The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 172 – Determination to achieve

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Ye Zifeng calmed himself down and sent a strand of his soul’s divine sense towards Elder Shen as well.

When Elder Shen felt Ye Zifeng’s divine sense enter his head, he started to yell immediately.

“Ye Zifeng. What the hell are you doing in the middle of the night?!”

“Ah! Who’s voice is this!” Ye Xueyi couldn’t help but yell out after hearing this voice.

Anyone who hears a stranger’s voice in their own head would definitely react like this.

She was startled for a bit and then looked at Ye Zifeng.

“Brother Zifeng. What is going on?”

“You’re asking about who I am? I should be the one asking you who you are!” Elder Shen was feeling a bit pissed off after Ye Zifeng broke him off from a good dream.

But when he became more sober, a thought came into his mind, “You called him brother Zifeng before…. Are you his sister Ye Xueyi?”

Ye Xueyi felt that the voice was very familiar and was shocked.

“That’s me. And are you……from the tone of your voice….could you be the sect’s……the sect’s Elder Shen?”

The two of them both gasped. They were both in shock.

Ye Xueyi never would have thought that the usually high and mighty Elder Shen would have this kind of relationship with her brother Ye Zifeng where they can communicate with each other like this…..From the way they talked, it sounded as if they were old friends.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “And now, you two know each other.”

“Know your head!”

Elder Shen was very angry as he started to yell at Ye Zifeng.

This sort of exchange was normal between them so Ye Zifeng didn’t pay much mind to his yelling.

When Elder Shen finally remembered that Ye Xueyi was there, he stopped yelling and cleared his throat, “Okay Ye Zifeng. Tell me what’s going on. What is the point of all this.”

He was feeling a little pissed that Ye Zifeng told someone else their secret. But right now, he can’t interfere with the missions so he had to wait until later on to teach Ye Zifeng a lesson.

“Actually, Zifeng is trying to remind you about something. I’m not the only one who binded your soul spirit. My sister Xueyi also has a piece of your soul spirit.”

“Say what!?” Ye Xueyi and Elder Shen both yelled out at the same time. Elder Shen yelled out in anger while Ye Xueyi yelled out in surprise.

“Sooo…. You don’t have to worry about me as I can take care of my own life but my sister’s life…. Well at least for the duration of this mission, I’ll have to trouble Elder Shen.”

When asking for something, Ye Zifeng won’t act arrogant and overbearing. That was because if the other person refuses, then he would have wasted his efforts.

“You!” This was the first time that Ye Zifeng had asked him to do something in this degree of seriousness.

If he helped Ye Zifeng, he would lose face in front of the other elders. If he doesn’t, then Ye ZIfeng might never talk to him again. If Ye Zifeng accidentally dies without him knowing, he will lose a quite a bit of his own cultivation base.

Listening to Ye Zifeng’s tone, it seems like his sister was in the same situation as he was. If something happens to her, then his cultivation base will suffer as well!

It didn’t matter if Ye Zifeng was lying. It was better to be safe.

He could only blame himself for trying to mess with Ye Zifeng and Ye Xueyi during the heavenly clan gathering.

“Fine….I’ll give you face and help your sister out. If there are any problems during battle, I’ll take care of it.”

“Many thanks to Elder Shen.” Ye ZIfeng smiled and cut of his connection with Elder Shen because he knew that there were some things that Elder Shen want to tell Ye Xueyi privately to make her keep this whole thing a secret.

Elder Shen is a very crafty person. He can definitely con the inexperienced Ye Xueyi with his words and make her keep this exchange a secret.


When Ye Xueyi finally reopened her eyes, her face was filled with disbelief.

“Brother Zifeng. What is going on? This is unbelievable! How did you cling onto Elder Shen, someone who is at the peak of the Martial Practitioner realm?!”

“This doesn’t matter right now. You’ll understand later on.”

“Brother Zifeng, you probably won’t tell me later on anyways….” Ye Xueyi pouted.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Alright. Stop acting like that. I’m doing this for your safety. Remember, if anything goes wrong, just chant the incantation that I taught you and have Elder Shen help you. Got it?”

