The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 194 – Quick fight quick end

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“Is this Spirit Increasing Pill truly that amazing?”

Curiosity flickered in Ye Xueyi’s eyes. Delicately looking at the scarlet pill in her hands, careful of not letting it go. It was the first time she had head of this pill.

“Of course. After you take it, it will immediately take effect.” Ye Zifeng faintly smiled and his expression filled with encouragement.

“…… Oh, okay. I will listen to brother Zifeng.”

Ye Xueyi clenched her teeth and became determined. She opened her mouth and swallowed it.

In a split second, her pretty eyes lit up with astonishment.

“This…… this is too amazing.”

Ye Xueyi widened her eyes and shuddered. She could clearly feel the abundant qi flooding her from head to toe. Her bones, flesh and muscles seemed to be filled with boundless energy!

She already had an uncommon strength due to being at the 9th stage of qi refining. After using the pill, her strength had directly shot up to the peak 9th stage of qi refining in an instant. She could even faintly feel the single step left to become a martial disciple.

“Everyone quickly look, Miss Xueyi seemed to have taken some kind of pill……”

“It is like that, but what did she actually take?”

The rest of the people also discovered that her temperament also changed. All their eyes were filled with shock. The grandeur and power swirling in the area astonished each and every one. They were all wondering what had happened.

Ye Zifeng smiled and pointed at the Crystal Rock Elephant: “Ok, stop being surprised. This Spirit Increasing Pill’s effects are not permanent so you need to quickly fight and quickly end this battle!”

“But, I am still slightly worried……”

Ye Xueyi raised her eyes and looked at the fierce beast. She, who was accustomed to group battles, was suddenly confronted with a solo battle. Her heart was still filled with nervousness.

“Don’t worry about it. I am still here.” Ye Zifeng smiled and showed a consoling expression.

“Brother Zifeng, you are the one who said this ok.” Ye Xueyi’s eyes heated up as she nodded her head.

Since Ye Zifeng said that he would protect her, then she was not fighting alone. This made her nervousness disappear and courage welled up from within her.

She suddenly condensed her qi as a bright light appeared from her hands. The air swirled around her body like a tornado. The wind screamed as she struck her palm towards the Crystal Rock Elephant.

Actually, she also wanted to experience the change in power after taking the Spirit Increasing Pill.


The Crystal Rock Elephant also saw Ye Xueyi’s charging momentum so it stood its ground. Its skin suddenly changed to an ash brown color like an incomparably hard crystal rock.

Soon after, a loud bang crisply echoed. Countless lights poured out blinding everyone there.

Instantly, the light beside the elephant exploded and crack open its protective qi. Ye Xueyi only did this with one strike!

“Excellent!” Ye Xueyi became happy. Although she was not able to injure her opponent, she was able to break the intelligent fierce beast’s protective qi. This was no small matter so she became slightly proud of it.

This Spirit Increasing Pill had truly increased her strength by a lot.

Thinking about this, her courage increased again. She slowly breathed in three times. Her figure warped as her delicate body rapidly advanced directly towards the Crystal Rock Elephant.


Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene. Their expressions were filled with puzzlement.

“My god. It was still fine when it was just Ye Zifeng who was brave, but now even his little sister was this amazing!”

When Ye Zifeng saw their unconcerned manner, he coldly swept them a glance.

“Stop dawdling, time is of the essence. Wang Tianzhi could come here anytime. Quickly create the spirit cage!”

When his stern voice came out, everyone became speechless. This feeling was akin to the imposing manner of someone from the top seat looking on the bottom seat.

The invisible spirit cage gradually formed, hanging above the Crystal Rock Elephant. This made the Crystal Rock Elephant, that was covered in bruises, much wearier. At this moment, he was not able to struggle free at all.

As for Ye Zifeng, he did not stay idle. On one side, he was conducting the battle and on the other he swallowed a Qi Nurturing Pill. He began to condense his martial spirit’s power. Although his little sister had taken the Spirit Increasing Pill, her power was not enough to dominate the elephant. Only if others joined in would they be able to capture and defeat the Crystal Rock Elephant.

However, the most important thing right now was not to reach victory like this. The most important thing was to instantly win!

Ye Zifeng deeply breathed in and moved his qi towards his arms.

On his palm, he had already condensed the power of the martial spirit’s death qi and turned it into a huge qi monster. It circled above the spiritual cage as if searching for a prey to eat.

“Mo-mo-monster. What is that thing?” Shi Chen’s eyes widened to the size of an egg with an expression of great alarm.

“My god, I am not dreaming right. How many more trump cards does Young Master Ye actually have?” Xiao Mu gasped and breathed as if he was giving birth.

