The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 190 – Trapped for a while

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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 190 – Trapped for a while

Translated by: Andy

Edited by: Andy

TLC by: Andy

Wang Tianzhi had a flabbergasted look on his face and it took him a while to regain his sense.

“Xiao Mu? I didn’t think that you were actually here.”

Even though Wang Tianzhi was mentally prepared, he was still shocked when he saw Xiao Mu. How was the Xiao clan able to finish their missions before the Wang clan?

In reality, with the Xiao clan’s strength, they would have definitely struggled against the Blazing Eagle and might even fail to kill it.

They definitely would not have been faster than Wang Tianzhi and the Wang clan.

That was why Wang Tianzhi was so shocked.

Wang Mengxi, on the other hand, was suspicious of Xiao Mu and sized him up.

“Why are you alone? Where are the others from the Xiao clan?”

Xiao Mu let out a small laugh. The frightened look that he had on his face turned normal again.

“It’s like this. There is an illusion formation in the crystal valley. I was separated from my group because I wasn’t careful and then randomly stumbled upon you guys. Please don’t mind me.”

“Illusion formation?” Wang Tianzhi and Wang Mengxi looked at each other. They were suspicious of Xiao Mu.

What illusion formation? They didn’t run into anything like that at all.

But why would Xiao Mu lie? There was no point in doing so. Or did the Xiao clan think that they have the strength to contend with the Wang clan…

Wang Tianzhi frowned. He didn’t believe Xiao Mu at all.

“You said there was an illusion formation right? Where is it then? What are the effects of it? If I find that you are lying, then I will not let you off lightly.” Wang Tianzhi’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

Wang Tianzhi told everyone else to be polite with the Xiao clan but he didn’t say that he was going to be polite with them. After all, he was the strongest qi refining expert in Leizhou City. He didn’t need to be polite with anyone.

“It…It’s not far from here. It’s a formation that absorbs one’s qi. Look, I lost half of the qi in my reserve already….”

While saying that, Xiao Mu rolled up his sleeves and projected his qi. The qi that came out looked shaky and feeble.

Ye Zifeng was the one who taught him this trick. Since Xiao Mu had to put on an act, Ye Zifeng went all out in teaching him. He didn’t stop until Xiao Mu reached the stage where he can trick Ye Zifeng himself.

“This….” Wang Tianzhi had a complicated look in his eyes and then nodded slowly.

Everyone in the sect knew about the hatred that Xiao Mu has for Ye Zifeng so from Wang Tianzhi’s point of view, Xiao Mu doesn’t seem like he’s colluding with anyone and isn’t lying.

Wang Mengxi thought about something and then blurted out, “Hold on. Big brother. Maybe the reason why this Crystal Rock Elephant’s defense is so strong is because of the formation. The formation absorbs the qi and then feeds it to the Crystal Rock Elephant so that it can replenish its energy!”

“You’re saying that the Crystal Rock Elephant is using the formation to strengthen itself?….That might be possible!”

Wang Tianzhi immediately turned back towards Xiao Mu, “Bring me over to the formation right now!”

Xiao Mu acted as if he was afraid and weakly replied, “No way….It was very difficult for me to get out of the formation….Now you want me to go back in there? Are you telling me to kill myself”

Wang Tianzhi continued to glare at Xiao

Mu, “You’re gonna kill yourself if you don’t bring us. Stop fooling around. Bring us over. If we can break the formation, it’ll be easier for us to fight against the Crystal Rock Elephant.”

Ye Zifeng had instructed Xiao Mu to not mention anything about bringing Wang Tianzhi to the formation. Only when Wang Tianzhi mentions it himself, can he bring him over.


Wang Tianzhi continued to stare at him will killing intent in his eyes.

“Are you not willing?”

Xiao Mu acted scared once again. In his mind, he was laughing at Wang Tianzhi. He wanted to see how the number one qi refining realm expert in Leizhou City was going to get played by Ye Zifeng.

“Alright alright. I’ll bring you guys. Don’t blame me if anything happens. You’re the one that wants me to bring you over.” Xiao Mu turned around and let out a little snicker.

Wang Tianzhi laughed and followed Xiao Mu’s lead, “A mere beast like the Crystal Rock Elephant isn’t capable of creating a substantial formation. Everyone follow me. We’ll take down the formation by force!”

