The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 167 – A Fierce Beast with Intelligence!

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Ye Zifeng’s expression changed immediately. His heart shook. There shouldn’t be any fierce beasts in the vicinity of the cave at all.

However, he didn’t have time to think about any of this.

He quickly moved his qi towards his legs and ran towards the direction of Ye Xueyi’s voice.

“Xueyi, where are you?”

Ye Zifeng ran in a circle and looked all around. He couldn’t find where his sister was at all!



He had actually placed a marker on where Ye Xueyi was, just in case something like this happens. However, he is already long passed the marker and could not find any traces of his sister!

“Brother Zifeng! Quick. Come save me! I can’t hold on any longer!”

Ye Xueyi’s voice continuously echoed throughout the cave. However, if one calmed down and listened, one would be able to find the direction of the sound.

Ye Zifeng frowned and stopped moving. He looked up and and looked at the surroundings of the cave. His expression became very stern.

“Xueyi, keep talking!” Ye Zifeng held his breath and concentrated.

“Brother Zifeng! I don’t know where I am! It’s pitch black here. I feel a lot of snakes. Come save me!”

Ye Zifeng condensed a flame with his finger and looked around the cave.

Suddenly, it seems like he discovered something as his eyes lit up, “Huh…… It’s here?”

He took a deep breath and walked towards a rock. He gathered his lightning energy in his fist and fiercely smashed the rock.

“Bang!” The rock instantly turned into dust. Behind the rock, a hidden passage appeared.

Just before, he heard that there was wind coming from behind the rock so he decided to break it down.

After breaking it down, a hidden passage actually appeared!

“Xueyi! Are you here? Xueyi!”

The weak sound became weaker and weaker.

“Brother Zifeng…..”

Ye Zifeng cursed. He didn’t think that this cave would be so weird. If something actually happens to his sister, then when he goes back, he will definitely make Wang Lin and Wang Ruoxing pay the price.

But he knows that the Wang brothers didn’t lie to him. They probably didn’t know what’s in the cave themselves since they’ve never actually been here either.

“Xueyi, hold on. I’m coming right now!”

Fear spread across Ye Zifeng’s face. There was no time to ponder. How could he have anticipated that something like this would happen? If something happens to his sister, then he will blame himself for the rest of his life.

He continuously walked down the passage. He didn’t care where it leads to. Right now, he had to save his sister.

The passage was deathly silent.

When Ye Zifeng condensed his flame again to look around, all he saw were the corpses of many fierce beasts lying on the floor. Every time Ye Zifeng took a step, a crunching sound could be heard.

If it was any other person in the qi refining stage that saw this horrific scene, they would be scared shitless and ran already.

However, Ye Zifeng won’t run even if these were human corpses. Right now, his sister was in danger.He won’t leave her to die.

This was because Ye Xueyi was the relative that showed him the mosts kindness after he crossed over. He brought her here. It was his fault. He can’t leave her and run away right now.

He quickly treaded down the passage and came to a fairly flat area. It was gloomy and damp with rocks lined up everywhere. It was an exceptionally good place for insects and bugs to breed.

He made his flame brighter and looked around. He found Ye Xueyi in the corner being surrounded by snakes.

“Brother Zifeng!” Ye Xueyi’s eyes lit up. She looked as if she was about to cry.

Ever since she was little, she had always been afraid of the dark. Being stranded in this weird dark and gloomy place for a while, she felt as if half her life had passed. Thus when she saw Ye Zifeng, she couldn’t help but yell out.

“You were perfectly alright using the pill up there. How did you get down here?” Ye Zifeng let out a sigh of relief. Seeing that she was fine, he felt a bit better.

“I don’t know either. After using the profound tier golden marrow pill, my entire body was in pain and I fainted. After I woke up, I was already here.”

Ye Zifeng hesitated and then asked, “Then… Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m not hurt…. Just scared. These snakes have been surrounding me. However they didn’t attack me. I’m also too scared to attack them either. I don’t want to offend them.”

‘This….” Ye Zifeng frowned and started to think.

This was very strange. If there were really fierce beasts in here, then they would’ve attacked when Ye Xueyi was absorbing the qi from the pill. Why would they wait until Ye Xueyi wakes up?

Also, it didn’t attack her either. It had some snakes watch over her instead.

“Could it be……”

Ye Zifeng had a bad feeling about this.

Could this all be a part of the fierce beast’s plan? It first captured Ye Xueyi and then lured himself here!

“Not good. We were tricked!”

Ye Zifeng had his mind of saving his sister so he didn’t think about much. He didn’t think of the possibility that there was a demonic beast with intelligence in the cave. After all, fierce beasts are not this smart!

When he thought about this, cold sweat ran down his back.

He cursed inwards and walked a few steps forward. Suddenly the sound of wind whistled behind him. He was right. The demonic beast was finally making its move.

A giant python around the size of a tree appeared and started to attack Ye Zifeng’s back!

“Brother Zifeng, watch out!” Ye Xueyi saw this and started to fret.

Ye Zifeng was prepared for this. His reaction speed was very quick as he tumbled away towards a rock.

The python struck the area where Ye Zifeng was standing and created a mini crater.

If Ye Zifeng was even a step slower, then there would only be one ending.

“Run!” Ye Zifeng yelled out. He knew that this was the snake demon’s territory. It won’t be good if they fought here. There was no choice. Even if they had to fight, he wouldn’t want to fight here.


Ye Xueyi quickly answered. She wanted to help her brother out, but when the python attacked, the snakes that were standing still attacked Ye Xueyi as if they received a command.

When it came down to it, Ye Xueyi did away with her fears and gritted her teeth. She worked her qi and created a barrier. With the small snakes’ ability, they could not break the barrier at all.

The two of them looked at each other and then immediately ran towards the entrance of the passage.

The python had lured Ye Zifeng here with great difficulty and wanted to have a good meal. It definitely wouldn’t want him to run away. The python struck out its tail and struck the entrance to the passage.

Rocks fell onto the ground and dust flew everywhere.

The two of them dodged the attack and quickly jumped up into the entrance of the passage. They immediately ran for it and returned to where they were before. However, they didn’t run too far. They found a good area and rested for a bit.

If they were comparing speed, the two of them would definitely not be able to outrun the giant python demon. It’s better if they found a place to hide and rest first.

The place they were in now was very narrow. It would be hard for the giant python to enter, thus allowing the two of them to rest up.

Ye Zifeng sensed the qi in the air and felt that something was different. He then shockingly asked, “Xueyi, your qi….. Did you also break through? Did you reach the 9th stage of qi refining?”

Hearing this, Ye Xueyi stared at Ye Zifeng like a wooden doll.

After she used the golden marrow pill, she fainted. And when she woke up, she saw all these snakes around her and didn’t have time to check up on herself.

But now, after being reminded by Ye Zifeng, she checked her qi.

“This….. I think so! Wow. This profound tier golden marrow pill is spectacular! It actually helped me break through into the 9th stage of qi refining!”

A happy and joyous expression appeared on her face. She was going to bitterly train for half a year and then try to break into the 9th stage of qi refining. But now, with Ye Zifeng’s pill, she had actually broken through!

But then, she thought about something and looked at Ye Zifeng, “Hold on. Brother Zifeng, did you say “also”? It seems like you’ve increased your cultivation too. I remember that you told me that you were in the middle 6th stage of qi refining. Could you have reached the peak of the 6th stage already?”