The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 201 – Punch him once!

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Wang Tianzhi could not hold back anymore as he continued cursing.

“Ye Zifeng, with only your skills, don’t delude yourself that you can entrap me! Stop dreaming and die!”

Since a while ago, Wang Tianzhi had wanted to vent the anger in his mind. Now that he was free from the restriction, he wanted to collect the debt from Ye Zifeng.

As a result, he didn’t wait for everyone to finish declaring their position and just pounced at Ye Zifeng. His qi condensed layer after layer forming an image of a fist, making everyone, who saw it, dazzled.

This move wasn’t some light and gorgeous technique. Every single image would heavily strike upon his opponent’s body again and again!

As if the fist had already landed on Ye Zifeng’s body, everyone looked away as if they had seen Ye Zifeng’s body explode into blood flowers. They didn’t dare to look as they looked to the side.

“Ye Zifeng, what are you still standing there for, quickly dodge it! Weren’t you very agile?” Feng Di opened her eyes wide and finally let go of her womanly reservations as she couldn’t endure shouting at Ye Zifeng.

At the same time, Ye Zifeng did not pay any attention to Feng Di’s words as his tightly closed eyes opened wide. He softly called: “Elder Shen, now is the time.”

“Okay!” Since Elder Shen had already agreed to Ye Zifeng’s request, he unhesitatingly made his move.

An invisible soul spirit moved like a heaven piercing spear and fiercely pierced towards Wang Tianzhi!

Because the soul spirit was a formless object, Wang Tianzhi did not know that his opponent had unleashed such a killer move in such a short time! It simply surpassed his understanding!

Since he was unaware of the situation, he still charged ahead.

The corner of his mouth carried a smile as he charged towards Ye Zifeng. However, he suddenly froze, his entire body seemed to have been restrained by a huge worm, extremely unpleasant. Moreover, the fist, that was about to hit Ye Zifeng, stopped in front of Ye Zifeng. His hands appeared to have been strongly pulled by someone and simply couldn’t advance a single step.

If a martial practitioner let out his soul spirit to attack, a qi refining disciple simply did not have any way to resist it!

Wang Tianzhi was incredibly alarmed. His face went pale as if someone was gripping his throat. He could feel cold sweat flow down his spine.


Everyone looked at them and became stunned. When they saw Wang Tianzhi’s strange movement, they begun discussing.

“Eh? What’s wrong with Wang Tianzhi? Why did he suddenly stop?”

“Could it be that Ye Zifeng used another secret binding technique to restrain him?”

While everyone was discussing, Ye Zifeng faintly smiled. He did not let go of this opportunity and charged forward as his iron fist fiercely swung towards Wang Tianzhi’s face. As he smashed out, his expression was filled with killing intent.

Bang! The right side of Wang Tianzhi’s face seemed to cave in under Ye Zifeng’s attack.

Wang Mengxi was stunned to the point of fainting. Seeing his own big brother hit by other people, she had wanted to charge forward and help. However, everyone was blocking her way.

“Miss Mengxi, did you forget out words? In their duel, we will not allow anyone to interfere!” Xiao Mu laughed.

They had originally decided to remain and help Ye Zifeng, but now that they saw Ye Zifeng still had the advantage, their conviction became steadier.

“Ba……Bastard!” Wang Tianzhi forced himself to stand up as he forcefully suppressed his blood from rising up. However, he couldn’t endure to the end and fresh blood soon sprayed from his mouth, dying his shirt in blood.

“Not yet done……” Ye Zifeng kindly warned him.

“What?” Wang Tianzhi’s expression greatly changed.

Just as Wang Tianzhi relaxed, the soul spirit that had already surrounded his entire body surged with a green color, at the same time Ye Zifeng once again attacked with his fists and almost made Wang Tianzhi faint.

With the pincer attack, Wang Tianzhi once again sprayed a mouthful of blood.

However, he, who was supposed to have fainted, relied on his rage towards Ye Zifeng to keep his consciousness awake.

He gradually continued to walk as he looked at Ye Zifeng with an incomparably gloomy expression.

“Do you still want to fight?” Ye Zifeng spoke in a flat tone.

“Rubbish! Today either you die or I die. Ye Zifeng, what did you actually use a while ago.…..”

Ye Zifeng faintly smiled and a chill flashed through his eyes. Before Wang Tianzhi finished speaking, he once again punched the left side of his face.

With this blow, both the right side and left side of Wang Tianzhi’s face painfully swelled up.

Everyone in the Ye Clan team were looking at this scene with a stupid expression. Lei Zhou City’s number one qi refining expert was now being lifted up by Ye Zifeng like a little chick.

