The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 184 – High quality monster core!

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As time passed, the flames on the Blazing Eagle’s body slowly dissipated.

The Blazing Eagle had stopped using its flames. This was because the having the flames on would use up a tremendous amount of qi.


When Ye Zifeng saw that the flames on its body had completely dissipated, Ye Zifeng quickly jumped over onto the Blazing Eagle’s body. With lightning wrapped around his fist, he fiercely punched the Blazing Eagle.

The Blazing Eagle screeched in pain and used all of the remainder of its energy to reignite the flames on its body to try and harm Ye Zifeng.

However, Ye Zifeng was not afraid at all. With his spirit tier armor and his martial spirit’s healing ability, he could not be harmed.

“Come on!” Ye Zifeng wiped the blood away from his mouth and summoned the Qi monster again. It immediately started to suck away the remainder of the Blazing Eagle’s qi.

The Blazing Eagle was extremely furious. However, it did not have much qi left. It couldn’t even produce a single spark of fire anymore.

No matter how big or fierce the demonic beast was, as long as it doesn’t have a killing move, Ye Zifeng would grind it to death.

With twenty people using their qi to suppress the Blazing Eagle, there was nothing it could do anymore. It could not run away at all. All that awaits it was death.

As the Blazing Eagle suffered a barrage of attacks from Ye Zifeng, its eyes slowly closed. Its life force slowly dissipated.

This wasn’t the first time that it had encounter cultivators. Every time that it was about to lose, it would run away. However, this time, it couldn’t. It didn’t understand how a weakling like Ye Zifeng was able to force itself into such a state.

When Ye Zifeng’s final punch landed, the Blazing Eagle’s eyes shut closed completely. It’s body collapsed onto the ground.

Seeing that the Blazing Eagle had collapsed, everyone cheered.

Just a moment ago, a number of them had inserted their qi into their life saving medallions. They were one step away from leaving. However, they held themselves back and preserved. They preserved and won!

“Won? We won?” Rong Fan blankly stared at the fallen Blazing Eagle.

“That’s right. Young master Fan, we won!” Housekeeper Qin smiled.

Rong Fan laughed loudly. The fear in his heart dissipated immediately. He got up and ran towards the fallen beast.

“Young master Fan, what are you doing?”

Rong Fan didn’t pay Housekeeper Qin any attention. He climbed the Blazing Eagle and stomped on its neck.

“You bastard. How dare you be so arrogant. How dare you make me so miserable. Is it that fun huh? Not you’re going to die here!”

As a second generation young master of the Rong clan, this was the first time he had been in such a miserable state. He was extremely angry.

“Watch me stomp you to death, you stupid arrogant bird. If you have the ability, fight me!”

He was venting out all of his anger.

However, something happened.

The Blazing Eagle’s eyes opened up and stared right at Rong Fan. Its glare was filled with murderous intent. Rong Fan felt as if he was being stabbed by thousands of knifes.

“Shit. It was faking its death!” Rong Fan took a few steps backwards, almost causing him to fall from the Eagle.

However, those murderous eyes slowly closed.

Rong Fan took a deep breath and then looked at Ye Zifeng, “Young master Ye…. What’s going on?”

Ye Zifeng looked at him, shook his head and smiled. He then jumped onto the back of the Blazing Eagle. With his dagger, he cut out a piece of meat.

“Hold on.”

Ye Zifeng condensed his common tier flame and inserted it into the wound that he just created. The Blazing Eagle’s body slowly melted until a hole appeared. From the hole, Ye Zifeng retrieved a monster core. The crimson red monster core shone brightly. Anyone can tell that it was much better than the giant python’s monster core!

With the monster core out, the Blazing Eagle lost the last of its energy and finally died.

“The Blazing Eagle won’t truly die until the monster core is taken out. The core will always provide it with some qi.

“So that’s it.” Rong Fan nodded and then looked at the monster core in Ye Zifeng’s hand.

Even if he is an idiot, he could tell that this monster core is the core of the Blazing Eagle’s power. He can tell that this was a special treasure. It might even be a spirit tier monster core!

If a weapon was forged with this monster core, then it will definitely be a high quality weapon!

Ye Zifeng looked at the greedy look on his face and smiled. He then put the monster core into his interspatial ring.

Rong Fan looked disappointed and could only let out a chuckle.

“Don’t forget about our contract. This is mine.” Ye Zifeng reminded him.

“Yes Yes Yes. Young master Ye killed the Blazing Eagle. We didn’t do much at all. It should belong to you.” Housekeeper Qin saw that Rong Fan was about to reply and hurriedly interjected.

Ye Zifeng glanced over at him, “But…..don’t look so disappointed. The rewards for the Blazing Eagle is mine, but……how about the next missions?”

“Next mission?” Everyone else had their ears perked up.

They have clearly seen Ye Zifeng’s combat prowess and his ability to lead. They will definitely succeed if they follow him. And there might even be a chance of getting a reward!

“Alright. Everyone rest up. Go get changed and sort yourselves out. Let’s meet back here after after an hour. Then we’ll regroup with my Ye clan team.

“Hold up…. Regroup with your team……?”

Rong Fan regretted his decision of signing the blood contract before. But now that he’s done it, there’s nothing he could do anymore.

It seems like the Ye clan will be absorbing the Rong clan during this mission.

“What. Are you not willing?” A cold smile appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face.

Rong Fan could only bitterly smile, “I’m willing. Of course I’m willing!”


Suddenly, Ye Zifeng felt as if his mind was being probed and his expression changed immediately, “Alright. I’ll see you guys in an hour.”

After being chased by the Blazing Eagle, everyone felt miserable and tired. They all had burn marks on themselves.

Ye Zifeng gave them an hour to recover. They had just experienced a life and death battle. They needed some time to calm down.


Liu Yige and Xiao Mu looked at each other and then followed Ye Zifeng.

They remembered how they were always trying to pick a fight with Ye Zifeng and trying to teach him a lesson. Now, they’re regretting that everything.

Rather than saying that Ye Zifeng subdued them with his strength, it could be said that Ye Zifeng’s charisma slowly changed their views of him.

From what they can see, there are definitely benefits from following Ye Zifeng.

Thus, when Ye Zifeng turned around, the two of them greeted him with “Young master Ye…..” at the same time. They were shocked by the way they were acting themselves.

Ye Zifeng looked back at them and nodded, “It seems like you guys got hurt as well. Go rest up. We’ll be moving soon.”


“You guys can leave now. I want to rest alone.”

Ye Zifeng didn’t let the two of them follow him. When he walked further away, his expression immediately changed.

This was because when he was talking with everyone before, he felt his divine sense being pricked by something. It must’ve been Elder Shen sending him a message.

Once he found a suitable place to sit down, he immediately sent his divine sense out towards Elder Shen.

“Elder Shen. What’s up?”

After everything was over, Ye Zifeng was finally able to hear Elder Shen’s voice transmission.

“You brat! How come I couldn’t get in touch with you before? What were you doing?”

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows, “I was hunting. Can’t be distracted. Now tell me what happened.”