The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 166 – Breaking through to the 7th stage of qi refining

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“Even if i need anything, I won’t look for you!”

Ye Xueyi crooned with an angry look on her face. She watched with a disappointed look as her brother walked further and further away.

However, her heart that was beating crazy fast started to calm down.

After all, they were siblings. That’s what Ye Xueyi had been telling herself. However, she started thinking about something and her face started to turn red again.


Ye Zifeng held the candle in front of himself as he continued to move forward. After a while, he finally stopped.

In this place, he can finally have some peace and quiet as he trains and breakthrough while also being close to Xueyi.

Thus, he put the candle on the ground and took a good look at the pill in his hands.

In the qi refining stage, one can at most use the same ability increasing pill three times. He had used one already so now he can only use two more.

“Good thing I had one already so I have some resistance against the pill. How about I try something new this time.”

Ye Zifeng sat down and looked at the pill. He prepared himself and then swallowed the pill whole!

Licking the pill is much safer but you will lose out on a lot of the essence from the pill. Swallowing it whole makes sure that you do not lose any affects of the pill.

Since he can only take three pills, he might as well get the most out of it.

“Ah!” Ye Zifeng’s entire body feels like as if there were thousand of ants invading it. From his bones to his flesh, not a single part was spared from pain.

The Qi from the golden marrow pill surrounded his entire body and slowly entered him. Ye Zifeng felt as if his entire body was exploding.

“Shit. Not good. This is too dangerous!”

Ye Zifeng had used the pill before so the effects won’t be as strong.

However, while only in the 6th stage of qi refining, he actually swallowed a profound tier pill whole. If Elder Shen or Elder Zhao found out about this, they would definitely lose their minds.

Who in the world would do something as stupid as this? No one in the world would do something like this while they were in the qi refining realm!

Ye Zifeng frowned as he watched his veins protruded from his skin as if they were about to pop out. He took a deep breath and sent his qi towards the red veins in his arms.

When he did that, his arm started to glow. He was activating the power of his martial spirit.

No matter how injured he was, he would be healed up the martial spirit.

And as expected, the veins on Ye Zifeng’s arms slowly returned to normal and he felt relaxed. All of a sudden, he felt a thump! in his heart.

As it turns out, the veins in his arms were expanding in his arms. The martial’s spirit’s power could stop it from protruding but not stop it from expanding. If this continues, all of his veins will explode.

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows and took out the Spirit Amassing Pearl. His then stored a large portion of his qi into the pearl.

Qi flowed into the pearl like blood water and filled it up to the max.

The pearl was able to absorb a large portion of the qi from the profound tier golden marrow pill, which allowed Ye Zifeng to recover a bit.

Also, the qi that was absorbed by the Spirit Amassing Pearl will be cleansed. When it comes back out, it will be of much higher quality!

After a long time, Ye Zifeng let out a long sigh and smiled.

He can feel it. After all the pain, he felt that his body had changed a lot. He felt very content with the results.

“If one pill can bring me to the peak of the 6th stage of qi refining. Then….. What if I eat one more?”

Ye Zifeng calmed himself down again and wiped his sweat away.

He then took out another profound tier golden marrow pill from his interspatial ring.

If other people want a pill like this, they would have to move their family’s fortunes to obtain it.

Not many clans in Leizhou City can afford something like this. However, since Ye Zifeng can make it himself, he doesn’t really have to bother his family.

“Man. Back in the days, with the ghost flames supplementing my willpower, I can eat seven pills in a day. But right now, I’m in the qi refining realm….. I should be able to eat two pills in a day right…..?”

Ye Zifeng sighed and thought about it. After not much deliberation, he opened up his mouth and swallowed the pill whole.

This time, a dark red light appeared around Ye Zifeng’s body as qi started to enter his body.

Banging sounds can be heard from his body as if the qi was exploding in his body. Every time the qi exploded, Ye Zifeng would feel as if his entire body was being hit.

He didn’t dare to fight against the qi and sent everything towards his arms.

“Ghost Shadow, didn’t you want me to nourish you with some high quality pills? Alright. You can take as much as you want!”

Ye Zifeng’s arms started to glow bright red as it continuously absorbed the qi from the pill.

“Is that enough? If not, let me give you more!”

Ye Zifeng’s skin started to explode and peel as fresh red blood continuously leaked out.

Ye Zifeng screamed. He could not contain the power anymore.

If he can’t hold out anymore, then he shouldn’t have to.

He gathered all of the qi in his body and then condensed it into the death qi. His arms started to glow again and the qi monster appeared.


Ye Zifeng stared at the qi monster with his jaws dropped.

This qi monster…. He had seen it before…. It appeared when he fought against Wang Ruoxing and Jin Peng. It seems like this the the embodiment of the martial spirit.

Right now, the qi monster was on his palm with its back facing Ye Zifeng. This was the first time it had appeared while he was training.

He remembered that the only times that the qi monster would appear was when he was in a bad situation.

Right now, Ye Zifeng couldn’t tell what this thing was going to do. However, he didn’t have time to worry about it as he had to concentrate to absorb the qi from the golden marrow pill.

He gathered his energy and endured the pain. His entire body was glowing. The qi monster on his palm looked like it was growing bigger and bigger

Ye Zifeng looked at the growing qi monster in shock and laughed. The pain on his body was diminishing.

“I don’t believe that I can’t handle this amount of pain!”

He knew that his martial spirit had absorbed most of the qi from the pill. There was no reason why he can’t contain the rest of the qi in his body.

Streams of qi continuously wreck havoc inside of Ye Zifeng’s body, causing him to grit his teeth in pain.

Fifteen minutes passed….. Thirty minutes passed……

His entire body felt as if it was on fire and continued to glow. From another person’s perspective, it looked as if he was actually on fire.

As for the qi monster, it continued to grow. Suddenly, it turned transparent and slowly disappeared.

“Made it!”

After a while, Ye Zifeng’s eyes opened up as he leapt up from the floor. The pain on his body had dissipated.

He can feel that his body had gone through an enormous change. As for what the martial spirit went through….. He’ll have to ask it the next time he sees it.

Right now, Ye Zifeng felt very happy. He let out a long sigh and smiled.

“Haha. This profound tier golden marrow pill is really something. Eating one makes up for around half a year of training! I’ve finally reached the 7th stage of qi refining!”

He wanted to breakthrough while he stayed in the Liu clan but he had delayed it until now. Ye Zifeng felt ecstatic.

At the same time, a frightened scream sounded.

“Brother Zifeng! Come save me! Quick!”