If this didn’t happen in front of them, they would never believe it.

Even if it was now, everyone was staring agape. They, who should have been clapping and cheering were already too astonished to even respond. The atmosphere was so cold that it could even freeze people.

However, Wang Tianzhi’s temperament was even higher than Xiao Mu and Liu Yige.

After all, Liu Yige and the other would begin flatteringly call him, ‘Boss Ye’ or even ‘Young Master Ye’ with just a bit of threatening, as long as they could save their lives.

Wang Tianzhi on the other hand was different. As an arrogant prince, even if his teeth were shattered, he would swallow down the pain and never beg for forgiveness.

Because of this, his injuries were now very serious.

Ye Zifeng faintly smiled and looked back at everyone: “Didn’t all of you say that you were willing to help me? Then, who dares come up and punch Wang Tianzhi once?”

“Punch him once?” Everyone had been awed by Ye Zifeng’s bold thought.

Wang Tianzhi was the successor of the most influential family in Lei Zhou City and also the number one qi refining expert. If anyone truly dared to punch him once, then they would be marked by him and die without knowing it.

Wang Tianzhi begun to seethe with anger. Ye Zifeng was truly too arrogant. When did he ever become a pushover that could be hit by anyone.

“All of you. If any one dares to come up, I will definitely return it to you 10 times!”

Although he was badly battered, he was persistently covering himself with his qi.

Elder Shen sighed as his soul spirit felt all this: “Ye brat, you should let it go. Anyone can make mistakes so don’t force them to such an edge.”

Ye Zifeng shook his head and smiled: “If I don’t force past this point, then in the future, who would be able to seal their mouths? Although they do not know about soul spirits, it did not mean that they would not ask their elders.”

Elder Shen was slightly confused a while ago and did not notice this point. Now he finally understood: “Ask their elders? Brat, you were hiding this from me and swindled me to make a move!”

Ye Zifeng continued to smile: “So, I did this as the best insurance. I will not warn them as a spectator beside them but let them participate instead!”

“This…… does not sound bad.” Elder Shen pondered for a moment and couldn’t help nodding his head. He never imagined that Ye Zifeng was not only thinking about teaching Wang Tianzhi a lesson, but also thinking about many other things.

“Returning to our main topic, Ye Zifeng are you really only 20 years old?”

Ye Zifeng smiled declining to comment.


Ye Zifeng opened his eyes looking at everyone deeply gasping and staring blankly as they stood still on the spot. They did not budge even until now.

So, he faintly smiled and coughed.

“Does everyone think that just because you did not make a move, Wang Tianzhi would let you go?” Ye Zifeng’s expression gradually became cold.

“But……” Shi Chen also licked his lips and knit his brows: “If others do not make a move and only I went up to hit him, then wouldn’t I be marked by him and die unfortunately in the future?”

“What you said wasn’t wrong, and doing this is indeed dangerous…… However, what if everyone here made their moves?”

After a long time of silence, everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up and raised their head with a dazed expression. They pondered over Ye Zifeng’s words and became excited as their eyes filled with an unbelieving expression.

“Could it be that you mean……”

“If everyone punched him one after the other then no one would leak it! I imagine that not even the Wang Clan would dare offend so many clans in one go.”

He faintly smiled with a serious expression: “However, if you let go of this chance, you would probably never be as carefree as now!”

Ye Zifeng’s words were not just random nonsense. Hitting Lei Zhou City’ number one qi refining expert was something no one else could simply do. Once they become old and have grandchildren, they could brag about what they did in their earlier life. They could even brag that they had fiercely hit the number one expert of their generation.

“This proposal…… does not sound bad at all. What should we do? Why don’t you go first?” Shi Chen jostled Qin Lang.

Qin Lang touched his head with embarrassment and laughed: “This isn’t good, right? Han Xiuming why don’t you go first?”

“You guys should stop bullying honest people. As I see it, why don’t we let Young Master Xiao go first.”

Xiao Mu laughed out loud: “Didn’t Young Master Ye already tell us what to do. As I see it, we should all go up at the same time.”

Wang Tianzhi saw that everyone was looking at him like a sacrificial lamb. His heart immediately filled up with despair.

He was truly a tiger which landed in flat land was cheated by a dog. Wang Tianzhi did not know what he was hit by and now did not have any strength to resist.

When he was looking blankly, Ye Zifeng once again spoke with an apathetic voice.

“One person one punch. Don’t go over that. Treat this as giving Miss Mengxi some face……”

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