The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 174 – Borrowing power to triumph over others.

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“Young master Xiao. What happened? Why aren’t you talking?”

A few Xiao clan members looked at each other in confusion. What was Xiao Mu doing?

“Motherfucker. Am I seeing things? All of you come over here!” Xiao Mu looked over at Liu Yige and then called everyone over.

“Let’s go. Let’s see what’s going on.” Even Rong Fan’s expression changed and ran over to where Xiao Mu was. Everyone looked at where Xiao Mu was pointing.

Clouds made of flame surrounded the area. Mist filled the air. This was the Blazing Eagle’s nest!

How come they couldn’t find it before?

“That’s really strange!”

Everyone was in a daze as they looked back at Liu Yige. After all, the person who guided Xiao Mu was none other than Liu Yige.

When did someone as insignificant as Liu Yige become so capable?

Liu Yige was usually looked down upon by others. He didn’t have a lot of say in the Liu clan either. Thus, when he saw the expression on these people’s faces, he became very happy and proud. Unknowingly, he started to feel grateful towards Ye Zifeng.

This feeling was great!

“You guys don’t know but I’ve learned the Illusion Breaking Technique before. I can easily see through these things that normal people can’t see.” Liu Yige laughed loudly with a proud expression.

Even though it was Ye Zifeng who told him everything, Liu Yige claimed all the credit.

“Illusion Breaking Technique? What the hell is that? You’re making things up aren’t you.” Someone sneered at him and wanted to ridicule him.

This illusion breaking technique was something that Liu Yige randomly made up. This wording “Illusion Breaking Technique” was not in any martial arts manual that existed.

However, Xiao Mu looked at them and shook his head, signaling for them to shut up.

“Shut your mouths.”

“This…..” Xiao Mu looked over at Liu Yige and sighed. He then spoke with a respectful tone, “There are many fantastic oddities in the world. I have seen the power of your Illusion Breaking Technique with my own eyes. I believe you.”

He then paused for a bit before continuing, “Since this is the Blazing Eagle’s nest, it must be dangerous to charge in head on. I hope that brother Liu can use his Illusion Breaking Technique and help us find a suitable path to traverse.”


As a high and mighty young master of the Xiao clan, he was willing to lower himself in order to complete the mission. However, what Xiao Mu really want was to proceed to the third mission as quickly as possible where he can teach Ye Zifeng a good lesson.

On the other side, Liu Yige who had been following Ye Zifeng’s instructions the entire time didn’t think that Liu Yige would actually lower himself and ask for help.

“This…. How about I look for a suitable path while we walk…That way, I can see things more clearly.” Liu Yige squinted his eyes and pretended to think about things.

What the hell does he mean by find a suitable path while we walk?

Everyone stood there and stared at Liu Yige.

Liu Yige didn’t have a choice. He’s relying on Ye Zifeng to help him out. If he doesn’t buy time for Ye Zifeng to write a response then he’ll get exposed.

“Alr……Alright. We’ll listen to you. Let’s start walking.” Xiao Mu forced a smile. It sounded unreasonable but he didn’t have a choice but to comply.

Thus, the two groups followed their respective leaders and walked towards the nest.

“This place is way too hot. As expected of the Blazing Eagle’s nest.”

“Damn. What are we going to do later. We haven’t even seen the Blazing Eagle and yet it’s so hot already. For those who engage in close combat with the Blazing Eagle, won’t they be burnt alive?”

“Why are you guys even talking about this. We haven’t even seen the Blazing Eagle’s shadow yet!”

Rong Fan was in a bad mood because he couldn’t find the exact location of the nest so he took it out on his group members.

“Hehe. Everyone follow me. I’ve already seen through the terrain of this nest!” Liu Yige yelled out loudly.

After reading Ye Zifeng’s message, Liu Yige immediately opened his mouth.

When everyone was feeling despair, Liu Yige’s words gave them hope. This was because if it wasn’t for him, they would not have found the nest at all. They would have wasted their time again.

