The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 203 – Underground Fierce Beast

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Wang Mengxi deeply looked at Ye Zifeng’s expression. Her beautiful eyes blinked.

“How did you know that I had a technique to search for enemies?”

She indeed knew how to do this. But, she had never told this to anyone before. Even the people who knew about it from the Wang Clan were very few. How did Ye Zifeng knew about it?”

“It’s very simple. The Refreshing Jade Pot is a magical tool and that is one of its functions. Being able to guess it is not much.”

Ye Zifeng calmly smiled and continued to speak. However, his words were not able to convince Wang Mengxi.

Magical tools in this world were as many as the stars. How could Ye Zifeng just happen to know the usage of this one?

“Moreover, when you entered the valley, didn’t you use the Refreshing Jade Pot? Afterwards, you mistakenly thought that the Xiao Clan was the first one to enter the valley.”

“How did you guess?” Wang Mengxi couldn’t help sucking in cold air.

“Very simple. When you people saw Xiao Mu, your attitudes were too normal but when you saw me, your expression seemed as if you swallowed a housefly. Based on this, I could naturally make out its features.”

“You……are really not simple, Ye Zifeng.” Wang Mengxi’s clear pupils gradually darkened as if she had accepted her misfortune.

Meeting an enemy like Ye Zifeng could only be blamed on her bad luck.

“Okay, don’t pay any more attention to these things. Time is short so begin searching for that fierce beast’s qi.”

“Wait, I still haven’t completely agreed to this.” Wang Mengxi was startled.

“If you are not willing, then return the Refreshing Jade Pot to me.”

Wang Mengxi shook her head in panic: “That’s out of the question. You had already given it to me. How could you just take it back?”

“It seems that you are the type of person to take other people’s stuff but not help them.” Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled and kept a calm expression.

“I……” Wang Mengxi’s age was still small. Although her appearance was calm, her heart was still a small girl. After exchanging words with Ye Zifeng, she felt that she could not out speak him.

If Ye Zifeng did not give her the Refreshing Jade Pot at the start, she might not have struggled in her confusion. Moreover, Ye Zifeng was now the bully so she was at a loss on what to do.

“Then…… you must keep your promise. After I help you, you must give me back the Refreshing Jade Pot.”

Wang Mengxi pursed her lips. Finally, she lifted her head and sighed as she decided to help Ye Zifeng.

Even though it was not for her big brother, she must still consider for herself. As for face, she never placed any importance to it.

After hearing what was said, a smile appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face: “The words of I, Ye Zifeng, will naturally have enormous weight. Have you ever seen me lie to anyone before?”

Even if he truly lied to someone, as long as the other party does not really know him then he could repeatedly say it.

“Okay… then I will believe you.” After receiving the opposite party’s positive reply, Wang Mengxi begun to concentrate. A light blue qi begun to appear from her body and begun to flow into the Refreshing Jade Pot.

The ability to search for enemies had a very wide range of uses. Essentially, Wang Tianzhi was trying to help his little sister and made her learn this ability. In the future, if she was going out to hunt for fierce beast, she would be able to help herself.

But now, this was the ability that Ye Zifeng needed the most.

Although Ye Zifeng had learned of the situation inside the Scarlet Blood Valley from Wang Ruoxing and Wang Lin, the land was dead but fierce beasts were alive. They would move around everywhere and not necessarily stay at the same place.

…… After half an incense time went past.

Xiao Mu was born paranoid. After seeing that Wang Mengxi did not have any information for a long time, he immediately wrinkled his brows.

“Can you really do it or not? If you can’t then make it clear and stop wasting everyone’s time.”

Ye Zifeng expressionlessly turned his head. His eyes contained coldness that made Xiao Mu shut up.

Because he knew that Wang Mengxi’s mind was pure, adding more pressure during a critical juncture during her search would further increase the length of time she needed to search.

“Found it.” After a long time of meditation, Wang Mengxi finally raised her head.

“Where?” Ye Zifeng walked beside her and blurted out his question.

Wang Mengxi deeply looked at his eyes: “Actually, it’s not that far from here.”

After hearing this, Xiao Mu and the others roared in laughter.

“This is a joke. We have already swept the place close to hear already. We didn’t even see a single spec of this intelligent fierce beast.”

“Right. Even if there was a different fierce beast close to this place, it should have made its move when Young Master Ye had taken the Crystal Rock Elephant’s monster core. How could it just sit by and watch?”

“Hehe. Could it be that Miss Mengxi had calculated the position wrongly? I think you should try again and let everyone wait for an hour.” The person who said this was running out of patience so he intentionally mocked her.

