The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 193 – The power of medicine!

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“What? What did you just say? This was done by Ye Zifeng?”

Wang Tianzhi sucked in cold air. His felt as if the blood in his entire body began to flow backwards and became numb.

“This……is impossible, right? Did you see wrong?”

Wang Tianzhi paused for a while and sincerely continued speaking.

“Little Mengxi, you should know that their team is only composed of 10 members right? Moreover, they don’t even have anyone at the 9th stage of qi refining. Apart from this, I also placed a few people from small clans. How was it possible for Ye Zifeng to rely on them to complete the first two missions?”

Wang Mengxi bitterly smiled: “What is true is true. Probably about two sticks of incense ago, Ye Zifeng stood where you are now standing and talked with me.”

Wang Mengxi’s nature was the type that never joked with anybody, and Wang Tianzhi was clear about this.

But if it was like this, Wang Tianzhi became even more puzzled. No matter how he looked at it, Ye Zifeng’s strength was too scary right? It was even to the point that he had exceeded his own cultivation limits!

“What about Xiao Mu? Wasn’t he treating Ye Zifeng as his nemesis? They couldn’t see eye to eye before. Moreover, the past two times, Xiao Mu had sent someone to find me and asked me to stick out for them.”

When Wang Mengxi heard this, she lightly sighed: “I also don’t know what that Xiao Mu is thinking. He probably drunk the wrong medicine this morning. He even called Ye Zifeng ‘Young Master Ye’. This kind of transformation is simply to baffling……”

“This…… past is past. The most important thing to do now is to free you first.”

Wang Tianzhi was extremely stunned but he knew that now was not the right time to be stunned. He stared at the invisible formation wall, concentrated all his energy on his right hand and with a glorious radiance his hand smashed the on the wall.

“BOOOM” Although the formation did not break from Wang Tianzhi’s attack, it still changed shape from it.

“Big brother, you are so amazing. You could even use brute force to destroy this invisible wall.” Wang Mengxi’s expression was filled with admiration.

“This is not much……” Wang Tianzhi indifferently smiled and shook his head.

If he did not gain the experience from break three layers of formation before, he wouldn’t have been able to easily grasp the essence of the formation.

However, he was still unable to do it easily. He kept punching on the wall and every time he did his fists lit up with a bright radiance. After a while, he was heavily gasping for air. It was clear that if he continued, he would use up a lot of his qi.

“Mengxi, I will count down from three. Attack together with me. Like this, we could more or less break this formation and save you.”

“Sure!” Wang Mengxi deeply nodded her head. She lowered her head and nervously gathered her qi.

“Three, two……. one!”

Following Wang Tianzhi’s angry shout, the two fiercely attacked the formation at the same time. Like a violent storm, their powers drilled on the formation, tearing it apart slowly.


At the same time as Wang Tianzhi’s shout, he increased the power in his hands. A spiral shaped qi flew out from his palms, hitting the wall of the formation.

Wang Mengxi also did not hesitate and completely followed on his big brothers words.

As a result, the formation was quickly torn down by the two people. The formation shattered like glass as the shards of qi fell before them. They both became incomparably happy.

“Fuck. What the hell was this formation. We finally broke it.” Wang Tianzhi wiped the sweat on his forehead and laughed loudly. His mood was clearly carefree.

While he was saying this, he extended his hands towards Wang Mengxi.

Wang Mengxi took out a handkerchief from her bosom and sweetly smiled: “Yeah, if big brother’s cultivation was not high enough, and I was alone, then I would not know when I could break the formation.”

However, when Wang Tianzhi extended his hand, he was quickly blocked by another formation wall.

“This……” He continuously swallowed two three gulps of saliva as if his throat was extremely dry.

Upon seeing this, Wang Mengxi was startled. Just like her brother, she swallowed saliva and instantly became dumbfounded.

“Could it be that……this formation is not limited to a single one?”


Since there were three layers of formation on Wang Tianzhi’s side, then naturally, there could also be three on Wang Mengxi’s side. The goal of this was definitely to stall for time and at the same time waste Wang Tianzhi’s qi.

“How could this be!”

Wang Tianzhi’s expression gradually changed from shock to anger. He angrily roared as if letting out all the dissatisfaction in his heart. He heavily smashed on the new formation.

He already let go of the matter about trapping him. Now that Ye Zifeng used the same move and hinder him a second time, he felt helpless. Without any other choice, he was extremely sullen.

Adding to the fact that Ye Zifeng and Xiao Mu worked together to fool him, he was so angry to the point of destroying everything.



On the other hand, Ye Zifeng and everyone else arrived at the location of the Crystal Rock Elephant.

When he was about to say something, he suddenly sneezed: “Why does it feel like someone is saying bad things about me?”

