The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 18 – You’re ruthless? I’m more ruthless!

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Although Ye Zifeng put his entire on top of Ye Xueyi, he could not cover her entire body.

Due to the shock wave from the explosion, a few pieces of shrapnel struck Ye Zifeng’s back. If it wasn’t for Ye Zifeng’s quick reactions, then the clueless and defenseless Ye Xueyi would be gravely injured right now.

“Brother Zifeng. Brother Zifeng! What happened? Are you alright?”

“Cough.Cough…..” Ye Zifeng moved his hands around and sat up slowly, showing that there was no problem at all.

“Let me see your back. Are your injuries serious?”

Ye Zifeng’s expression showed that he was in pain, but he lifted his head and forced a smile, “Don’t worry about it. It’s not much.”

Ye Xueyi pretended to nodded obediently. But then she suddenly stood up and walked behind Ye Zifeng. When she saw his back, she gasped loudly.

The cloth on Ye Zifeng’s back turned to smithereens. There was blood all over the place and it covered his entire back. Quite a few pieces of the furnace were embed into his back. Parts of his back was burnt black. It looked very horrifying.

“Brother Zifeng!” Ye Xueyi stared at her brother’s back. Her head was buzzing as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Tears started to fall from her eyes.

Since his injury was seen by Xueyi already, he didn’t have to himself back anymore and painfully yelled out.

“Who could be so ruthless! If I find out who did it, I’ll definitely kill them!” Ye Xueyi returned to her sense. Her expression turned cold and was filled with killing intent.

In the clan, people would fight against each other for some matters. But this was going to far. This event had almost taken both of their lives!

Ye Zifeng coldly and weakly smiled, “Heh. It’s not so hard to guess who this this. There aren’t that many people who could mess with my furnace and try to clip my wings before I soar above them.” While saying that, he looked at the backpack at the door. He was lucky that he left his bag by the door, or else if it got caught up in the explosion, it would be really unfortunate.

Images of a few people appeared in Xueyi’s mind.

“Could it be second uncle and them?”


“What happened? How come there was an explosion?”

The explosion was very loud. Very quickly, it attracted the people in the manor. The first one who arrived was Tang Feng. When she heard that the explosion had come from the cellar, she felt that something was wrong. She knew very clearly that her daughter loved to hang out with Ye Zifeng in the cellar. If something happened to the cellar, something must’ve happened to her daughter as well.

“Xueyi! Xueyi! Oh thank god. You’re fine….” Tang Feng walked into the cellar and saw that her daughter was not affected by the explosion. She breathed a sigh of relief. Normally, she was cold towards people but towards her own daughter, she was very caring.

“Mother. Don’t worry about me. Get a doctor for Brother Zifeng. Look at his back! He became like this because he rescued me!” Ye Xueyi quickly replied to her mother.

After Tang Feng calmed down, she went and looked at Ye Zifeng’s injury. She saw his back filled with blood and was shocked. Xueyi said that he became like this after saving her and thus she felt like she needed to act.

“Zifeng, how did you become like this? Someone come quickly!”

At that time, a few of the other Ye clan members heard her voice and rushed over. One by one, they called out for the doctor after witnessing the scene. Very quickly, the Ye clan’s doctor came over with bags of medicine and rubbed it on Ye Zifeng’s back.

After the doctor applied the medicine, Ye Zifeng felt his entire body in pain. He started to breathe very loudly and he curled up into a ball.

“Brother Zifeng…. It’s my fault….” Ye Xueyi started to cry and held onto ye Zifeng’s hand.

Ye Zifeng forced a smile. He knew that this didn’t have anything to do with Xueyi and didn’t blame her.

The last ones who came were Ye Chen and Ye Huichi. When they both saw Ye Zifeng, they looked at each other. Their eyes showed a complex expression.

“Cousin Zifeng. I’m a bit curious. Why would the furnace randomly explode like this. Is it because you were refining some sort of special medicine?”

With this one phrase, Ye Huichi put the blame of Zifeng’s injury on his own inability to refine pills. He even pointed out that Zifeng had broke the furnace. He was basically blaming the righteous one as the guilty one.

Ye Xueyi coldly looked at him, “This time, your other cousin Zifeng was heavily injured. As the younger cousin, how could you slander him instead of comforting him!”

“I can do whatever I want. Who are you to judge me?” Ye Huichi replied angrily.

“You!” Ye Xueyi was so mad that she was about to go up to him and beat him up.

Ye Chen’s face turned ashen and immediately said, “Huichi! How could you say something like this. He’s your older cousin. You should be more respectful!”

Ye Huichi shrugged his shoulders and softly said, “What about my manners. Hmph. I’m just speaking the truth.”

Ye Chen was slightly angry at Huichi’s behavior and pulled him aside, “Sorry for the embarrassment. My son is only blabbering nonsense. He doesn’t actually mean it.”

