost forgot, I can use the life-saving talisman if no one wants to help me.”

In the moment of desperation, Ye Huichi slightly calmed down. He suddenly came back to his senses and grabbed the life-saving talisman from his chest.

He was helping Ye Zifeng handle things this time to earn 100 gold and never thought of obtaining any rewards from this mission so he could make such a prompt decision.

However, at this moment, the Two-headed Ice Wolf had jumped and heavily landed on the ground, sending out shockwaves.

The ground shook…

The mighty shockwave surged all around with it as the center. Every single disciple under the 9th stage of qi refining had been thrown mid air and heavily landed on the ground.

Ye Huichi was not an exception. However, as he blanked out for a moment the life-saving talisman in his hand had been sent flying to the distance.


He painfully cried out. He stared at the life-saving talisman as it flew away due to the spirit energy. Moreover, the Ice Wolf begun roaring as it approached with its mouth wide open, making everyone feel fear from seeing it.

Ye Huichi’s heart was filled with despair.

“Save, save me…”

He did not know who to ask help from right now. However, he still instinctively screamed out. Due to excessive fear, his body involuntarily retreated while leaning on the wall.

Liu Bingqian hesitated whether to save him or not when she saw the life-saving medallion fly away. However, when she saw that her teammates were losing strength he was unable to take Ye Huichi into full consideration.

Everyone had already turned away from the scene as they could not bear to see the bloodshed that will happen.

However, the mark on the wall where Ye Huichi was suddenly lit up.

“This……” Without even having a chance to react, he had fallen backward into the wall. He slowly sunk in it. The course of events were extremely weird.

In the end, Ye Huichi’s face had also sunk into the wall. At the same time, the claws of the Two-headed Wolf had arrived as it fiercely slammed onto the wall.

“Boom” The wall could not handle the weight of the claws as crushed stone dispersed. If Ye Huichi was still there, then his corpse would have been separated.

Liu Bingqian turned her head as her eyes were filled with surprise: “Impossible, where did Ye Huichi go?”

Even if he was smashed to death by the Two-headed Ice Wolf’s claws, there should have been bloodstain but there was none that could be seen.


“Save me…” Ye Huichi was extremely panicked. His face was completely filled with fear. He was almost able to feel the claws of the Two-headed Ice Wolf stick to his face as if a dagger scraping on his bones. He shivered at this feeling.

If it was any slower, then he would have already stepped on the Yellow Springs.

“Are you still fine?” A familiar voice came from behind him.

Ye Huichi’s expression instantly changed when he heard this voice as he turned his head.

He saw the Ye Clan, Xiao Clan and the Rong Clan were there together.

Moreover, the three teams were crowding around a single person and that person was Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng was now pleasantly looking at Ye Huichi and asked: “Are you still fine?”

“Big brother? Could It be that it was you who just saved me?”

“Is there anyone else other than me?” Ye Zifeng nodded his head and gave a soothing smile.

“Tha…… That’s right.” Ye Huichi awkwardly smiled: “Big brother, I am so lucky that it’s you, if not I would have died.”

Actually, when he was about to die, Ye Huichi had resented Ye Zifeng.

He had helped him do things and the result was putting himself in danger. Ye Zifeng did not come to save him at all and abandon him.

But now, his hatred had instantly changed to grateful worship when Ye Zifeng had rescued him.

When all was said and done, even if some people wanted to save Ye Huichi, they might not even have the power to save him and even put themselves at risk.

“That right, you must thank Young Master Ye. If not, the next time you would be placed in that kind of situation, being abandoned would not be a strange thing to happen.” Liu Yige unhappily looked at him.

Abandoning someone was quite likely especially when there are benefits to do so. However, Ye Zifeng clearly did not choose to do this.

“I, Ye Zifeng, would never abandon a friend, let alone my cousin. Your surname is also Ye, helping you is my responsibility. Moreover, you did well in this mission. This is 100 gold coins for all your troubles.”

Ye Zifeng faintly smiled as he took out 100 gold coins from his spatial ring. The coin pouch flew in a graceful parabola and landed on Ye Huichi’s hands.

Ye Huichi stared at his cousin’s face, leaking out an embarrassed expression.

It was clear that the quality of his performance was bad but Ye Zifeng still generously gave him 100 gold. Everyone there were completely shocked.

Ye Huichi only lit a stick of spirit incense and instantly earn 100 gold. They also wanted to do such a task…

Let alone these disciples from influential families, money would even make the devil turn millstones.

Ye Huichi licked his lips as the last bit of resentment in his heart was completely soothed. He turned towards Ye Zifeng filled with admiration and everyone else did the same.

They had worshiped Ye Zifeng but at the same time, they also feared him. They feared that once they had went past their usefulness, they would be abandoned.

But now, they felt a lot better after this matter with Ye Huichi.

“Okay, let us temporarily not discuss about this right now. It is time for us to take a look at the Liu Clan’s situation. Let’s see how much power can the Liu Clan force out from the Two-headed Ice Wolf.” Ye Zifeng faintly smiled. Everyone else also leaked out a strange smile.

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