When everyone was laughing, Ye Zifeng was muttering to himself as he pondered. After a long while, his face suddenly twitched as he understood something.

“Miss Mengxi, could it be that the place you said that was not far away it underground?” His emotions stir as he gazed at Wang Mengxi.

Wang Mengxi’s expression slightly changed. She originally planned to vaguely tell everyone the location and not tell them the real location.

However, Ye Zifeng had immediately guessed the correct location of the intelligent fierce beast.

“Isn’t it?”

When Ye Zifeng saw that she was still mumbling, his expression became chilly.

“Quickly say it…”

She could only mutter when she felt the chill in Ye Zifeng’s words: “Fine. That fierce beast is indeed underground. It isn’t that far from here.”

Ye Zifeng nodded his head and looked back at everyone behind. They were currently exchanging expressions with an amazed look.

“Young Master Ye, what do you think……” Xiao Mu muttered for a moment but decided to wait for Ye Zifeng’s opinion.

When they entered the crystal valley, they still haven’t wholeheartedly accepted Ye Zifeng nor take his word to heart. However, after everyone punched Wang Tianzhi once, their attitudes changed.

They had done the same bad thing at the same time. There was now an invisible thread closely connecting all of them.

Qin Lang nodded his head: “Right. Since the Liu Clan had not appeared until now, they are undoubtedly a large variable. Young Master Ye, we only have 10 people. Do you think we should surround the fierce beast first or the Liu Clan first?”

“That’s right. Now that we don’t have Ye Xueyi, who is at the 9th stage of qi refining, we might not be able to deal with Liu Bingqian later.” Shi Chen revealed a bitter expression.

“Liu Bingqian?” Ye Zifeng smiled and swept everyone a glance: “Isn’t Wang Tianzhi also at the 9th stage of qi refining? If you’re not afraid of him, how could you fear Bingqian?”

Hearing Ye Zifeng call her Bingqian, a few people revealed a playful smile as they winked.

“Beating up Wang Tianzhi did not feel bad, but these are two different things……” Previously, everyone just went up to beat up Wang Tianzhi. But until now, they did not know what Ye Zifeng did so they were still slightly uncertain.

Ye Zifeng walked close to them and faintly smiled as he shook his head: “Moreover, who said that we have only 10 people. We had only stayed here for a while but you had already forgotten the 20 people outside?”

That was right. There were still around 20 people outside. With the strength of an entire team, even if they could not win, they would have dragged down the Liu Clan close to death.

Feng Di’s eyes lit up. Her charming face flashed with a beautiful charm. She deeply looked at Ye Zifeng, feeling that as long as he was here, she did not need to fear other’s scheming towards them as her heart stabilized.

Shi Chen rubbed his head and laughed out loud: “That’s right, I had almost forgot them.”

Ye Zifeng faintly smiled and continued: “Dealing with the Liu Clan is not really that big of a deal. However, I am now plotting something different.”

Seeing the corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth curl into a smile, everyone couldn’t help but shudder inside.

It seems that the Liu Clan would have a hard time escaping….


At this moment, Liu Bingqian’s entire body felt cold as she couldn’t help but shiver.

“What’s going on? I keep feeling that the current situation is far from good.”

“Big sis Bingqian, what’s wrong? We will meet with the people from the Wang Clan and Xiao Clan later and not the Ye Clan. Do you have to be that excited?” Liu Ningzi sweetly laughed as she leisurely walked beside Liu Bingqian.

The two women’s eyes were like a drop of paint, absolutely delicate and incredibly charming. Standing together, their beauty could cause wars. When the men saw this, their blood vessels expanded. They sighed at the fact that this world unexpectedly had this kind of rare object and they had formed a pair.

“Zi girl, how many time will I tell you to stop bringing up Ye Zifeng to joke with me. In this sect mission, even if the Ye Clan had difficulty killed their way to this crystal valley, I would not give them face…” Liu Bingqian’s voice felt incredibly resolute and not allowing anyone to doubt her.

From her viewpoint, this was an impossible task so there was no harm in speaking in a much more resolute tone.

However, at this moment, a swishing sound came from the nearby shrubbery.


Their heart’s shook and they looked at each other. A strange color appeared from their eyes. Could it be that there were others here?

Liu Bingqian suppressed her breathing and slowed her footsteps. She slowly approached the shrub……

When the two of them slowly advanced and prepared to make their moves, a loud shout suddenly came from behind them.

“Not good. Everyone look. It’s the Rong Clan’s second young master, Rong Shan… It seems that that is the Rong Clan’s team…” Ye Huichi raised his head and his complexion became pale.

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