The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 17 – Fatal Miscalculation

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The news about Ye Zifeng completing a higher level mission was spread throughout the entire sect. The one who was known as trash through the entire city was now publicly known as a talented genius. It made many people feel frustrated and regretful. The originally fallen Ye clan now showed signs of life due to Ye Zifeng’s actions.

In the Ye clan, the attitude of the clan members changed drastically towards Ye Zifeng. In the past, everyone in the Ye clan, even the servants treated him coldly. Although he was the young master in status, no one treated him as if he was the young master of the clan. Now however, everyone started to treat him nicely as if they were afraid of offending him.

Afterall, he was the young master of the Ye Clan. If was due to his sickness and inability to cultivate that he was treated like a trash. Now, after he showed off his true strength, he will probably follow his father’s footsteps and become the clan master sooner or later. This was a great fortune for the Ye clan.

Of course, not everybody was happy to see Ye Zifeng’s sudden emergence.

“Father, cousin Zifeng only finished a mere sect mission and everyone’s attitude towards him changed. I don’t like it at all. I want to teach him a lesson!”

Ye Huichi’s eyes were filled with hatred. Since he was little, he had received his father’s acquiescence to bully this guy. But now, the guy that he had been bullying had suddenly leapt above him in status. Ye Huichi was unable to accept this fact.

Ye Chen hated Ye Zifeng as well. Last time when the Liu family came to cancel the engagement, Ye Zifeng had talked back to him not once, or twice, but three times! However, Ye Chen was a smart person. He won’t do anything that he can’t accomplish.

“Teach him a lesson? Don’t be rash. Since Ye Zifeng was able to finish this mission, you might not be his opponent at all. When the time comes, the one who’s going to lose face will be you!”

Ye Huichi was surprisesd, “Father, what are you talking about? I’m at the fifth stage of qi refining and he’s only at the third stage. How can’t I beat him?”

Ye Chen coldly looked at his son, “The let me ask you this. Last time he destroyed that Liu Yige who was at the peak of the fifth stage of qi refining. What happened at that time?”

Hearing his father’s words, Ye Huichi was silent. He didn’t know how to reply. At that time, he didn’t know what kind of underhand method Ye Zifeng used to make Liu Yige spit out mouthfuls of blood. When he thought about it again, that was an outrageous fight.

Seeing how his son wasn’t willing to accept the facts, Ye Chen sighed, “If you want to deal with Ye Zifeng, it’s not impossible. But……”

Ye Huichi’s eyes lit up, “Father, you’re willing to help me?!”

“I’m your father. If I don’t help you, who will?” Ye Chen bitterly laughed, “Listen to me first…..If you want to deal with him, don’t use brute force. Use your head. Why do you think that Ye Zifeng was able to become so strong in such a short amount of time?”

Ye Huichi thought about it for a while but he couldn’t figure it out.

Ye Chen gave his son a hint, “Think about it. What kind of activity did Ye Zifeng do that was different from before.”

Ye Huichi thought about it again. Then suddenly he seemed to remembered something, “I remember now! Ye Zifeng got beat up by Wang Lin and the others recently. Could it be that he got stronger after being beaten half dead?”

Ye Chen facepalmed, “Idiot! If he got stronger after being beat up, do you want me to beat you up right now? Maybe you’ll be able to ascend all the way to the Martial Disciple realm!”

Ye Huichi’s face immediately turned ashen and shook his head.

Ye Chen sighed again, “If I’m not wrong, the problem is with the furnace. Don’t you remember? Ye Zifeng spent his time in the cellar and refined pills!”

Ye Huichi was not convinced, “But, from what housekeeper Du said, all Ye Zifeng made was a bunch of slag. Nothing that remotely resembles a pill could be seen at all.”

Ye Chen shook his head, “At first, that’s what I thought too, so I didn’t pay much mind to it. However, after watching Ye Zifeng beat Liu Yige and seeing how Madam Tang’s attitude changed towards him, I felt that something wasn’t adding up. Perhaps he made a bunch of slag to fool us and then made some pills later on.”

“No way….. Cousin Zifeng never learned anything about the art of alchemy. How can he succeed in making pills. As for why Madam Tang’s attitude change, maybe Xueyi convinced her somehow.” Ye Huichi pondered and answered.

Ye Chen coldly smiled, “Do you think that girl Xueyi can convince Tang Feng? Hahaha….. I know what kind of person Tang Feng is like. If she doesn’t get any benefit, she would never help Ye Zifeng out. As for this benefit… I’m willing to bet that it has something to do with pills.”

Ye Huichi understood what his father meant and nodded. In actuality, it was a bit strange that Ye Zifeng had asked for a furnace out of nowhere. At first, he thought that Zifeng was just wasting money and wanted to ridicule his father. But now, it seems like Zifeng had some plans in mind.

“However, all of this is just a speculation.”