“Alright. Having a Martial Practitioner expert backing me up makes me feel much better” Ye Xueyi giggled.

“Okay. Now go sleep. Tell everyone about the plans tomorrow.”

Ye Zifeng nodded to her and then got up to leave.

“Hold on.” Ye Xueyi hesitated and then called out.

“The tent was given to me by the people from the Qin clan. Now that they’re asleep, they can’t give you one…..How about you sleep…sleep…..”

Ye Xueyi’s face was burning hot. She couldn’t even finish the last sentence.

“Didn’t you say that I shouldn’t be barging in here? How come your attitude changed so quickly. You’re even letting me sleep here!” Ye Zifeng laughed and teased her.


“I don’t care. Didn’t we sleep together when we were little? There’s no problem here…..” Ye Xueyi’s mind was scrambling as she tried to find a good reason to make Ye Zifeng stay.

“Alright. Don’t try to think too much. Get a good night’s sleep. I’ll go and stay with that brat Shi Chen…..”

Even though she tried her hardest, she couldn’t keep her brother in here and felt disappointed.

“Alright then.” She sighed and watched as Ye Zifeng left her tent.

Actually, she wasn’t trying to do anything. She feels a lot safer and better with her brother around her so she wanted him to stay…


Coincidentally, when Ye Zifeng left Ye Xueyi’s tent, Shi Chen woke up and came out of his tent.

“Ay. Big brother Zifeng, where did you go today?”

Ye Zifeng didn’t expect to see Shi Chen here. He smiled at him and then replied, “I walked around and familiarized myself with the area.”

Seeing how Ye Zifeng was not really paying attention to him, Shi Chen changed the topic, “Oh right. It’s really late now and you don’t have a tent. How about you come sleep in mine?”

“No need. Thank you though. I’ll sleep on top of the trees tonight.”


Shi Chen was stunned. Then he realized what Ye Zifeng meant and started to yell,

“Surnamed Ye! Are you telling me that you’d rather sleep on a tree than with me?”


Of course, Ye Zifeng didn’t go sleep on top of a tree. Instead, he left the region that they were in.

Telling Xueyi that he was going to sleep with Shi Chen was just an excuse for him to leave.

Since the Xiao clan and the Rong clan were teaming up to fight against the Blazing Eagle tomorrow, as an old friend, he has to give them a surprise.

Thus, he had to go and make some preparations.

“Hmmmm…. According to Liu Yige, the Liu clan and the Rong clan’s territory should be just ahead….”

Ye Zifeng looked around and confirmed his location

He had long thought up of a plan already. When he arrived, he took out some materials from his interspatial ring and started to prepare.


The blazing sun rose up into the clear and boundless sky.

In the morning, the people from the Xiao clan’s team and the people from the Rong clan’s team all met up.

“Young master Xiao, you’re looking better after resting for the day!”

The second young master of the Rong clan was called Rong Fan. Even though his parents gave him such a scholarly name, he was an idiot. During the heavenly clan gathering, he wanted to challenge and provoke Ye Zifeng. But in the end, he was literally used as a stepping stone and became the laughing stock of the entire competition.

And right now, he was speaking words that were not meant to be spoken. This was because his words sounded as if he was poking fun of the Xiao clan for not being able to capture the giant python yesterday. He clearly doesn’t know his way with words.


Xiao Mu frowned. He didn’t think much of someone as stupid as Rong Fan. He saw Rong Fan as a puppet who can help him reap benefits.

“Young master Rong isn’t looking that bad either. Could it be that you have some sort of plan for today’s mission?”

“Hahaha…..” Rong Fan laughed and rubbed his nose, “Young master Xiao, I sent someone to scout around in the morning and have already found the nest of the Blazing Eagle!”

“What? Are you sure?!” Hearing this, Xiao Mu was shocked and looked at his brother’s behind him.

They weren’t afraid of the Blazing Eagle. They were afraid of not being able to find the Blazing Eagle. Yesterday, they missed out on the giant python and were feeling angry.

“Yes I’m sure. Young master Xiao. By cooperating, we will definitely succeed this time!”