The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 205 – Too late!

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In the dusky underground cave.

Ye Zifeng and the others had found its entrance after searching for a while. Under Wang Mengxi’s lead, they have already walked for a long while.

Xiao Mu approached Ye Zifeng and spoke in a low voice: “Young Master Ye, there is something that I don’t understand. Why did you leave Wang Tianzhi back there? If this goes on and the Liu Clan were to save Wang Tianzhi, they would work together to deal with us. Wouldn’t we be in danger?”

He was unaware of the fact that he had begun using ‘us’.

Although Wang Mengxi was walking in the lead, her ears remained sharp and heard the two people, whispering. She turned her head and slight anger appeared on her face as she glared at Xiao Mu.

“You speak too much.”

Xiao Mu never imagined that Wang Mengxi was able to hear him from so far away. He smiled with embarrassment and became slightly speechless as he shut his mouth.

After a while, Ye Zifeng patted Xiao Mu’s back and smiled. He took out a strip of paper and wrote something.

“Then, what if I wanted the Liu Clan to find him?”

Xiao Mu opened his eyes with amazement and looked at Ye Zifeng with a hardened expression. He muttered to himself and deeply nodded his head.


Liu Bingqian was incomparably horrified. Amazement flashed in her beautiful eyes.

“Everyone, carefully look at the ring on his hand…”

When everyone heard this, they surrounded it all together.

At the start, there were still people who did not know what’s what and thought that a Rong Clan’s noble child wearing a ring was not strange.

“The Rong Clan’s ring is at most a bit luxurious and does not really have anything redeeming.”

However, a few people who know what’s what suddenly paled.

“Cyan Jade Ring. The symbol of Lei Zhou City’s number one expert……”

Liu Ningzi was also stunned. Her small mouth opened: “This……this ring, could it be this person is the Wang Clan’s Young Master, Wang Tianzhi…?”

Hearing Wang Tianzhi’s name, a few people did not dare believe it. The smile of their faces suddenly became stiff and could not say anything for a long time.

After all, compared to an influential person like Wang Tianzhi, they were nothing.

“Impossible, Wang Tianzhi? How could Lei Zhou City’s number one qi refining expert be beaten up like this? Could it be that this is only a high class imitation from the market place?” The servant doubtfully asked.

“High class imitation? Then look at his clothes……his jade pendant, and also……” Liu Bingqian brows locked together as she shook her head and pointed.

Every single thing she pointed to all proved the identity of the ring’s owner.

“Fine. Don’t say anymore, I believe it.” the servant’s face paled as he finally accepted it as the truth. He believed that the person lying in front of him was Wang Tianzhi.

At this moment, every spectators’ hearts begun beating fiercely as if they were about to break out.

Every person seemed to want to ask the same question. When was there anyone in Lei Zhou City who could beat up Wang Tianzhi to look like this.

Who could have done this? This was too unimaginable…

Liu Bingqian muttered to herself for a while and felt a bit baffled. She looked at Liu Ningzi and begun to circle around the entire area. She inspected all four directions, looking for clues.

Even though Wang Tianzhi had been beaten up like this, he had been unreasonably thrown on the side without any care.

At this moment, seeing their leader walk away, every Liu Clan member prostrated as they laughed out loud and pointed to the spatial ring on his finger.

They whispered: “Since Wang Tianzhi had already fainted, why don’t we bring out the items in his spatial ring and split it among us?”

“Right, with our lips sealed, Wang Tianzhi would not know that it was us who took it.”

The benefits would tempt people to take the risk out of desperation. Even if the Liu Clan was an influential family, they were not all wel-off. Once they saw this opportunity to receive benefits without bearing any responsibility, their minds begun to get lively.

“To start with, everyone will receive an equal share.” The trace of greed appeared in their eyes.

When they were about to make their move, Liu Bingqian suddenly turned around as if she understood something. Seeing their actions, her charming expression changed.

“What are you guys doing… no matter what don’t touch Wang Tianzhi…stay your hand…”

However, when she spoke, she was too late.

“What……” The few people were stunned and unable to retract their hand back on time as their fingers already touched Wang Tianzhi.

In a split second, a sinisterly scary qi suddenly extended from his body…

“Heavens, this is……”

Lightning wandered like a dragon snake as it set out towards the hearts of those who touched Wang Tianzhi and enveloped them.