Ye Chen’s face stiffened. His son had found the only hole in his deduction. He had no proof if this was real.

A hint of hatred can be seen in Ye Chen’s eyes, “ No matter what, when Ye Zifeng rises up, we have to strike him down. If not, then when he becomes stronger later on, he might take revenge on us. Also, that means that you won’t be able to take over as the master of the clan in the future. According to the tradition, if the young master of the clan isn’t able to succeed the position as master, the position would fall to the 2nd young master.

‘Father! Tell me what I should do!”

Ye Chen stepped forward and leaned forward, “Give me your ear…..”


The entire Ye clan’s attitude had changed. Ye Zifeng couldn’t hear people calling him trash or good for nothing anymore. The entire place felt more peaceful.

In the middle of all this, the happiest one was Ye Xueyi.

“Brother Zifeng. I knew that this day would come eventually. I knew you would get rid of your title as a trash and get back on the path of cultivation! This is great!”

Seeing how Ye Xueyi was so happy, Ye Zifeng felt gratified as well. Having a family member who cares so much about you. Ye Zifeng felt that this was his greatest gain after crossing over.

However, despite all this, Ye Zifeng didn’t really feel happy on the inside. Showing off his ability will allow him to get rid of his name as trash, but it will also make others jealous and angry at him.

In the Ye clan, Ye Chen and Ye Huichi clearly had evil intents towards him. Ye Zifeng was worried about what they would try to do to him. This was one of the reasons why he had Tang Feng kept his secret from everyone. If they found out that he had talent in refining pills, they will try to completely suppress him in his cultivation.

Right now, Ye Zifeng was still too weak. His reputation had just started to rise in the clan. The only one who truly wanted to help him if anything were to happen was Ye Xueyi. With his current strength, he can not possibly ignore and overlook what these two are doing.

This was why, raising his cultivation was his top priority.

“Xueyi, about those materials that I had your mother prepare….” Ye Zifeng suddenly asked.

Xueyi smiled and opened up her bag, “Don’t worry. It’s all here.”

“Good. Bring these ingredients and come to the cellar with me. Once I’m done refining, I’ll give you something good.” Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded. He picked up his bag which included the three rhino heads and the ingredients he got from the treasury.

“Thanks Brother Zifeng.” Hearing that he had something good to give her, Xueyi was very happy.

“But, you just came back. You haven’t even rested yet and you want to go to the cellar? Wouldn’t this be too much for your body?” Ye Xueyi was rather worried about her brother’s weak body.

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “Don’t worry about it. My body isn’t as sick it is as before. I fought with the Thunder Rhinos for three days and it didn’t even affect me. How could refining pills tire me out?”

Hearing these words, Ye Xueyi smiled and nodded in joy.

“Oh right. I wanted to ask you this before but I didn’t get the chance. How did you subdue those Thunder Rhinos. Tell me about it.”

“Okay. Get the things ready and walk with me. I’ll tell you about it as we walk.”

The two people walked and chatted happily.

“So that’s how it is. Brother Zifeng used the small furnace to absorb the thunder qi from the Thunder Spirit Grass! Wow! Did you have the planned out beforehand?” Ye Xueyi gasped in admiration.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Usually, beasts that have an attribute will live near places where it provides them with energy of the same attribute. Thus, when I saw that the mission was to take down an attributed beast, I became so happy. This was because I knew how I would fight against them already….”

Ye Xueyi was shocked. Even though she was able to handle all the shocking things that Ye Zifeng did in these few days, when he was talking just now, he looked as if he was a great expert. He was completely different from the Ye Zifeng back then.

“Brother Zifeng, were you hiding your tracks back and learned about worldly matters in secret? If not, how did you know about all these things that even I don’t know about? Oh!Oh! I know! All those books about “Otherworldly Beauties” were actually books about alchemy in disguise right?

Ye Zifeng bitterly laughed and shook his head. He really didn’t know how to fix this shady history that this guy had.

At that time, the two had already reached the cellar.

“Okay Xueyi. Put these things into the furnace. After about an hour, I’ll slowly put the main ingredients into the furnace.” Ye Zifeng put down his backpack in front of the doors.

Ye Xueyi smiled. She followed Ye Zifeng’s direction and put everything into the furnace.

“Brother Zifeng, since i was busy chatting with you, I didn’t notice all these other ingredients in the furnace. Did you put them in? There’s some white stuff and some red stuff in here…..”

“Other ingredients? I didn’t put anything in….” Ye Zifeng was shocked after hearing this.

When he turned around, it seems like he remembered something. He immediately stood up and cursed.

“Shit. I’ve been had!”

At the same time, he used all his strength and flew towards Xueyi. He grabbed the shocked Xueyi and pushed her towards the ground with his body on top of hers, as if he was shielding her.

Behind the two, the furnace went up in flames and with a “Bang!” sound, It exploded.