“The solution lies within the underground water source here. For it to not evaporate under such high temperature shows that there is clearly a spirit vein under the ground. We should follow the water source and move forward!”

“Yige. It seems like I’ve made an error in judging you before. As expected of someone from the Liu clan! Your knowledge is extraordinary!”

Xiao Mu laughed loudly and was feeling very proud of himself. It was rare for someone as capable as Ye Zifeng to be helping him. He was feeling very happy.

Everyone else was startled. They didn’t know what to do.

“Let’s go. Let’s follow young master Liu!”

Xiao Mu raised his foot and kicked everyone’s butt. It seems like Liu Yige’s status had risen in his heart.

Rong Fan’s brothers watched the entire scene unfold and then looked at Rong Fan, “Second young master, what should we do?”

“We’ll follow them too. We can’t be left behind!” Rong Fan was startled and then started to move.

Even though Rong Fan and Xiao Mu disliked each other, it doesn’t mean that they can’t work together. After all, they both have a single goal that motivates them: Ye Zifeng.”

After they walked for awhile, Liu Yige suddenly stopped, “Sorry. I need to take a little break.”

Liu Yige told them that he needed to go pee and went into a corner. When he saw that no one was looking, he took out a sheet of spirit paper out.

He loved this feeling of borrowing power and suppressing others. It felt really good.

He looked at the spirit paper and then sighed with regret. If he didn’t oppose but rather followed Ye Zifeng, that would have been the most intelligent decision that he would have made.

“Alright. I’m good. Everyone follow me.”

A while later, Liu Yige once again suggested to take a break again, using the excuse that he drank too much water the night before.

This cycle kept on repeating itself.

“Are you done yet? How much pee do you have?” Rong Fan was irritated and yelled out.

Everyone else felt the same way but didn’t say anything.

Liu Yige basically stole their role in the whole thing. It made it look like Rong Fan was freeloading off everything. Rong Fan felt pissed just thinking about this.

Xiao Mu’s expression turned ugly, “No one told you to follow us. You can leave whenever you want. You guys won’t be of much use anyways.”

“What did you say?!” Rong Fan rolled up his sleeves and shot a cold glare at Xiao Mu.

Looking at Rong Fan’s improper behavior, Xiao Mu showed even more disdain towards him, “I said that you won’t be that useful anyways. Am I not wrong? Your job was to find the nest, but you guys failed. Twenty of you can’t even compare to one brother Liu at all. Don’t you feel embarrassed at all?”

“That’s for you to say. You didn’t find anything either. And what’s with that brother Liu bullshit. Weren’t you the one that wanted to embarrass him before?”

Xiao Mu was trying to hold back his anger.

“Alright now. Both of you guys give me some face and stop arguing.”

Xiao Ying sighed. He was the only one in the 9th stage of qi refining here which meant that his words hard the highest amount of authority.

Seeing that even Xiao Ying became involved, the two of them immediately stopped arguing.

Although the two sides momentarily calmed down, the bond between the two teams have been broken. It’ll be hard for them to work together when fighting the Blazing Eagle.

At the same time, Liu Yige finished reading the instructions from Ye Zifeng and smiled.

“Actually. Truth to be told, we’re very close to the Blazing Eagle already. However, I can’t lead you guys anymore.”

“What? How come you can’t lead us anymore?” Xiao Mu’s eyes were filled with shock as he stared at Liu Yige.

“No means no. I’m already at my limit. You guys need to find the nest yourselves…..but…..”

“But what?” Xiao Mu’s eyes lit up.

He was feeling very anxious. If they don’t find the Blazing Eagle, then the team’s morale will drop significantly.

Not only will the unity between the two teams break apart for real, but both team’s morale will reach an all time low! Neither team were able to kill a single beast that was required for completing the missions as of yet.

“Spit it out! Stop beating around the bush!”

“……The Xiao clan team and Rong clan team need to split up for this to work. This is the fastest way.”