An explosive power poured into these people’s pulses as they were sent flying in the air by the power.

A few Liu Clan member beside them were instantly frightened. They backed away a few steps to no avail as they were too late and also got sent flying.

They yelled mournful screams as they were sent flying in midair.

“I already told you to stay your hands……” Liu Bingqian wrinkled her black brows and shook her head. She took a deep breath and extended her snow white wrists.

Strands of fog could be seen condensing in her palms at a fast speed.

She then sent them flying. In the end, when those people were about to hit the ground, a qi net woven with qi was created below them.

“Sssss” the qi net was stretched to its limit as it neared the ground.

Upon seeing this, Liu Bingqian slightly frowned. The silver light on her hands added more strength. Only then was she able to stop their descent.

However, this could only lighten their injuries. The explosive strength that struck them had truly injured them.



Fresh blood sprayed out from everyone’s mouth. A few people with low cultivation did not even have the hence to spray out blood as they had already fainted in midair. After they had landed on the net, they had already lost consciousness.

The most frightening thing was that everyone had cried out in fear. Even those people who were not that close to the explosive power, their faces also paled as they were sent backwards by the force.

“This…… how could this be……” Liu Ningzi’s beautiful eyes leaked out a trace of fear. The move happened in an instant but created such a huge accident. This was simply too hard t believe.

She had believed that there exists a certain level of danger from this sect mission. Even though different teams would have conflicts from time to time, it would only be small fights.

It did not matter if Wang Tianzhi had been beaten tragically. But she never imagined that an intent would be left behind to be used on the Liu Clan…

Liu Bingqian slightly sighed: “I had already imagined it to be like this. The opponent, who had forced Wang Tianzhi into this appearance, must be an impressive person. He would definitely not leave Wang Tianzhi outside and must have different plans.”

After returning to her senses, she looked at Wang Tianzhi.

Although Wang Tianzhi was at the center of the explosion, his body was sturdy. Every injury that he received would not have that much effect, it wouldn’t even be able to wake him up.

“This is too strange. That person’s move is too light. Could it be that the opponent did not want to kill us but instead trying to warn us not to continue?”

Liu Bingqian felt that she was slowly following that person’s train of thought.

She bitterly smiled and shook her head. However, when she thought about it, a figure suddenly appeared in her mind. Suddenly, her body was shaken up.

Could it be that it was Ye Zifeng?

From the Heavenly Clan gathering until the Pill Competition, even the things that happen in the gravity chambers in the Profound Sect, Ye Zifeng had created one miracle after another.

Other than him, Liu Bingqian nodded her head as she could not think of anyone else who could surprise her like this.

On the other side, Liu Ningzi’s clear eyes took in the silence in her sister’s eyes.

She had thought that her own sister was being depressed at what just happened. She walked towards her and patted her shoulders, wanting to comfort her.

“Big Sis Bingqian. Don’t be too sad. Look, their injuries are not that severe……”

Liu Bingqian was startled by her pat as she unconsciously responded: “It was Ye Zifeng…”

“What?” Liu Ningzi was stunned as surprise was written on her face.

How could her big sis Bingqian still be concerned about Ye Zifeng when her own people had fallen like this? If a servant found out about this, their hearts would undoubtedly tremble.


When Liu Bingqian accidentally blurted out her thoughts, her charming face seemed to redden. She hurriedly explained: “No, I did not mean it like that. What I mean is that the one who did all of these must be Ye Zifeng……”

“Ye Zifeng did this? Based on what? Big sis Bingqian, could it be that your words have a basis?” Liu Ningzi slightly sighed as she shook her head.

“I……” Liu Bingqian hesitated and finally spat out a single word: “Intuition?”

Liu Ningzi’s eyes was filled with disbelief. Hearing her sister’s words only made matters worse…

She paused for a moment before she continued: “Big sis Bingqian, we had already seen the Wang Clan and the Rong Clan’s people. At the same time, we had already confirmed that there were only two groups that had entered the crystal valley. Aren’t you saying that the Ye Clan team had followed after us yet came here before us, without us noticing? This is still fine, but how could Ye Zifeng have beaten Wang Tianzhi like this in such a short amount of time?”

“This……might really be impossible.” Liu Bingqian was slightly stunned as she let out a bitter smile.

It was not that she did not have confidence in Ye Zifeng but it was because he did not give her a chance to believe in him…

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