Ye Zifeng coldly smiled and forced himself up.

Ye clan’s doctor, Zeng Peng wanted to stop him but his hand was flung away.

“Look at his bad temperament. The doctor wanted to be nice and give him and hand but was flung away.”

“Yeah. From what I can see, he deserved to be blasted…..”

Hearing this, Ye Xueyi stared hatefully at those kids who were talking. The kids saw this and immediately shut their mouth.

Normally, a child’s word should bring no harm. But seeing how they’re slandering Ye Zifeng, it seems like their parents had corrupted them.

Ye Zifeng shook his head and calmed himself down.

Right now, he knows that he has enemies. However, he also knows that he wasn’t the Martial Lord Heaven Tier genius Alchemist Ye Zifeng anymore. As the lowly qi refining stage Ye Zifeng, he needs to know that he can’t make any moves against his enemies right now. He knew that Ye Chen had ill feelings towards himself and wanted to be a step ahead of them. However, he was still a step too late in the end.

The him right now, he needs to be patient. He must know how to hold back before he becomes strong. It’s still too early to show all of his cards. He doesn’t know what his own clan members would do to him let alone what other clans would do if they found out about his skills.

He continued to shake his head and slowly walked towards Ye Chen.

“Zifeng. What do you want?” Ye Chen’s mouth began to twitch. Ye Chen was already in the martial disciple realm but when he faced Ye Zifeng, he felt afraid. It was as if the person in front of him wasn’t a qi refining rookie but a supreme expert.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Second uncle, mind stepping away with me for a second?”

Ye Huichi laughed, “If you want to say anything, why not say it in front of everybody?”

“Do you want me to….. Explain. Everything. Clearly. To. Everyone?” Ye Zifeng said every single word clearly and loudly. Each word was filled with a deep meaning. Although he was taken advantage of by these two, he didn’t fall so low to their level.

Ye Zifeng continued to stare deeply at them. It was as if his glare had pierced through their skins. Ye Huichi suddenly felt cold sweat forming on his head. His heartbeat increased and he was scared of Ye Zifeng. He felt that it was a disgrace how Ye Zifeng was able to put him in such a state with such a glare.

Whether it was Zifeng or Ye Chen, neither of them wanted to be a fool in front of other people.

Ye Chen then looked at Zifeng and smiled, “Stepping away for a bit? Sure……”

“Please…. This way then…..” Ye Zifeng replied nonchalantly.

“Brother Zifeng… You….” Xueyi was worried.

“Don’t worry about me. Nothing’s gonna happen.”

He was speaking the truth. No matter how much courage Ye Chen had, he would definitely not lay his hands on Ye Zifeng. Otherwise, when Ye Chongtian returns and finds out, he will definitely be killed.

The two people walked to the side under everyone’s glare. They were pretty far away from the scene and no one could hear them.

“What do you need from me. You can tell me now.” Ye Chen started the talk.

“This incident. I can pretend that it never happened….” Ye Zifeng’s reply was quick and concise.

Ye Chen was startled, and then began to laugh, “I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“We’re the only ones here. No one can hear us. Second Uncle, you don’t need to put on that innocent act.”

Ye Chen’s face turned ashen and stiffened up. From Ye Zifeng’s voice, he can tell that there was not a single hint of respect.

“I told you already. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ye Chen was still being persistent.

Ye Zifeng smiled slyly. The smile cause Ye Chen to feel shivers.

“Huichi isn’t smart enough to do something like this. There must be someone who told him what to do. I don’t think you have the courage to do something like this either. There must be someone else behind all of this. Let me guess. Is it the people from the Liu family? Did they tell you to hold me down?” While saying those last two sentences, Ye Zifeng’s eyes turned deathly cold.

Ye Zifeng was right. It was the Liu family’s Liu Yige who told Ye Chen to plot something like this. Ye Chen was promised a solid yuan pill and many other benefits in exchange. It was because of this that Ye Chen was able to muster up the courage to mess with Ye Zifeng when Ye Chongtian was gone.

“But… You don’t have any……”

“No. I have the evidence!” Ye Zifeng smiled. He knew what Ye Chen wanted to say.

Ye Chen was shocked. No matter how cautious he was, there was a possibility that he left some traces of his actions behind. If Ye Zifeng reveals everything to the Ye clan, he wouldn’t even need to wait until Ye Chongtian returns. His respect in the household would definitely fall.

He wanted to ask Ye Zifeng if he really had the evidence. But if he does that, he would be revealing that he is in fact cahooting with the Liu clan.

Even in his dreams, Ye Chen would not have expected that he would be found out by a qi refining stage brat. Thinking about this, his heart felt pained.

He sighed and then said, “What do you want. Tell me straight up.”