After being rallied by Wang Tianzhi, the morale of everyone in the Wang clan raised. The difference between the quality of the Wang clan members and the Xiao and Rong clan members were like the heavens and the earth….

Half an hour passed….. An hour passed….

Wang Tianzhi started to frown, ‘Why are we not there yet? Xiao Mu, are you trying to trick us?”

Xiao Mu apologetically smiled, “I wouldn’t dare. We’re almost there. Almost there.”

Wang Mengxi is a very careful and sensitive person. Her expression immediately changed when they walked a little further.

“Big brother, there’s something strange with the qi here. Why don’t we wait a bit before moving forward.”

Xiao Mu cursed Wang Mengxi out in his mind. This woman had ruined the great effort that he put into leading them here.


Suddenly, the qi in the area started to change. This meant that the formation had been activated!

“This…..” Xiao Mu was startled. Why would Ye Zifeng activate the formation right now? It would definitely scare the Wang clan off.

However, Xiao Mu realized very quickly that he was wrong.

Other people would run, but Wang Tianzhi won’t.

He saw Wang Tianzhi stare at the formation with a smile on his face. Wang Tianzhi is a very arrogant person. The word “retreat” is not in his dictionary.

“So that’s how it is. Mengxi, since the formation is here, it’s normal for the qi around here to be strange. Don’t think about it too much. Stand aside and let me take care of everything.

“Then…..Okay.” Wang Mengxi thought about it for a bit but left it up to her brother in the end.

A short moment later, countless amount of invisible walls appeared, engulfing the entire premise and separating all the Wang clan members from each other.

Xiao Mu used the chaos caused by the formation as a chance to escape. He had finished the mission given to him by Ye Zifeng.

Wang Tianzhi looked around but all he could see was the walls created by the formation. He could not see anyone else anymore.

He started to laugh, “Measly trick. Do you think that this insignificant formation will be able to halt me?!”

Wang Tianzhi created a vortex of qi in his palm and struck against the invisible wall.

A smile appeared on his face as if he had achieved victory already.

However, the smile didn’t last long.

“No…..No way…..”

The wall absorbed his attack like it was nothing. His attack was ineffective!

“How can this be! The Crystal Rock Elephant’s formation can not be this strong!”

Wang Tianzhi frowned and bit his lips. He was puzzled by this even after thinking about it a few times.

Wang Tianzhi had formation breaking experience but they were all formations created by fierce beasts. He had never encountered a formation created by a human before.

Without much thought, he continued to attack the formation, not giving up at all.

“I don’t believe that I, Wang Tianzhi, am not able to break this formation!”


In the middle of the formation, the members of the Ye clan team were able to watch everything that was happening. Of course, they were able to see how Wang Tianzhi was smacking against the wall with all his strength.

“Hahaha. This is too funny. That Wang Tianzhi is so stupid. I didn’t think that he would actually try to continuously beat the wall down. He’s wasting his strength!” Shi Chen couldn’t help but laugh out loud while clapping.

“And you’re any better? The amazing one is out young master Ye. Following young master Ye will probably be the best thing that will ever happen in my life.”

Qin Lang spoke and praised Ye Zifeng from the bottom of his heart.

Feng Di and the others all looked at Ye Zifeng with admiration in their eyes.

However, Ye Zifeng was frowning. It seems like he was thinking about something.

“Don’t be too happy yet. Wang Tianzhi is doing the right thing. It’s possible to break the formation with brute strength. Look over there. The walls are starting to crack a little.”

“…..It kinda does look like it….” Everyone looked over at the wall and was shocked.

Ye Xueyi looked over at Ye Zifeng with a worried look in her eyes.

“Then what should we do? If they break out of the formation, we’ll be in trouble!”

Everyone knows how strong Wang Tianzhi was. He was definitely not someone that Ye Xueyi can handle.

Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head, “Don’t worry about it too much. It’ll be pretty hard for Wang Tianzhi to break through completely. I even went out of my way and gave him three extra layers so he can take his sweet time.”

“But all that means is that it’ll take them a little more time to break through. We’re just trapping them for a while. It’s not solving anything right?” Xiao Mu came back just in time to question Ye Zifeng’s plans.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Trapping them for a while is enough. We can make use of this time to clean out the other Wang clan members.”