This was also the first time for everyone else to see Ye Zifeng use the power of a martial spirit. Their hearts became panicked. When all was said and done, a huge qi monster was staring at them and it was incredibly frightening.

Feng Di’s eyes on the other hand were bursting with life. She whispered: “As expected, Ye Zifeng is truly too mysterious. His future is immeasurable. It is a lot of times better than that idiot Kong Zhuo.”

From the beginning, she was only speaking in the moment of anger, her heart still had a place for Kong Zhuo. But, after time passed, she began to admire Ye Zifeng and a peculiar feeling rose from her heart. Comparing him to Kong Zhuo was simple comparing heaven and earth.


Ye Zifeng stood on the side and observed for a while. Suddenly, he faintly narrowed his eyes and let out a faint smile: “I understand.”

“Xueyi, create an opportunity for me. Break the elephant’s entire defensive qi!”

Ye Zifeng raised the morale as he stood in the front line. He didn’t even waste any time to talk with those at the back line. He even ignored Feng Di’s admiration so that there were no misgivings.

“Okay, I understand!”

Yue Xueyi responded. She moved the all the qi inside her body and continuously attacked, breaking the Crystal Rock Elephant’s protective qi. Although she could not injure the enemy, breaking its protective qi was easy.

“Brother Zifeng, let me tell you something, the Crystal Rock Elephants protective qi is a bit strange. After breaking it, it could even regenerate itself. It it no wonder that it is difficult to defeat!” The brows on Yue Xueyi’s charming face slightly knit together. After attacking for a while, she had made her own conclusions.

“Hehe……If the protective qi repairs itself, then let it repair itself. No matter how, there will always be a delay.”

He paused for a moment: “Because this delay…… will be enough!”

Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled. The smile gradually turned colder. Soon after, a figure flashed forward. The qi monster in his hands entered through the gap in the fierce beast’s protective qi. Just like a tiger, it pounced on the Crystal Rock Elephant’s body and fiercely bit its flesh.

The Crystal Rock Elephant normally relies on its protective qi to defend against its enemy’s attacks. But now, this method was clearly ineffective.

Chewing sounds echoed as the Crystal Rock Elephant curled up its nose and let out bellowing sounds. However, it was simply unable to throw off this qi monster. It could only let out painful groans.

A while ago, Wang Tianzhi’s fierce attack had also destroyed the protective qi and even directly hit its body. This was the cause of the wounds.

But now, Ye Zifeng’s method was two layered. On one side, someone breaks the protective qi, on the other was to quickly attack when the protective qi disappeared.

The division of labor was very clear. Everyone had their own duty so it would definitely yield results. This was even more effective than Wang Tianzhi attacking on his own!

As the qi monster bit, gnawed and sucked, the Crystal Rock Elephant had clearly met its natural enemy.

If a normal person’s fist hit its body, the feeling was the same as cotton hitting it. But the qi beast was different since it was eating away its life essence and qi!

It roared as it felt its body weaken. Its strength was being

“Brother Zifeng! It seems that your attack was very effective!”

Yue Xueyi borrowed the power from the Spirit Increasing Pill and for the first time enjoyed this carefree battle. Her beautiful eyes contained extraordinary splendor. But she was clearer than anyone about one thing — If Ye Zifeng was not here, then she would not even be able to face the Crystal Rock Elephant nor could she have broken through the 9th stage of qi refining.

On the other hand, Ye Zifeng still carried a grave expression: “Never slack off. Based on Wang Tianzhi’s ability, he could come over anytime. The top priority is to eliminate this Crystal Rock Elephant. What I want is speed!”

“Okay, I understand!” Ye Xueyi deeply nodded her head. She once again focused and continued to break the Crystal Rock Elephant’s protective qi, giving Ye Zifeng the best chance to attack.

Just like this, Ye Zifeng’s move was equal to having someone close to becoming a martial disciple protect him. Whatever he did, he did not have any apprehensions.

The pitiful Crystal Rock Elephant had thinned a lot from the qi monster’s absorption.

Time quietly passed. The Crystal Rock Elephant was gradually showing an expression of despair. The life force in its body was also gradually disappearing……


Suddenly, a deafening sound could be heard from afar.

Everyone inevitable turned around and their complexion changed: “This is bad. Could it be that the three-layered formation had finally been broken by Wang Tianzhi?”

“From the direction, I’m afraid that it’s like that……”

Before he even finished speaking, Wang Tianzhi’s furious voice could be heard: “Ye Zifeng, I have finally escaped. Come and meet your death!”

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