Xiao Mu mischievously laughed: “I’m afraid that it was Wang Tianzhi saying bad things about you. You have miserably trapped him like that. After doing this, how could you stop him from thinking about you?”

As it turns out, Ye Zifeng had told everybody about the matter of placing three layers of formation on Wang Mengxi’s location.

Everybody was stunned and immediately clapped. At the same time, they became even clearer of Ye Zifeng’s strength. They were glad that they were allies with Ye Zifeng and not his enemy.

Now, Ye Zifeng’s cultivation was not high yet he was already very amazing. In the future, if he broke through martial disciple realm and awakened his martial spirit, then wouldn’t he be looking down from above.

Feng Di’s beautiful pupils burst with life. She lovingly sized up Ye Zifeng and couldn’t help but wanting to use her eyes to eat him up.

(Last: LOL just noticed this, Feng Di is actually Feng Die, die here is read as di-ye and means butterfly. Andy was quite clever to remove one letter)

When Kong Zhuo saw this, he was extremely upset. Afterall before all this, he and Feng Di were still exchanging flirting glances at each other. If this sect mission did not exist, then he would already have a successfully done the deed.

So, he couldn’t help but remind her: “Little Sis Di, my injuries are still slightly aching. Do you still have any medicine on you?”

Feng Di was originally a snobbish woman. Moreover, Ye Zifeng’s ability had already separated him from Kong Zhuo tens of thousands of miles apart. Comparing both of them, she wouldn’t even want to look at Kong Zhuo at all.

“What medicine. Brother Kong, try and take a look at our situation. We are about to face the Crystal Rock Elephant, that possessed intelligence, yet you are here crying about your pain. Could it be that you have not rested enough in the past two days? I have never seen a big man like you do something like this before.”

Feng Di unhappily glared at him. She only felt that she was blind in the past so she chose this kind of man.

Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled. He took in the whole scene as he was naturally well aware of human hearts.

“Stop. At this time, I want to remind everybody of one thing: Not everyone from the Wang Clan have left. Wang Tianzhi is still there so the Wang Clan has not yet been defeated. They still have a chance to counterattack. We must quickly eliminate the Crystal Rock Elephant before the Wang Clan’s fury arrives!”

When he said this, everyone returned to their serious expressions from their small talks. They understood that they have already impulsively offended the Wang Clan. In the future, it was the same as being the same as holding the same string as Ye Zifeng.

“Young Master Ye, just order us and we will do it!”

The Crystal Rock Elephant had already been beaten by the Wang Clan for a round. Its body was already covered in cuts and bruises. Ye Zifeng’s current action was undoubtedly stealing the food that the Wang Clan grasped. This was equal to the Wang Clan wasting their qi and worked for Ye Zifeng for free.

“Very good, then everyone, listen. Start condensing your qi and prepare to create a spirit cage!”


When Ye Xueyi heard this, her brows knit and she pulled the hem of Ye Zifeng’s clothes: “But brother Zifeng, the Crystal Rock Elephant’s skin is quite thick. I’m afraid that there won’t be enough time.”

When all was said and done, the three-layered formation could only hinder Wang Tianzhi for a period of time. However, if Wang Tianzhi used his all and explosively destroyed the formation, then he wouldn’t have wasted that much time.

Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled: “Xueyi, you are not wrong. If we look at the time, it is indeed quite urgent.”

“Brother Zifeng, if that is the case, why aren’t you letting everybody prepare other things? If it was before, you would have already assigned each person to their own jobs and would not just use a spirit cage.”

A trace of doubt flashed on Ye Xueyi’s charming face. In this mission, she had already developed the habit of listening to Ye Zifeng’s orders. However, this does not mean that she wouldn’t question some strategic decisions.

Ye Zifeng lightly smiled. He deeply gazed at her little sister’s expression.

“That is because in this battle, if we were going to use blitzkrieg tactic against this fierce beast, the others are unrelated. The crucial point is you!”

“Me?” Yue Xueyi doubtfully pointed at herself. She was slightly alarmed and bitterly smiled while shaking her head.

“Brother Zifeng, are you joking? Even if you helped me reach the 9th stage of qi refining, my strength is still far from enough to defeat an intelligent fierce beast.“

“Don’t worry, this fierce beast’s energy had already been depleted by the Wang Clan a lot.”

Ye Zifeng faintly smiled and took out a dark green bottle from his chest. He took out a single pill and gave it to her little sister. This pill was something he got from Wang Ruoxing. Until now, he had never used it.

“This is……” Ye Xueyi was stunned. Her expression slightly rippled as she received it with both hands.

The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth raised into a gentle smile: “Moreover, with the help of this Spirit Increasing Pill, this match is in the bag!”

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